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Jealous Jay

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Jealous JayI just finished shaving my balls and showering in anticipation of Jay coming over (he likes me shaved so our sweaty smooth bodies slip and slide over each other). He had been away for three days on a field trip and we really had a lot to catch up on! As I stepped from the bathroom I saw Jay standing next to my bed, wearing a sexy pair of white stockings with lace tops snapped with a matching garter belt around his slim waist, his hands on his hips and his beautiful thick Cock at full erection! My heart skipped a beet and I just then realized how much I had missed him. My Cock went from at-ease to full throb in seconds!!We walked into each other’s arms and hugged each other as our lips met and we kissed. I reached down and held him by his cute smooth tight ass and lifted him until our Cocks were grinding and frotting each other….kissing each other, licking necks and whispering our lust in each other’s ears. My insides were on fire in anticipation of the upcoming worship we were about to engage in, when all of a sudden he pulled away and backed up against the wall. He was obviously upset and so I asked what was the problem? He looked me up and down and then demanded to know who I had been with. I was amazed at his jealous tone. We had been together a long time and had partaken in hundreds of rituals….sucking Cock, fucking and feeding on Cum from dozens of different men….and now he wanted to know who I had been with.i was still a little dumbfounded when he asked me again. He said he could smell Cock on me, a Cock he did not recognize! I realized he smelled my new friend, the güvenilir bahis little twink from next door. I was going to tell him what had happened, but didn’t think it would be like this. So, standing in from of my sexy trans lover, my Cock still at full attention, I told the whole story. I even told Jay about how hot and tight his ass was while I mixed my hot load in his twink ass and then fed on his Nectar! I to,d Jay that he was my best friend and lover, but he knows I follow my instincts and that when it comes to Cock, I cannot refuse the glory and worship of another Worshipper no matter how old or young!I think Jay was a little frustrated because he was on a school trip for three days with a bunch straight guys and he didn’t even have time to properly worship his own Cock, much less anyone else’s. So he was holding a hot three day load, hadn’t fed on any Cock or Cum and so I looked over his indignation and jealousy. I walked back up to him and whispered in his ear that I was sorry he wasn’t there to help pop our little twinks cherry….as I rubbed our thick Cocks against each other and started kissing him all over. Jay started to moan as I squeezed his ass, ground our Cocks and sucked his neck. I threw him in the bed and knealt over him as I rubbed my Cock over his body and told him how much I missed making love to him….he was whispering the same things back to me. Slowly I went down his side, smelling his sweet armpits, then over this chest, licking his hard nipples, down to his stomach, my tongue darting into his sexy belly button. I was rubbing his stockinged thighs with my türkçe bahis hands as my lips slipped down to his beautiful thick full throbbing meat.His Cock was so fantastic….I love his full veiny shaft with his full thick helmet head that always leaked sweet pre! His scent is sweet musk that lures my lust to him!! I ran my lips over his throbbing shaft, letting my tongue lick his his meat and balls. His Cock was wet with my spit and I used my mouth to press his hardness against his body and rub it against him back and forth. He was cooing and moaning, begging me to suck him off. He was saying “Tim….take my love….I need you…love me….suck me!” I was licking his sweet pre juice from his full purple head when he got more urgent. “….please, suck my Cock…..I have a three day load for you…..suck me! Fuck me! ……Cock!” My Cock was throbbing as he begged for me to release his load!I couldn’t torture him any more. Besides, I really wanted his Cock!! He had been drinking our special root herb and fruit juice the whole time he was gone and he was in real need to let his built up honey out! I took his shaft in my mouth and started making love to him. He was squirming, twisting and thrusting his hips as I sucked his Cock….from the tip of his head to the base of his shaft, every inch of his meat was worshipped…the whole time he was saying his prayers, talking in tongues as he espoused his love of Priapus, me, Cock and Cum!! The feel and taste of his sweet pre juices was overwhelming! I held his shaft at the base and squeezed, choking his Cock to a throbbing purple mass, then gently güvenilir bahis siteleri sucking and taking him all the way down my throat, choking on his love! Choking his shaft again and again, sometimes slappingng his meat agai st my face or his thighs….sometimes concentrating on his full head as his pre flowed over my tongue….always worshipping his Cock!!My prayers were like his. As I would come up for air I would pray whatever came to my mind….my words filled with love and devotion to Cock! “…..I love your Cock….god is Cock….Cum is gods food……I love your musk….fuck….Cock….suck….feed me….”! Jay was in heaven, thanking me for loving him as I sucked him glorious meat. He rubbed my head as I made love to him, his juices flowing more and more, his breathing deeper and s**ttered….his voice sexier!In a muffled whisper he to,d me God was in him and he was going to fill me with his hot load! I was fucking in heaven as his first pulse of hot nectar shot in my mouth! Jay was thrusting his hips and I held his shaft as the first mind blowing throbbb was followed by another and another and another. His Cum tasted hot and sweet, the juices flowed like smooth juice. I swallowed most of his Cum as I kept his Cock in my mouth, then rubbed him over my face. We finally came face to face and Jay licked his seed from my face and then we kissed and swapped his Cum. I never had a load like that, the built up Nectar that stewed insid Enid sack for days, needing to release. I hopeed Jay wasn’t jealous anymore, but to make sure I kissed him again and then to,d him to feed on my Cock! He smiled, gave me a sweet kiss and then went to work…..his perfect mouth making love to my perfect Cock! He was my Lover…..we were worshippers of Cock……and I was about to feed him my love, my seed, the power of Priapus was in us!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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