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Subject: In the Valley of the Boys 7 IN THE VALLEY OF THE BOYS By Encolpius AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is set in the present day but in an alternative universe where the US has split up. That happened a quarter century ago with a right wing coup, causing the Northeast and West Coast to secede There are now 5 major nations in what was once the US amd this story is set in Deseret, a Mormon dominated county that includes most of the desert southwest as well as the Rocky Mountain west. Feedback is appreciated. Compliments, comments, complaints ail Please remember to Nifty. Every little bit helps! SEVEN I am the Judge of Coyote Creek. The bailiff calls out as I enter for all to rise as I come into the courtroom and it was a heady sense as I do. When asses hit chairs, the first case is called. The defendant is a hard scrabble laborer about 40, lean and hard, unshaven. He’s been arrested for assault and battery. It’s an arraignment so I wasn’t listening much In the front of the audience there a boy, maybe 15, slightly built and effeminate but a real stunner. A very sexy boy. And he was staring down the defendant. “Stand up” I said, interrupting the lawyer. “You. Who are you?” The prosecutor turned. “That’s the alleged victim, Peter Flake. Your Honor” I chuckled to myself. It was totally clear what happened. “So where did this go down?” “Behind the Fremont Diner” the kid, Peter, said in a flat tone, almost hostile. He figured he was about to get screwed over one way or the other. “Shit” I muttered. I looked up. “What was it a blow job? How much did he promise you?” “10 credits” The kid said “You’ve got to be kidding me. 10 credits? That’s ridicukous. You beat the shit out of the kid so that you wouldn’t have to give him 10 fucking credits?” :”Your Honor” his lawyer protested “It was a shitty blow job” the defendant said “It was a 10 credit blow job. What did you expect?” I said. “This is ridiculous. Kid, any permanent injuries? Doesn’t look like you got a black eye” “Nothing permanent” the kid said, sullenly. “Okay. It’s a hundred credit fine and 10 days. And you owe the kid twenty five credits. And from now on, that’s the minimum price for a BJ in Coyote Creek from a working boy. 25 credits. So, come on, let’s see some cash, at least the 25 credits for the boy” “Your Honer, we may want to appeal your ruling. This is highly improper. This is just an arraignment” the defense lawyer said “You’re not going to appeal. The case is over. 100 credits and 10 days plus 25 for the kid. And let’s see the 25 for the kid right now” The defendant came up with the 25 after his lawyer spotted him 5. I had young Peter Flake come up and get his money and told him I planned to eat dinner at the diner tonight. Just so that he would know. Then they called the next case. The defendants changed but the lawyers didn’t. The defense lawyer was a public defender but even at that lawyers aren’t plentiful in Coyote Creek. The defendents were a pair of guys arrested for lewd conduct in the park. “What time was it?” I aksed “Midnight” the prosecutor said “What’s the problem?” “They were arrested before the kayseri escort election” the defense lawyer said “Yeah, well, that’s stupid. Case dismissed. Somebody let the Sheriff know that public nudity and lewd conduct are allowed in the park between 6 pm and 4 am. Okay?” That’s the way it went. I dispensed rough but quick justice. The lawyers might not like it but that didn’t matter. Swift justice is best. I got the message out that sex related stuff wouldn’t get much attention from me. I’m going to plow through that and concentrate on any real crimes. And I did go to the diner for a meal. It was dark early and a pleasant night in early spring. I went around to the back to see if young Mr Flake was there. He was. I walk up to him and ram my hand in his crotch. “How much to fuck you?” I ask He shrugs staring at me. “50 credits” he says “Fair enough but it starts with you on your knees sucking me off” I said. “Here?” “Why not?” I answer “Cool with me, judge. But I get paid first” he said. I took out my wallet and began to be aware of movement around me. A quintet of boys gathered up. “The Judge?” one of them said. “The new one? Just like the old Judge. Fuck a boy in the alleyway and then act all high and mighty. You ain’t no different from him:” “Made that micro-dick pay me” Flake said. “That’s different” The leader of the boys shrugged. “You got another 25 you can blow me while you fuck him” He wasn’t a bad looking kid, curly headed and lean. “You can both get down and suck me and earn the 25 credits. You’re not that hot” He got up very close to me, invading my personal space. “Lucky for you I like sucking dick” Between them, they earned their quarter. Flake and the mean boy took turns. I was semi hard as I whipped it out but Flake gobbled it down and sucked it and I got rock hard quick. The mean boy was no slouch either. He knew how to work a dick. I was hard and they were two young and hot young men, teenagers, fighthing for pride of place to take my cock down their throats. Flake buried himself balls deep, his nose in my pubes. He slid off my cock as the other tugged as my balls. I was so hard and the blow job was good but I wanted the kid’s ass. I put him on the ground, ass up. I got behnd him and rubbed the cock head against Flake’s tight ass to and felt his tightness. He might be queer and a whore to boot but he hasn’t been fucked much. I suspected his young friend sharing the loot, probably had plundered the hole though. He ought to have. I pushed my dick into that tight ass. ‘Oh fuck!” Flake called out. The other kid stood over Flakes back, his hard on pointing toward me. I opened up to suck him off. He shoved his hot young dick down my throat. He’s a greedy young shit, the kind that wants it. And I took him down. I am an experienced cock sucker too, after all. I know to work a dick too. And I wanted to worship this one for as long as I can even as I plunder his young friend’s ass. Flake didn’t care what I was thinking or doing as long as I fucked him the way he wanted to be fucked. But the friend had a long thick veiny cock and who would walk keçiören escort away from that. I slipped my bare cock in and out of Flake’s tight ass and clamped my lips around his good buddy’s hot tool and I was in heaven. “Fuck me” Flake said. “Harder” I am distracted by the cock in my mouth but the feel of his ass on my bare dick is good too. I’m trying to please two young boys — and I am paying for the privilege too goddamnit – and it’s not quite working. “Fuck him and then I’ll fuck you” the kid said. I xome off his dick. “Who says I am a bottom?” He laughed . “Fuck dude/. Who you fooling? You’re a big man around here, right? Everybody knows about you. Why do you think people voted for you, dude? ‘Cause your not like the other fucker. You get your freak on. People talk, Judge” Well, I didn’t care. My constituents are all gay men. Well, a lot of them are gay boys. But, whateever. Fucking isn’t a crime and, from now on, neither is prostitution. A boy’s got to do what a boy’s got to do. So the buddy jacked himself to stay hard while I pounded Flake’s ass. I just held onto his hips and fucked away, pounding him hard. He didn’t bitch much about being fucked harder after that. He flailed at his cock, hard as hell, trying to mazimeze the feeling in his ass. I didn’t want to cum in his ass because I have another punter waiting but I was getting close. But then Flake straightened up on his knees and my cock came out of him. He gave it a couple of more tugs and shot out ropes of white pearly jizz like from a firehouse. “Thanks, dude” he said “Next” The next one was going to take his teenage cock and plunder my ass. The boy on the man. And he is sporting a fine thick thing, a thing a man can be proud of it. He wasn’t gentle when he put it in either. He was hot and I was glad. I didn’t want him to make love to me or give a sensual slow fuck. No, I wanted him t fuck me. Fuck me like a man. Fuck me like I had fucked Flake. “Fuck the cum out of me” I said He just gave an arrogant little snicker and did just that. He railed on my ass, halfway up over me, pounding it in, fast and furious. I didn’t jack myself for fear of what would happen. Fat and hard, it invaded my ass and he pounded me, filling me up in a way that has to be lived to be understood. The perfection of getting fucked. And he fucked me, nasty, fast and hard. Savage. Brutal. And I loved it. I wanted it. I begged for more. Flake was rubbing himself, getting it hard again. I wondered if there would be round two between the boys, counting their money. In the meantime, this kid was earnng his pay.. He was sure as fuck earning it. “Fuck me, kid. Fuck me” I aaid “Hey old man, I’m man enough to fuck your ass. If you can take it, I can give it” I could take it. At least for a bit. But only for a bit. As he fucked me, I had to reach down and stroke myself. The pressure was too much. I needed it so bad. I gave my self a stroke and kenw it was too late. “Oh, fuck! I;m going to cum!” I said I took my hand away and let his fucking bring me to orgasm finally. Cum fairly shot out of my cock and I ankara kendi evi olan escort came, spurt after beautiful spurt. My whole body shook. It was glorious. I paid them each 50 credits and considered it a bargain at the price. Within days, Smoke made his first move as Mayor. He taxed the churches. Sorenson immediately filed suit on behalf of the LDS. He claimed that they were exempt from taxation under the Constitution. Latter Day Saints are the established church of Deseret. In fact, as Article 2 says, “the Church regulates the government. The government doesn’t regulate the Church”. He thought it was a slam dunk case. I dismissed it. “You’re not the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” I said. “The Church of the Constitution, the established Church forbids homosexuality and prohibits practicing homosexuals from having membership in, participating in or leading in the Church. You are schismatic. You are outside of the Apostolic Power of the Quorom. Just like the Catholics and the Protestants, you can be taxed” Sorenson appealed. I was quickly upheld. They weren’t true Mormons. Just like everyody in Coyote Creek weren’t real citizens of Deseret. They were schismatics because they were gay and outside of the protection of the Established Church. It was very clear that the valley was to govern itself and they were being forgotten by the government except as a dumping ground. Smoke raised taxes on the wealthy. Me too. My taxes went up. There were some of the Social Club members that hated my guts because of it and I left the Social Club. But church attendance was way down when it was clear that there wasn’t any financial or political advantage to it. Sorenson led the opposition to what was happening but he was losing. Smike got more money but he spent it wisely. The school was improved and all those under 18 had to attend. He started a small college and a technical school. Businesses opened up – art galleries, boutiques, fashion – and craftsman made wares. The economy got better Bars were legalized. Legalized and tazed. Marijuana was legalized and taxed. And the money went for housing and for uuality of life. Loans were given for small businesses, especialy if they made things. The elite of Deseret had come up to the ski resort to ski for years because they could also taste the pleasures of the teenaged girl whores that were kept there but increasingly that was a hindrance. The brothel was moved down into the valley and we inheited a dozen and a half females in our midst. The elite now brought their families to ski and they came down into the valley to shop and eat and people watch. The men would descreetly sneak away but the wives and kids shopped. Outside money came into the valley. And did the elite really care about our being gay? Not really. That was just bullsit they fed the gullible and the meanspirited to uphold their own power. You can rob people blind if you just give them something or someone to hate. And they were experts at maintaining their power and wealth. In the valley, the power and financial elite overdid it and they were swept away. The new elite proved that a rising tide lfts all boats. In the next election, Smoke and I won re-election easily. Sorenson and Kimball were even more decisively beaten and they retreated to the north end of the valley to reture. And our purely secular part of Deseret has just continued on, a true queer paradise.

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