Ara 28

Janitorial Service Ch. 03

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There I stood, my hard cock throbbing, a jar of Vaseline in my hand and a beautiful, half naked woman sitting on my desk. It didn’t take a lot of imagination to move from there, I simply grabbed her hip, pulled her forward on my desk and lubed up my cock. I thought of flipping her over and taking her from behind, but instead I wanted to try it like this. If she decided to play with her clit, well I’d have a front row seat.

Looking down at her curly, black pubic hair, I ran my hand through it, watching the tight curls twist around my finger. While I played in her hair, I let my thumb wander down and toy with her clit. Since she had come just a few minutes earlier, it was sensitive and she immediately began thrusting her hips forward in unison.

I moved forward, closer to her and guided my cock up into the crack of her ass. Sliding it around some, I found her tiny hole and began pushing myself against her. There was some resistance, so grabbing her hips with both hands I pulled her toward me while thrusting myself forward. The hole yielded a bit and I pushed harder until the head of my cock had disappeared into her ass.

Moaning a bit, she reached down, güvenilir bahis slipped her fingers into her pussy and pulled them out, glistening with her juices. She then moved her fingers to her clit and began slowly circling. I remained motionless, my cock half buried in her ass, watching the fingers push up between her lips and caress the pink nub. Her hips began to rise and fall a bit as she masturbated, so I pushed ever so slightly with each of her thrusts forward.

The tight feeling of her ass muscles around me felt good, but I continued pushing in very slowly, enjoying every little squeeze and motion of her as she moved her fingers over her clit. Finally, as I noticed her breathing getting much faster, I had pushed my cock until it met a bit of resistance again. I paused for a moment until just the second she lifted her hips, raising her pussy up to grind on her fingers, and I leaned hard onto her. There was a tight squeeze for just a moment and then she opened up completely to me as my cock slid in to the hilt.

I slowly withdrew and then quickly pushed back into her and then withdrew again. Each time I pulled it out just a bit further before pushing back into türkçe bahis her ass. Looking at her fingers, I saw she was moving them furiously, so I began thrusting into her more quickly too until I heard her moan, “I’m coming,” and she wrapped her legs around me and held me tight. With my cock shoved in deep, I stopped moving, savoring the feeling of her ass squeezing me with each contraction.

When she finally calmed I began moving slowly again, pulling out a bit and then pushing back into her. After a while I could gauge how far I could pull out without her muscles pinching me out of her, so I could pull out as far as possible and then plunge inch after, tight sliding inch into her.

Once again she slipped her fingers into her pussy and then started running them over her clit again while I moved in and out, the pleasure rolling up my cock and into my balls. Seeing her playing with herself again, I slowed my motion so I could hold off coming until she came again. After a few moments though, I quickened my thrusting as her breathing quickened and she was thrusting her hips wildly. Sure enough, I felt the pulsations roll though her, squeezing my cock again and again.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri didn’t slow down this time, I kept moving quicker and quicker as her orgasm slowly subsided. Soon I was slamming into her so hard my balls were slapping off her ass as I felt intense pleasure roll through my cock and I came, spurting my come deep into her tight little ass. I remained standing there, my cock twitching a bit and then slowly shrinking, until it slipped out of her ass.

I then helped her down off my desk and moved back around the desk where my pants and underwear were on the floor. I pulled them on and looked back to her. She was also dressed and had begun working again. Smiling, I noticed she had bent over to pull the trash back out of my trash can. Her shirt had hiked up a bit and I could see the top of her thong.

I said, “Your thong in very nice.”

Looking back at me she smiled and asked, “And did you like the rest of me?”

“Yes, I did, I certainly did,” I replied as she slipped her arms into the straps on the vacuum and switched it on, running it over the carpet in my office.

As she steered the vacuum out of the door and into the corridor, she looked back at me and said something, but I couldn’t hear over the noise of the vacuum. She moved further down the corridor just as my phone rang. When my phone call was finished, I looked for her, but she was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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