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In Dreams, I’m Diapered with You

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Alice and Nic received their secret packages on the same day though neither one knew anything about the other at that time. They knew right away what had come in the mail, so they took the hush-hush items off their doorsteps, clinging them to their abdomens like valuable treasures only they could know about. In fact, they never planned to tell anyone what they had ordered.

They took the unremarkable boxes to their bedrooms, shutting the doors, as if their already empty respective homes needed more isolation. They opened their deliveries to find the bundles of diapers they ordered.

Alice bought a set of pink princess diapers that she examined each detail of before laying out her first diaper to try on whereas Nic just stared at his bundle of all purple diapers on his bed for a long time. He wanted to calm himself down, feeling a raging hard-on in his pants just from seeing his diapers and anticipating putting them on for the first time. Alice picked out the most girlish dress she owned to go along with her diaper. With that, she laid herself down to put on her diaper while Nic bottled up the nerve to do the same. They spent quite a bit of time adjusting the placement of their diapers to ensure they picked the best positions. Once they were satisfied, Alice stood up to put on the dress she selected at the same time Nic walked around his bedroom to make sure it felt right.

He avoided looking at the full-length mirror on his bedroom closet. He felt too ashamed to see himself in a diaper, cursing his decision to pick an apartment with such a huge reflective wall right where he would spend the most time in his diaper. Alice went to her bathroom since it had the only mirror large enough for her to see herself in her dress and diaper. She already considered the option of buying a full-length mirror for her bedroom as she practiced flipping up her skirt to catch a full glimpse of her diaper and giggling like a happy fool. As glad as wearing a diaper at last made her, she doubted that she had the courage to show anyone else what she came to adore so much.

She slipped out of her dress and into her PJs for bed, still wearing her diaper. Nic did the same, keeping his eyes off his reflection in the too transparent mirror engulfing his bedroom. Alice could not get enough of the sound of the crinkling her diaper made, continuing to shuffle around beneath her sheets till she grew too tired and fell asleep. Nic resisted the urge to sooth his boner that refused to subside since he first laid eyes on his diapers, which at last exhausted him enough to fall into a deep sleep.

Passing from consciousness into their dream, the next moment they remembered was walking along separate paths around a crystal clear lake surrounded by snow capped mountains. Barefoot, yet not feeling the sting of the hard ground at all, they hiked to the same campsite. Alice wore the same adorable dress she had tried on when she was awake, feeling her diaper around her legs and hearing the familiar crinkling as she walked. Nic felt and heard his one too, but his diaper was exposed for everyone to see. Apart from his diaper, he had nothing on.

He did not become aware of that though until he arrived at the campsite and saw Alice for the first time. Nic caught her attention even before he picked up on her. His purple, fully exposed diaper really stuck out. Alice gawked for a moment before Nic noticed her. She never saw a fit, handsome man like him before in a diaper especially not in the flesh though she was unaware that they were in a dream.

When he realized she was staring at him, he looked down to see he was only wearing his diaper. He attempted in vain to cover himself with his hands, but he turned from that to running away until Alice shouted, “Please, stop!”

Even though he had no reason to listen to her, he did as she requested sensing no malice in her voice. It gave him a just a little bit of comfort as he turned towards her to see Alice lift up her skirt and show him her diaper.

“You see,” she told him. “I’m just the same as you.”

Nic stood motionless at the edge of the campsite, not sure what to do.

Alice walked towards him saying, “I’m Alice. What’s your name?”

“Nic,” he answered.

His body posture opened up as Alice got closer to him. He stood up straight, facing her. Alice got a better look at his diaper as well as the shape of his muscles and the way he rested his hands at his side, telling her he felt comfortable in front of her, which made it easier for her to approach him though she almost forgot to look at his face.

“I never thought I’d meet someone who wears a diaper like me,” Alice told him.

“Me neither,” he replied.

Finding it difficult to make eye contact with her, he walked past her to the campsite. He went to the fire pit, throwing some old newspapers in with kindling on top.

“Are you making a fire?” She asked.

“Yeah. The sun’s already pretty far in the west, so it won’t be long before it’s dark.”

He entered the tent just a few stretches from the fire pit. He dug around for a lighter to start the fire. Nic realized he occupied his thoughts with the fire to distract kırklareli escort from the topic of diapers. And just the same as Alice, he accepted he was out camping as a given because he did not know he was in a dream.

Nic fished out a lighter, and he found a blanket to cover himself. He started a fire, kneeling close to it with the blanket wrapped around him. Alice kneeled beside him.

“Are you cold?” She asked.

“Not really,” he answered, staring at the growing flames in the fire pit.

Nervous, Alice scooted closer to him, saying, “You know, I think you look pretty good in a diaper.”

He chuckled. “Yeah. You look very cute in a diaper too.”

They made eye contact, but they turned back to the fire just as fast. Nic scooted back till he leaned against a large log. Alice did not dare to glance at him, fixating her gaze on the fire pit till she heard him stop. She took a quick look behind her, and her eyes met Nic’s yet again forcing her to turn away from nervousness.

Seeing her all curled up, Nic said, “Hey.”

She turned back to see him opening up the blanket to invite her beside him. Alice felt a rush of energy go through her body as she scooted over to Nic. He wrapped the blanket around them. While staring ahead, all Alice’s attention went straight to where the bare skin of their shoulders touched. She wanted to keep that encompassing feeling as she took in the mesmerizing sight of the beautiful snow capped mountains around them fading into the dark surrounded by reds and oranges and yellows reflected in the sky and lake.

Soon it faded to dark, and the only light left to them came from the fire. Despite the harsh environment, neither felt cold or uncomfortable in anyway. Alice sensed her urge to pee after a while though. She wanted to know what it felt like to wet her diaper, but she worried Nic might notice, and what he would think. It became too urgent, so she took a chance and let it go.

It took a lot of effort at first especially attempting to stay quiet in front of Nic, but she got it out, filling her diaper. She exhausted herself letting it all out. She let her head fall on Nic’s shoulder, surprising him, but he brushed his noggin against hers making her feel so accepted she closed her eyes, and the next thing she knew, she woke up in her apartment.

Alice lay in bed getting her wits about her. She realized everything that just happened had been a dream, yet she remembered it all so well like it really happened. Most of the time the memory of her dreams vanished the instant she woke up, but this time she recalled it all in detail. On top of that, when she checked her diaper, she really had wet it. She clung her hand to the front of her wet diaper, relaxing in her bed as long as she could, wishing her dream and the man she met were real.

Likewise, Nic also woke up from the dream at the same time as Alice, remembering everything the same as her. It baffled him how he could remember it all so well. He also woke with a massive hard-on in his diaper, but when he looked at the time he dashed straight out of bed to go for his morning run. He took off his diaper before he changed making sure to not spot himself once wearing it in his mirror.

They both spent the whole day unable to get their vivid dream out of their head. By the evening they grew anxious yet excited about wearing their diapers to bed again. Nic put his on in the dark with only the light from his nightstand to help him. The obscurity gave him comfort putting on his diaper. After Alice taped on her diaper she went straight to her bed, but stayed awake for quite a while enjoying the feel of her diaper cozied up around her most sensitive places not to mention whether she would get another memorable dream.

Eventually, sleep over took them leading to a dreamscape in a familiar location. They ended up on the boardwalk of the massive beach on the coast of the city where they both lived. They appeared on opposite ends, fully clothed, but they could feel their diapers underneath. To both their relief, the boardwalk looked deserted. Not another soul in sight as they strolled their way, unbeknownst, toward each other. However, they did spot one another in the distance after walking for a time.

It scared Alice to see someone ahead, not knowing what was going on and becoming much too conscious of the fact she was wearing a diaper beneath her clothes. She thought of turning around and walking away without looking as odd as she could until she recognized the person coming toward her was the man from her dream last night. Or was it a memory? Alice no longer seemed sure since she remembered it too well to be a dream. She had a lot of questions, so she ran over to Nic to see if he knew anything.

He contemplated what possessed him to go out in pubic wearing a diaper even if there was no public around when he spotted Alice coming toward him. Like her, he took this dream as reality beginning to question if their first encounter was in fact a memory, but he had little time to think it over as Alice arrived shouting his name.

“Nic!” She yelled. “Is that really you?”

She put her hands kırşehir escort on his shoulders without even thinking.

“Yeah,” he said. “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know. I guess I felt a sudden urge to go out, so now I’m here.”

“I…suppose I thought the same,” he said, trying to rationalize away a bizarre situation.

They refrained from mentioning their diapers, feeling too unsure about what brought them together to bring it up.

“I’ve come here a lot since I was a kid,” Nic said to avoid any awkward silence and switch his attention from thinking about his diaper. “I used to skate in that park over there,” he pointed out the spot ahead of them on the side of the beach where little hills provided the curves for ramps, a perfect place to skate.

“I’ve seen people hanging out there the few times I’ve come out,” Alice said, not having much to add to the conversation. She felt out of her element.

“Oh! You’re an in-doors type,” Nic pointed out.

“Yeah,” Alice said, touching her face from becoming self-conscious. She looked away from him, wondering if exposing that side of herself embarrassed her as much as her diaper. “I usually wandered into the old hotel to have a drink.”

“Oh my gosh!” Nic yelled. “I went by that place so many times, but I never went in. Guess it always ended up a low priority. Please, take me to it!”

He grabbed her hand and ran down the boardwalk like an overeager child.

“There’s no reason to run,” Alice shouted.

“But it’s more fun!”

Nic lost himself in going somewhere new with a fresh face, subduing all of his thoughts about his diaper. Alice began to enjoy the pointless gallop as well until the rhythmic crinkling of her diaper broke through her clothes. She noticed it before Nic, but she was too scared to point it out. He caught on to his crinkling diaper as well, yet fearing that stopping would draw greater attention to it, he just kept running with Alice until they reached the old hotel.

He let go of her hand as they walked through the entrance. It took him aback how gorgeous and detailed the walls, ceiling and marble floor of the old hotel looked. Nic kept staring with his mouth hanging open while Alice lead him to the luxurious lounge, sneaking peaks at his bemused face and his bottom for signs of a diaper.

It surprised her how quick he took to the bar, sliding behind the bar table and asking her what she wanted to drink. At this point, neither one thought about the fact that no one else appeared in the hotel or the boardwalk. Since their minds jumped back and forth between thinking about their diapers and soaking in each other’s company, the logistics of their reality faded away in favor of everything just feeling real enough like all dreams.

“Do you know how to mix a cocktail?” Alice asked, taking a seat at the bar to play along with him.

“Coming right up,” he said, adding, “I worked as a bartender for a few years after I finished college.”

“Was that fun?”

“Sometimes, but always exhausting. I can’t count how many times I lost sleep.”

He poured two cocktails for them.

“Cheers,” he said before battening down the hatch.

Alice hesitated, watching Nic drink before taking a slick herself. Despite not actually drinking, her mind remembered the sensations of consuming alcohol, so the same effect loosening her up took hold.

“I came here because I liked the pics I saw of the interior online,” she told him.

“Do you spend a lot of time doing stuff like that?”

“That and other stuff.”

“Stuff like what?”

Nic leaned close to her over the bar table. Alice took another sip of her drink.

“I explored kink stuff online. And…I ended up taking an interest in…ABDL.”

She threw out the term to see how he would react. Nic recalled what happened during the camping dream, deciding to follow her lead.

“I’m…into that too,” he said, pausing before he continued, “I…really like diapers.”

“I think you look really good in one,” Alice said, sipping her drink, trying to look cool, but only realizing as soon as the words left her mouth how corny and prying that sounded.

“Thanks, I’m actually wearing one right now,” Nic responded and regretted saying it. The conversation turned to diapers so fast his head spun quicker than he could think over what he spoke next.

They fell silent, looking away, blushing red for a long awkward moment until Alice said, in her quiet, sheepish voice, “I’m…actually…wearing one too.”

“Oh. Wow,” he said, neither one looking at the other yet as he continued, “You for sure look so cute in it.”

“Really?” Alice glanced at him.

“Absolutely,” he told her turning back for her to see him.

She realized how sincere he was being, which gave her the courage to act bold.

“Would…you…like to see it,” she asked.

Nic’s mouth hung open before he nodded and said, “S-sure. Why not?”

Another awkward silence followed as neither one knew what to do next when Nic suggested, “Hey. I bet one of the rooms upstairs would be nice.”

“Okay,” Alice said, liking the idea, kızılay escort but not sure how enthusiastic she should feel about it.

They went to one of the rooms on the third floor overlooking the beach, so they could keep the curtains open while being too high up for anyone to look inside even though there was no one around to peep on them. To their surprise, the door to the first room they tried was unlocked. It startled them a little how smooth this was all going like it was too good to be true, which in all fairness it would soon turn out to be the case.

Nic locked the door behind them while Alice gazed out the window at the ocean across the boardwalk and the sand to calm her nerves while feeling so excited that she was really with a guy who also wore diapers. When she turned back, Nic had seated himself on the queen-sized bed closest to the window where the sunshine gazed upon them.

“To be honest,” he said, “I’ve never shone my diaper to anyone before.” He gripped the edges of the bed, not feeling this nervous since the first time he slept with a girl. His stiffness rose the instant their talk went to diapers, and it only got stronger when they entered this room.

“Me neither,” Alice said coming over to him. “This is all very new for me too.”

Standing before him, she went to unzip her skirt when she paused to ask him, “Is it okay if I…” She needed that last bit of assurance from him to really go threw with it.

“Of course. Please. Go ahead.”

Alice dropped her skirt to the floor, revealing her pink princess diaper. Her hands moved to cover her diaper, but she knew that defeated the purpose, so she forced them to her sides.

“Wow!” Nic said. “You look way cuter than I expected.”


“Yeah. I’m amazed. I never thought a girl would ever look this good in a diaper before.” He reached out, took her hand and kissed it, saying, “You’re so wonderful.”

With all Alice’s uncertainty washing away, she never thought taking such a huge step into the unknown could make her so happy. The only thing she wanted to do right at that moment is smother Nic in kisses, but he stood up before she could fulfill her desire.

“Do you wanna try undressing me?” He asked.

Alice nodded before she fully took in what she imagined his request meant, but her growing excitement pushed her forward sensing the giddiness in her diaper ready to overflow. He raised his arms up for her to take off his shirt, leaning forward so she could get it over his head. She soaked in the sight of his pecks and abs, thinking he must workout a lot as she kneeled down to remove his pants. Once they dropped, she soaked in the way he looked in his purple diaper. She thought he looked proud and serene in his diaper as she stood up, but she just as soon fell back on the bed beginning to understand why he had gazed at her in amazement when she showed him her diaper.

It also occurred to her that he had a bulge in the front of his diaper. He was really turned by all this. He looked down at her as she gazed up at him. She noticed his eyes kept darting to and away from her as if she was too stimulating for him to look at her for too long. She guessed he was not just looking at her diaper but her legs, her arms, her face as well, but most of all he could not take his eyes off her breasts. It made her giggle inside that such a strong, proud outgoing man was so smitten by her wearing a diaper.

She patted the spot next to her on the bed, motioning Nic to come beside her.

“Can you take off my shirt too?” She asked.

“Yeah. Sure,” he said trying his best not to fumble his words. He did not realize until now how much and how long he had held back all of his burning desires for diapers and just such a moment that he had dared not ever believe could ever come true, yet here he was with an incredible woman who wanted to give so much.

Once he got her shirt off, he was awestruck by how lovely Alice’s breasts looked tucked into the fine lingerie of her pink bra matching her adorable diaper. He felt his stiffness shake with each moment Alice let him gaze upon her. She wanted him to continue, so she took his hand and pressed it against her breast, hoping it would encourage him to keep going.

Instead, Nic let out a brief, “Ah!” For an instant, she thought he was in pain, but she saw his free hand went to the front of his diaper while the other held on to her breast. She realized with perfect certainty what had happened: she made him cum in his diaper. The impact of Nic’s unexpected climax forced their shared dream to end. The next thing they knew, they were each lying in their own beds fully awake.

Alice lay in her bed dumbfounded that everything she just experienced was a dream. A dream she remembered with perfect clarity like she really was in a hotel room a second ago with a man she never met before in real life wearing diapers with her. She still recalled all the sensations from undressing him and the way his large, firm hands grasped her arms and her breast. She still felt the tingle in her diaper that continued to rise. Everything about Nic and her dream felt so real she refused to let it end. Alice glided her hand beneath her diaper where her fingers went past her wetness. She imagined Nic putting his arms around her, pressing his diaper close to hers as he went inside, raising the overwhelming pleasure within her diaper until she released it all at once.

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