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I had been doom-scrolling on Reddit as usual when a post with this title appeared on my screen. A blurred image appeared underneath. It was on the CFNM subreddit, a community I’d subscribed to on my main account. For the umpteenth time, I mentally admonished myself on not using my throwaway account, the one I’d set up for joining the communities catering to all my perversions, fantasies and fetishes. From thigh-highs, hip cleavage and creamy squirting to cum-swapping, anal gape and trans. Compared to what my feed looked like on that account, CFNM was rather tame. Yet, I wanted my main feed to be spick and span.

I tapped on the community icon to leave the sub, but accidentally opened the post instead. The image un-blurred and turned out not to be an image but a gif. A dusky brown girl with smoky eyes and curly hair appeared in frame. She was wearing a comfy green top and jeggings, sitting on the edge of a bed. She smiled at the camera before sliding her ass off the mattress and turning to face a man’s hips, appearing from the left. His features from the chest up were cut off from the frame. He was wearing low-waist jeans, the elastic of his undies showing.

The girl, still smiling, glanced up at his face, and began unbuttoning his pants. Unzipping them, she slid them off his hips, along with his boxers. The guy’s veiny, straining member almost hit her in the chin, popping up erect as soon as it was freed from its fabric confines. The girl laughed, her eyes slightly widening in surprise at the length of his cock. She wasted no time in wrapping her hands around it, parting her lips and sticking her tongue out to lick the swollen tip. The gif ended and looped back to her smiling at the camera, before sliding off the bed and facing the guy.

I must’ve watched the gif loop at least ten times before I threw my phone away in disgust. I buried my face in my hands, a torrid storm of emotions erupting in my head. I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t want to believe it.

I’d seen that face before. That gorgeous grin. Those smoky eyes. Dressed in those clothes. The curves that lay under them. Sitting on the bed cross-legged, looking at me inquisitively as I tinkered with the camera settings. Recording us fucking, resting, making love, resting and then fucking again. I still had that video — series of videos, rather — stored away on the cloud. From back when we were in love.


“I need to see you” I repeated. Her voice came from the other end, slightly drowned in bar music.

“But I’m not home!”

“When are you getting back?”

“What’s this about?”

“I need to talk.”

“About what.”

“I think you know.”

“No I don’t.”

“I’m outside your flat right now and I’m gonna stay here till you get back.”

“You’re acting like a total stalker right now.”

“I don’t care! Just get your ass back home!”

She took a few seconds to respond. This time, the music was muted. She must’ve moved to a quiet place, away from the crowd.

“Or what!”

“Or I’ll post the video of us from last May.”

There was a pause. Then she said something that nearly floored me.

“Do it.”

The line went silent. She’d hung up on me.

“Fuck fuck FUCK!” I yelled. One of her neighbours yelled back but I couldn’t hear her due to the sound of blood boiling in my ears. I kicked her door as hard as I could with my shoe. Then I placed my back to it and slid down to the floor, determined to wait it out till Hina arrived.

My thoughts kept flitting between what she said to me before hanging up, and the gif I’d stumbled upon this afternoon, the one that had started it all. While the post itself had no source video linked, a quick search of the title turned up several reposts from earlier, dating all the way back to march this year. They were all on different subreddits, ranging from r/indianamateurs and r/interracial to r/shaved, r/reversecowgirl, and r/petitegonewild. The fact that I had stumbled upon it on r/cfnm was a fluke; after the initial blowjob, Hina’s clothes had come off very quickly. From one of the reposts I found the source video hosted on a very dubious tube site, which was itself ripping the clip off a now-defunct amateur porn website.

I’d found five videos of her in total, originating from that production company. One was a solo clip, lasting forty minutes, of her masturbating with various toys in different rooms in a house. Two were boy-girl scenes, both with different male performers. They were shot within a month of each other, a fact that I found out from the remaining two videos which were behind-the-scenes kind. The boy-girl videos were a tough watch. They were both shot POV-style, in a theme reminiscent of the casting couch porn from the early 2000s.

In the first one Hina started off giving a sloppy blowjob to a hung Latino guy. Her pouty lips wrapped obscenely around his olive-brown member, and every lick, suck and stroke of her mouth was recorded in HD audio. They followed it up with missionary on the edge of the bed. Hina splayed her legs open, showing her smooth, shaven mound. When the guy positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance, she hooked cumlouder porno her heels behind his back and pulled him in, before wrapping her legs around his waist. Her fists grabbed the blankets behind her head as he entered her and began pounding away. The guy lifted one foot up on the bed and levered his pelvis into hammering strokes of his cock into Hina’s eager, engorged pussy. Her tit-flesh bucked wildly on her chest until he grabbed one of her boobs and gave it a smack.

She used to love it when I did that.

In the video it was no different. Her moans rose an octave in pitch as he repeatedly smacked her tits with the flat of his palm, alternating between the two. His cock kept pistoning in and out of her, and with the thumb of his other hand he started flicking her clit. Hina went crazy. This was the most vocal I’d ever seen her — thrashing, moaning, grunting and breathing ecstatic words of encouragement to her partner. The sound of their groins slapping against each other rose until they reached a wet, fleshy crescendo. She turned to the camera and her eyes rolled over.

She’d always been a natural in front of a camera.

The show Hina was putting on for the viewer continued as they cut to them fucking cowgirl. I guess, because it was her first time, she let the guy do all the work even though she was on top. His balls slapped against her puckered asshole as he drove into her from beneath. Hina shuddered and quaked, hanging on to the headboard for dear life. She leaned down and they kissed, the wet smack of their lips interspersed with gasps for breath. He spit on her pussy, smacked her ass, slapped her tits and pulled her hair. He pulled out, made her blow him again, then took her doggystyle and reverse cowgirl. The hour-long video came to an end with Hina sucking him off and taking his spunk all over her face.

The behind-the-scenes video had been painful to watch, more so than the actual porno. The camera showed her filling out paperwork while someone out of the frame interviewed her. She told him how old she was (twenty at the time), which state she was from, if any of her friends knew what she was up to, whether she had a boyfriend, etc. When asked when she’d last had sex, she replied it had been a week ago. With an ex.



It was early winter. I had gone out drinking one weekend and, in a state of near-absolute inebriation, called her. I don’t know why she picked up. She was at home, yet spoke in a soft voice. The kind I’d wake up to, fussing over me, when we were together. The kind usually accompanied by her fingers stroking my chest hair as she lay with half her body draped over mine. The voice which started off breathy, purring, and turned to fake annoyance when my hands slipped from her back to under her pyjama bottoms and cupped a fleshy ass cheek.


Her voice had come through the phone as I lost track of time, reminiscing. Forgetting about all our fights, all my stupidity, all of her tics which would piss me off. All I could think about, as I sat on the steps outside the pub, away from my friends, was her lips and how great they’d feel on mine right then.

So I had ended up at Hina’s door. The walk to her place had half sobered me up, but not enough to reconsider. She answered my loud knocking, dressed in a baggy tee and cotton shorts. A small gust of warm air from inside hit my face, carrying her scent. She looked like she’d just hopped out of the shower. Her nipples made small indents on the cotton of her tee. I don’t remember what I said to her at the door, or if I said anything at all. The next thing I remember, she was fixing me some blankets on the couch in the hall. I caught a glimpse of her flatmate Lola peeking out of her room at us. She looked annoyed. Fleabag was paused on the TV. I guess I had interrupted a girls’ night.

“You need to get out before I wake up tomorrow morning.”

I half nodded. Hina started to slide away when I grabbed her forearm and nuzzled my face in her belly.


I didn’t reply. She pushed my head away. I planted it firmly back.


Her tee smelt flowery. I inhaled deeply and slowly let it out. She giggled as my breath breezed over her skin. She’d always been ticklish in that area.

“Hey now!…”

I let out another long breath. Hina yelped and tried to back away. I held her in place by her forearm. Insistent. I took another deep breath and this time Hina grabbed my jaw and turned my face up to hers.


I said the first words I remember saying to her that night.

“Did I tell you how great you smell right now?”

“Once at the door and three times on the way to the couch.”

“Oh…” I half-pretended to be confused. “Your face… smells amazing too. And your hands. You still using that skin cream from Kiehl’s?”

She rolled her eyes, but she stopped relenting. She was still holding my face up by the chin. I loosened my grip on her forearm and ran my fingers down her skin.

“Is that a new moisturiser? Your czech amateurs porno skin feels like butter.”

“What are you doing?”

“And your lips look like-“

Hina gave me a light slap.

“Shut up.”


She slapped me again.

“But continue.”

“uhhh… your lips look like pink honey.”

“That’s a new one.”

“I just made it up.”

She gave me another slap.

“I guessed. Go on.”

“And your hair looks like… like space. And stars. The galaxy… you know?”

Hina snorted in mirth. Her grip on my jaw loosened and I grabbed that hand.

“And all I wanna do right now is kiss your neck.”

“My neck?”

“Cuz that’s where your body meets the sky.”

“You are literally not making any sense.”

“Of course I am!”

Another slap. Followed by a finger on her lips, shushing me. I reached my mouth up, my lips parted slightly. I caught her hand as she tried to smack me again and pulled her down on top of me on the couch. In the ensuing tussle, Hina’s hair fell across my face and her tits pressed into my chest for a hot second. She dug her knees into the cushion and half-pushed herself off me. Her curly locks hung from behind her neck, obscuring her eyes. I could only make out her lips, pursed in indignation.

“Did I tell you how great you smell tonight?”

The corners of her mouth slowly curled up into a smile. This time when I reached up, she didn’t resist. Our lips met, tenderly at first, then with a sudden hunger. My arms encircled her waist from the back and pulled her into me. She breathed and whimpered as my hands found her ass and squeezed, like they used to. I tried sliding my hands under the waistband of her pyjama bottoms but she shook her head and broke away from me.

“I can’t be doing this.”

I raised my hand to grab her face but she pushed it down. Hina’s eyes were turned away. I could see she was trying to snap out of it. There was a small noise from behind her roommate’s door, a slight thud. Like someone falling rather heavily on a bed. Annoyed. Having given up on girls’ night.

“I guess she’s not coming back anytime soon.” I muttered.

“And whose fault is that?” Hina said in a way that wasn’t really a question. I reached out to the table and grabbed the remote, switching the TV off. I raised my other arm, palm facing up.

“I volunteer to be the sole entertainment for tonight.”

Hina rolled her eyes.

“Pity I can’t change the channels.”

“Maybe you can!”

She squinted at me.

“There’s TLC.” I reached up and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Hina hesitated but reciprocated soon. My fingers stroked her arm while the other hand snaked down her side and grabbed her hip. I broke away after a few moments.

“There’s Animal Planet.” I pulled my legs up behind her waist and used them to grip her hips in a vice. The hand that was on her waist sneaked under her tee shirt and moved up until it cupped the side of her breast. I locked my lips onto her mouth, which was slightly parted in shock. My tongue reached across the divide and tangled with hers. Hina groaned but didn’t pull back. I squeezed her unrestrained tit and flicked the nipple with my thumb. My cock was straining against the fabric of my jeans, and Hina felt it — her body responding when I ground my crotch against her mound. Her hair fell wild across my face and tickled, but I paid no mind to it. When we pulled away Hina’s face was flushed, her breaths shallow and rapid. Her eyes were all kinds of smoky.

“And there’s History Channel.” I uncrossed my legs and pulled Hina down on the couch on her side, her back to the cushions. I rolled on my side and leaned my weight on my elbow. Hina was effectively sandwiched between my body and the couch’s backrest. I pulled her lower leg on top of mine and pushed my knee between her thighs. Our legs now lay intertwined, and I snaked my free hand behind her ear. I gently massaged her scalp with my fingers. Then I leaned in and planted soft kisses all over her nose, her cheek and her chin. Back when we were together, this was her favourite position to be in on the couch. We’d stay like this and make out for what felt like hours. It would usually end up in us fucking, but it didn’t have to. She felt safe, and she felt loved. And I was more than happy to oblige.

“Hey” she said softly. I didn’t reply and continued planting small kisses on her face.

“Hey” this time she put her hand up between her face and mine. I raised my eyebrows.


Putting her weight on one arm, she rose slightly and looked over the backrest at Lola’s closed door. She came back down and looked at me, biting her lip.

“You need to keep quiet.”

I grinned and kissed her. As my tongue entered her mouth for the second time that night, my hand slid under her tee, slowly pulling the hem up from the front.

“And we’re not doing the history channel today.”


Back to the present.

Hina arrived in the next hour and a half. I watched her exit czech casting porno the lift, her face buried in her phone. She was wearing a sequinned, parrot green skirt. The hem barely made it past her mid-thigh. She must’ve given someone — maybe more than one — quite the peek between her legs if she hadn’t been keeping them crossed.

And why would she keep them crossed? She’s a slut. A porno whore.

She looked up from the screen and her eyes met mine.

“I was really hoping you’d be gone by now. Or at least passed out.”

I rose, unsteadily on my feet.

“I was really hoping you wouldn’t do porn.”

“Oh fuck you! You’re the last person I want to have this talk with.” She shoved me angrily away from her door, rummaging in her purse for the keys.

“Who else knows about this?”

“Besides the guy I fucked and the guy who filmed it? No one.”

There was venom in the way she emphasised those words. Hina was clearly taking the offensive, letting me know she wasn’t gonna stand for me taking the moral high ground. She found the key and slid it into the lock. She unlocked it and grabbed the door handle.

“How do you think your parents will take this? Your little brother? Knowing his older sister is doing porn on the down low?”

She paused. “Is that what this is? A blackmail attempt?”


“-Good, cuz you’re too much of a pussy to try and blackmail me.” She opened the door and slid in through the doorway. I reached for her hand that was holding on to the door, and pulled it before she slipped it in. Hina glared at me.

“I just wanna know why.”

“What fucking difference does it make?”

“I thought we were comfortable sharing secrets. After we broke up.”

“Apparently not, right?”

“What do you mean?”

Hina jerked her hand away and slammed the door shut.

“What the fuck do you think!” came her voice from within.

I punched the door and stood there till my breathing returned to normal. My face was hot… and my balls were tight. Along with that barely-there skirt, Hina had been wearing a full-sleeved bodysuit top. The top was sheer, and her bra underneath pushed up her tits such that her cleavage rocked with each step she took. I had managed to catch a glimpse of her ass – made prominent by her platform shoes – as she’d squeezed through her door. She looked like a million bucks… but why hadn’t she come back home with someone?

The first time I’d met her had been at a ball at university, in sophomore year. She used to wear her hair a little shorter back then, but her body looked just as ravishing as tonight. Hina always managed to squeeze herself in dresses and fill them out nicely. That night at the ball I had to fight off a bunch of salivating seniors to ask her out. We’d dated for the better part of next year, before she got insecure about this other girl from my dorm I’d been hanging out with.


She was in a couple of classes with me at uni. We shared the same hallway at the dorm so we’d occasionally drop by at each other’s rooms for help with assignments. I’d gotten acquainted with Nisha a fair bit before I ever even met Hina. We’d usually hang out only at dorm events, and outside of homework didn’t see much of each other. She had her own clique. That changed when, in the middle of junior year, Hina went back home for the summer break. I stayed back a few weeks to attend an internship and found to my surprise that Nisha had stayed back as well. Her parents were away from home, and she’d decided she’d rather slum it for a couple of weeks in the dorms instead of flying across the country to an empty home.

I and Nisha had dinners together almost every night, and attended a couple of barbecues, house parties and movie screenings. Nothing ever happened between us, not because I didn’t want it to, but I could sense Nisha never saw me that way. After the break we ended up on the same hallway again, and picked our friendship up where we’d left off. I’d sometimes bring her over to dinners with me, Hina and a couple of mutual friends. A couple of times Hina caught me texting Nisha when we were hanging out. Nothing questionable, just banter between friends. I was faithful to Hina, and even offered to stop hanging out with Nisha if it made her feel more secure about my fidelity. I eventually did stop hanging out with Nisha. Hina seemed satisfied with that, and more-or-less secure in our relationship till we broke up, which was over other differences.

So if it wasn’t about Nisha, what did Hina think I kept from her? I cast a mental eye over the events surrounding my drunken hook-up with her…


I wasn’t drunk anymore, but I was buzzing. We’d rutted like racehorses on that couch. We hadn’t even bothered with the clothes. Hina swept the gusset of her sports shorts aside to let me enter her, as my jeans lay bunched up around my ankles. I pulled her tee shirt up to her neck, where it stayed. She rode me cowgirl. Bucking her hips on my crotch, her hands on my chest for support. When her legs started tiring she sank all the way down on my cock and ground her hips on my pelvis. The friction from the fabric of her shorts added to the pressure from rubbing made her quickly go over the edge. Hina arced her hips, lifting off my groin, and her eyes rolled up. Her hands clawed my chest as her orgasm roiled through her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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