Ara 16

I Think She Likes Girls Ch. 02

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“You’re Invited to Selene, Sara and Jasmines’ Halloween Mixer!

2 High St NW


BYOBB (Bring your own booze and bud)

Jell-O shots will be available, as well as a place to crash.

Wear a costume dammit!

See you there!”

Selene had sent out the invitations for her “mixer” two weeks ago, she said she wanted me to feel welcome and make friends. As I stared at myself in the mirror I was feeling anything but ready to mingle.

Selene and I had been doing the whole casually hooking up thing for about a month now. Since we weren’t blood relatives, it wasn’t as taboo, but we still tried to be discreet about it. That being said, I had learned a lot in the 4 weeks I’d lived there.

I’d changed my look some, now sporting a much edgier, layered hair cut that was styled currently to look perfectly messy. I’m not sure how Selene did what she did with hair and make-up, but she had a skill. My ruby red glittered lips were glinting in the bathroom light; the dramatic eye make-up was also glittering around my eyes. I was dressed as a fairy, a dark blue strapless dress hugged my curves and laid in an uneven cut around my thighs, purple glitzy wings adorned my back and sparkly stilettos decorated my feet strapping around my ankles delicately. I looked nothing like my typical jeans and t-shirt self, and I felt extremely uncomfortable about it.

*knock knock*

“Jazz are you done, I gotta pee!” Sara yelled from the other side of the bathroom door.

I inhaled a deep breath and let it out ruffling my bangs as I blew in an upward stream of air.

I opened the door, revealing Sara in a lime green thong and that’s it. This had become fairly common; Sara liked to advertise her assets. She had every reason to. With perfectly shaped breasts and rose bud nipples that were always slightly puckered, down to her always silkily shaved thighs and perfectly sculpted calves, she was a sight to behold. Many nights I had rocked with orgasm imagining her between my thighs, or better yet, me between hers. But Sara was one challenge I didn’t think I was ready for.

She slipped past me and unabashedly sat down and began to relieve herself while I walked out quickly as to allow her privacy though she request none.

Around 7:30pm, what some would call fashionably late, the first party goers arrived at the house.

The first 2 hours were a whirlwind of names and pleasantries. Why did I move? Was I gay? How long was I staying? And other such questions that filled space but didn’t provide conversation didn’t let anyone get to know more than the surface.

As people kept drinking, and music got sultrier, bodies started to grind provocatively in the living room that had been cleared for such usage. I took this as my queue to escape to the kitchen. The windows were open in here so there wasn’t a build-up of smoke or lust. I sat at the decorated table. It had a black table cloth over it, not a fancy one, just one of those plastic ones that you throw away when you’re done with it. There was a set-up of snack food, pretzels, chips, cheese, fancier hors de vors that I couldn’t name. I pulled the orange jack-o-lantern bowl full of pretzel sticks to me and began to boredly munch on them.

I was never good at parties, not in high school, not in college, and apparently not as an adult either. The air in the living room was heavy and it was cloying to my mostly virgin lungs. Not only that but the hotter it got in the room the more clothes were shed and the more alcohol was consumed and I figured it was just a matter of time before someone was fucking on the couch. Voyeurism wasn’t really my thing that I knew of.

I began to draw lines on the table cloth with the condensation from the cup holding my mixed drink. I appreciated all the beautiful women in there, but most of them didn’t seem to notice me, I figured I’d slip up to bed before too much longer.

“Hey sexy lady!”

It was Sara; she came in to the kitchen with an empty cup and a blunt in her hand. She was dressed as a “cave woman” she had a loin cloth on, one that revealed everything except her ass and vagina, on top she had the equivalent of a handkerchief tied around izmit escort bayan her back covering her breasts. There was truly very little left to the imagination. And she had applied a light sheen of shimmering powder to her legs, arms and décolletage. It made me want to her touch her even more.

“Hi Sara,” I muttered.

“Why are you in here all alone when you look good enough to eat?” She asked standing beside me, a hand on her hip that was cocked to the side. When she moved her hips, her loin cloth slid to the side the slightest bit and I caught a glimpse of her evenly tanned smooth skin that was just barely hidden. My mouth ran dry with lust.

“I’m not good at parties,” I replied tearing my gaze away from the secrets hidden just behind the small piece of material.

“Aww baby girl, you just need to loosen up,” She said nudging me.

“Yeah, easy for you to say,” I replied snapping off the end of another pretzel stick.

She rolled her eyes and knelt down next to me.

“Let me give you a shot gun?” She said taking a drag on the blunt.

I wasn’t a fan of shot guns; a shot gun is where one person puts the lit end of the blunt in their mouth and blows smoke through the end of it to the other persons, usually very close, open mouth. It tended to make me cough a lot.


Sara smiled and got in my face before placing the cherry in her mouth. She blew smoke to me, I inhaled filling my lungs. Once I had a lung full I pulled back and exhaled slowly. She removed the cherry and ashed the blunt.

“Thanks,” I said feeling the gentle buzz in my head.

“Another?” She asked me.

I nodded.

We leaned in and she repeated the same steps but when she removed the blunt she leaned closer and placed her lips against mine, the smoke each of us exhaled mixed between us as our lips started to move.

Everything about Sara physically just begged you to have sex with her, but the way her lips moved against mine, feather soft but firm, coaxing my mouth open before I could protest. But I don’t know that I would have, protested that is. She slid her fingers over my collar bone and reached back into my hair wrapping her fingers in it. My head was swimming. She commanded my lips to obey and she moved me like I was a marionette puppet. Her tongue sliding down my skin, her fingers tightening in my hair, her teeth on my jaw, she had several tricks to get me to bend to her whim.

She pulled away from me long enough to give me a devilish grin, she grabbed an ice cube from my drink and slipped under the table, completely concealed to anyone not on my side of the table by the cheap decorative cloth. My feet were bare, having discarded my heels earlier in the night. My legs were also bare, as I decided last minute to ditch the fish net stockings. Sara took her quickly melting ice cube and ran it from my bare thigh down to my in step and back up my calf.

She did this twice to each leg before holding the ice cube between my thighs and letting the water drip down my skin. I gasped as frigid water crept closer to the heat at the center of my thighs as Sara ran the last of the ice over my panties replacing the warm wet from my body with cold. Droplets of water ran down my legs and thighs, each one causing a trail of goose bumps to form. Then along each trail of cold, a trail of hot began as Sara’s tongue caught her drop of water. She started at my calves and worked her way up my knees and over my thighs ending at the puddle soaked into my panties. Her hot tongue slid over the thin material that was pulled tight against my body.

She got my panties off before I even thought about the fact that she was about to eat me out in the kitchen of a house full of people I’d never met. I started to panic. Then her tongue slid over my clit and suddenly my fears weren’t as important. If there was one thing I could say about girls in my limited experience, they were a MUCH better lay than guys and the oral was exquisite.

Sara rolled her tongue over my clit, sucking it into her mouth. I spread my thighs father apart. She placed her thumbs on either side of my pussy and spread me open before sticking her tongue inside of me. I started izmit eve gelen escort to cry out but bit my lip at the last second. I felt Sara smile into my pussy. Damn her. She moved her tongue back up to my clit and took two long slender fingers and slid them into my pulsing hole. She pushed them in as deep as she could and then started to thrust her fingers in time with her licks and sucks on and around my clit. I saw stars.

“Hey, Jazz right?” A girl, I think her name was Sam, came into the kitchen.

“H-hi,” I stuttered out, Sara paused and smiled again. I didn’t like what her smile could mean for me, but I didn’t have time to think about it.

“Do you know where the wine is?” Sam asked me.

Sara chose this moment to place her fingers over my g-spot and start to flex them while making long licks up and down my clit.

“T-top shelf, fridge,” I pointed trying to force out a smile while not moaning.

“Thanks, hey you look really pretty by the way, I’m not so good at these things, but I wanted to let you know but you disappeared.”

“Th-thanks, I’m not so good at parties either, just needed some air,” I smiled, proud that I got out a whole sentence. Sara, under the table, seemed displeased at my composure.

“It’s gotta be overwhelming, moving some place new, realizing your sexuality isn’t what you thought, not knowing anybody. You’re handling it well.” Sam said uncorking the bottle of wine and pouring herself a glass.

“Sara and Selene are great so it’s been pretty easy on me really, but thanks…oh god,” a moan escaped as I looked down and saw Sara, topless, teasing my clit with her nipples. The visual was just so erotic and the tiny zings of pleasure her hardened nipples gave my overly sensitive clit was an added bonus. I couldn’t help it.

“What was that?” Sam asked turning to look at me.

I cleared my throat. “Nothing, so um…” I hoped Sam would fill in the blank for me as I tore my eyes away from the sight between my legs and tried to make eye contact with Sam.

“Well I know Selene said you aren’t really seeing anyone, and I was wondering if you’d wanna get coffee sometime? ” She asked turning pink.

Sara bit my thigh and worked her tongue down between my cheeks and tongued my puckered pink star. My eyes damn near rolled back in my head.

“Ab-s-s-ohmygod-…” Sara was licking a long trail from my clit to my ass.

“What is going on?” Sam asked looking absolutely embarrassed at having put herself out there and being ignored.

She marched over to the table and ripped up the table cloth seeing Sara shamelessly devour me without stopping to acknowledge that she’d been seen.

“Oh-oh my god, I didn’t know she was there…I’m so sorry!” Sam stuttered out unable to tear her gaze away from the pornographic scene unfolding in front of her.

“It’s cool,” I breathlessly replied as I bucked my hips against Sara’s pouty lips. She zeroed in around my clit and I gripped the table as I came in a rush. Sam looked on open mouthed, Sara sucked at my clit and hole as wave after wave of orgasm shook through me. Grotesque slurping sounds sounded out from Sara’s mouth as she lapped at the pulsing wet hole between my legs.

Finally I collapsed against the chair and Sara sat up, a sheen of clear fluid covering from the tip of her nose to her chin. She crawled out from under the table, her glorious tits bared to world. She stepped forward and kissed Sam on the mouth, shoving her tongue in Sam’s mouth, I knew she could taste me.

“Ladies, if you’d like to join me down stairs we can finish this,” Sara said walking towards the basement door.

I glanced at Sam, her face was flushed red, she licked her lips and walked towards the basement. I found myself following her.

Sara’s room was easily the largest in the house; she had the entirety of the main room that was completely finished. When I cleared the last step I saw she had a black light and a red light lit in opposite corners of the room and she was stretched out across her king size bed completely nude. My mouth started to water. Sam removed her costume, I think she was little red riding hood. She was izmit otele gelen escort considerably shorter than Sara or even me; she had pasty white skin and platinum blonde hair. She had large breasts and a soft figure. She was cute compared to Sara’s gorgeous. The two of them immediately started kissing and touching, Sara had Sam’s nipples between her fingers kneading them to peaks, and Sam had Sara’s ass in her hands. They were knelt facing each other, Sam let out the first moan as Sara sucked her nipple in her mouth.

I found myself gazing on with heavy lust growing between my legs. I found myself unconsciously squeezing my thighs together enjoying the on and off pressure on my throbbing clit. It didn’t take too long before Sara was licking Sam’s pussy as she had mine just moments ago. Instead of jealousy for seeing her deliver the same treatment as she had given me, I was jealous she was deep in a pussy and I wasn’t. Throwing inhibition to the wind I removed my dress and walked over behind Sara who was on her knees, back arched, ass up, pussy exposed as she tasted Sam.

I knelt beside her and leaned in allowing my wettest dream to date come to life as I finally slid my tongue along her perfect pussy. Instantly I moaned from her unique flavor, it wasn’t sweet or sour, there was no real way to describe it, but I needed more. Sara spread her knees farther apart as I delve further between her nether lips. I licked from her clit up to her ass hole, she moaned as I ate all of her. Not an inch of her went unlicked. Her perfectly sculpted lips led up to a small bud of a clit that twitched as my tongue came in contact with it.

Beneath Sara, Sam was coming hard and loud. Sara started moaning louder as Sam came in her mouth, I lay on my back and pulled Sara’s pussy to my face. Sam then stood up and placed herself between my legs.

Sara started to grind on my lips and tongue, I watched as her stunning body rocked against my mouth, she lifted her hair above her head and let it cascade down her back. Her tits were silhouetted perfectly with the black light. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the mattress behind my head so she could fuck my mouth harder. I moaned and reached behind her to her tighter hole still moist from my tongue, as I slipped my tongue into her pussy I slid a finger into her ass. She gasped and started to rocked harder back and forth.

Between my legs Sam was steadily finger fucking me and teasing my clit with her tongue ring I hadn’t noticed until that point. The metal was a surprisingly erotic sensation against my clit and I contemplated getting my tongue pierced.

“Jasmine, ohmygod, fuck me harder!” Sara was coming undone above me. Her thighs were slowly tightening around my head. I started to thrust my finger harder in and out of her ass while I focused my attention on her clit.

“Stick your tongue out, I’m gonna fuck your mouth with my pussy,” Sara demanded.

I eagerly obliged.

She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips pulling up to remove the hood from her clit; she then started to rub herself against my tongue. I laid there, mouth open, fingering her and letting her rub against my tongue and allowed myself to enjoy the sensations Sam was eliciting from my own pussy.

She treated my clit more like a tiny penis focusing more attention on sucking on it and running her tongue along it. Her fingers worked magic inside me, and her tongue, adorned with its bead of metal, pulled moans from between my lips.

Sara’s pussy lips smacked into my mouth, as they did I tasted the first trickle of her cum as she started to moan loudly. I wrapped my hands around her sides and pulled her down onto my mouth as cum began to coat my tongue. Her thighs quivered as she came harder.

As her pussy settled on top of my mouth while she wracked with orgasm, Sam worked my orgasm to the surface. I started moaning into Sara’s skin as we came in near unison. Sara came down first and she came up to lay beside me kissing my puffy wet lips. She traced my mouth with her tongue while Sam traced my pussy with hers; the combination brought the peak of my climax. Two beautiful women kissed my lips as the last shiver ran through me. Sam joined us at the top of the bed and it became a trio of kisses and gentle sighs as touching and exploring continued. Then it occurred to me through the haze of lust,


“Yeah Jazz?” Sam purred from between Sara’s breasts.

“Still wanna get coffee sometime?”

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