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I had a little dream!

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I had a little dream!Smiles smiles smiles.. 😀 Mmmmm I had some an awesome dream last night… here’s how it went.. :PIt all started with an overnight work trip to a small coastal town, and a reservation at the Red Lion Inn, the room was a nice room with two queen beds..The man was getting settled into his room and he received a text from a friend (She had beautiful blue eyes BTW) that he had met a long time ago asking if he wanted to meet her for coffee, he wasn’t doing anything so of course he said yes..They met at a small coffee shop of her choosing since this was her town, and laughed and joked and talked about what had occurred in their lives since that had met 4-5 years ago as “Friends with Benefits” however now they were just friends and each had made the commitment of just being friends..Well the conversation led to working out and how each had been very committed to staying bursa escort in shape, with him just turning 60 and her being 53 that she had planned on working out after their coffee, she offered him to accompany her, and of course he said yes, as the hotel workout room was slim pickings.. They arrived at her gym, and both had awesome workouts, really burning some calories and sweating something fierce.. He offered her his hotel room to shower in after their workout since it was just down the road and she thought about it and agreed, they were both mature and no sex between them was going to occur.. On arrival at the hotel room, he gave her the opportunity to shower first..she got naked in front of him as they were no strangers to each other bodies, and he did the same waiting for her to finish, she called out to him and asked if he would wash her back for her, of course being the nice guy bursa escort bayan said yes.. she pulled him into the shower and between him washing her and her washing him, they got clean rather quickly.. Both dried off and he took some of his lotion and rubbed down her body with it and she did the same for him. Each laid on one of the beds in the room and chatted, watching each other intensely with desire, she began to rub her hands around on her body further smoothing the lotion into her skin, her hand drifting down to her nether region, gently and firmly, he began to get aroused by watching his friend.. and began to rub his body as well..Both began to masturbate themselves watching each other, he eyes intensely watching hers as she manipulated her clitoris and dipping her fingers inside her ever moistening pussy, her eyes on him as he stroked his very hard 7 inch cock, slowly escort bursa and firmly swirling his fingers around the head of his cock, soon precum began to ooze from it, the sweet clear liquid streaming down the sides, her pussy began to ooze that sweet creamy lady cum..Their breathing intensified as they both began to approach orgasm, he suddenly said oh God I’m going to cum, this took her over the edge and she began to thrust her fingers rapidly into her pussy as she climaxed raising her hips and pelvis into the air moaning loudly “cumming” as she watched his cum shot out of his cock up onto his chest and all over his hand, the both of them suddenly relaxed from the intensity of their climaxes..The both of their hands drenched with their cum.. she stood and leaned over and took his hand and gently kissed the cum off of his fingers and he did the same with her hand that she had just drenched..They smiled and laughed at that point, both got dressed, gave each other a tight hug and a friendly kiss.. both smiling from ear to ear as they knew they were still just friends, after all they didn’t have SEX! ..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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