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Incestuous Bedtime Tale Ch. 07

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Daughter’s Incestuous Wedding

Avalon Young — May 2056

Vanessa, my now eighteen-year-old daughter, suckled at my breast. It was just after midnight. She was now an adult. I stroked her red hair, still in a braid. I groaned at the feel of her hungry nursing, loving this. It had been so many years since I weaned her as a baby. Not it was so naughty. My milk flowed into her mouth. It squirted into her mouth. My cunt squeezed. I rubbed my thighs together. I groaned, the pleasure rippled through me.

I gripped her hair as I calmed her down. She was scared of losing her cherry. She didn’t have to have sex with Daddy. I wanted her to, but I wouldn’t push her to. It had to be her choice. Daddy would never take advantage of her.

She wanted a bedtime tale to calm her down.

I trembled, her arms wrapped around me. “My wedding day to Daddy was such a special day. I was so excited. I wore this amazing, white dress that hugged my pregnant belly.”

Her blue eyes, the same hue as my mother and Grandmother Rachel, stared up at me. Her lips sealed tight about my nipple as she squirmed in my embrace. She was so beautiful. She was gorgeous. My precious daughter. Daddy and I had come together to make her.

“My wedding dress really showed off my breasts,” I said. “They were nice and round, bigger than your grandmother’s. She said that with pride. My skirt was short and…”

* * *

Avalon Young — May 2038

The organ played as I stepped out into the back of the church in my wedding dress. We’d rented it from an understanding pastor. I trembled as my wedding dress rustled about me. It clung to my pregnant body. My breasts, swelled larger than Mommy’s, jiggled in my blouse. I held my bouquet of flowers before me, resting them against the swell of my pregnant belly.

I was about to pop.

I was eager to marry Daddy and Mommy. I didn’t want to wait until after I gave birth. I wanted to be theirs before that wonderful day. I trembled as the small audience, a collection of understanding friends, all stared at me. Clint’s harem dominated their own section. I beamed at them all as I advanced down the aisle at a stately pace.

My short skirt showed off all of my thigh-high stockings. They whisked with my every step. My veil tumbled about my face. I felt so beautiful. Eighteen and getting married to my parents. It was such a wonderful day.

Mommy and Daddy waited at the altar. He looked so handsome in his tux. Tall and broad shoulder. His red hair, dotted with gray, was combed back. He held Mommy’s hands as he stared at me with his green eyes. Mommy wore her own white wedding dress, though her bodice wasn’t nearly as daring as mine. Her veil wasn’t falling over her face.

I was glad she fit in it since they married. I remembered their wedding day, bouncing in the pew, excited to be their flower girl. Now I was joining them. My heart fluttered. My entire body trembled as I reached them.

I handed off my bouquet to Heaven Wilson, my friend smiling in her blue dress. She clutched it, a promise ring on her own finger. You couldn’t tell, but she was pregnant with her half-brother’s baby. That was such a beautiful thing.

Then I took Daddy’s and Mommy’s hands. We formed a triangle. I trembled with my excitement. My hands squeezed both their hands. Daddy’s grip was strong and Mommy’s grip was gentle. She stroked the back of my hand. Heat rushed through me.

“What a beautiful sight,” said Minako Mihara. She was dressed like a Shinto priestess in a white kimono-like blouse that tucked into red, skirt-like pants. They were voluminous. She stood tall and delicate, her black hair pulled back, her face delicate. “We are gathered here to celebrate the love of this family.”

I shuddered, squeezing both my parents’ hands. Mommy had tears in her blue eyes. They beaded along the corners and gathered on her eyelashes. Daddy’s were misty and had a huge smile on his face. I was so glad to join them. My heart beat faster and faster while Vanessa shifted inside of me.

My little baby was as eager as me.

I hardly heard what Minako was saying. Stuff about love and marriage and the beauty of incest. She called upon her sibling gods, Izanagi and Izanami, to bless us. I was just so overwhelmed by all of this, that joy flitted through me. My eyes flicked from Daddy’s handsome expression to Mommy’s beautiful face, the world gauzy through my veil.

My dress rustled around my body. My breasts swelled the bodice. I squeezed both their hands as my excitement mounted. I held them tight as this heady situation rippled through me. I was dizzy, and they were my anchors. I was going to be their wife forever. I was going to join their family.

Then my parents broke away from my hands. I blinked as Daddy turned to his best man. Clint stood there in his own tux. He was a handsome guy, not as old as Daddy, but strong, possessing the sort of confidence of a man who knew his own worth. He needed that confidence to possess his own harem of gorgeous wives, most of whom were kaçak iddaa his sisters. Clint handed over a pair of rings. Daddy handed one to Mom, my heart beating.

I trembled as Mommy and Daddy took my left hand together. I whimpered as they both held their wedding bands, each one ready to slip on me. My heart beat faster and faster. Suddenly, I could hear everything Minako said.

“Harrison Young, with this ring, you symbolize your desire to love, cherish, and honor your daughter and take her to be your wife,” she said, her voice ringing. “It is a symbol of your binding promise to always be her loving daddy. To treasure and cherish her, to protect her, and to discipline her when she’s naughty, until death do you part.”

“I do,” Daddy said. I trembled, tears beading my eyes now as he slipped on a slender, gold band with a pink diamond on it. So similar to the one Mommy wore. The ring slipped over my finger. I trembled, this dizzying wave of heat shot through me.

“Melissa Young, with this ring, you symbolize your desire to love, cherish, and honor your daughter and take her to be your wife. It is a symbol of your binding promise to always be her loving mommy. To treasure and cherish her, to support her, and to nurture her when she needs your motherly affection, until death do you part.”

“I do,” Mommy said, her voice quivering as she slid a thicker, gold band over my finger, pressing it against Daddy’s ring.

“Avalon Young, will you love, cherish, and honor your parents and take them to be your husband and wife,” Minako said, her voice growing stronger. “Do you swear always to be their nubile daughter and to always love your parents. To treasure and cherish them, to love them, and to always give them your passion, until death do you part.”

“I do!” I declared in a ringing voice, both my parents’ hands clutching mine.

“Then with the blessing of Izanagi and Izanami, divine brothers and sisters wedded through incestuous love, and…” she said. I was having trouble focusing on her words as my excitement swelled. This was all so much. I was Mommy’s and Daddy’s bride now. “…declare you man and wives. You may kiss your daughter-bride.”

Mommy and Daddy both lifted my veil. I trembled. My breasts jiggled in my pearl-studded bodice as I stared at them. I was so happy. This surge of joy rushed through me. My heart pounded excitement through me. My nipples tingled. My pregnant belly jiggled. I couldn’t breathe. They were leaning over me. Daddy’s strong hand cupped my chin.

They both nuzzled into me. They kissed me. Their lips pressed against mine. The three of us were united. I threw my arms around both their necks. I kissed them with such hunger while our friends cheered behind us. They were all celebrating our passion. They were all so excited to witness our incestuous wedding.

It was all so amazing. Our tongues caressed each other. I swayed, my fiery curls brushing Mommy’s red hair. Tears seasoned our three-way kiss with passion. It was all so incredible. I loved them so much.

Then they broke the kiss and we were married. A giddy rush shot through me. A dizzying sway shook my body. I clutched to Daddy as I felt so dizzy. The cheers were all around us. I blinked away the tears as I faced them all.

Heaven beamed at me, still clutching my bouquet. Her promise ring looked so beautiful on her finger. I couldn’t wait for her wedding day. I smiled back as I took Daddy’s left arm. Mommy was on his right. Together, we walked down the aisle. Rice showered us. I giggled as the grains tumbled around us, the organ playing again, celebrating our marriage.

The reception was a blur. I had a blast even with my ankles swollen from my pregnancy. I danced with Daddy and Mommy, with Clint and Pam and Cheryl and Alicia and even Sam. Both of the Mihara twins spun me around. I danced with Heather and her half-brother. With their dad, Mr. Wilson. Juana Carmelita squeezed my rump as we danced while her sex slave sister watched on her knees.

I ate wedding cake. I tossed the bouquet and Cassandra Elliston caught the flowers. The younger girl giggled and glanced at her twin brother, Aaron, with this twinkle in her eyes. It was a magical evening. I didn’t want it to end.

But I was eager for what came next.

Our honeymoon was going to have to wait. I was too pregnant to travel, and once Vanessa was born, it would be a while before we could go on our romantic vacation. A mommy-daddy-daughter delight would have to wait.

I swayed with passion.

I was giddy when it was finally over. When we headed not to home, but to a fancy hotel suite. I was so excited for that, too. It made me feel so adult and grown up, not just a little eighteen-year-old girl. I trembled when we swept into the hotel, my veil rustling and my dress swaying, Mommy and I clinging to Daddy.

We were already checked in, Daddy had done that earlier, and swept through the lobby to the elevator. It was late, but I beamed at the few people around. I was so excited. I showed off my hand, trembling with kaçak bahis excitement, as we passed them, my ring glinting.

“I love you so much,” I moaned in the elevator.

Mommy smiled at me. She took my hand, squeezing me. “You turned out even better than I could hope, Avalon. You know that.”

“Mom,” I groaned, this embarrassed delight shooting through me.

“You’ve given me a few gray hairs,” Daddy said, his hand on my hip, “but it’s been worth it.”

“I didn’t get you fired,” I said, smiling at him. We’d had a lot of fun at school.

“Yet,” he said with a fond tone.

I winked at him.

The elevator reached the top floor. I was so giddy for it. The honeymoon suite. Did the hotel know that they were renting it out to an incestuous, three-way wedding party? Would they care? I didn’t know. It made me feel so naughty as we slipped out, Mommy and I clinging to Daddy.

“Let’s go,” I moaned. “I want to have my first time as Mrs. Young.”

“Mmm, you’re going to cum so hard on your husband’s cock,” Mommy said. “Our husband’s cock. You’re going to scream your pretty head off.”

I beamed at her. “Just like you do, Mommy.”

We both giggled as we headed down the hallway, clinging to Daddy. Our mirth echoed before us. I felt drunk, not that I was since I was pregnant, giddy on this moment. My head swayed. My hair danced around my head. It swept across my shoulders, rustling with my veil.

We reached the hotel room door. Daddy produced the keycard and waved it before the sensor. The lock whirled and then he was pressing us inside. I shuddered as we ventured into the bridal suite. I gasped at the flowers decorating the rooms. Bright, red roses were in vases, filling the air with such sweet scent. The large bed awaited, the creamy-white cover almost seemed to glow in the light.

I felt like I drifted to the bed. I was so excited. My parents’ hands were caressing me. They touched me and drove me wild. They pushed me down onto the bed, Daddy kissing me. His strong lips claimed mine. His whiskers rasped against me.

It was such a delicious treat. I whimpered against them. My tongue thrust into Daddy’s mouth as my skirts rustled. It was all so incredible. My heart raced faster and faster. We were such a naughty family. My hands gripped my belly. I rubbed the swell.

I hoped my daughter would be Daddy’s third wife. It would be so amazing.

“Mmm, aren’t you just a pretty thing?” Mommy purred. “Such a sexy bride. You’re just glowing.”

I whimpered into Daddy’s mouth.

Mommy tugged down on my low-cut bodice. My large breasts popped out, my nipple sore and aching. I was so close to my due date. I groaned as Mommy latched onto my right nub. She suckled on it, the pressure rushing to the tip of my nipple.

Then something squirted out of me.

My pregnant pussy clenched. I broke the kiss with Daddy, gasping in shock as I stared down at Mommy’s lips popping off my mouth. She blinked in surprise and then she grinned and licked her lips in delight,

“What?” panted Daddy.

“Her milk is coming in,” Mommy said and leaned down to suckle again.

I gasped as my breast milk squirted from my nipple and flooded Mommy’s mouth. I whimpered, this amazing rush shooting through me. My body, my veil rustling about my face. The delight tingling sensation down to my pussy. My toes curled in my toes. My heart pounded. Bliss spread through me as Mommy feasted on my new milk.

Daddy licked his lips as he trembled. His green eyes burned with such fire. He pushed me down onto the bed. I stretched out on my back, my excitement mounting. My little panties grew wet. The satin felt so sleek against my flesh. My head tossed back and forth, my veil rubbing against the bed.

Daddy slipped out of his tux and draped it over the foot of the bed. I smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt. I licked my lips, loving the sight of his muscular body coming into view. Mommy suckled harder at my breast, my milk squirting into her mouth. My cunt squeezed as naughty tingles rushed through my body.

He peeled off his shirt. His chest rustled. I whimpered and groaned. My thighs rubbed together. I shuddered. My mother kneaded my breast. She massaged me and worked out that wonderful milk. It squirted into her mouth. It flooded her.

“You are such a beautiful angel,” Daddy growled. He stood up and unzipped his slacks. I groaned as it fell down his thick thighs, his cock stretching out his dark boxers. “Just radiant, little Ava.”

Mommy groaned about my nipple.

“Daddy!” I moaned. “Ooh, you’re so sexy. Come and love me. Make your wife cum.”

Wife! I was his wife and his daughter. It was the best delight. My heart beat faster and faster. It surged through me. My fingers twitched in anticipation as Daddy knelt between my thighs. I shuddered as he slid his touch up my white stockings, pressing the nylons into my flesh.

Tingles of heat raced up my thighs. It reached my pussy. It set fire to my nethers. I groaned as that wonderful delight rippled through me. I whimpered illegal bahis as he came closer and closer. Daddy’s hands went higher and higher. He brushed my bare thigh and reached my skirt. He pressed it up. The fabric rustled.

His hands reached my panties.

“Daddy!” I whimpered as he drew down my satin panties.

This strange, virginal tremble raced through me. Though we’d been making love for months and months, this was such a special night. It was the first time Daddy would take me as his wife. I was just like Mommy.

“I love you, Daddy,” I moaned.

Mommy froze in suckling at my nipple. Her eyes flicked up to me, her blue eyes smoldering. They brimmed with delight. She nursed again with hunger. My milk squirted into her mouth. I gasped at the pleasure. The rapture surged through me.

Daddy pulled my panties past my knees and down my calves. My dainty feet pressed together. He pulled them off. He pressed the panties into his nose, inhaling. He breathed in my scent, clearly reveling in it.

“Mmm, what a delicious aroma,” he groaned. “You’ve been eager for this.”

“All night!” I moaned. “Ooh, come and eat me! Yes, yes, that’s it.”

Daddy leaned down. He kissed at my inner thigh. His rough whiskers rasped against my flesh. I gasped at this rush through me. Then his lips found my shaved snatch. I groaned as his tongue lapped out and brushed me. They flicked through my folds.

Daddy teased me.

His hands gripped my thighs. His tongue lapped through my labia. His whiskers rasped on my hot, pregnant flesh. He devoured my pussy. He feasted on me with all his hunger. My pregnant flesh reveled in this wonderful treat. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. I squeezed my thighs tight against his stubbly face, gripping him.

“Mommy, Mommy!” I moaned. “Oh, my god, Daddy’s eating me!”

Mommy popped her mouth off my nipple. Her lips were stained with creamy milk. They looked so sweet and delicious. I shuddered at the sight of her. My head tossed back and forth as the pleasure surged through me. Daddy’s tongue teased me while Mommy smiled.

“Of course he is,” she said. “He loves eating his cute bride’s twats.”

I beamed at him. “Our husband’s a horny man, isn’t he?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “He seduced both his daughters.”

“I did the seducing,” I groaned. Then I shuddered. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, right there.”

He nibbled on my pussy lips, his whiskers brushing my clit. Pleasure shot through me as I reveled in the change in our family. No longer their daughter. No longer their little girl. I was their bride now. Their wife.

His tongue caressed through my pussy folds. He teased me. He sent such wonderful pleasure surging through me. I humped against him. Mommy leaned down and captured my lips in a hot kiss. I tasted that wonderful flavor of my breast milk.

It was such a sweet treat. So different from any other milk. I loved it. I kissed her with hunger. I trembled, my pregnant belly heaving. My wedding dress rustled about me. I whimpered in delight as they pleasured me.

It was such an incredible treat. I was their bride.

Daddy sucked on my clit. He thrust fingers into my pussy. They pumped into my twat, stirring me up. I gasped into Mommy’s lips. My eyes squeezed shut as the bed rustled. All the excitement of this special day rushed through me. It was so incredible. My head was dizzy. Exhilaration brought me closer and closer.

Daddy feasted on my pussy. My husband devoured me.

My husband!

That thought surged through me. My incestuous bliss rushed through me. It surged down into my pussy. It rushed through my body. I humped against him as I rode this rising tide of delight. It was an incredible bliss to experience.

I came.

I moaned into Mommy’s lips. My hand brushed her stomach, rubbing at the silk of her wedding dress. We were two sexy brides. I loved her. Waves of rapture surged through me. Juices gushed out of me and bathed Daddy’s lips

My body spasmed. Stars burst across my vision as Daddy feasted on me. He licked and lapped at me. He rubbed his stubble into my hot flesh as I came. Rapture rippled through me. This amazing rapture burned through me.

Mommy broke the kiss. “That’s it. Let it out. Let our husband know how much you love him.”

“Mommy!” I moaned. I stared into her eyes. “Our husband… Our daddy… It’s so good. Oh, yes, yes! I’m exploding!”

“That makes me so wet,” Mommy moaned. “You’re my sexy wife now, Avalon. You’re gorgeous. I’m so happy!”

I beamed at her as my body trembled through my rapture. “You’re an angel, Mommy. You’re so beautiful. I want to be as hot as you when I’m old.”

“Old?” She arched an eyebrow, a wicked gleam burning in her blue eyes.

I winked at her.

Daddy pulled his face from my pussy. It dripped down his chin. He rose, naked and handsome. His dick thrust hard before him. It pulsed and twitched. I shuddered at the sight of him. Mommy reached across my body, her breasts swaying in her bodice.

She pulled him towards my cunt. She pressed that amazing dick that made us both into my pussy. My daddy-husband stared down at me. His chest rose and fell as Mommy rubbed him against my flesh. He nudged my clit. Pleasure sparked through me.

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