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I Got A Mighty Mighty Goodman

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I Got A Mighty Mighty Goodman

I’ve always been a fan of John Goodman, mostly because he has that rear fatso beauty. One day I decided to sneak inside a set of a movie he was shooting. I wanted to get into his trailer, but found out he has left to his hotel, and decided to go there.

I managed to steal a key to his suite. I dressed up like the room-service guy and went to his room. I carried honey, remembering he said in an interview he can’t resist it. I knocked on his door and he told me to come in (God, he has the sexiest voice in the world. I saw him. He was as cute as always. He was in a hot tub looking through his telescope. I decided to create a conversation, after realizing he hasn’t noticed me, and said: “Looking at stars?” He replied: “Just two guys fucking”.

Goodman looked at me and told me he wants the honey. I approached him and fell inside. He asked me if I’m all right. I said: “Fine”, and I sure was because I went inside with my eyes opened and saw his cock. It was like a hose. I imagined how fun it would be sucking it. He told me to open the honey and I spilled some on my hands. He didn’t say anything and took my hands and licked them. He saw me liking it and put my hands on his cock. It was so hard. I sat on top of him as he shoved his cock into my ass. He was moaning like a dog. As he was fucking kocaeli escort me, he was also rubbing my dick. I came in his hands, and I turned around and saw him licking his hands.

Then, I laid on top of him. Goodman put honey on his chest and I licked it. I sucked his nipples and his whole stomach. I never thought it would be this much fun fucking a fat guy. Then we just laid together and he was a bit tense from the shooting of his movie. I told him to lay on his stomach as I gave a massage and also, fucked him (All in the same price-just kidding). He wanted to repay me and gave me a blow job. My dick has never been sucked like this. It must have been his specialty.

In the morning, I left, as Goodman gave me a big wet kiss.


After I haven’t heard from John Goodman for a couple of months, I was surprised to get this short letter from Him:

“Hi sweety, I’m coming to your town next week to shoot some parts for my new upcoming movie. I would really want to get together. You can find me in the Hilton as of the 20th. Love you, Bye”.

I really wanted to meet up with John again. Just thinking about his big breasts gave me a boner. However, I didn’t the encounter to be in a hotel yet again, and decided to take him to a my friend’s darıca escort vacant winter lodge. We talked and he agreed, and we agreed to meet there on Saturday night.

That Saturday night I waited for him for about 4 hours but he didn’t come. I decided to step outside and turn the lights off and go to bed, disappointed. As I stepped outside, someone came from behind me and shut my mouth. He smelled like John and I knew it was him. He let me talk And I asked him if that’s a gun behind me. He replied: “It’s my biggest weapon and I’m going to use it to show you who’s the boss. We went inside, where he ripped my clothes off and simply fucked me, doggy style. After he came, I saw it was John and we made out like newlyweds.

We laid together naked by the fire and he told me what a horrible day he had. He said that some staff came late and all of the shootings were delayed. He said he is shooting a movie with George Clooney, and he felt his cock going to explode any minute every time he saw him. He said that he thought he would burst when they were forced to share a trailer together and he saw him only with his briefs on. He said he has a great sexy body, and noticed his 10 inches of a cock. I told John I think he’s sexier and if I had the choice, I would prefer to be nailed by him. He felt a bit tensed about starring gölcük escort next to Clooney, and I calmed him with a blowjob. He said: “I’ve missed that mouth of yours”. As he came, I went up his body kissing him all over and gave special attention to his nipples. I sucked them and he was grateful.

The following day we skied and went down with a cable car as it was getting dark. Suddenly the cable car stopped and we were stuck. They told us over the cellular phone that it will be fixed in an hour. John said: “Great! What are we supposed to do now”. I looked into his eyes and in a matter of minutes we were both naked and rocked the cable car. We got down on the floor and John fucked me so hard we almost made the cable car to do a loop. He was so excited from this unusual experience and moaned like he had never did in the past. John didn’t got a chance to cum and his cellular phone rang. He was asked by the cable car guy if there was some strong wind which caused the cable car to rock like it did. He replied by saying that it wasn’t a wind, but some extreme penetration. The cable car guy thought he was talking about a hole in the car and told him not to worry. Because John didn’t cum, I took this time to masturbate to him. he shoved my head closer to his groin and knew he wanted another blowjob. He came and shortly the cable car began moving. We both got off alright and said our good byes. John gave me along wet French kiss and went his way. I was very unhappy, but knew it wasn’t going to be for a long time.

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