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It’s its Mr Leslie’s Birthday Bash

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Foreword to all that care. This is after all a fiction. The nicknames in this story have all specifically granted me permission to write a narrative including them in it. There really is a Stories and Authors room in the chat part of Literotica. But we all know that it is a “Virtual Place” (no one actually met). The author assumes no responsibility for any social transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies following this event hehe.

It was Friday night, and of course naturally everyone was online instead of going out to the bar for some reason. Of course it’s not 7 at night on Friday eeeeverywhere on the globe at the same moment. But then again, between 4, and 11 at night on Friday, well it’s still all Friday night correct?

Everyone was starting to show up in Stories and Authors. The normal silly comments were passed around. The usual hi hellos that make the darn window scroll by fast so your comment disappears before anyone saw it. But everyone was there by the median hour of like 9 ish. Tonight was supposed to be a great evening. The story glove had been thrown down. Some smooth talking dingbat with the nickname its Mr. Leslie had insisted on celebrating his birthday as an online thing in the Stories and Authors room. With his charmingly innocent and silly way, he had convinced everyone into attending in their birthday suit. Well a lot did that way at any rate So everyone without exception was loyally sitting at their computer, chatting the way mom had brought them into the world (well some of us looked a bit different).

Everyone had chimed in with the usual commentary and suggestive banter. The flirtations were a tad one sided. The was suggestions that the gang might get a private room until its Mr Leslie specifically commented that it was actually supposed to be a public silliness after all.

The girls signed on. There was Tweety Bird, Catalina, Chewey, Handcuffs, Pepperpot37, SexKitten, The girl formerly known as Gelf, Wild Wings, Cleopatra, Salacious Mind, Sun Comes Up, Saranade, and Aura. Its Mr Leslie checked them all off of his list (getting a considerable hard on while thinking of them all) Gee there must be at least 25 tits on view in here. Then he took stock of all the guys present (which made his cock go a bit limp but that’s ok). We have Moreorless, Chily willy, Night Ranger, Lemur, Richard Crawford, Extra, Thunder Dragon, Arg The Pirate, Sapper, and naturally its Mr Leslie. Using typical norms, that makes for 20 testicles and about 5 full feet of potential cock. That meant that there was 13 gals getting moist looking at those 10 guys, who being the generous souls they all are, were all trying to achive 6 feet of cock instead heheh.

Most of the room was fairly mature of age. But there wasn’t any lack of enthusiasm to go around.

its Mr Leslie suggested ankara escort as a way to get the party started that they all do the Macarena but naked. This was received by a combination of groans (from those that hate the fucking tune), and hoots from those looking forward to watching a great deal of bobbing and shaking going on. its Mr Leslie stated up a small portable stereo and the silly scene began. Tits flinging and cock bobbing. It was incredibly goofy looking. The hands on ass and gyrate hips part was perhaps a bit over embellished. This certainly broke the ice though.

Then Saranade a favourite of its Mr Leslie cut him out of the crowd and asked what was next.

“Well actually I was hoping everyone wanted to fuck actually” mentioned its Mr Leslie.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Leeeeeeeessssslllllliiiiieeeeee” cooed Saranade in a way she knew he liked. “Works for me”.

“God Saranade do you have aaaany idea how badly I want you to empty these balls?”.

“I would wager you want it pretty badly”.

Saranade casually ran her hand along its Mr Leslie’s shaft and made him groan vocally. She smirked when his cock began to emit fluids.

“Looks like the birthday boy has been waiting for tonight”.

“Ok Room, this is the plan, get fucked” its Mr Leslie stammered. Stammered because Saranade had crouched in front of him and was sure making herself at home.

The room filled with Whooohooos! As the girls and guys scoped out their targets. With 12 gals to 9 remaining lads though, some guys were destined to be worked over by more than one gal.

Tweety Bird with a hungry look and licking her lips started toward Moreorless.

“I missed lunch today Moreorless”

This made his cock twitch knowingly as she led him off to the side. Kneeling front of him she swallowed his tool and sent him off to lala land for the time being. He merely stood against the wall eyes closed and a damn good smirk on his face.

Catalina had he sights set on Chilly Willy.

“Ooohhh poor Chilly Willy, his cock must be soooo cold too. Come here babe and let me make it warm for you”.

Chilly Willy had his cock placed between her soft breasts and rubbed till she figured his hot dog must be getting warmed up. It seemed to please Chilly Willy a lot.

Chewey found Nightranger looking like a deer in headlights.

“Your mine dear. I have an itch care to scratch it for me?”

She bent over provocatively, giving Nightranger a glorious shot of her charms. He complied by sitting at here feet and began to massage away that nasty itch. It appeared that her itch was a wandering itch though. Try as he might he had trouble isolating it. In frustration he opted for covering all the bases and just rubbed everywhere. It was not easy to see if Chewey still had an itch.

Handcuffs escort ankara her namesake well earned dragged off Lemur. She secured him to a poll in the room and asked Lemur if he had any heart conditions she needed to know about. He said he was fine. Whereupon she began probing the limits of Lemur’s ability to endure sensory overload with a feather. He laughing filled the room.

Pepperpot37 was greeted by Richard Crawford. Such a nice name you have she smiled to him. He took her in his arms and without fanfare lifted her up and then lowered her onto his waiting shaft. She rode him completely free of the concerns of gravity. Her legs embraced him as he held her aloft.

Sexkitten and Extra played a silly game of chase around the room. Her breasts madly flying about and his cock wildly swinging about. She was cornered eventually and he pushed her into a knelling posture and then chest heaving from the chase, he pushed himself into her charms in a doggie style position. She squealed from her captures decisive advances on her treasures.

The gal formerly known as Gelf and Wild Wings both simultaneously spied Thunderdragon. Thunderdragon zigged but Wild Wing was waiting in that direction. They over powered him and he was dragged onto the floor. The gal formerly known as Gelf pushed down his head and then brazenly squatted over him. She howled as her wet pussy was suddenly accosted by his hot breath and tongue. Wild Wing pounced onto his lap and began to bob up and down facing his feet fully impaled on his erection.

Cleopatra was last seen sneaking into a closet with Arg the Pirate. It is unclear if they engaged in any uncivilized behaviour.

Salacious Mind and Sun Comes Up both placed Sapper onto a nice bearskin rug so nicely left by a previous visitor. Sapper had Sun Comes Up lying on her back and he proceeded to drive his cock into her mouth. He did this as Salacious Mind reclined to receive Sappers tongue between her legs. Sapper did his best to concentrate on Salacious Mind but it was no easy task. Sun Comes Up was taking his entire shaft into her mouth and the humming she was producing was making Sapper go a bit crazy.

Back at its Mr Leslie, he was explaining how his thoughtless cock never allowed him the thrill of blowing his load in a woman’s mouth and would she care to force his cock to cooperate. She said that she was not overly skilled with that sort of thing but would at least attempt it. It was after all his 40th birthday. And that made it at least a decent enough reason to try for him. She began to pump his cock with her hands and then inserted him into her mouth and started sucking away on him. After a while of trying it has still showed no response so he suggested a break and he began to eat her pussy instead. Saranade squirmed as she was shown that he DID ankara escort bayan in fact have quite a strong tongue.

All about the room the sounds of joy, as well as groans and a lot of skin on skin could be heard. All manner of sexual activity was underway.

There were a few people in the room that were not specifically part of the “in crowd” for its Mr Leslie’s party. These people usually rapidly realized it was a private matter and either left for elsewhere, or in some cases just joined in and had some casual sex.

The party though had created a spectacle and there was apparently a lot of buzz in the other rooms. Some people came in and said a few words then went off to inform the other rooms.

The only unaccounted persons were Cleopatra and Arg The Pirate. Although the sounds coming from the linen closet made it clear they were having fun as well.

But sex if done right doesn’t last forever.

Around the room the heavy breathing was transforming in grunts and gasps. Then if on some sort of strange signal everyone began to cum orgasm shoot loads etc. Great streams of cum. Loads of female juices. Loud sighs and sudden bursts of OOOhh GODDDD were being exclaimed. Several ladies had their faces soiled with sperm. Several men had equally slick faces from being shoved into warm wet flesh. A few thrashed in the last throes of embrace as sperm was pumped deep into female anatomy. Handcuffs hooted and hollered as her torture bore fruit and she watched as Lemurs cock exploded a stream of cum straight out onto the floor burst after burst as he released himself from all her carefully selected tickles.

Its Mr Leslie was heard to proudly declare that he finally had his wish come true at last. Saranade stood near him casually licking at gobs of sperm that had managed to escape her mouth from when he had shot 7 full thick bolts of warm sap for her. His face was one of utter pleasure.

Then Saranade said out loud it was time for the birthday boy to get his spanks. He wasn’t entirely interested though. No matter, the guys held him over the couch as the girls all got in 40 smacks on his totally accessible bare ass. No one was trying to hurt him but after 13 gals and 40 smacks he bottom achieved a nice warm glow. He was let up, and he looked sheepish.

“Always wanted to try spanking, but I thought I would be the one spanking heheh”.

Then everyone went over to the snack table (yes there was a snack table, of course there is a snack table). It was an odd sight though. The gals all had a rosy hue and the guys, well most were standing in line waiting for the ladies (yes the guys are all proper gentlemen) and all the cocks happily dripped the remains of their owner’s sperm loads.

Everyone then had some munchies and sat around the room relaxing. But well lets face it the room was full of naked people. It wasn’t long before everyone was at it again. Although this time the pairing were not as frantic. But the evening ended with everyone quite spent.

Pity 40 doesn’t happen more than once eh.

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