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In Step Ch. 02

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Kendall had idolized her mother for as long as she could remember. The woman had always been there for her, had always taken care of her, had never pawned her off on grandparents, relatives or friends, and if that wasn’t enough, she was the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth.

As Kendall’s own body developed, she grew more in awe of Donna’s: perfectly round natural breasts and curvy ass, shapely legs all the way down to her just right feet. On top of that, her facial beauty was beyond compare: deep blue eyes, a slender nose, tender lips, natural golden hair. Even her pussy was this exquisite, delicately symmetrical flower.

Kendall knew that some people might consider her attention to her mother’s body strange or unhealthy, but it was not an obsession. She chose to think of it as admiration.

What possibly kept it from being a fixation was that Donna was not prudish or modest. She walked around the house in any form of dress or undress she happened to be in when she needed to go from one place to another. And Kendall was quite casual in her observance. She didn’t go out of her way to watch her mother, but neither did she avert her eyes when the elder was prancing around with nothing or next to nothing on.

Mother and daughter were also very affectionate. They hugged and kissed frequently in a familial way. As she grew older, Kendall really enjoyed their hugs, particularly when they were nude. The feel of her mom’s soft body pressed against hers was comforting, but gradually, it became more than that, starting with tingly feelings, then advancing to her nipples getting hard, later followed by her pussy getting wet.

At first, she feared she was becoming a lesbian. But in that soothing manner that her mother had, she explained that Kendall might only have been aroused by the situation: skin against skin. However, what caught Kendall off guard was when Donna told her that if she did start to find herself favoring girls not to worry about it. Accept it and embrace it. It wasn’t by far the worst thing in the world that could happen. To be in love was the key. It didn’t really matter if the person was of the same sex or the opposite, just that love was returned as it was given. Besides, no one could make love to a woman like another woman.

“Do you still like boys?” her mother had asked.

“Yes,” she answered, but she wasn’t certain how honestly. Her mom’s advice about embracing whatever her orientation was had hit home.

“Then maybe you’ll be bisexual,” Donna suggested. She started to say something more, and then halted.

“What?” Kendall prodded.

Mom took a deep breath, cleared her throat, and then finally confessed, “Every now and then, I enjoy making love with a woman.”

It hit Kendall like a slap in the face. “Get out!”

Donna merely shrugged and nodded.

“You like to lick pussy?”

“I said every now and then,” the older woman corrected. “But I still consider myself heterosexual.”

“How did it start? How often do you do it? Whom do you do it with?” Kendall rapid-fired.

“Whoa, slow down.” Donna paused for a few moments to consider how much she wanted to reveal to her daughter. But she quickly realized she had always been honest with her child and now was not the time to change. Besides, it seemed as though the teen might have some tendencies toward females. “After you were born, your father—”

“You mean, the man who fathered me,” the teen restated. “He didn’t stay around very long enough to become my father.” It had long been a sore point for Kendall.

“Right,” her mother agreed. “Anyway, as you know, he took off before you were a year old. I was very angry. Your grandmother took you for a few days so I could recover. A good friend of mine came over to console me. Our manner of dealing with it was to get drunk. One thing led to another and we ended up naked and in each other’s arms. She later confessed that she was bi and that she had long wanted to make love with me. She also apologized for taking advantage of me. Surprisingly, I was not that upset about it, but like you right now, I was confused. I learned that there were many women who had been jolted by men and turned to lesbianism. I never turned to it exclusively. I did still like men. But frequently, when a relationship with a guy I really liked ended, I sought a woman’s affections.”

Kendall’s expression was pensive. “Has it always been your same friend?”

“No, she gave up men altogether and I had no desire to do the same so we parted ways. There are some ladies at my office who feel as I do: being with a woman every now and then is a nice treat. It’s like, you drink Pepsi all the time, but you also like root beer, so once in a while you have one.”

The teen was silent for a few seconds, digesting what she had just been told.

“You okay with this?” Donna asked, somewhat concerned.

“Yeah,” Kendall answered slowly, thoughtfully, “I am. Maybe I’ll try it sometime.”


A few weeks later, Kendall turned 18. A few weeks poker oyna after that, her mother came home one night very sad and depressed because she had just broken up with yet another man that she had been dating. The teen was both confused and concerned because she didn’t think her mom had been all that wild about the guy, so why was she upset about ending their relationship.

She found Donna merely sitting on the edge of the bed staring off into space. Kendall sat beside her and put her arm around her mother to comfort her. “What’s wrong?” the eighteen-year-old asked. “You weren’t that crazy about him.”

“It’s not so much about losing him,” the older woman confessed. “It’s the realization that I can’t seem to hold onto a guy for very long. I can’t seem to have a lasting relationship.”

“You just haven’t found the right one yet,” Kendall consoled. “Besides, it’s his loss.”

“Thanks, honey, that’s sweet.”

But the daughter could see that it didn’t really help. Thinking about what else she could do for her mom, she eased further onto the bed and knelt behind Donna with her thighs spread around her parent. She then wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck, their faces cheek to cheek in a comforting gesture.

Donna reached up and rested her hands on the girl’s arms. Kendall responded with a few kisses to her cheek, ear and neck. The older woman raised and lowered her shoulders as a sign of appreciation. The teen responded by letting her hand drop to her mother’s breast, gently cupping it, and when there was no resistance, on to caressing it.

A sigh of contentment escaped mom’s lips, which urged the girl on, her finger finding a hardened nipple, the tip of which she stroked.

For her part, Donna relished the love she was receiving from her daughter, but knew the activity was wrong. However, she felt too sorry for herself to stop it. Instead, she let her head fall back on her child’s shoulder. This opened her chest areas for Kendall’s hand to snake under her low-cut blouse and bra to fondle her bare breast. Without even thinking, the older woman unbuttoned her top to allow freer access. The young girl took the cue reaching under the back to unhook the bra. A moment later, both garments were on the floor.

Still on her knees, Kendall inched backward on the bed, pulling her mother down onto her back, framing her head between the teen’s thighs and crotch. Kendall then leaned forward to massage her mother’s tits, and as an added benefit, though not intentional, the girl’s pussy rubbed against Donna’s scalp. After a couple of minutes of this, the daughter bent further over to suck the woman’s nipples, eliciting moans, and then kissing a trail down her abdomen to bathe her naval in saliva.

With her hands flat on her mother’s stomach, Kendall speared her hands under her mother’s jeans as far as they would go, but the pants were too snug to go further than her pubic bone. As the girl retracted her hands to unsnap and unzip the jeans, she felt her mom’s hands rubbing her wet pussy through her short pajama pants. Soon, the two each had a finger in the other’s hole. They brought each other off almost simultaneously.

They discussed it afterward, and much to Donna’s doubts, Kendall managed to convince her that she had done nothing to coerce her daughter, nor was she forcing the teen to do anything against her will. The girl wanted them to continue doing this, she knew it was incest and generally considered taboo by society, and something they could never discuss outside the privacy of their home, but she wanted her mother to be comfortable with it.

Still apprehensive, Donna agreed that they would see how they felt as time went on. However, each time she was seduced by her daughter, her resolve diminished, and just over a month later, it was no longer an issue, but rather just something they did when the mood moved them. The older woman still had not given up the male sex and still considered herself strictly heterosexual.

However, she wasn’t so sure about Kendall. She knew her daughter had never actually had sex with a male—subconsciously that was one reason the older woman allowed their girl-girl activities to develop: it provided her daughter with sexual release without fear of it happening with the wrong boy who might get her pregnant and change her life as Donna’s had changed when that happened to her.

But lately, the teen seemed to be dating boys less and less, and the parent feared that the combination of her own many failed relationships and their mother-daughter sex was pushing the girl exclusively toward women. Mom remembered her advice to her child before their first encounter, and she knew she had to stick by it. And if that turned out to be Kendall’s ultimate orientation, than so be it.

But shouldn’t her daughter at least experience a real relationship with a boy before deciding . . .

* * *

Back to the present, Kendall was anxious for her mother to arrive home from work on Monday evening, eager to know if she and George saw each canlı poker oyna other and talked during the day. She’d even gone so far as to pour Donna a glass of wine and start dinner.

The moment she heard the car door, she was at the back door opening it. Her mother was a bit surprised by this and what followed. Kendall grabbed her mom and dragged her into the living room, dropping her purse on the coffee table, and then rather hurriedly directed her to a seat on the end of the sofa. The teen then scooped up the glass of wine on the nearby end table, forcing in into Donna’s hand and nearly spilling it. The girl then plopped down on the coffee table facing her parent, momentarily distracted by the vast expanse of leg the older woman was showing as a result of the haphazard position she had landed in.

Quickly recovering, Kendall said, “Well?”

“Well, what?” Donna asked, frowning at the odd behavior.

The teen let an exasperated sigh escape her lips. “George! Did you see him? Did you talk? What did he say?”

Pursing her lips, Donna grinned.

Kendall rolled her eyes. “Well?”

“We actually had lunch together in the company lunchroom. He said that he and Mark had a wonderful time yesterday and they both looked forward to doing it again.”

Kendall was beaming.

“Why are you so concerned about this?” Donna wanted to know.

“I just wanted to make sure I didn’t screw things up for you.”

Now, it was Donna’s turn to display an expressive smile. “Well, thanks for your concern. As it happens, one of the things we discussed today was, if I was willing, he wanted to kick our relationship up a notch. I mean, he didn’t just say he wanted to kick it up a notch; he said if I was willing. I’ve never known a man that sensitive.”

“Wow. That’s nice.”

“It gets even better. He asked me out on a real date. Not just a few drinks after work so we could get home at a reasonable hour, but a let’s-go-out-and-have-a-good-time until-whenever date.”

“Good for you, mom. You two gonna do the wild thing?”

“Well, I hope so, but nothing was implied. Plus, you know he hasn’t been with a woman since before his wife died, so I’m sure he’s probably a little frightened.”

“You need to let him know in a very subtle manner that you would be agreeable,” Kendall advised. “Maybe even initiate it, but without making yourself appear too eager.”

“Gee, thanks,” Donna said, then facetiously added, “I would have probably never thought of that. You give dating advice now?”

“Just trying to help.”

“I know,” Donna said with a smile and a brief hug. “I’m just playing with you.”

“No, that comes later,” Kendall quipped without skipping a beat.

The older woman’s next statement seemed like she was ignoring the teen’s remark, but she was actually approaching it from a different angle. “I appreciate your concern for my social life, but what about yours? You haven’t been out on many dates lately. What’s up with that?”

The girl shrugged it off. “Nobody around I really want to date lately.”

“Is that really it?” Donna pressed.

“Yes, mother,” Kendall answered with a hint of agitation. “Find me a guy who isn’t only interested in getting in my pants and I’ll reconsider.”

“Did something happen on your last date?”

“Same thing that always happens. They all want to see how far they can get.”

“How far have you ever let anyone get?”

“I’ve let a couple feel my boobs,” Kendall answered uncomfortably. “One guy almost got his hand up my skirt.”

“Do you want to have sex with a boy?”

“Maybe. If he was someone I really liked and I knew that wasn’t all he was interested in.” She reached out and caressed her mother’s thigh. “Right now, I get all the sex I need from you.”

Now, it was Donna’s turn to smile uncomfortably. “You do it with any other girls?”

“You worried I’m turning into a lesbo?”

“Not at all,” the parent answered not altogether truthfully. “Just want you to experience both sides before you lean one way or the other.”

“Well, like you said a while back, I’ll probably end up bisexual; seems to work for you.”

Donna had no response for that, so she just let it go.

* * *

“This might be going a little better than we could have hoped for,” Donna told George at lunch the next day. “Kendall was really concerned that she might have said something Sunday to mess up things.”

“Really?” George said. “That’s interesting, because Mark had some concern that maybe he and Kendall hadn’t hit it off well enough.”

“Did he tell you what they talked about on Sunday?”

“Not really,” George answered. “He said she was attractive, and don’t take offense to this, but Mark said he could never date Kendall because we were dating; said it would be too weird.”

Bobbing her head from side to side, Donna said, “I guess I can understand that.”

“I was hoping he would show some interest—not that I am advocating he should date her—but he just hasn’t seemed to want to internet casino date much since before his mother died.”

“I guess it’s probably better for us that they don’t date,” Donna speculated. “If our relationship lives on—as I hope it does—and they were to date and then break up, it could cause problems for us to have two kids who no longer get along.”

“You’re right.”

“So, do you think that’s the only reason Mark hasn’t dated much—because of his mother? Because Kendall doesn’t either and I’m afraid it might be because I’ve had some bad experiences.” She didn’t dare tell him the other reason.

“The poor kid really missed his formative dating years,” George explained. “Those were the years that his mother was really sick and he wanted to stay home and take care of her, even though she pleaded with him not to. I just think he might not really know how to handle himself around girls his own age.”

“On the one hand that’s sad for him, but on the other, wow, what a caring young man. And you know, that could actually be Kendall’s problem. I mean, of all the advice she’s asked me for, none of it has ever been about boys.”

“Maybe we should take them with us Friday night,” George suggested. “Perhaps if they spend more time with each other, they’ll become more comfortable with the opposite sex.”

“I like the spending more time part, but I’m really looking forward to this being our first real date.”

“Yeah, I am too.”

“Besides, I think it would work better for them if we weren’t around; might relax them a little.” Donna thought for a moment. “Is there some scenario we can concoct for just the two of them to spend time together while we’re out?”

“That’s a good idea.” George considered her suggestion. “How about you tell Kendall what I told you about Mark taking care of his mother and that maybe she could help him get comfortable being around a girl?”

“Yeah, that might work. She was very sympathetic about the loss of your wife. But we would need a story for Mark also.”

“The same one.”

“Might just work,” Donna agreed.

They both pondered the plan for a moment, and then Donna carefully asked, “Is Friday night going to be awkward for you?”

“You mean because of Kendall and Mark?”

“No, because this will really be your first real date since . . .” She trailed off not quite knowing how to phrase it.

“My wife died?

Donna nodded. “I mean, everything we’ve done so far could really be considered nothing more than drinks after work with a co-worker.”

“Is that how you saw it?”

“No, no, of course not. I just don’t want this to be difficult for you.”

“And you think it will?”

“I think I’m digging myself a deeper hole and I should stop talking before I get into trouble—if I’m not already.”

“You’re not,” George reassured with a smile. “But, you know, if we can’t discuss these things openly and objectively now, this relationship will be doomed before it really gets started.”

“You’re right.”

“Then tell me your concerns.”

“They’re not concerns,” Donna muttered. “They’re just . . . maybe I’m the one who’s going to have the difficult time.”


“You were married for 20 years to a woman you adored. Maybe I won’t stack up.”

“You’re more like her than you know. So, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

‘Well, no disrespect to your wife or to her memory, but . . . I want to be better.”

* * *

“Are you serious?” Kendall asked incredulously when her mother mentioned Friday night. “You want me to baby-sit an 18-year-old boy?”

“No, not baby-sit,” Donna corrected. “Spend time with. Chat. Watch a movie. Send out for pizza. You know, the things teenagers do. Hang out. Just help him to be comfortable around a girl.”

“Are you really serious?”


“Are you guys trying to fix us up?” Kendall asked suspiciously.

“No, no. In fact, we think it’s a good idea that you don’t date.”

“Oh, this is going to be good. Why?”

“Because if you did,” Donna explained, “particularly more than once, and if something would cause you to break up, then it could affect my relationship with George. And I know you wouldn’t want that.”

“Of course, not,” Kendall remarked, flippantly.

“Oh, come on,” Donna pleaded. “What the hell else do you have to do?” She wanted to say that it was not like Kendall had another date, but she feared that might be overdoing it.

Her daughter eyed her with mock(?) coldness. With a finger pointed in her mother’s face, she said, “You’re going to owe me big time.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” With that, Donna approached her daughter and planted the most passionate, wet, tongue-dancing kiss on her lips they had ever exchanged. “Will that due?”

“For now,” Kendall grinned slyly, forgetting the reason for it.

* * *

At about the same time, George and Mark were having a similar conversation with a very similar response.

“I can’t believe you’re serious about this,” was Mark’s reaction. “Are you really just trying to fix me up with her?”

“No, that’s the last thing we want. Donna said the girl just doesn’t go out much. She thinks Kendall just doesn’t know how to act around boys.”

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