Nis 10

Island Fever Ch. 07

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Author’ Note: Ami and Ren are in Curacao on vacation, and shortly after they arrived, they met Max and Liesel. The Dutch couple is introducing Ami and Ren to a lifestyle they had only fantasized about.

Liesel’s legs were raised high in the air and spread wide. Her hands behind her knees kept her legs parted as Ren’s tongue lapped at her cunt.

“That’s it, baby, lick my clit. God! That feels so good! Make me cum.”

Max and Ami watched the action on the sofa. Ami was sitting in Max’s lap, her legs spread wide, and his big, thick cock sticking up between her legs. Her hand was between her legs holding his cock firmly against her pussy as she ground against it, her mouth open and panting as Max pawed her breast. His fingers pinched and tugged on her nipples, eliciting whimpers and moans from the sexually charged woman on his lap.

Her hips humped against his hard cock, which slid between her wet lips.

“Baby, lick my asshole. I want to feel you tongue-fuck me,” Liesel begged. “Get me ready, baby! I want you to fuck my ass, but you’ve got to loosen me up first.”

Ami moaned when she heard the words coming from Liesel’s mouth.

“Do it, Ren! Lick her tight butthole. I want to see you fuck her ass!”

Ren pushed Liesel’s legs further against her chest, opening her up more as his tongue slid down to the tight puckered hole between her cheeks, which were spread wide.

He lightly flicked his tongue against that hole, and she moaned deeply. “God,” she thought, “the feeling of having your most intimate spot licked was incredible.”

Stiffening his tongue, Ren inserted it into her rectum. He felt her sphincter tighten in protest at first, but as he continued his ministrations, her muscle relaxed and his tongue burrowed deeper up her canal.

“Oh shit! Oh Fuck!” Liesel cried as she thrust her hips against his face, trying to drive his tongue deeper and deeper up her hole.

“Use your finger!” she demanded. “Finger-fuck me!”

Ren started to insert his thumb into her ass. “Whoa, babe,” Liesel coached. “Use your index finger and lubricate it first. Open me up gently. Get me ready for your big cock.”

Ren put his finger into his mouth to wet it with saliva. He placed it against her asshole but did not push.

“That’s it. Let me just take it in.”

Ren held his finger steady with firm pressure as Liesel gently thrust against it.

“Lick her pussy, baby,” Ami izmir escort bayan encouraged. “Distract her from what you’re doing at her backdoor.”

Ren realized his wife was coaching him too, and he took her advice.

“Oh, yes, that’s it,” Liesel moaned as she bucked harder against his finger, driving it fully into her butt. He eased it in an out, drawing whimpers from her as she adjusted to the sensation. His finger felt like it was in a molten vise.

His tongue bathed her clit in saliva, and Liesel couldn’t help but move back and forth, which caused his finger to thrust in and out of her gradually loosening bunghole. He could feel her relax more, growing accustomed to a foreign invader in a place it had no business being.

“OK,” she said. “Now use your thumb, but use the lube.”

Ren reached for the bottle of Astroglide they had placed on the coffee table for just such an occasion. He coated his thumb with the slippery lubricant and then squirted a shot on Liesel’s pussy, watching as it trickled down to her asshole.

Catching it with his thumb, he rubbed it around her opening, making sure it was applied liberally. Pressing gently, his thumb slipped up her now-relaxed hole without resistance, but Liesel’s breath still caught in her throat.

As his thumb went deeper and deeper, Ren inserted his index and middle fingers in her pussy. Two in the pink, one in the stink.

This time, Liesel groaned. “Fuuuuucccck!”

Ren let her get accustomed to the larger digit in her ass, and the fact that both her holes were filled now. When he thought she was ready, he began moving his fingers in and out, opening her up even more.

After a few minutes, Liesel said, “I’m ready, baby. Fuck my ass!”

Liesel kept her legs held high as she spread her ass cheeks. Taking the Astroglide again, he coated his rock hard cock and squirted another blast of the lube on Liesel’s backdoor.

Lining his cockhead up with her anus, he looked over his shoulder at Ami, who had two of her own fingers buried in her cunt, her eyes fixated on his cock poised at the entrance of another woman’s ass.

“Fuck her! Do it! Let me watch while you fuck that tight ass.”

He pressed the tip against her hole but paused.

“Tell me you want it,” he demanded.

“I want it,” Liesel and Ami actually replied at the same time.

“But go slow,” Liesel pleaded. “Let me get used to it.”

Ren leaned escort izmir in gently and was stunned when the head of his cock popped into her ass with ease. Nevertheless, Liesel let out a moan that was echoed by Ami as she watched intently.

Glancing back over his shoulder again, he saw that Ami was now slipping her pinky into her own ass.

Turning his attention back to Liesel, he kept steady pressure and his cock slipped a little deeper as he stared into her eyes. He saw her wince at the slight pain and discomfort, and she put her hand between her legs to frig herself, eliciting pleasure from her cunt even while feeling the pain in her ass.

“Wait!” she hissed through clenched teeth. “Let me adjust.”

He eased off slightly and she sighed. He waited patiently for her cues.

“OK, a little deeper. Oh!” she gasped. “Slow, slow!”

It was all he could do to keep from thrusting balls deep into her, but he was beginning to understand what he needed to do. He paused again and waited. In the meantime, he looked down at his rod extruding from this beautiful woman’s ass. He couldn’t believe it. He was finally having anal sex. It was all he could do to keep from blowing his load up her butthole right now.

He leaned in to kiss her, and her tongue hungrily tangled with his.

“Now, push it in,” she urged, and he did, drawing moans and whimpers from her. He realized that he was fully inside her.

They both released a breath as if their whole lives had been leading up to this one single moment. Ren began to ease out of her, and she held her breath at the withdrawal. Just before the tip exited her hole, he reversed his movement and slid back into to her.

“Aaaaggghh,” Liesel and Ami gasped simultaneously.

“More lube!” Liesel pleaded, and Ren squirted more onto his cock without withdrawing from her completely. That helped, and as he bottomed out again, he immediately began his withdrawal.

Liesel was starting to get used to the penetration. Her butthole was opening up and relaxing. The discomfort was gone, replaced by a feeling that could only be described as intense.

It was as if simultaneously she couldn’t get enough, and at the same time couldn’t take any more.

The guttural groans were coming steadily from her mouth now as he picked up the pace, thrusting in and out of her ass like a well-worn cunt.

“Turn me over!” Liesel demanded. “Take me from behind!”

Ren izmir escort eased out of her ass and flipped her over.

“Open yourself up to me,” he ordered, and Liesel reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. He stared down at her gaping ass, left open by his recent invasion. He loved the view. He grabbed the lube and squirted another blast into her opening, and she flinched as the cool liquid flowed into her butt. He inserted his cock back into her, but this time, he wasn’t gentle and he wasn’t patient. He was ready to shoot his load, and he was going to use this woman to do it. He grasped her long hair like it was a set of reins and pulled back as he thrust into her.

“Oh my God!” she cried as her head was pulled back and his cock entered her fully.

“Fuck her,” Max and Ami said at the same time, their eyes fixated on the spectacle before them. And Ren did.

He picked up the pace as he fucked Liesel’s ass. From her mouth, he drew constant moans and gasps. He was close, very close.

“Baby, I want you to fuck my ass like that!” Ami’s voice pierced the fog of his sex-addled brain, and those words were too much. He began voiding the contents of his balls into Liesel’s rectum, groaning with the sensation of his tightly encased cock expanding and contracting with each ejaculation.

Liesel cried out as she felt his penis pulse within her, spurting his sperm deep in her cavern. He thrust hard against her, flattening her ass cheeks with his penetration and drawing a sharp cry from her lips.

At the same time, Ami, thrusting once again against Max’s cock sprouting between her legs, let loose, bucking and convulsing in her orgasm. Max’s cock erupted, spewing milking white fluid all over her breasts and stomach.

Ren collapsed onto Liesel’s back as his contractions subsided, breathing hard and exhausted from his exertions. Liesel let out a long breath. Truth be told, her ass was sore. Ren had used her well. He still had a little to learn about fucking a woman’s ass, but she couldn’t really complain, even if her ass would be sore for a week.

His shrinking cock slipped from her body, and with it the evidence of their lovemaking. Cum dribbled from her hole and plopped down on the couch.

“Fuck!” he gasped.

“Fuck!” she gasped.

“Fuck!” Ami said.

Max laughed, watching as drops of his cum dripped from Ami’s nipples.

Ren crawled off of her back and sat back on the sofa. Liesel flipped over and did the same, cum still leaking from her back hole.

“And you guys are going to be here another six days?” Liesel asked completely deadpanned.

And they all started laughing uncontrollably.

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