Şub 13

Into the Forest

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The humid air stifles my breathing. I feel a heaviness in my chest, and the mist clouds my vision and disorientates me. As I walk through the vegetation, I run my hands over flowers of all shapes and sizes and colours, caressing their velvety petals and feeling their cool folds.

I walk on, and I have lost track of time. Moonlight pours through the trees and cool breeze like a thousand silver streams, swirling at my breasts and running off of my naked skin, stroking my hair and pooling in my stomach. Suddenly I feel eyes on me — the moon and I are no longer alone in this place.

My hair stands on end, and I hear a whisper, “You are the object of my desire, deeper than the inky sky and tender and ripe as the summer fruit.”

People appear from the trees, from behind bushes and stepping out of the river. Their bodies aglow in sweat and water and magic, they whisper the chant in unison. My nipples grow tender and I feel a stirring in my stomach as they draw closer, closer.

I close my eyes and I feel hands all over me, stroking, rubbing. They are lifting my arms, spreading my legs and my lips. I feel fingers in my mouth, rubbing a sweet nectar on my tongue. I open my eyes and see a tall woman, escort bayan her muscles rippling beneath her skin. Hers are the fingers I feel in my mouth. We lock eyes and the air changes — the chants become more harmonious and yet more insistent. I close my mouth around her fingers and she smiles, her eyes alight with mischief.

Around us there is a tangle of bodies writhing and swirling: I see a beautiful women riding a man, she is pale and small, yet the light bounces off of her curves. I see the man she is with, grabbing at her — he is much larger, I can somehow feel his hands are rough, I can feel the way he rubs her in just the right way with them. I realise I can feel every individual and what they are experiencing — penetrating bliss, tongues and crevices intertwined, the ebb and flow of their sighs and moans is intoxicating.

The tall woman kisses my neck softly, and leaves a train down my throat, in the soft part between my collar bones, onto my sternum. She looks at me with a strong and longing gaze, and moves her mouth over my nipple. I feel waves of pleasure washing over me, and I join the chorus of moans. She sucks and bites, flicking her tongue and then moving it round and round adana escort in a spiral, all the while rubbing my thighs, moving them open slowly. She moves onto my other nipple and strokes her hand down my stomach. I gasp, all of my senses heightened while more eyes focus on us, our electricity. People come over to us to join the woman in exploring my body.

I feel a man between my legs, his kisses running up my thighs and his hands gripping my waist, he is clean-shaven but has a ring in his tongue. My desperation for him to go further grows unbearable, and his lips touch the centre between my legs. I groan deeply as he flicks his tongue over my clit, feeling the heat of his breath over my opening. He sticks his tongue deep into me, as deep as it can go, and his piercing heightens the pleasure of the heat I feel. He grabs my waist tighter, and the tall woman comes closer as she positions herself over my lips.

I stick out my tongue eagerly, and she seats herself on my mouth. She grunts and moves back and forth, riding my face as I do to her what the man does to me. I taste her with a hunger I have never felt, and grab her hips to fasten her motion on me. She cries out again and adıyaman escort again, and I do too as the man tastes me with the same hunger.

The man takes my hand and I feel him put it on his stiff member. My arousal escalates even further, and I cry a muffled “yes”. I feel him spread my legs further. The woman, spent from multiple orgasms, kisses me and disappears into the trees with a few others that are done for the evening. Many still remain, switching groups and partners, still whispering and moaning. My attention is now fully on the man.

He rubs himself on my opening and enters into me, starting with his tip. In and out, slowly. He works his way deeper as I gasp and writhe beneath his long fingers. He grabs me and we flip over so I am on top of him, and my moan echoes through the clearing as I slide down onto him fully, sinking down onto his base. He moans and his eyes roll back as I begin to move back and forth in a wave motion with my hips. I am tender after orgasming before, so the intensity of him inside me is almost unbearably pleasurable.

All eyes are on us as I begin picking up my pace, our moans turning to screams as I begin to bounce up and down, move in circles on him. He sits up and we kiss passionately while I continue riding him furiously, sweat dripping down my spine and down his chest. I feel my body spasm and erupt in divine erotic pleasure, and our shrieks mingle and are thrown into the net of stars above us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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