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Incest Runs in the Family – Chris’ Story 4

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End Part 3: “Is that so?” It came from the doorway, and I knew we were in trouble. “Well, she is pretty hot. Let’s just see how hot she is.” Amy walked over and licked the length of Jamie’s pussy. “Mmmm. She is hot, and tasty. But there is something else I taste in there. Could it be my cousin’s cum?” She went back in and took another lick. “Jamie, I think it’s time we tell him.” “Tell me what?” Jamie grinned. “We’ve been together before. Me and your cousin. The plan was for us to be a threesome, but with me dating you. And now, I desperately want all of that to continue.” “But what about not fucking her again? I thought that – wait, another test?” “Not entirely. I wanted to know if you would be monogamous to me, and am thrilled that you would be. If you do fuck her, and I expect you to, I want details. Everything must be told, while you bottom out inside me.” “You are the best girlfriend ever.” “Just keep it in me or in the family. Fuck, Amy! Lick me. Eat you’re cousin’s cum out of me.” Amy lay there completely naked lapping at my girlfriend’s pussy. I had fucked both of them in the last 24 hours, and, apparently, they were loving this. I was an incredibly lucky man. Both of them looked incredible, good enough to eat. So I decided to do just that. I leaned into Amy and took a lick at her pussy. She removed her head from Jamie’s dripping cunt, much to her disappointment. “Chris, what did I say about tenderness? When istanbul travesti we are together, just fuck me. When I want someone to lick my pussy, that’s your tasty little girlfriend’s job.” Not one to deny a pretty girl her request, I jammed my entire length into her pussy. I fucked her as hard as possible. She, again, lifted her head, just to scream out. “OH FUCK. FILL ME UP!” She went right back to eating my girlfriend, reaching up to grab both of her tits. I’m not sure if it was to keep her stable or because she wanted to feel Jamie’s luscious globes. Jamie was whimpering in pleasure, and nearing orgasm. She was thrashing around, shoving her cunt into Amy’s face. Amy’s tongue was darting in and out, thrusting inside her hole, and licking her clit. Finally, Jamie screamed out in orgasm. “I love this fucking family. You guys fuck so fucking well.” She went limp on the bed, panting, trying to catch her breath as she came down from her orgasm. I continued to pound into Amy. She was being rocked all over, and was screaming her approval of my thrusts into her. She bounced back onto me, thrusting back, trying to get me in deeper, wanting me to fill her up as much as possible. After several more minutes, I felt her convulse in orgasm. Pussy juice leaked out all over my cock, as I filled her up with my cum. We both moaned relishing the pleasurable feelings that were registering with istanbul travestileri us. I fell out of her and went to lay next to my girlfriend. Amy just smiled and left the room. “Baby, that was amazing. I need to hear how you two got together.” She started to open her mouth to tell me, but I stopped her. “Not right now, I’m way too tired.” We both passed out, naked and in each other’s arms. We woke up the same way. We were intertwined on my bed, both of us naked and holding on to each other. Jamie was the first to speak. “I could get used to waking up like this.” “Yea, me too.” “He seems to be up too.” “Not hard to wake the little guy when you’re around.” “Not exactly little. So, I believe you wanted story time.” “Hold on, not yet.” I kissed her, and pushed inside her, impaling her on my cock. “Ok. Now it’s story time. No moving for either of us, just the story.” “Ok. Well, it started a few months ago. Two I think. I was coming over here to study, but you were out somewhere. I think Amy said you were getting your racket restrung and were waiting on the guy in the shop. She told me to come in, and we could get started, and fill you in when you come by. Around this time, I had already opened up to Amy, and told her that I wanted you. She said she knew you were interested, but needed some persuading. We began to formulate a plan giving you confidence, but I wasn’t keen on the idea travesti istanbul of you fucking anyone else. Amy volunteered herself, and, despite the incest, I was ok with it. If it had to be anyone, I wanted it to be Amy.” “Then she dropped a bombshell on me. I, once again, told her that I wanted you, and couldn’t wait for you to ask me out. She said that you weren’t the only one in the family that wanted her. I was shocked, and it must have shown on my face. She scooted over to me, and said ‘Yep. That’s right. I want to taste that sweet little pussy of yours. I want to know what my cousin is getting.’ I tried to refuse her, saying that I wasn’t in to girls, but she had me beat. She told me that if I wanted you, I had to have her first. I really wanted you, so I gave in. Plus, if you’re gonna have a lez experience, it doesn’t hurt if she is as hot as Amy is.” “So you didn’t want it, but did it for me?” “Well, yea. I was always a little curious, but didn’t think I would ever try it. But I wanted a chance with you, so I gave it a shot.” I flexed my dick inside her, reminding her that she had me. She gave me a brief kiss. “Anyway, I just wanted to lay back, and just let her do whatever. I didn’t want to participate. But Amy had other ideas. She insisted that we kiss first. I was nervous, but we did. Her lips felt so soft, softer than any guy’s that I had ever felt.” She looked at me, embarrassed, as though I was supposed to think she had never been with anyone before me. “She massaged my lips with her own, it was so erotic. I felt myself giving into the kiss, melting to her demands. I tried to fight it a little more, but it was half-assed. I would occasionally try to push her away, but not put much effort into it.

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