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In Answer to Your Ad…

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It all started when I answered an ad I found in the personal section of a sex web site.

The ad read “ISO sexual male to join exclusive party group. Must be D&D free and very open-minded.”

I thought “what the hell”, replied to it, and then promptly forgot it. Several days had gone by before I checked my “special” mailbox that I use for such things, and to my surprise, it contained a reply to my reply. It listed a telephone number, and time frame to call. I debated as to whether to call and finally talked myself into it. A nice sounding male voice answered after a couple of rings and we set up a time and place to meet to talk about joining the group. At the appointed time I arrived at the tavern where we had agreed to meet, sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

After a short wait I heard the same voice from the phone call behind me and turned to find a very good-looking man standing behind me. About 6’2″, blond, green-eyed, and well-built physically. He introduced himself as John and motioned me to follow him & we went to a corner booth where we ordered and received our drinks while making small talk. After a few sips we began to relax and he started to tell me about the group.

“We’re very exclusive and keep the number of members at ten, bringing in someone new only when one of our members leaves. We’re very particular about the people we allow to join our group and discretion is a must. You can never discuss what goes on in our meetings with anyone outside the club. We get together twice a month to have fun and enjoy each other. Before we go any further you must meet with the other members and be accepted by all. I’ll ask you now if you agree to the stipulations” I thought for a moment before agreeing, and John said “good, so lets go meet the guys.”

We left the bar, got into his car and drove a few blocks over to a near-by hotel and he lead the way up to a suite where there were eight other men sitting around having drinks, watching porn on the TV. John led me to the center of the room and introduced me “Guys I’d like for you to meet Billy, he’d like to join our club.” He went around the room saying each guys name, noting the confused look on my face he said “you’ll get to know all of us very soon believe me” this statement got a big laugh from everyone in the room.

Then he said “Billy will you take your clothes off please?”

I just stood there looking at him dumbly.

He added “we want to see the real you, now please remove your clothes”

I started undressing, feeling every eye in the room watching me. As I removed my boxers and stood naked in the middle of the room, one of the guys spoke up and said “very nice, now please walk around to each of us so that we can get a good look.” I slowly walked around and stood before each man for a moment, before moving on. A

fter I had been inspected by all of them I walked back to the center of the room at which time John said “Will you please take your clothes to the other room and get dressed while we take our vote? We’ll call you out in a few minutes.” I went into the adjoining bedroom and got dressed then sat on the edge of the bed waiting. After a few minutes John came in and motioned for me to come out.

As I entered the room, I was directed back to the center of the room and John stood beside me and said, “We’d like to welcome you to our little club Billy, you’re in!”

Everyone surrounded me and shook my hand in congratulations and welcomed me. John said “I’ll contact you to let you know when the initiation ceremony will take place.”

To which I replied ” I’m looking forward to joining you guys!”

The meeting broke up and John took me back to my car and told me that he’d call me the next day with the details.

I went home wondering exactly what I’d gotten myself into, and what would take place at the “ceremony”.

I didn’t have long to wait as the next morning I received a call from John with instructions on how to prepare myself and directions to the location for the meeting.

I was to completely shave my pubic area and ass in preparation for that evening, use lotion to ease any chaffing and he told me to “be ready for anything.” As the hour neared for my initiation I prepared myself and was growing increasingly excited. At the appointed hour there was a knock on my door, and there poker oyna was John smiling. He asked” are you ready for this?” I just nodded and followed him to his car.

There was little talk as we drove for a short time to a large house in an affluent neighborhood and parked in the drive. We walked up to the door and as we neared, it opened and we were admitted by one of the guys that I had met the evening before. He introduced himself again as Jimmy. He was a good-looking guy, of medium build with dark hair and blue eyes. I was led down the hall to the den where everyone else was waiting. Greetings were waved & shouted around and a drink was given to me as well as a lighted joint of some very potent pot. After a few drinks and a couple of joints I was feeling no pain, and John who seemed to be the leader announced that we were adjourning to “the playroom” and led the way down a stairway to the basement.

I looked around and noticed that there were several video cameras as well as three large screen televisions set up. I the center of the room was a table of the likes of which I’d never seen. It was similar in appearance to a doctors’ examination table with a few alterations. It appeared to hinge in the middle with a drop leaf at either end and had an opening in the center about 8 inches square. John turned to me and said ” this is our fun table, I think that you’ll learn to like it a lot!”

He then put his arm around me and pulled me close and asked “Are you ready for your initiation?”

I nodded nervously, and smiled. He said “well OK then lets get started.” He stepped away and the other guys moved in around me reaching out, caressing me and starting to unbutton and remove my clothes. Soon I was naked and they led me to the table laying me on it face-down. They used soft sheep skin straps to bind my arms and legs loosely and adjusted it so that I was comfortable (comfortable, but very nervous) As I watched, all of the other men removed their clothing and moved to the table where I lay, hands began to caress my body. I found out the reason for the opening in the middle of the table as hands reached underneath and stroked my now hard cock. A small padded block was raised under my chin and separate leaves under my arms were moved out to a comfortable angle.

John asked if I was comfortable and I nodded. He added that if at any time I was feeling overwhelmed or experienced pain all I had to do was say stop & they would cease what they were doing until I gave them the permission to proceed. I again nodded that I understood this. They continued to stroke me and I felt fingers slide between the cheeks of my ass, gently slipping a plastic tube inside me as it was explained that it was a lubricating jelly. I was growing increasingly horny as I felt the lube being eased inside me. As I watched the cameras were turned on, my body appeared on the large screen televisions as seen from different angles. One view was of my face from the side, another was focused on my ass, and the third was a wide shot of the entire table with all of the surrounding men. As I watched I could see the tube K-Y being squeezed into my ass and then removed, leaving a small amount oozing from me. I was getting really horny now and I could sense (and see) that everyone else was too, judging from all of the hardening cocks.

As I watched the screens, one of the men moved in front of me and showed me his dick, it was about 7 inches long, not very thick and uncircumcised. He guided his cock into my mouth and I opened wide, accepting him and used my tongue to suck him in further. I felt a new sensation at my ass and could see as a medium sized butt plug was slid inside me. As all of this was happening I felt a hard cock being put into each of my hands. I felt so dirty, but at the same time I was getting hotter than I’d ever been in my entire life. After a few minutes the butt plug was replaced with a dildo of slightly larger size and slowly it was being pushed in and out of me, at the same time hands were busy on my cock stroking me and other hands were covering my body with caresses too. I felt a mouth engulf my hard dick briefly and I’d never felt anything so wonderful.

All this time I’m still sucking and tonguing the cock in my mouth, I feel it begin to swell even more and hands gently grab my head as he begins to slowly fuck in and out of canlı poker oyna my face. I feel him move faster as he nears climax, and after a minute or so he pulls out until just the head remained in and the first squirt of hot cum erupted into my mouth. As he continues to shoot he slides in and clasps my head as I suck even harder to get every last drop from his balls. I hear him moan and gasp as he finishes cumming and he says to the other guys ” I think we made a very good choice in Billy here.” As I finish swallowing his load another cock is placed in my face and I open wide once again to take my second cock of the evening and hopefully soon my second load!

As I begin to suck this cock (this time larger and circumcised) I feel the dildo being removed from my asshole. I glance over at the screen showing that view and I saw as one of the men stepped in between my legs and applied more lube to my ass, then to his cock. Placing the head at the entrance to my hole he asks “Are you ready for me Billy?” I nod my head around the cock in my mouth and I can feel the cock slowly being pressed into my butt. He gently applied more & more pressure until the head suddenly it popped inside me.

Giving me a minute to adjust he slowly began to slide his hard dick inside me until I can feel his balls resting against the cheeks of my ass, and could feel his pubic hair at the top of my crack. He slowly began to withdraw until just the head remained inside me and paused for a moment. While this is going on I’m still sucking on the cock in my mouth and stroking one in either hand. I can see on the screens the cocks that are penetrating me, and the men surrounding the table where I lay. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything so erotic in my whole life! The cock in my ass begins to move faster and someone zooms in on it with a camera until it fills the screen. I can see my asshole being pulled out and then pushed back in as he fucks me.

The lubrication is glistening on both his cock and my ass as it runs down my balls and drips off. Occasionally a mouth will take my cock and suck it briefly giving me indescribable pleasure. I feel the cock in my ass begin to gather speed until he’s slamming into me, fucking into me as he begins to cum. The cock slides into me one last time as I feel his hot load jetting into me as he rests his spewing balls against my ass. I can see the sperm leaking around his dick as he fills me with his seed, and I begin to cum too! I feel a mouth suck me in as spurt after spurt empties my balls. The excitement is contagious, as I feel and taste the cock in my mouth begin to unload, and the two I have in my hands follow shortly thereafter.

A break is called for and a drink with a straw is placed so that I may wet my mouth with something other than sperm. I look at the television with the close-up of my ass and can see the seed oozing from me. Someone holds a joint to my lips and I inhale a few tokes and feel even more relaxed.

I see John in front of me holding his cock as he asks “Are you ready to continue?” I smile a cum-coated smile and say “Yes I am” and he stepped forward and slips his dick into my mouth.

I suck his hardness for a couple of minutes when he steps back and says “Billy, Joey wants to fuck your ass, but you need to say its ok first.” I look around and there is Joey, six and one-half feet tall, black and hung with the largest cock I’d ever seen. I had a fleeting moment of doubt but thought “In for a penny” and said “Just take it slowly, and let me taste that monster first” chuckling John stepped aside as Joey took his place in front of me. I looked at the huge purple knob peeking at me from the foreskin covering it (did I mention that I love uncut cocks?) and opened my mouth as far as it would go. I could barely get the head into my mouth but managed to suck the head in and ran my tongue around inside the skin, savoring the flavor and feel.

I continued to suck and lick the huge head until it became so engorged that it was filling my mouth completely. He then pulled it from my mouth and moved around behind me. I felt him place the huge cock at my ass and slowly slip it into me. At this point I was grateful for the lubrication provided by the previous load of cum left there as the head stretched me more and more. All activity stopped as everyone watched Joey slide slowly internet casino inside me. Inch by inch he pressed in, until half of this enormous cock was filling my ass. Sliding back out until the head remained lodged inside me, he paused before sliding back in just a little deeper than before.

I moaned as this monster cock touched me deep inside. John asked me if I was alright and I just smiled at him as Joey slid back inside, going farther with each slow thrust until finally after what seemed an eternity, he was buried completely inside me. I heard everyone break into applause at the sight presented on the screen. My asshole was stretched tightly around him.

The contrast of my glistening (now red) hole and his huge black cock was a sight to behold. Joey leaned forward and kissed the back of my neck and said “You’re the first that has ever taken me completely inside.” I could feel the huge balls resting against me and I swear they were the hottest I’d ever felt! As he slowly withdrew we all watched on the big screen. My asshole clung to him, gripping and clinging. He moved slowly back inside and began to fuck me in earnest. The huge cock began a slow rhythm in and out, and I raised my head saying “I ‘m feeling neglected here!”

With that John stepped back up to my face and I sucked him inside my mouth once again, enjoying the attention and feeling so hot at the big beautiful cocks that were entering me from either end. The action resumed as cocks were placed in my hands again and I got into the game once more, determined to please every cock that was offered to me. I could feel a mouth on my cock once more and was rapidly becoming lost in the feelings that were assaulting me. I looked over and saw that the guys that couldn’t find a place with me were beginning to suck and fuck each other while waiting their turn (or their second helping).

I could feel Joey beginning to speed up as I adjusted to his size and John began to fuck my mouth as I simply held it open and sucked. Our breathing came faster & faster as we all were nearing the point of no return. My ass was getting hammered and John was now holding on to my head as he fucked my face. My hands were busy as well and I could feel them begin to swell and leak pre-cum. The on in my right hand began to spurt first, followed by the one in my left. I could feel their loads shooting across my body and landing on my back as I continued to jerk them off. Joey grabbed my hips and began to slam into me as he neared orgasm, and John filled my mouth with his sweet seed. Everyone finished cumming and stepped back to watch Joey fuck me faster and faster.

With a growl he slid completely inside me as his load jetted into my ass. It seemed as though he was cumming by the bucketful! We could all see on the screen as his cum seemed to spurt around his huge cock as he held it deep inside me, running down my crack and balls to drip off onto the floor, until one of the guys slid underneath me and began to catch it in his mouth. After what seemed like forever the flood subsided and I could feel his cock begin to soften while still in my asshole. Slowly he began to withdraw and as his head popped out, he leaned down to capture the great globs of cum as it poured out of my well-stretched ass, using his tongue to tickle and clean me up, grateful for the wonderful fuck I’d given him.

After a few minutes we’d all caught our breath, and a couple of the guys started to unbuckle the restraints and I rose from the table with a big smile on my face. Joey noticed that I still hadn’t cum and took me by the hand and led me to and arm chair saying ” Now it’s your turn.” With that he bent over the back of the char and spread his cheeks in an open invitation. I stepped up to him and reached behind me, releasing some of the cum from my ass and applied it to my cock. I slowly slid my hard cock into him and bean to fuck his beautiful black ass. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before I blew my load into him and had to collapse into a near-by chair.

After I’d caught my breath a couple of the guys took me into the bathroom where there was a large shower room and gave me a bath, eventually all of us wound up in the shower to clean up after the evening fun.

As John gave me a ride home he smiled at me and said ” You were wonderful and we’re all looking forward to our next meeting, it’ll be someone else’s turn on the fun table next time, as we all take turns being the main attraction.”

I’m looking forward to our next adventure, but I’m REALLY looking forward to my next turn on the table!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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