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Improving Our Photos

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Improving Our PhotosWe had known Bob and Sheila for many years, they were long time friends of the family, we had taken holidays together and our k**s had played and grown up together. Three years ago, sadly, Sheila died in a car accident. She and Bob had both been very accomplished professional photographers, freelancing for various newspapers and journals. We still saw Bob regularly and had helped him through the tragic loss of his wife. One fateful evening Bob was at our house after having joined us for a meal and we were relaxing afterwards while I was showing him my new smart television. After showing him the internet connections and so on I began demonstrating the remote control and what it could do – I had connected a hard disk that contained many music and photo files on it and showed him how I could navigate around just by pointing the remote at the screen and clicking. He saw that I had many photo files on there and said he’d like to have a look at our holiday shots, so I left him and my wife, Sue, to it while I went out to make us all some coffee. She was busily telling him about the various places we had visited and he was happily scrolling his way through the various files using the remote. I could tell he was impressed.When I returned I was shocked. There on the TV screen, displayed in 52inch widescreen splendour, was my wife in a red basque, stockings and high heels, relaxing on a sofa in a photograph I had taken of her some thirty years previously! I looked at Sue’s face and she had a hand in front of her mouth and had gone a deep shade of red. Bob has a huge grin on his face. They both turned to look at me.“Oh, Sue. Alan. I’m so sorry! I was just randomly hopping around in your photo files and found this. It’s a fantastic shot – you look wonderful Sue! Haven’t you shown this to people – and I assume you have others?”“No, Bob. Well, I mean… Yes, we do have lots of photos like that. Alan has taken lots over the years, but no we haven’t ever shown them to anybody. I’d be far too embarrassed,” said Sue. “Although I wish I still looked like that. I wish we didn’t have those things, I wish Alan had got rid of them years ago. I didn’t realise he’d scanned them in as computer files.” She glared at me.“Oh thank goodness he did,” said Bob, “If they’re all as good as this – bar some technical issues that is – they must be wonderful. I have lots of personal shots of Sheila and I love to look at them from time to time. You must not get rid of them! Why not have intimate photos of each other to remember that side of your life? You like to remember all the other aspects don’t you – holidays, c***dren growing up, your first car, weddings. It would seem strange to me not to have photos of my wife naked, to see the parts of her that I loved and that turned me on. They are a huge comfort to me now.”“Well I suppose I can see that,” replied Sue, “I’m just scared of other people seeing them.”“Well, until now, no one else has seen any of them, not one, for over thirty years. And Bob has only seen them while you were supervising him, Sue!” I winked at her and she smiled back. “Except I didn’t know they were there, Alan!”It went quiet. Finally I said: “Bob, what did you mean just now about ‘technical issues’? What’s wrong with that photo?”“Well, it’s not bad for an amateur, but you could so easily have really improved it. For example you used a flash, which has overexposed some areas and others are too much in shadow. Also, Sue’s pose doesn’t flatter her legs, makes them look shorter than they are. If you showed me some more…”“No!” interrupted Sue.“Come on Sue,” I said, “most of the pix are fairly tame by today’s standards, and Bob’s seen you in a bikini and breast-feeding our k**s in the past. Plus he’s a professional photographer.”“But I’m nude in some of them – like those ones on that naturist beach!”“Well only your furry front! You never let me take anything explicit!”“Oh that’s so sad,” interjected Bob. “You don’t have pictures of Sue’s private parts from years past, or of the two of you making love? I have photographs and videos of us both having sex, and of Sheila showing everything off for me. I mean everything. I find I really need them now she’s no longer here.”“No we have nothing like that,” I said. “I would have loved to have some ‘naughty’ shots but Sue says its porn, even though I have always guaranteed I would keep them hidden – as I have. So far! Come on Sue, at least let Bob see what we have taken, see what he thinks of them, and get some advice on what I should have done to make them better. Go on!”“I’m going to be SO embarrassed. OK go on then. But you’d both better be quiet about this!”So we settled down, drank our coffee and then opened some bottles of wine as we went through the various sexy shots I’d taken of my wife over the years. Bob was careful not to be too lavish in his praise of Sue’s body as shot after shot of her reclining in bra, pants, stocking and suspenders, or corset, or hot-pants appeared on the screen. Instead he confined himself to advice to me about pose, lighting etc. He acknowledged that the pictures got better as time went on and I used better cameras. Sue began commenting on her on-screen images – when she thought she had put on too much weight, why had she chosen that hair-do etc. Then we got to a particular favourite set of shots I had taken of Sue doing a strip. Sue had not bursa escort seen any of these photographs for years, but I knew what was coming. I filled up her glass and braced myself. Sure enough, Bob and I were treated to a series of poses where Sue gradually extricated herself from a white corset; first she unclasped the stockings, leaving them in place, then she turned her back to the camera let her panties fall to the floor, leaving her bare bottom on show. I glanced across at her and saw her face had reddened again. Bob looked a little hot too. Then we saw that she undid the corset fastening by fastening, still with her back to the camera until it was completely open. She had clasped it to herself at the front. The next shots saw her turn towards the camera, exposing her pubic triangle, but with her breasts covered by her hands and the front of the corset.“Oh no” she breathed, “I’d forgotten these. Mind you – I do look good. How far did I go?”“Watch.”So we all focused on the screen as the display continued. Sue had dropped the corset and was therefore fully on show, her boobs magnificent and unashamedly exposed to my camera – and now Bob too could appreciate them. I looked at him and saw a broad smile on his face. The final shots in the series had Sue removing her stockings, shots of her from the rear and finally standing fully nude, arms held aloft.“That’s it,” I said, “that was my favourite sequence of shots. I never felt I got as good a set of pictures after that. Sue wouldn’t let me do another strip set, would you, Sue?”“No. And now I feel bad, especially after what you said earlier Bob. I feel as if I’ve deprived Alan, and myself in some ways, of some memories. And I never had any pictures of you naked, Alan. Let’s look at the rest anyway.”So we continued, and Sue seemed enthusiastic now for both us men to study her body as the years went by and she modelled various items of underwear. I knew all the shots backwards, but was turned on by seeing Bob’s reactions, and to Sue’s preparedness to allow him to see her sexy poses. And some of them were damned sexy, though I say so myself. There were very few where her pubes were on show, just the occasional one or two in a set, but I had managed to persuade her to allow some panty gusset shots, with legs apart. While looking at one of these, Bob stated that it was a pity Sue hadn’t allowed her vagina to be captured on film. He blushed as he said it, but went on to say how beautiful that aspect of a woman is. He said he had photographed many nudes over the years, including his wife of course, and he felt that the sexual aspect of the nude was misunderstood; it was either the artistic nude, not showing the sexual organs, or was seen as pornography and judged as indecent and bad. He said he felt that the personal and private depiction of the sex organs, and the act of sexual intercourse, were beautiful elements of a loving relationship. I noticed Sue nodding as he spoke.“Bob, I think you’re right,” she said, “I know I’ve had a few drinks, but I really do feel that Alan and I have missed out on this. I would like to see ourselves making love, and I wish there were more intimate photographs of us to look at, just for our own use. I do trust Alan not to share them. Would you help us make some, show Alan how to get good results? I trust you too Bob, we have known you a long time, and I know you are a professional. What do you think Alan?”What did I think? Blimey, yes! “Err, yes, let’s go for it. Is that OK, Bob?”Bob was very hot and bothered. “You mean, take some intimate photographs of you both now? Here? Wow, OK! Alan, do you have some strong lights or lamps, like an inspection lamp or two?” I nodded. “Great, go and get them. Sue, if you mean this, then you may want to get changed into whatever you want to show yourself off in, and get Alan togged in whatever you want him in too. Alan, give me your camera and I’ll set it up, plus the lamps.”I took a drink, so did Sue, then I went off to get the lamps and the camera, while Sue went upstairs to her underwear drawer. I left the equipment with Bob in our lounge and went off upstairs to join my wife, who had a bundle of clothes on the bed and was going through my things. She handed me some boxer shorts and that was it. “Is that all?” I asked. “Yes, you can put a robe on over them, but basically I want memories of you in those… and out of them! Now leave me alone while I get these on and do my make-up.”I got into the boxers and slipped a bathrobe on, then I slapped some of Sue’s baby oil all over me and went back down to join Bob. He was looking like the cat who’d got the cream, setting up the inspection lamps and checking the settings on my camera. “I see it’s got a video setting,” he said, “I’ll video you both getting into position, that should be fun, then do stills for the poses. This is turning into a rather fun evening! I hope Sue doesn’t change her mind!” “Good grief, neither do I!” Bob switched on the lamps and the lounge was bathed in bright light.Minutes later Sue came in, also covered in a bathrobe. “Shall we start with your intimate shots, Sue?” asked Bob. Sue nodded and let the robe fall. I noticed Bob was already pointing the camera at her as she was presented to us – classic black lace push-up bra and panties, black suspender belt, black seamed stockings and black heels. She had really gone to town on the make-up, bursa escort bayan red lippy, rouged cheeks, eye-liner all around her eyes, mascara, plus she had put her hair up and wore a black velvet choker. I was erect immediately and I noticed Bob surreptitiously adjusting himself.Bob began directing Sue into solo poses, making sure all angles were covered for posterity. Then we moved on to the seductive shots, Sue bending forward arse towards the camera, Sue on the floor, legs open and gusset to the fore. Hands holding her bra cups together. Then Bob asked me to get involved, so there were shots of me fondling her bottom, shots with my hands in her bra, me removing her bra then cupping her naked boobs. Sue sailed through it all, aided by the drinks no doubt. Bob got some real close-ups of her nipples and her panty crotch. I ran a finger over her gusset and could feel the wetness. Then we got to the sixty-four million pound question: “Erm. Are you ready to show off your vagina, Sue?” asked Bob. Sue flushed all over her chest and stammered “Y… y… yes… I think so, n… now or n… never!”“Let’s have you on this chair then,” said Bob, pointing to one of our large lounge chairs. “We’ll have a leg on each chair arm, with your bum right on the edge of the seat. I’ll take a series of shots as you remove the panties, and we’ll then do some open and proud shots showing all your lovely bits, OK?”Sue took a deep breath and walked over to the chair. Bob was videoing this, I could see. She sat down and slid her bottom forward to the edge of the chair seat, as Bob had suggested, then lifted her legs up and apart onto the chair arms. Her gusset was fully stretched and all her inner thighs were in the frame. Bob stopped videoing and began taking stills, getting up close for some exciting panty-crotch shots, Sue’s face peeping over her mound of Venus. Then he switched back to video (I don’t think Sue was aware of this at all) and asked me to slip a finger inside her panty. I put my hand down the front of her knickers and began a slow frigging of Sue’s sopping pussy. The suction sounds nearly made me come in my pants, God knows what effect it was having on Bob, who just kept videoing. Then I withdrew my hand and slipped a finger into her gusset from the side, keeping her vagina still hidden. I knew this would be a great turn-on to watch later, and this was confirmed when I looked at Bob who was sweating and breathing hard, struggling to keep the camera still.Bob gulped. “OK, Sue, let’s have them off now”.I retreated and stood next to Bob as we embarked on this historic stage. I wanted to share his experience. Slowly Sue reached under herself and began pulling her panties down. She had to bring her legs together for this. Bob kept getting her to slow down or stop as he changed modes from stills to video. Eventually Sue had the panties down at her ankles, but her legs were together and her feet blocked our view of her privates. Then she let the panties drop, pulled her feet back towards her bottom and kept them together. Very, very slowly she began to move her feet apart. As she did so we could see her crotch, the line of her bum crack between her thighs, gradually, oh so gradually, begin to open to our gaze. Her outer vaginal lips slowly came into view, shining with her sweat. Then she began to raise her feet onto the chair arms and her lips began to open further, pussy hair began to feature above the lips. Then a glossy pink strip appeared between her outer lips as her inner delights began to be revealed.This was something I had waited years for, an opportunity at last to photograph my wife’s most intimate parts. Sue relaxed back in the chair and opened her legs wide, everything came into view. Her inner lips parted, her clitoris hardened, her anus puckered up nicely and Bob shot away. Sue was incredibly wet down there, juices running out of her vagina onto her lips and down onto her anal ring and the chair itself. Bob and I crept closer as he focused on her labia. “Hold yourself open a little more, love, so Bob can get a good view inside,” I asked. Sue seemed in a trance as she reached down with both hands and inserted a finger each side of her pussy opening and pulled the inner lips apart for us. Bob took a number of close-ups before pulling back to capture Sue in her entirety, spread-eagled lasciviously in front of us. Then she began to gently tease her clit with one finger while she slowly frigged herself with another.“Bloody hell, Alan,” said Bob “I don’t know how much more of this I can take!”“Well, quite a bit more please, Bob,” I replied “I want plenty of shots; these may be all Sue lets me have, so I want to make the most of it. Calm yourself down if you can. I realise it must be hard.”“Oh it’s hard alright!”“Sue,” I requested, “Let’s have some different shots now, bend forward and we’ll have some side-boob shots, as well as some open-bum shots from behind, cheeks held apart, eh?!”“Shit, this is sexy,” she replied, “I had no idea I’d be able to do this, let alone in front of someone else. I still can’t believe I’m doing it.” With that she rose from the chair and turned around, with her back to us, legs spread and bent forward over the chair again, her arms on the chair arms. Her bum cheeks were presented to the camera. She moved her legs even further apart and dropped her back down, opening her anal cleft beautifully escort bursa so we could see her arse-hole and her vagina from behind. Then she pulled her arse-cheeks apart so we really couldn’t miss anything. I couldn’t resist putting a couple of fingers up her pussy. Bob got in close again to capture this scene.“Bob, mate, hand me the camera,” I asked, “I want to have actually taken at least SOME of these shots!” Bob did as he was asked and watched me scrambling around taking many, many shots of Sue’s pussy, arse, tits, bum. I got her in as many dirty poses as I could. Then I said “Sue – how about it if we let Bob hold your vagina open? It would be a nice ‘thank you’ for him!” Sue gave me a look that I can only describe as a mixture of surprise and desire. She nodded at Bob and sat herself back down on the edge of the chair. Then she once again lifted and arched her legs, showing her vagina and arse in all their glory. Bob knelt next to her and gingerly advanced on her outer lips with his shaking fingers. Tentatively he touched them, very lightly, as if he thought Sue might flinch away. She didn’t. Emboldened, he put a finger from each hand inside her pussy and opened her up so I could get shots inside and full shots of the two of them in this extremely compromising position. Bob began gently rubbing my wife’s clitoris, and Sue responded with groans and movement of her hips. Then he inserted two fingers up her and began a slow frigging. I couldn’t take any more. Holding the camera in one hand, set on video, I unzipped my flies, got my highly charged and erect dick out and went up to Sue’s crotch. “Fingers out, Bob, I’m coming in!” Bob removed his sticky digits and I eased my bell-end towards Sue. “Make sure you get these in good focus” I said to Bob, as I put my dick against her moist outer lips and handing the camera back.“Ok” said Bob, “hold it there for a bit, I’ll take stills and video, so don’t rush anything if you want good pix! Sue, let your pussy-lips just go around the end of his knob. That’s it. Alan, now just put the head up her. Lovely. Hold it there, with Sue’s pussy just letting you in. Great. Now slide another inch up her. Hold it. Now another couple of inches. Pull your lips open, Sue, lets see it going in. Pull it out a little now Alan. Open your legs further Sue, if you can. Lovely. Lots of wetness flowing out. Looks nice and sticky. Slide it right in now Alan, that’s it, hold it in there. Hmm, I wonder if I could get a finger in there too?”“You dirty sod, Bob” I said as he did precisely that, slipping a finger alongside my cock into Sue’s wide open pussy. “Oh that’s tight, I’m really stretched boys!” said Sue, “little bit uncomfortable! You can keep rubbing my clit though Bob!” said Sue, as I slid my full length up her. Bob fingered away and seconds later I erupted about five gallons of cum up her twat (well…) and Sue began a shuddering orgasm under Bob’s fingers, her lips and pussy contracting with pleasure. I was capturing it all on video. Poor Bob was clearly in a heightened state of sexual excitement, while Sue and I were sated, at least for the moment.“Oh Bob, you poor thing!” said Sue. To my amazement, she opened his fly and got his swollen knob out of his trousers. “Get a souvenir shot for Bob, Alan” she said to me as she grasped his member, next to her face, and turned towards me. Bob began breathing hard and went a strange shade of purple. He began shaking uncontrollably, then, with a shout and a groan he suddenly erupted a huge gobbet of spunk right over my wife’s face, in her eyes, over her mouth, in her hair – everywhere! I had caught it on the video setting so Bob did now have something to remember the evening by! Sue was covered. I’d never seen so much cum in one ejaculation – and I’d seen quite a few dirty videos I can tell you! One of Sue’s eyes was stuck down by it!I had to catch shots of the aftermath so got plenty of shots of Sue’s face with all the jizz and then onto her crotch, also covered in cum. She opened nice and wide so I could get the full effect and Bob watched admiringly as I shot close-up after close-up. Then, acting on impulse, I carefully put a finger on Sue’s anus as I shot a few more. Bob looked me in the eyes as I pushed the end of my finger a little inside Sue’s arse. I looked directly at Sue as I did so and she smiled back, relaxing her anal ring at the same time and my finger went about three inches into her tight colon. “This is a first,” I said, “you’ve never let me do that before!”“Felt like it!” she replied. “Do me a bit more like that, then we can continue later..”So I frigged her arse for a while, then put a couple of fingers up her vagina at the same time, and double-frigged her. Her face took on a dream-like quality and she started orgasming again. I put the camera on a chair-arm facing Sue, took my fingers out of her holes and began wanking over her. I nodded at Bob and he immediately got the message, taking his cock in his hands and stropping it hard. Sue lay back with her legs wide open and just watched our dicks. Seconds later it was all over, Bob and I spunked again, so soon after last time, all over my wife’s belly and upper thighs. Fantastic.We cleaned ourselves up and Bob made his farewells and went out into the night with a stupid grin on his face. I told him I’d let him have a copy of his ejaculations. After he left, Sue turned to me and said “Right, hand me the camera – it’s my turn now. I want lots of erect will shots from you, my boy, and I’ll start with it poking through your boxers like it is now. Then I have a new hole that needs exploring…”THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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