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Subject: I Woke Up 169 I Woke Up 169 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. The answer to that question being of utmost importance. It could well change the course of their entire lives. “No of course not. I know how much it means to you and how much you actually enjoy it no matter how much it physically hurts at times. Which is why I know you won’t be able to give it up entirely.” “I probably won’t. I’ll still attend the meets for the year that you are there after me. Hell when we get home I’ll probably attend the high school meets.” “And the all states whether the high school puts up a team or not.” “More than likely,but that’s a long way from being really active in the sport.” “I know you better than that Den. There’s no half way with you . Either you’re in it or you aren’t.” “Still over a year away. Who knows what will happen in that time?” “Yeah I suppose. So you given any thought on where to go on our honeymoon?” “Not really love, maybe Paris?” “Why would you want to go to Paris?” “Because I’ve never been?” “Under that logic we could go to the black hole of Calcutta.” “Yeah…….not!” We’ve got a little time to think about it.” “Yeah I suppose now we need to try and get to sleep.” Tuesday morning and we were up and out for our jogging and then back to the house for breakfast and then Al and I were once again off to the office. I went in with Stan and watched what he was looking at in the foreign markets before I headed out to Angelo. Today it was watching specificallly the industrials to see if I could discern and patterns in the day. They seemed to follow the same pattern of getting busier at the top of the hour. Noontime came around and when Angelos sandwich was delivered there was a roast beef one there for me as well. “So what have you noticed erdemli escort so far?” “Same as the general yesterday. Things get busier at the top of the hour.” “I think the only one that you’ll find different is the commodities market Mr Sawyer.” “Any discernable reason for that?” “Not that I have uncovered over the years other than crop reports seem to come in earlier in the day and usually only once a day.” “So adding back the news feed this afternoon?” “Indeed.” So after lunch we were back at it again until the closing bell at 4:30. Al and I were soon out of the building with most of the other folks. Dinner was had over at Karls house tonight and by 9:30 we were all back over to my place. Al retired to his room and Karl and I snuggled in the family room in front of the tv for a bit. “I was thinking about what you asked last night Den, and how about the traditional and we go to Niagra Falls?” “I’ve never been so it is a possibility. Is there enough there to keep us busy for a week?” “Weeeeeeeeeeeelllll, I’m sure there are ways to keep busy lover.” “Oh I’m sure there are, we might even do some sight seeing.” “Shall I look into packages while you’re at work tomorrow?” “Don’t suppose it could hurt.” “Anywhere else you might want to go?” “Not off the top of my head love. Unless we just take a week long mystery tour?” “Just hit the road and go?” “Yeah who knows what we might find?” “Kinda hit and miss ain’t it love?” “Yeah it was just a thought.” Soon enough after that we were locking up and then to bed. The rest of the week went pretty much the same way and Saturday morning after jogging and breakfast Karl, Al, and I were on the road over to Edgeton. I hadn’t made any commitments to the facitlity that I had found, only arranged for a look around the place. When we got there the place looked fairly new and we were met in the lobby by the manager, Jason Denton. “Well Mr Sawyer, your reputation precedes you. We’re very happy to see you consider our facility.” “Thank you Mr Denton. This is Mr Holtz and Mr Goulding,my associates.” “Welcome gentlemen. Well then let me show you around.” Thus a tour of the place started. There was all of the usual gymnastics equipment around as well a full weight room, swimming pool, jacuuzi, steam room and a massage therapist. “Do you have a trainer Mr Sawyer?” “I do not at this time.” “We can provide one if you like or you can engage your own.” “Do you suppose that I could simply get a workout in today?” “Certainly sir. You know where the locker room is, simply checkin at the tarsus escort front desk and they will set you up with a visitors pass and locker accomodation.” “Thank you very much.” I went back out to the car and grabbed my stuff and then went and took care of the paperwork and paid a reasonable fee for the use of the facilities. I was soon enough changed up and out on the floor. I stretched and then made my way over to the pommel horse seeing as it was not in use right now. I did my normal horse routine. Satisfied with that I moved over to the vault. Normally I did a double somersault or a double with a twist. Where I had been having such good luck with the triple off of the high bar, I decided to to try and go for it in my vault. That would up my degree of difficulty and be a boost to my overall score if I could land it. I didn’t quite get all of the way around to get my feet underneath me so I ended up on my knees. Karl was right there. “What the hell Den?” “I’ve got to step it up a bit if I’m going for the gold next year love. You know as well as I do that everybody is going to be trying for a triple off of the high bar just to keep up. I need to go further.” “Fine but at least you should have had a spotter.” “Next time I will.” “Nice attempt Mr Sawyer, but your friend is quite right. We take safety seriously around here.” “I’m sure that you do Mr Denton. Won’t happen again without a spotter.” I worked the rest of the equipment and did my standard routines. Mr Denton had made sure to have a spotter follow me around. By the time I was done there were more than a few of the others watching me. I did see a few familiar faces in the crowd. I went and got into my bathing suit and hit the pool for a bit and then the jacucczi. When I got back to the front of the building, I made arrangements to come over weekly through the end of July. “Do we look for a place to stay overnight or just drive home?” “Drive home, it’s only an hour and if I’m beat one of you guys can drive, assuming that you’ll be coming over with me every weekend?” “You know I will be until I’m called off Dennis.” “Yeah I’ll probably be here with you too.” It was an uneventful drive home and we got there a while before supper, which was had over at Karls tonight seeing as it was the weekend and Mrs Ohanlon was off. Sunday Karl and I grabbed Bobbie and headed for the hills for a day of hiking. Al kept up pretty well with us and admired the countryside. We were soon enough home and again over to Karls for supper. We got the house locked up and and Karl and akdeniz escort I went to bed and had as quiet a time as we could manage. We weren’t going to stop having sex just because Al was in the house, but we didn’t want to make the guy uncomfortable either. Monday morning and we were up and out and then Al and I headed for the office. This morning Angelo gave me a list of companies and told me to research them and rank them as suitable investments,as well as assign a risk assessment, and to provide reasons why I thought they were. He even let me go to my dads office to work on it. There was one that looked really good. So good that I decided to dig a little deeper. What I ended up finding was that it was a Teramedies company. For that alone it went to the bottom of my list. I continued to work through the rest of the list of companies. Lunch had come and gone with my roast beef sandwich being delivered to the office. I was so into what I was doing that I barely remembered eating it. Eventually the markets closed and Angelo came back to the office to see how I had done. “Well Mr Sawyer, looks like you did a pretty through job of it. Why however did you list the last company so far down the list? They have excellent financials.” “I’ve had dealings with their parent company recently and I don’t particularly like the way they do business.” “Personal bias is a poor reason young man.” “My father wouldn’t do business with them a couple of years ago,if you weren’t aware.” “I was aware and I couldn’t see why at the time.” “Quite frankly, I have every reason to believe they are involved in organized crime.” “Really now Mr Sawyer,that is rather hard to believe.” L wasn’t about to detail all that had happened or that Agent Goulding was a bodyguard provided by the FBI. “Regardless Mr Terrentollo, you asked for me to rate them as I saw fit and I have. I may not have taken over the title yet,but this firm will not knowingly do business with any subsidiary, joint venture, or holding of the Teramedies family. You may feel free to spread that to the other traders and have them do a review of their accounts, a deep review,dig down to the very roots and have them try and divest their clients of any Teramedies affliations.” “You don’t have the authority to order that Mr Sawyer.” “Mr Bellows if you please!” Stan was there through the connecting cooridor in a flash. “What the hell Dennis?” “Effective immediately,if it has not been done already, I want all traders to dig into their portfolios and try and get their clients to divest themselves of anything and everything connected to the Teramedies family.” “That shouldn’t be to difficult as your father issued pretty much the same order after that deal fell through. Problem with that Angelo?” “None what so ever. I just wanted to see if the kid had the balls for it.” “Rest assured that I do Mr Terrentollo.”

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