Nis 03

In The Redwoods

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As the sun peeks through the tall redwood trees, and the sound of a shallow creek rushes by, you wake from a nap fully refreshed..

Not sure of the time or how long you had been asleep you look around.. No, it wasn’t a dream. You are there, lying on the soft padded lounge chair, deep in the redwood forest out on the deck of a cabin, rustic yet cozy. The memories of what transpired began to flood back into your mind. Every kiss, caress, lick replays. You can still smell it on you, and taste it on your lips. The smile on your face seems to be permanently attached.

“Did you sleep well?” I ask as I join you out on the deck. You smile brighter as you nod a “yes” to me. I climb onto you lap and nuzzle into reality kings porno your chest. You wrap your arms around me and squeeze tight.

“I don’t think I will ever get enough of you,” I say as I trace your chin with my fingers. I look into your eyes and think how lucky I am to be there with you at that moment. I kiss you gently on the lips, then down your neck and over to your ear. I feel your hands move to touch me, and I stop you. “This one is all for you” I say as I slide my hands down your chest, kissing along the way… stopping to lick your hardening nipples. Sliding off your lap to the floor in front of you, I trace down to your navel with my tongue. I caress the building sexmex porno hardness in your shorts.

I look up at you and see you fighting the urge to touch me. I give you a devilish grin as I loosen your shorts and release your now fully erect cock.

I gently stroke it, enjoying the velvety feel and the light throbbing resulting from my touch. I bend down and lick the drop of pre-cum from the head and savor the taste of the skin.

Wanting more, I slide the length in to my salivating mouth, lubricating the entire cock. I suck harder as I move up and down the length of the shaft. I stop only to stroke you while I suck on the head like a candy lollipop. I can taste more of the sindrive porno luscious pre-cum as I suck the head.

Next,I work the balls by sucking on them while I continue stroking. I can hear your breathing grow much more ragged and I feel the intensity building. I take the length of your cock in my mouth again, getting it ready for what is to come next. I open the front of my blouse to expose my breasts. I slide your wet cock between them and rub your cock. I bend my head down and lick the tip, lightly teasing the hole with my tongue. Faster and faster I move up and down your cock. I feel even more intensity building, breathing heavier, moans now more vocal, I sense you are ready to explode…

You grab hold of my shoulders as I feel the pulsing of your hot cum shooting out and onto my breasts, neck, face… Every shot hot and thick… Satisfied with my accomplishment, I smear your cum all over my breasts and stomach. When the last bit has been released, you let loose your grip…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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