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If you read about Renee, Brian and I then read thi

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If you read about Renee, Brian and I then read thiAfter our surprise Menage a Trois with my pal from work, Brian, Renee and I found ourselves fucking just about every night for the next 2 weeks or so. I had been extremely excited by Renee’s sexuality fucking Brian as she did. We would talk about her fucking Brian as she and I fucked. Eventually Renee asked me if we were to become swingers. As we had two k**s to raise I hesitated and replied that I wanted to try some more fun sex with Brian and perhaps find some titties for her to suck, too.The opportunity knocked.Renee worked at the same club where we had began our Tequila Sunrise fueled threesome with Brian. One evening she was getting off of work and I drove by to pick her up. She was just leaving the club and had run into Brian as he was entering and I had pulled up to pick Renee up. Renee and Brian were chatting amicably, seeing me Renee waved to me and Brian hugged her and entered the door. I asked what was up, she replied that they had been laughing about how much fun Brian had had at our house that few weeks past.A few evening’s later, Renee had gotten off of work early on a Saturday evening and I had gotten there a bit early to wait, have a drink and generally flirt with her co-worker, Betty. Betty had big tits that she enjoyed showing off and rubbing against me at every chance. I, not so innocently, asked Betty when she was getting off from work as I was thinking of her bit tits and Renee’s chance to suck on them. Too bad, Betty had to work until closing; Betty did share that she had to work the early afternoon shift the next day and was getting off early.Renee and I talked about Betty’s big tits that evening as we fucked. After our threesome with Brian we talked a lot about our fantasies. So we sort of planned on ambushing Betty at the club about time she was to get off that Sunday. We arrived about an hour before her shift ended and made sure we sat at the bar that she was tending. As we were just starting our first drinks and mildly flirting with Betty (I wondered later just how much Renee had shared with Betty about our fun with Brian) in walked Brian. We waved Brian over to the bar free spin and we three sat over drinks and flirted with Betty whenever possible. Betty made sure she was busy at our end of the bar a lot. When Betty’s shift ended she hopped over to our side of the bar with another round including one for herself. She sat next to me and was again rubbing her tits on my arm in no time. Asking if we wanted to order another round or if we wanted to take the party back to our house everyone cheerfully agreed to head out for a party. We had been drinking Vodka (a plan on my part as we had a full bottle at the house and Vodka and porn usually ended with me fucking Renee in her ass). Again, Brian suggested that Renee ride with him and Betty said that she would leave her car at the club and ride with me. Again, it was apparent that Renee steered as Brian pulled his hard cock from his pants and then Renee was fondling his cock on the way to our house. Betty couldn’t help noticing this activity in our headlights when Renee took the wheel, as Brian was clearly moving in the driver’s seat to pull down his pants and then for the rest of the drive as Renee leaned over to Brian and was focused down at this cock. She asked what was going on up in Brian’s car. I told her what I was sure (and what was happening) was going on. She laughed and then took my free hand to her left tit and began to rub her hard nipple against my fingers then opened her work blouse and put my hand inside of her braNo need for beer this time, we headed straight to our house. I led the way and opened the door; holding it open. Brian entered, again with his jacket covering his exposed boner. Renee and Betty were laughing and I heard Bettty say something about never fucking a girl before, I shhh’d them as they were quite loud.I led Betty by her hand to our living room and began kissing her. As my tongue explored her mouth and my fingers her nipples I heard Brian’s moans. I looked over to see Renee again on her knees sucking Brian’s cock. I told Betty to look. Fondling Betty’s tits though her now open blouse and bra we both watched as Renee sucked Brian. Renee always enjoyed sucking bonus veren siteler my cock from our very first time.We watched as she sucked and sucked as Brian rocked and stroked her mouth. Renee again led Brian upstairs to our bedroom. Betty started to follow, but I said to wait a bit. She and I continued to tongue kiss as I worked her bra off and began to suck her hard nipples to her moans of pleasure. I led Betty up to our spare room and continued to slowly undress her until she lay naked on the spare bed as I was sucking on her clitoris. I really enjoy sucking on a woman’s clitoris and Betty seemed to enjoy too as my face and beard were soaked in her pussy juice. Betty asked if we could go to the next room in order for her to watch Brian and Renee fuck. I thought sure why not but wanted to give them time to really get fucking hard so I suggested we wait a few more minutes and went back to eating Betty’s pussy. Betty (a voyeur it seemed) was more interested in watching Brian and Renee fuck than me sucking her clitoris. Later I understood. So I said sure and took Betty by her hand and led her to the doorway of the Master Bedroom. We stood in the doorway for a long time as we watched Renee on her back with her long legs pulled way back as Brian slow stroked her pussy with his hard cock. Renee’s nipples were rock hard and her hips were fucking Brian back. Betty was soon holding my cock with one hand and working her own nipple with her other hand and actually came watching Renee and Brian.A blur in my memory but we four ended up back in our laundry room of all places as I fixed a round of Vodka highballs. Laughing about our fun and commenting upon Betty’s big tits does stick in my memory. Soon we were in the living room with our drinks. Renee was in between Brian and I as Betty sat across in a rocker. I stood up and going over to Betty to ask if she wanted to join us on the couch, Betty took my hard cock in her mouth. I concentrated on a good cock sucking, holding onto Betty’s head. Looking over, I saw Renee once again standing up and bent over as Brian was fucking her from behind. Watching Renee’s nice B Cups swaying deneme bonusu veren siteler to Brian’s cock strokes as Betty sucked my cock. Guessing the Betty would wish to watch, I said something like look over there as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.On my knees on the floor so I could easily fondle Betty nipples we both watched as Brian gave Renee a good stroking. He recalled and was slapping Renee’s clitoris with his ball sacks on his strokes. Soon Renee was cumming hard and holding onto the arm of the chair. Betty seemed to be pretty hot too as her nipples were about as hard as could be imagined and she was fingering her own clit as she watched.Back up to our bedroom the four of us climbed into our King Bed. Soon Renee was sucking Brian’s cock. I watched in fascination as did Betty. I took Renee’s hand in mine and we help Brian’s cock together as she sucked him. Soon Renee and I were kissing with Brian’s cock in our mouths and then we were taking turns sucking his cock. As I was sucking Brian’s cock, he moved and began to suck me. He and I were in a bi cock sucking 69. Later I learned that Renee had cum as she watched and then overcome with “what the hell” she was soon sucking on Betty’s hard nipple and teasing the other with her fingers.Hearing these two women moaning loudly, I looked up from Brian’s hard cock and watched in fascination. Shit I had to pee again, WTF!Returning to our bedroom to see Renee on her back with her legs in the air. Brian fucking her pussy. I was focused upon the sight of his cock and her pussy and was soon fondling Brian’s balls. Not wishing to leaving Betty out of the play time, I moved my face over to her pussy and looking up I saw her rolling to her side and putting her nipple into Renee’s mouth as Brian fucked Renee. Hot DAMNWith Betty on her side, I slid my cock into her now soaked to her knees pussy and watched as Renee enthusiastically sucked Betty’s nipple and fucked Brian. I have to admit that I came way hard and way too soon as the three of them continued for about 15 more minutes before Brian came in Renee’s pussy. (period time was just over again, no pussy eating for Brian). We four laughed and after the three had caught their breaths we returned to the living room for a farewell drink. Brian gave Betty a ride back to get her car. Renee and I were soon back in bed with her furiously masturbating riding me cowgirl as she talked out loud about Betty’s tits and nipple in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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