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Subject: In Search of a Dickling – part 2 NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. Any feedback will be highly appreciated, write at ook. English is not my first language so deal with me and my messy grammar! ******************* IN SEARCH OF A DICKLING — PART 2 After Richard signed the release form for Paul, Dylan handed him a clear one. Even though they came just to get a pet for Alex, his father ended up falling in love with a seven years old dickling. “Have you thought about a name?” asked Dylan “Well, not yet. Actually I don’t even know which one I’ll take.” Admitted Richard while looking at the cage. “You know what skip it, just fill out the rest and then let’s choose the right one” reassured the clerk. “Done!” Dylan was now opening the cage of the new litter, Richard standing behind looking at those little creatures with the same look of a kid in a toy store. “Here, take your time” They were four. Four little dicklings that could all fit together in Richard’s palm. The smell that came from inside hit him in the face, the smell of young sweat: extremely sweet and with the perfect sharpness to it. Richard smiled remembering when Alex smelled the same. They weren’t used to humans and you could tell it. Three of them retreated towards the back of the cage right away while the one brave enough stood his ground in the middle of the floor. Richard giggled as the little dickling kept trying to retract its foreskin to expose the head. With his thumb and index he helped the little fella to free itself, the head finally peaked from the tight skin that chocked it. The man was surprised by the wonderful sensation that overtook him as soon as his fingers felt the little shaft of the dickling. It was so small and yet extremely hard, he didn’t remember if his one was ever so rigid when young. The dickling was now facing Richard’s hand, hopping towards the index the creature tapped its head on top of the fingertip, like to assess what the strange thing was. It kept moving its head around the fingertip to which Richard, seeing it as a permission, tried picking the dickling directly onto his hand. Now with the creature safely in the palm of his hand Richard reached for a chair, sitting he opened his hands making them like some sort of cup. A cup now occupied by a confused dickling, who noticing it was now in the open air didn’t feel so brave. It started to retreat back into the foreskin as to shield from this new, overwhelming world. Richard cupped his hands again to offer a shelter to the trembling creature. Instinctively he brought them to his face and stamped a kiss between the dickling’s little marbles. It didn’t stop there though, he couldn’t. The sensation of the tight skin on his lips drove him into some sort of frenzy. With now his full tongue Richard started licking the creature in its entirety, top to bottom. It was after the fifth full body bath that he regained composure and looked up. “It seems we made a choice, didn’t we?” asked smirking Dylan, offering Richard a little cardboard box with holes in it. Gently laying the dickling into the box Richard took the release form a wrote Timothy in the name section. “We sure did, I’m happy to introduce you to Timothy” With a cleared mind, seeing it was a done deal Richard was now full of doubt and questions. “Can I take it home right? Can Timothy be away from its brothers? Does it need special cares?” blurted out, question after question, with increasing panic in his voice. “Sure, don’t worry you’ll be completely fine, both of you will” Dylan now sitting in front of Richard reassured him holding him by his hands. He then continued explaining to Richard that dicklings can be separated from their fathers and siblings after just four years, that having also adopted Paul in any case Timothy will have a lot of contact with members of its specie. And in any case dicklings so young are the one that are adopted the fastest. However, he made clear to Richard, that in order to have a healthy relationship in the first few days it is highly suggested that the dickling has to interact with only its owner. “With ALL of his owner” articulated Dylan while pointing at the erection in Richard’s pants. The man, now blushing, nodded and called for his son to come into the room. “I’ll write down everything you’ll need, you can check the pet store down the road” said Dylan writing everything down on a piece of paper. “I added also some titles of books about dickling care” continued handing Richard the full list. “Alex, come on it’s time to go” restated the istanbul travesti father. The kid stomped into the room, his eyes twitching and his mouth letting out giggles after giggles. The hands were empty though. “Where is Paul?” asked Dylan putting another cardboard box on the table. Alex now couldn’t stop smiling and with both hands he opened the front of his pants. Both Dylan and Richard leaned forward to look into the kid pants and there it was. Paul was inside the kid boxers and was completely wrapped around Alex’s hard pecker. Its head pressed against the kid’s and its large foreskin was now enveloping both dicks. “It really likes it there” admitted Alex smiling towards both men. “As I said you’ll all be fine” laughed Dylan taking out the dickling, using both hands, from the kid pants and putting it inside the box, to the enormous disappointment of both Alex and Paul. **************** Now inside the car, Richard entered the pet store address into the satnav. “Son, we have to stop to buy some supplies and then we can go home and play, it won’t take much” informed the man to the exuberant boy in the backseats. The store was really close, leaving the AC on Alex and Richard went to do some shopping. “We’ll be right back!” reassured Alex to both of the boxes. The dickling section was in the back of the store. It was way bigger than Richard expected, two full aisles plus a refrigerated area all filled with different toys, clothes, accessories, toiletries, cages and food all dickling related. Richard didn’t know where to start, luckily for him a man wearing the store apron came in his aid. “Good morning Sir, I’m Peter can I help you with anything today?” recited the store clerk. “Oh, thank god I’m completely ignorant about all of this” apologized Richard. After telling Peter about the two new additions to their family he handed him the list of stuff they’ll need. Scanning the piece of paper Peter helped the father and son find every single item on the list. “If you look here you can find the different kinds of beds we offer.” Said the clerk pointing to the first aisle on their left. “Down there are the toys and jackets, then books and magazines” continued. “That one is for the hygiene and cosmetics. Finally, the refrigerated area is the one reserved for formulas and supplements.” “Let’s start from there, as I feel we’ll need your help the most” thanked Richard. “So, how old are you dicklings?” asked the clerk. “One is 7 and the other 32” “Quite the age gap you got there.” Smiled Peter. “Are you going to use formula or natural for the young one? You could also just buy watering solutions and add them to the fresh spend. ” “What?” was the only thing that came out of Richard. Noticing the complete ignorance of these customers on the matter, Peter explained in details everything about the dicklings’ feeding habits. As it turns out, dicklings can survive only by consuming other dicklings’ sperm, in nature the fathers feed each other as well as the offsprings. The ones when big enough then gathered in couples or small groups. Human semen is as good as their own so the owner can choose to feed the pet their semen or choose to give them store bought formula, which is good enough for a well balanced diet but lack all the advantages of feeding the dickling fresh, warm sperm. The particular composition of the owner’s semen helps the dickling form a stronger bond with them. “For the younger one I highly suggest you try feeding him naturally” explained Peter. “Ok, sure” “Can your son help you with the production?” asked the clerk pointing at Alex. “No, not yet. But it won’t take much I think” “Well, in that case you can dilute your semen with a watering solution or the semen of the older dickling. For that one I can only suggest formula, or at least for the beginning until you can find your pace” informed them Peter. “How often and how much do I need to feed them?” asked a confused Richard. “Twice a day the old one, three times the younger. As per quantity I’d say half a tablespoon for the young one and a full tablespoon for the older.” Pondered Peter handing a bottle of formula and a watering solution to Richard. Thanking again Peter for his help the father and son now went in search of the other items on the list. They learned that the dicklings like to sleep in little small rectangular beds, usually by the pillow of their owner. Alex had a hard time finding a bed big enough for Paul, luckily they had a couple of them on the top shelf: green or red. Alex chose the green one. On the other hand had plenty of choices, he ended up with a cute purple one with white clouds printed on it. Then they looked for a book kadıköy travesti that could help learn more about all the aspects of a dickling life, Richard was able to find the exact same one that Dylan suggested. He was also surprised to learn about the existence of various magazines all concerning the wellbeing, entertainment or beauty of dicklings. Alex insisted to buy some toys and a jacket for Paul and Timothy, he explained that Timothy, in particular, would feel cold if they choose to go outside and Richard couldn’t agree more. He appreciated how caring and thoughtful of a son he had. Lastly they stopped by the hygiene aisle. They looked for different kinds of soap, one for sensitive skins one for heavy sweaters, so much options. Not knowing exactly what skin Paul and Timothy had they opted for a ph neutral soap. It was when Richard passed in front of the razors and lotions that he asked Alex “Son, what are you going to do with Paul’s hair?” “I don’t know dad, I like the hair above the shaft” explained Alex “It’s the hair around its balls I’m not sure about.” “Why so?” asked Richard “When I play with Paul and I give it kisses the hair on top doesn’t get in the way, when I kiss its balls though” mumbled the kid. “Let’s buy a razor and lotion and at home I’ll let you compare Paul with me, and then you can choose.” Reassured Richard, happy to be always well trimmed down there. “Thanks daddy!!!” screamed the kid hugging his father by the waist. “Now, now, let’s pay and go home! We have lots to do” ***************** The drive back home was filled with Richard and Alex discussing all aspects of their new life. Who was in charge of the feeding, who of the cleaning and the general divisions of tasks. Richard was lucky enough to work from home so he’d be in charge of keeping an eye for the dicklings while Alex was at school. He also was responsible, as the only able to shoot, for the feeding of both Paul and Timothy, Alex would only help preparing dinner for Paul. As for the cleaning each one of them would take care of their respective pet while taking a bath. It sounded pretty far for both parties. Once the car was parked inside the garage Alex sprinted out taking Paul with him. Richard just saw a blurry figure vanish out of the room shouting “I can’t wait to show you my room!” Smiling the father took the shopping bags from the store and the little cardboard box containing Timothy and headed towards the kitchen. After storing the bottles of formula in the refrigerator, Richard finally could relax and get to know his new dickling. With the box in one hand and the book in the other the man entered his bedroom. Taking off his clothes Richard sat onto his bed and carefully opened the box in front of him. Timothy was sleeping, as did Alex when he was younger car drives always knock little ones out. Gently he started petting Timothy little shaft, it was so silky at touch, the creature feeling the warmth from the caring hand rolled onto its back allowing Richard to caress the underside as well as its testicles. Deciding not to wake Timothy up, Richard lay down on the bed and started reading. It was a very detailed book that covered every aspect of a dickling’s live. From the life cycle to the most common illnesses, a whole section was dedicated to nutrition and physical exercise. The whole book sounded more like a uni text book that a simple guide for new pet owners. As if it was a child indeed Richard ended up focusing on the various pictures, at least there were pictures. The images of all those dicklings, different in age and ethnicity, interacting with each other and with various men resulted in a throbbing hard on for Richard. Putting the book aside for a moment Richard focused on his body. With his left hand the started pinching his nipples while flexing his dick making it slam on his belly. Rows of precum linked his dickhead to the hair below his bellybutton. While in this erotic trance Richard noticed the box shaking, Timothy heard the moans from the man and was now ready to get some gratification too. With his eyes closed the man reached for the dickling and picked it up with his free hand. Feeling the creature shiver in his hold Richard helped Timothy retract its head, again, and bringing it to his mouth he started sucking on Timothy’s head, not bigger than a chickpea. The sucking and the pinching went on for nearly five minutes until Richard noticed the dickling balls shake in its sack. Timothy must have experienced its first dry orgasm. The man was so proud of himself that releasing the dickling from his mouth he started kissing and whispering “I love you, little one” over and over again. Feeling his own bakırköy travesti orgasm approach Richard, trying to regain some composure, plopped Timothy on his belly he started taking deep breaths as to calm himself down. He was shocked when he noticed the dickling rubbing its wet head on Richard’s pecks, he later learned it was a sign of affection, the sign that Timothy has chosen him as his only owner and partner. The man focused on the love scene in front of him kept looking with love in his eyes as Timothy ventured to explore his whole body. Richard was brought back to the real world when Alex slammed the bedroom’s door open and announced “Dad! Can we do the compare thing now?” The father looked puzzled at his son trying to remember what he was talking about. When it came back to him he just spread his legs and blurted out “Sure son, let’s see what you like best” At that Alex, with Paul in his hands, jumped on the bed and started licking and sucking on one of the dickling’s ball at a time. They were nearly as big as an whole eggs and the kid gagged a little. He kept going though with Paul loving the tongue bath and in just seconds reaching its full mast. Its head glistening in the lamp lights and threads of silky precum leaving its head. “See dad? Paul really likes it when I do it” explained “But his hair get tangled between my teeth” and as proof Alex took out one of Paul’s pubes from his mouth. “Well, if you want you can try mine and see what you like best” said Richard cupping his balls with one hand. “Thanks, daddy!” shouted Alex launching himself directly between Richard’s legs. As he did before with Paul, the kid started kissing and sucking on each one of his father’s balls. Balls that were smaller and way more easy to please. Alex enjoyed the smooth feeling of his tongue on the silky skin of the scrotum, it seemed softer and in general more fun to play with. Richard enjoying this teabagging started caressing his son head, encouraging him to keep going. Feeling his orgasm close again instinctively the father pushed his son’s head deeper between his legs forcing him to take both balls into his mouth. This dad/son bonding session was abruptly ended by a jealous Paul. The dickling noticed how his owner was now taking care of another dick and as to prove his partnership with Alex, the creature jumped between Richard and his son. Alex sensing Paul right beside his cheek released his father’s balls and sat back on the bed, Paul jumping in front of him trying to get his full attention. The kid picking it up tried to calm Paul down but as soon as he opened his mouth to say anything the dickling launched itself into Alex orifice. With half of its shaft inside Paul started thrusting faster and faster. Richard and Alex looked each other in the eyes as to say — what is going on? — The man had to admit the scene in front of him was extremely arousing, his son was now sucking, well being invited to suck, an enormous, veiny, black cock. It’d have felt jealous if it wasn’t for Timothy that imitating Paul started asking to be sucked too. Just a couple of minutes later and all four of them reached their climax. First it was Paul, now more than half way into the kid, that squirted so much sperm into Alex’s mouth to make him gag and cough. Then it came Richard’s turn. Seeing his son with a mouthful of cum, cum that started dripping out from the side of his mouth as well as both nostrils, made the man experience, without any doubt, the strongest orgasm in his life. Jets after jets of cum landed all over his body, one hitting him just below his eyes and the others tracing white line all above his torso. Alex was next. The taste and smell of both Paul and Richard’s cum overwhelmed the kid’s senses and throwing himself onto his father, his face glued to Richard’s skin by all that semen. Alex then started convulsing in one of his last dry orgasms. The last one was Timothy. The little dickling now spent by experiencing two orgasms one after the other and, as a result, started rolling from Richard’s mouth all the way down until he reached Alex’s face and leaning against him the little creature started suckling from the cum puddles all around him. Timothy was soon followed by an hungry Paul and a curious Alex. All four of them now painting one on top of each other. Richard looked down his body and seeing all this feast picked Paul by the still hard shaft. Using its head he scooped up some semen and tasted it directly from the black cock. Using his tongue skillfully he cleaned all of Paul, paying attention to clear all the fold of its foreskin. Now satiated Richard could only rest his head on the pillow and exhaled: “That was fun…” ******************** Thanks again for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it. I love seeing the effects of my work on you and hearing all of your opinions. So keep the emails coming guys! I really appreciated every single one of them. You can do it at ook.

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