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Subject: Immigrant Chapter 5 This story is a sequel to the story, “Marooned” which is already on Nifty, and it is a work of fiction, and all the characters in it are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is incidental and unintended. The story involves the relationship between an adult and a minor and may involve scenes of a sexual nature. There is no outright sex and any sexual activity is of a gentle and loving nature (if you’re looking for pornography – look elsewhere) but none-the-less it may offend some people and, if you are one of those people, or if it is not legal for you to read such things, please read no further. To those who are still here please enjoy. If you wish to provide feedback I can be contacted at lfa4321jonah@outlook and please bear in mind that you don’t pay to read these stories, but it does cost Nifty money to provide them. Please consider donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html Immigrant By Jonah Chapter 5 Sunday morning was bright and sunny. I woke to find that I was separated from Jonah by Luke, who had crept in between us, but neither of us knew when. Everybody else presumably slept in the boys’ room, just as they should do. I had been giving some thought to this and, it bothered me a little. Ben and I had been marooned on a desert island and tended to cuddle and hug for warmth and for company, but anywhere in the civilised world I’d have been arrested for that. Of course the desert island wasn’t the civilised world and Ben was quick to point that out. As the only occupants we could make our own laws. Now the laws passed in Australia, and in the UK for that matter, were made by people who were not perfect, but who went to great pains to make good laws. Unfortunately they sometimes ended up making bad ones, but they did their best. Some of those laws were loosely based on religious edicts, which, although their authority was higher, were even more suspect. That is because, while any religion is possessed of an ancient code of morality, because it is ancient its adherents have had a long time to adapt those codes to suit themselves. Jesus Christ, in His lifetime was quick to point that out, and condemned those who used His Father’s codes of love and care to opress others. The point is that, while the law, either religious or secular, is flawed, it is at least based on an attempt at providing right living, and the fact that the state laws of Western Australia didn’t bind me whilst on the island could never excuse treating Ben less well than those laws decreed. I had admitted to being homosexual, but I was emphatically NOT a pervert, and had no wish to be one. It was obviously going to be necessary to try harder not to be. I could never forgive myself if I had hurt Ben. I showered and arrived downstairs to find Simon and Ben in charge of making breakfast. We’d had cabbage with our cottage pie last night, so it was going to be bubble and squeak again. I helped myself to a dish of Corn Flakes while the escort boys served that up. I’d just made another discovery. Ben could communicate just using the vowel sounds that he’d learned so far, but Simon couldn’t communicate with him….. could he? I didn’t think Ben could lip-read, and Simon was no telepath. I think what I’d discovered was that, if people want to communicate, they will. Jonah and Luke joined us for breakfast, leaving guess-who to be last of all. Soon we were all ready for Church. The whole family, well I suppose you could call us that, trooped down to Pinner, and to Cannon Lane Methodist Church. Joe and Miriam were already there with Baby Jacob, and Luke immediately sat next to them. The rest of us occupied the row of seats immediately behind them. Jason joined us and sat with Simon. Of course a Methodist service could mean nothing to Ben – or could it. Most of the service filtered through to him through either Luke’s or my brain, but it was during the singing of hymns that his face became radiant as he stood beside us and hummed a note that might or might not have been meant to be a harmony. It was only a quiet note, and drowned out by traditional Methodist singing, but Ben was worshipping in a way that was exclusively Ben’s. After the service we joined most of the congregation for coffee. Everybody wanted to meet Ben and I, and we even upstaged Jacob. He tottered around greeting everybody with a smile or a laugh, which they all returned. Occasionally he would fall on his backside, and that was funnier still. The Reverend Bennett pushed through the crush, without spilling a drop of her coffee. “Good Morning Rob, good morning Ben,” she greeted us. “I visited David in hospital yesterday. He’s doing well and should be home in a day or two.” “David?” “I’m sorry,” she said, “David Cole, the young man who runs the electronics shop. He’s Jonah’s landlord. He wouldn’t have survived that fire if you and Ben hadn’t been there.” “I’m glad we arrived in time,” I replied. “Well it’s good to see you again,” she said, “and if there’s anything you need – even if it’s only somebody to talk to – Jonah knows where to find me.” I thanked her then turned to find Jonah rounding up his herd. “I’d like to stay and chat with people a bit longer,”he told me, “but the stewards will want to get cleared up and get home to their Sunday lunches, and we’ve got an invitation to dinner.” He was right and Simon and Peter were soon rounded up. Ben proved a litle more difficult. It wasn’t easy to pry him free from the crowd of people who wanted to know all about him. Now you’d have thought that the fact that they couldn’t communicate with him, nor vice versa, would have come into play there, but you’d have been wrong. Once again he demonstrated that, if people want to communicate, they will. He may have been reading their lips, or he may have found one or more telepaths among them. Just as likely he was guessing their words, but the vowel sounds he had learned so izmit escort bayan far proved a perfectly adequate response. I was almost loathe to tear him away, but Jonah was right, so there was no choice. Jason led the way to a semi detached house that was not actually on Rayner’s Lane, but which obviously belonged to somebody richer than Jonah. Geoff and Susan Porter lived in some oppulence, but they did it properly. It was clear that the spotless appearance of the furniture in their living room was not due to the fact that nobody used it, which certainly wasn’t the case, but to Susan’s hard work. I was surprised to learn that both of them worked, Geoff owning a garage and Susan being a school administrator. She had given notice to quit that, as they proposed to adopt Jason. Apparently Jason’s background was complicated and he needed a lot of care, but the Porter’s obviously loved him, and Sammy did too. All six boys disappeared upstairs while Geoff passed out drinks to Jonah and I. I learned that the Porters were Roman Catholics, and they knew my new partner, Phil Manley, well since he was a Roman Catholic too. Apparently he was highly thought of locally. Once the Sunday joint had been disposed of, and followed down with the most delicious bread-and-butter pudding, the boys trundled back upstairs to Sammy and Jason’s room to play with electronic games – all except Sammy himself. Since the fire Sammy had decided that I must be an expert on fire engines and fire-fighting and, therefore, somebody with whom he could discourse on the subject. He couldn’t have been further from the truth. I mean, yes, I could tell one fire engine from another. Also, as a doctor, I was enough of a scientist to know how a fire works and, more importantly, how to stop it working at need. None of that made me an expert on anything. Moreover, I had enough trouble with Ben cuddling up with me at night. I didn’t need Sammy developing a crush as well. On the other hand, I knew that it was healthy for the boy to have an interest, and the one that he had chosen was one that could serve him well in later life. “So what’s your problem Sammy?” I asked. “I just wondered why Ben would take a CO2 extinguisher into that shed when he had a casualty in there. Didn’t he know how dangerous that was?” “No, of course he didn’t,” I replied. “He wouldn’t have done it if he had. Just think about it. That extension lead was still plugged in, which told him ‘electrical stuff’. The label on the CO2 extinguisher says ‘ for use on electrical fires’, so off he goes. If he’d had time to read the rest of the label he’d have discovered that it puts people out as effectively as it does fires, so it shouldn’t be used in a building, and if he’d had any training he’d have known that the casualty would be particularly at risk since he was lying on the floor; but he hadn’t got any training, and it’s very dangerous for untrained people to fight fires.” “So he should have got the casualty izmit sınırsız escort out first?” “That might have been what he was trying to do,” I said. “He didn’t actually use the CO2 extinguisher, but I’m sure you know that it wouldn’t have done any good if he had.” “Why not?” “Because CO2 is a gas,” I replied. ” It knocks out the fire, smothers it and then drifts off into the atmosphere, but the shed was made of wood and a fire can burn inside a plank of wood. As soon as the gas has cleared off, up it will pop again. You need water. That can soak into the wood.” “Or A triple F?” “Aqueous Fluid Forming Foam,” I replied. ” ‘Aqueous’ means water. It’s just got detergent mixed with it.” “So isn’t it dodgy around electricity?” “Well it can be if the extinguisher is badly maintained, or if you haven’t been trained to use it on electrical fires, but I unplugged the extension lead, so there was no electricity. Now shouldn’t you be upstairs with the others?” “Alright, I can take a hint.” “First I’ve heard of it.” observed his father. Jonah, Geoff and I sat and chatted amicably until Susan, having finished the washing up, came in and joined us. I learned a lot about what had thrown these people together, and felt that I knew them all better than before. Susan pointed out that she had baked a cake and therefore we were obliged to stay for tea. Jonah started to say that we couldn’t possibly, but Susan merely repeated the word “obliged” with added emphasis. This was, of course, a mighty blow. It meant that Jonah was obliged to force his boys to eat sandwiches, trifle and cake. You could see how they all suffered under this cruelty. I even saw Peter accepting a second slice of sponge-cake. The sacrifices that boy made. After tea we all played Cleudo. Four teams played: Ben and Simon, Peter and Sammy, Jonah and Geoff, and Jason and Susan. I was elected police surgeon and Luke became referee (and interpreter for Ben when necessary). Once more I witnessed how willing people could absorb Ben into the action seamlessly – in this case, without his even knowing they were doing it. In fact Ben and Simon won two games to one (Sammy and Peter winning the other one) and it transpired that Ben was very observant and good at deductions. I should get him started on Agatha Christie – he’d love that. The walk home was presided over by the most glorious sunset – not something you usually associate with London. We were all comfortably well-fed, and contented with our lot. Jonah insisted on showers and an early bed when we got in as tomorrow was a school day. For my part, I was to start my new job, so an early night wouldn’t hurt me. By ten o,clock we were all in bed after a long but satisfying day. TO BE CONTINUED. If you’ve enjoyed this story you’d probably enjoy other stories by the same author, also on Adult/Youth. “Marooned”, “Letter from America”, ” Stranger on a train” and “The Boston Tea Party” are all by this author, as is, “The Pen-Pals” (on Young Friends). You would also probably like “A Neglected Boy” by Jacob Lion. Pictures of some of the characters in this story can be found on Jacob’s bly/jonah-stories.html My thanks go to Jonah for his generosity and hard work in making this available.

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