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If You Go Down To The Park Today

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Big Cock

I hope you read about Ffion and Zara, the married lesbians in

A One-off Open Marriage

Well, you probably guessed that this was a fictional tale, but a naughty idea that just might happen one day. What happened below, however, is true, and all the hotter for that. I’ll let Ffion take up the story …

At the beginning of this summer, I was working a lot in the city where I live, and I made a habit of taking lunch in the nearby park under a nice tree, shading me from the hot sun.

One day, I noticed a girl walking nearby and looking around at her surroundings. My breath stopped in my chest and my stomach did flips. She was more than just a simple beauty, she had something about her that drew me in straightaway; I was captivated.

As she looked around she saw me staring at her, completely lost in my stupor over her gorgeousness. She approached and sat opposite me and smiled … and that was it. I had ants in my pants, trying to steal glances but not wanting to be caught gawping. I burned her image in my mind for later use.

The next day I made a beeline for the same tree and hoped against hope for another look at her. My heart stopped for the second time in two days. The same thing happened and she just sat opposite me and gave me a smile.

Where was this going? After a few days of this same pattern, things started to heat up. That day, she appeared wearing a very short skirt, and as she ate her lunch, her legs widened a little and I could clearly see a sexy pair of white cotton knickers with little hearts on them. My pulse was racing and I was entranced. I was busted too. But as she noticed bursa escort my stare, she just smiled and opened her legs a little more. omg. Was this really happening? I was wearing jeans so there was no real hope of returning the favour, but I liked this game. I said that I had burned her image in my mind for later use, and this new view and its implications fed my evening wank sessions pretty wilfully.

The next day, I wore a smallish summer dress with red lacy knickers. As usual, the next day she arrived and seeing her out of the corner of my eye I pretended not to notice her, but as she sat down, I pulled my legs up to hug my knees, knowing that from where she was sitting, she would have had a very clear view of my knicker-clad bum and by now, a slightly dampening gusset. I was feeling dirty and very excited. I wanted to rub myself there and then, but realised that would be a step too far.

That time was a Friday, so I had to wait all weekend to find out where it might go. Zara, my wife, and I were very excited and we had a weekend of great sex, with Zara wanting me to talk through exactly what had happened, and relive the experience with me!

Desperate for Monday lunchtime to arrive, I put on a skirt and sky-blue thong and there she was, as usual. I showed her my thong and I opened my legs wide and lifted my skirt, giving her the perfect view. Her answer to this was possibly the hottest thing I have ever seen. She lifted her dress, pulled her cute white knickers to the side, and slid her fingers across her sexy lips. I could see the moisture, but when she lifted her fingers from her pussy, I could see the strings of her juices between bursa escort bayan her fingers.

Looking directly at me, she slowly put them in her mouth and sucked them clean! Whilst doing this, her other hand rubbed her pussy outside her knickers. I was in total shock and frozen, captured by her beautiful big brown eyes, my own knickers now completely soaked.

As she got up to leave, she grabbed the sides of her knickers and pulled them down and off, leaving them on the floor for me. I shot over and picked them up. They were damp and sticky and smelt of her pussy. I looked around to see if anyone was looking and then brought them up to my face to smell and then taste. My god, she tasted divine, I was on fire, never have I done something like this and certainly never in public.

Tuesday came and went. Maybe she was scared off by having gone too far?

On Wednesday, as I entered the park, two things happened. I thought I saw her from behind leaving the park at the other end but couldn’t be sure. But the big disaster was a large man sitting under my tree! I looked over to where she always sat and it was vacant, but on it there was a post-it note. It said, “Hello sexy red knickers, do you want to meet properly? Here is my number. Call me anytime.”

So I called her.

I was really nervous, but she was sweet and we met up, laughed and messed around and then went back to my house and fooled around a bit more. We kissed for a long while with a little rubbing and stroking thrown in. She was a great kisser. We were both very turned on, but she said she wasn’t ready for full-on sex, but suggested that we masturbated together for escort bursa a bit as she wanted to see how I did it.

We faced each other and got to it. I was so wet that I pushed two fingers straight in with a little squelch. The juice was running down over my tight little anus, so I used that and slipped a finger in slowly with a low moan. This drove her mad. She had one finger pumping in and out of her vagina and one rapidly rubbing her clit. She was very flushed and looked a dream when she came, hard. She was amazed and said that she had never cum so hard. I had two orgasms in quick succession and was exhausted as I licked my fingers clean.

We have been doing this every now and then for a while now and Zara joins in when she can be around — I love my wife! Watching her and Zara kiss is truly beautiful.

We always get totally naked when we masturbate together, and the other day we went a bit further, kissing and sucking each other’s breasts while we got our selves off. So hot. Afterwards we sucked each other’s fingers clean and she still tasted divine, probably even more so. She said she liked my taste too and that it was her first taste of someone other than her.

She masturbates as much as I do, and I gave her a vibrator the other day so she can use it at home. She uses mine when she comes round sometimes once I have finished using it, naughty girl.

I so badly want to fuck her and do many very naughty things with her.

So where from here?

I am a realist and struggled when I was young with who I was. As this is all a new experience for her and as she is young and confused by it all, I am keen to help her find out about herself but not push beyond her boundaries. She is totally in love with her best friend but not sure if the feelings are mutual. So for now, I’m taking a sort of big sister role but with wanking, lots of lovely wanking!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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