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It looks like a rape, but read on and discover that it isn’t.

The following story is based on the imagination of a reader who has given permission for the use of her ideas. For the sake of privacy, her name will not be published and does not bare any resemblance to the characters portrayed herein.
The beginning is entirely her story, with only editorial alterations, background, in fills and the conclusion on my part.

As with all of the works posted by me, under my name, it is protected by international copyright and may not be copied, published or posted under any other name without express permission of the author. I do give permission for printing for personal use however; the hard copy must not published in any format with out prior permission of the Author.

Jemma’s torment


I had planned for this day; carefully tailing your movements from flat to the station. I had been timing the sequences of you kissing your girlfriend goodbye then locking the front door, getting into your car and driving to the station. It must have been a whole month I suppose, time in which to familiarise my self with your daily routine. All the time I had been planning when and where I would strike, assessing your capabilities to fight back and deciding on my methodology.

Why you? I guess it was because you had bumped into me one day as we both got on the train. In your headlong rush to get through the sliding doors before they closed and left you on the platform, you charged straight into me and flashed a sorry accompanied with a dazzling smile that didn’t reach your eyes. I remember you smelled wonderful, your perfume accentuated by the lingering aroma of shower gel or whatever you had used to wash that morning. From that moment onwards, your fate was sealed and my careful preparations began to roll.

But, that wasn’t the real reason for my choice; the reason will become clear later, much later.

I had to prepare my ground as well. I began by renting a small town house in Anerley Park with a garage at the bottom and a basement below that. I didn’t need the rest of the house, just the basement and automatic door.

I was meticulous. I wanted you incapacitated, using an injected drug, but had to be extremely careful not to give you too much or too little. The dose has to be quite accurate, calculated on you weight and body mass. I estimated that fifteen millilitres would be enough to render your muscles inoperable, but not stop your heart. You would be aware of what was happening, but unable completely to offer any resistance at all.

I chose Ketamine, an old fashioned anaesthetic no longer used because of the side effects. What did I care if you suffered acid like trips? My sole intention was to have your body totally at my command and Ketamine would act very fast, essential in what I had planned for you.

It had to be a Monday I figured, inevitably, you would be disorganised from the weekend. I had observed you distracted on Monday mornings, rushing from the car parking space towards the ticket kiosk while rummaging in your bag for the fare. I had wondered why you didn’t buy a seasonal ticket and meant to ask you perhaps, if ever there was conversation between us.

Today, instead of tailing you from the flat as I had done for the last four weeks or so, I parked my car near the entrance to the station and waited for you to arrive. As usual, you were nearly late and typically, you rushed from the hurriedly parked car towards the front entrance of the station and, unknowingly, towards my clutches.

Your white open necked blouse stretched across your breasts, showing the lacy bra underneath. The black jacket was undone and flapped in the breeze. Your legs were bare beneath a short black skirt. I noted that you had not dried your long blonde hair properly and idly wondered how long it was since you left the bed of your lover to go to work. I imagined the two of you, entwined in embrace, breast-to-breast, hip-to-hip and your rosebud mouths locked together in a timeless passion. You were about to get the advance of a man; I wondered what she would think about your violation.

Ten strides away, you stop and delve to the bottom of your bag at last to retrieve the purse tucked away in a corner. In a feat of dexterity, the bag is shoved under an arm while you flip open the purse and extract the money needed. The gap between us closes as the purse is unceremoniously dumped back in the bag with the money clutched in your hand.

Five steps; I feel for the syringe loaded with ketamine that is in my pocket and grasp it as I might a dagger. I have to time my approach to perfection, too soon and you will become alarmed and have the chance to fight or struggle, too late and the opportunity will be missed.

I allow you to pass by me, smelling the aroma of your perfume, is it “Pure Poison” I wonder? It would be an apt fragrance. Then, in a flurry of movement, my hand snakes out from my pocket and buries the short needle into the muscle of your behind while simultaneously tripping and pushing you over. To make the whole event look like an accident, especially to any casual observer, I fall on top of you and hide the syringe in your bag for later disposal; getting rid of the evidence, should things go wrong, is all part of the careful planning.

You cry out of course, not from the hardly felt the prick of the needle as it passes through the thin fabric of your skirt and straight into the muscle. Your cry is for the sudden fall and the confusion of someone falling with you in a jumble of arms and legs. My weight drives the wind out of your lungs and chokes off any further vocal response.

I need at least five seconds for the initial impact of the ketamine to take effect, in order to gain that vital time, I make sure that your money is knocked out of your hand and some of the contents of your bag are spilled out on the pavement. It will take long enough to pick it all up. Your confusion and growing state of panic as the drug begins to hit are covered by my proffered words of apology and offers of help.

In those vital few seconds, your last chance of escape, of salvation pass by. I wave away offers of assistance from the passers by, telling them I have it under control. Indeed I do, for your immediate future is now completely under my control.

I keep up the pretence of concern and lead you to my waiting car. Already, the drug is coursing through your veins and has hit the neural receptors of your brain. Your eyes tell me that you are suffering from the effects, your struggles are becoming rapidly feeble; it is no problem to get you to the car with what support your legs can offer. With a show of great care, for the benefit of anyone interestedly watching the events unfold, I help you into the front passenger seat, placing your hastily repacked bag on the floor between your feet.

By now, the ketamine has done its job. Your body has virtually shut down all responsive motion. The rush of adrenalin raised you heart rate, causing the drug to work faster. Mixed with the confusion and anger is the overwhelming euphoria of the narcotic. I strap you in unhurriedly; then get in on the other side and start the car.

The trip is to be a short one; it will take no more than six minutes or so, through the back streets to get to my destination. I have practiced the route and have memorised the trouble spots in order avoid them. I glance across at you. Your eyes are open and there is recognition of the danger you are in, but there is nothing you can do about it. Speech is gone as is the ability to control your muscles in defence. The short skirt has ridden up and sits on your hips as might a belt. The vee of your underwear is visible, trapped between the milky whiteness of your upper thighs, a direct contrast and so alluring to the eye. I cannot resist a touch even though I am likely to crash the car. I risk the lack of concentration and pull your legs apart. You do not, nor cannot resist. Deliciously slowly, my trembling fingertips find your sex and press the fabric of your panties into and between the hidden lips. My cock, already hard in anticipation, hardens still further, painfully pressing against the denim of my jeans. I have to stop. Our journey continues until the arrival at the carefully selected house.

A flick of the auto-switch opens the galvanised steel garage door. Slowly it opens upward while the car idles outside, waiting for the portal to reveal the darkness inside. The car slides into the gloom and is swallowed from sight as the door silently closes down, effectively separating us from the outside world and your freedom.

I can relax now. The difficult and potentially dangerous part is over. I congratulate myself on the successful transference of you from daily routine to my domain.

Unhurriedly, I open your door and snap off the seat belt that separates your breasts; it retracts with a click into the door pillar. Getting you out of the car could be problematic, but it is something else I have practised. Lifting your legs and spinning you in the seat saves the effort of trying to take a dead weight on my lower back, it wouldn’t do to put myself out and have us both incapacitated. Then, with your feet just short of the ground, I grab your arm and in a fluid movement, pitch you forward over my shoulder.

I grab your bag in one hand and nudge the car door shut with my knee. Carrying you is effortless across the garage to a half hidden door that leads to the basement. I have spent several hours preparing this subterranean room, sound proofing it and making sure the tools of my pleasure are all in place and ready for use.

The door opens onto a whitewashed room. There is very little furniture, just a mattress covered table in the centre of the concrete floor and four rings in the wall. Deftly, I drop you to land on the mattress, and then lift an errant leg that has fallen off the side. The glimpse I get is of your sex hidden by the blackness of a G-string. The anticipation rises and it is as much as I can do, not to rip the clothes off of you there and then and just plunge my self into your body until my animalistic urges are sated.

I have timed the whole episode though. Knowing I have approximately ten minutes left before the effects of the drug will start to wear off. During that time, I have more preparations to do.

I unclip and remove your watch off of your left hand, noting that you are right handed. Then, with some difficulty, remove the rings from your lifeless fingers. These with your necklace and earrings are placed out of reach in a stainless steel bowl that sits on a small, wheeled hostess tray, amongst the implements of my pleasure.

I have to pull your blouse out of the waistband of the black skirt; the bottom of the shirt is creased and rucked. Working up from the bottom, I undo each button, pressing them through the hole slowly while looking into your eyes. I can see that function is returning but know you still have some time before you are able to move, but fear is registering in the wide silent scream. One by one, as the buttons undo the smoothness of your skin is revealed as each button is released. The last one parts, the two halves fall sideways off of your breasts, to uncover a matching bra to the thong. I recognise the set as the one you recently bought in “La Sensa”.

The button on the side of your skirt is a little more difficult to manipulate, but eventually, it gives way. Then I pull the zipper to allow me to pull the garment off over your knees. One by one, I take off your impossibly high-heeled shoes, smelling the leather and sweat of each before dropping it to clatter on the hard floor.

Your fingers twitch, feeling is returning rapidly now, but I still have time to complete my preparations. I move to your left hand side and pick up a silk rope that is tied to the leg of the table. The loose end is wrapped around your wrist when I have pulled it up over your head. Deliberately in you r line of sight for the effect it will have, I move to the opposite side and grasp your right wrist and cruelly pull that up over your head too, securing it in place with another, prepared silk rope.

Now that the top half of you is immobile, I can work on the lower half in comparative safety, it isn’t always possible to gauge the recovery time of different people from the ketamine. For some, it is seconds only, while others take several minutes or even hours.

Grasping an ankle, I loop another silk rope around the delicate flesh and tie it off, then do the same with the other. Effectively, you are crucified on the tabletop with only a thin mattress under you and only the flimsy material of underwear escort kocaeli between your sex and my ministrations.

Lastly, I lift your head by grabbing your hair and place a wooden morgue block under your neck; an indentation cups your neck snugly. It keeps your head up and allows you a good view of your body. Tape holds your head in place as if you had suffered a neck trauma and was in hospital, all that you can move when muscle response returns fully, is your toes and fingers. I stand back and admire the view and my handiwork.

Your senses and control have now returned almost fully. There is of course some disorientation totally expected after the anaesthetic, but, had you hands been free now, you might have made a formidable opponent especially if the French nails were brought into play. The elongated white tips looked lethal.


Hooking a foot around one of the uprights of the tray, I pull it towards me and lift off the covering cloth. An array of instruments glistens into view, light from the overhead pendant, refracts at obtuse angles making small bright dots that dance on the walls. The effect is mesmeric and attracts your peripheral vision.

Sitting on top of the neatly lined up tools is a Bowie style, hunting knife with a smooth bone handle. I pick it up in my right hand and transfer it to my left. In the transference, you see the wickedly sharp blade and vicious point. Fear courses through you, mixed with adrenalin; it drives the last lingering effects of the ketamine out of your system and makes you forget completely, the other tools on the top tray of the stainless steel gurney.

At last, the ability to speak returns; your first words are a plea in a whispered voice.

“Don’t hurt me please.”

It is a forlorn and pitiful cry. The sound of your voice is husky in the fear you have and the dryness of your throat following the administered drug.

I don’t answer you, just look into your eyes silently and then raise an eyebrow in a mocking expression. It has the effect I sought, you are stunned into silence, afraid that your whimpers may bring about or hasten your demise. Self preservation takes over, you resign yourself to the ordeal that is to befall you, imagining the very worst that could be.

I trace the point of the knife from the hollow of your neck and shoulder in a slow languid traverse that is leading towards your right breast. The fabric of the brassiere will be no impedance to the honed edge; the protective sheath of your skin could offer no resistance to its progress if I decided to plunge it into your chest cavity.

Your eyes close as if in silent prayer as the point picks against the fibres of the garment. Although the touch is so slight, it feels like a branding iron in its intensity. Goose bumps form as a primordial response to the cold, trying to trap air between skin and hair as an insulation mechanism. You have no hair, but its effect on your nipple is quite remarkable. The hidden hard nub creates a small mound inside the fabric, pushing from within. It is there that the point of the knife is travelling and you know it, fully.

“Please.” You implore, but I ignore the plaintive cry.

I am enjoying the tenseness of your reaction and purposely linger with the sharp apex against your nipple. I imagine that it is becoming painfully hard in the confines of the lacy material. A slight push punctures the warp and weft of the material, creating a small hole; the pressure of flesh forces a pimple of skin through the parted threads.

I trace the pattern of lace towards the strap, unto your skin, which evinces a sharp intake of breath from between your white teeth when cold steel meets warm dermis. Slowly and with great deliberation, I flatten the blade on the mound of your breast, the effect is as of searing heat, and your eyes flash open to follow in morbid fascination, the progress of the lethally sharp weapon.

It passes under the strap and, with a deft flick of the wrist, demonstrates, as if you needed the input, that the blade is whisper sharp. The strap parts with a snap and disappears over your shoulder, leaving the under wired cup unsupported.

In deliciously exquisite suspense, the tip of the hunting knife crosses the valley over your breastbone to explore the left breast that is heaving in unison with its twin as your lungs suck in air and expel the residue.

Again, I rest the tip against your proudly displayed nipple, seeing the rise of a little mound as if it were trying to escape all by its self. A knick opens in the fabric; skin is forced through the hole. Again, I trace the blade upwards toward the strap and lay the knife flat, feeling you tense as it passes under the black elasticated loop. Anticipation is in your eyes, you know what is to happen, having it already occur, so I make you wait, perhaps a couple of minutes pass where nothing moves apart from your chest in breathing and your eyes as they flick between the knife and my own portals to the sole.

Judging the time to be right, another dextrous twist of the wrist parts the support loop that flicks behind your neck, disappearing in the strands of your blonde hair, massed by the block supporting your head.

“Oh! God!”

Was it a realisation of the full impact of your situation? Or is it a plea for the torture to continue? I consider briefly asking you, but then decide not to enter into dialogue at this time.

Satisfied with the result and the reaction; the point of the knife is pressed lightly on your chin, and then follows the contours of your neck and breast to the meeting point of the cups of the plunge bra. A flick of the wrist separates the thin bow. The cups spring apart to release the treasure contained. Your breasts, free from the encumbrance of the fabric prison fall into their natural attitude, blood infused nipples standing dark and proud, surrounded by pimpled aureoles.

I brush each in turn with the point of the knife, pricking the hardened skin, but not enough to pierce or draw blood just enough to snag the tortured flesh. Then, just as slowly as the previously enacted and deliberate torment, the tip, reversed, travels between your breasts towards a quivering navel. A thin red line traces the passage and raises a weal of pronounced skin, leaving a trail to follow perhaps, at a later time.

Unhurriedly, but inevitably, my intention becomes clear to you, I mean to cut the thong from your body, but also intend to enjoy the delicious thrill of cold steel meeting your hot flesh.

You moan and try to thrash your head from side to side in denial of my resolve. The combination of shaped block and tape prevent anything more than a centimetre of movement. It is a useless attempt and achieves nothing except to raise your own anxiety. The blade, flat on your pubis, slips under the elasticated waistband to one side of the V shape that hides your sex. The thin band parts with a snap that is echoed when the band on the other side is also cut. With the tip of the knife, I lift the fabric covering your mons and reveal your neatly trimmed dark blonde hair. I can smell the wetness collected in the gusset that lies against your hidden sex without the taught ness created by the side straps. I let it fall between your parted thighs to lie in an untidy heap beside your anus.

“No.” This time, I look up and into your terrified eyes.

“Shut up bitch.” The final word of my instruction is hissed in emphasis.

Revealed, your sex is at my mercy. The darker skin of your labia is closed, but I know this is going to be a temporary condition. The wickedly sharp point scratches against the left lip, snagging the skin evilly. I hear you gasp in fear and shock of the cold steel and the danger of being cut. I repeat the exercise, scratching the right lip. In an automotive response, blood infuses your sex and fills the flaps of your cunt. It serves to part your lips, they open like a flower petals. The skin of your labia darkens as blood fills the sensitive dermis. Slowly, as a mini penis might, your clit is uncovered and stiffens to hardness.

The merciless point teases your clit further, bringing a shiver from your body as an uncontrollable response. Your breath is sucked in and expelled through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw. Were you not immobilised by the ties, your legs would have clamped together in a vice like grip to protect your most private and sensitive parts. But, you are tied and cannot do very much more than watch in morbid fascination. The only real thing that you can do is try to make a determined plea for your life, thinking that it is likely to be taken from you.

“Please let me go.” Tears course from the corner of your eyes and trickle over your lightly tanned cheeks. The tracks of mascara make two lines across skin and down the sides of your face and into your ears. I can’t help make the similarity to a cheetah’s distinctive tear tracts.

With no warning, I harshly slap your clit with the flat of my finger tips.

“Don’t make me do that again.” I tell you harshly as your back bone returns to its normal repose after arching at the violation against that most sensitive nub.

I ignore your sobs and return to the torture of your labia with the point of the knife. It is almost painful, but the pressure I am exerting is not enough to mark you or break skin. Your pelvis rocks in an attempt to escape the delicate ministrations and again, I smack your clit.

“You will learn bitch.”

Unseen, I have reversed the knife so that the butt of the handle is poised against your opening lips. With a finger and thumb, I complete the opening to reveal the inner lips of your sex. With infinite care and excruciatingly slowly, I insert the handle; you cannot see what is happening and mistakenly believe that it is the business end of the knife that coldly, is entering your body. You whimper, but stay rigidly still so that you are not castrated. It pleases me to see you at last behaving, but in a malicious twist of mind, I flick my forefinger hard against your exposed and inflamed clit. The reaction is instantaneous. Your body sharply arches, back bowed off the table and pelvis rocked in a shocked spasm.

Again, I am pleased with the results of my attention and drive the handle all the way into the depths of your cunt. I smile in satisfaction as you scream, thinking I am going to split you wide open. It takes a second or so for your brain to catch up and realise that you are still whole, but have a foreign object buried inside you.

The knowing that you are whole does not bring much relief though as another flick over your clit brings the same result of back and pelvic rock. The knife is dragged from you, slick with your essences.

You cannot help the venting of your bladder. Piss runs from you to pool on the mattress before soaking into the fabric. It makes the smooth semi-shaven skin glisten as some of it does not have the force to leave your body fast enough.

I judge you to be ready for the next step in my twisted idea of sex or control.

Playtime continued.

The knife is placed on the second tray of the gurney; I pick up a remote control and hit the on switch. The led’s spring to life on the small CD player; Aida bursts through the speaker. I have to adjust the volume down.

“A little music while I work.” I casually inform you, leaning over to hover just about your face. I can see the terror in your eyes and feel a quiver of pleasure course down my spine.

“Sorry if it isn’t to your taste, but I like opera and this is one of my favourites.”

Turning back to the gurney, I select a small breast pump, the type used by mothers who need to express their lactose. The rubber ball depresses and the glass, bell shaped end is placed over your right nipple. Releasing the ball causes your nipple to be drawn into the conical shaped tube, but the effect is not quite as good as I wanted it. I realise that natural friction is the problem and so, pull it off again with a sucking sound. A little saliva is all that is needed, wetting my lips; my mouth descends on the darkened tip of your exquisite breast and draws that small tip between my teeth.

“Unng.” The unintelligible sound escapes your parted lips and clenched teeth as I bite softly on the raised and hardened tip.

I lick it and then moisten with my spit; just enough for the breast pump, then depress the ball completely and replace it over the now prominent nub. As the suction of the pump takes effect, your nipple and much of the aureole is drawn into the diminishing tube, pulling your nipple to an exaggerated erection. The effect to my eye is satisfactory, but uncomfortable for you. Never kocaeli anal yapan escort the less, another small breast pump is retrieved from the steel tray and the operation repeated on your left breast. I know from experience that blood will infuse the gland and create something like a love bite or bruise when left for any length of time. Slowly and surely, your nipples are already turning slightly purple from the enforced vacuum. I can only imagine what your tortured nerve endings are sending by way of synaptic messages, it excites me to think that they are sending instructions to produce milk, but know fully well that your mammary glands are only stimulated by the hormonal change that child birth evinces or, more correctly, the cry of a new born.

I can see through the glass that your nipples are now almost three quarters of an inch long and dark purple. It is a fantastic sight; cruelly, I flick the glass tube which transmits a reverberation and increases the sensations through the already hyper-sensitive neural network.

Turning to the stainless tray again, I select a bright pink tube and flip the lid. Your eyes bug slightly when you read, in that instant needed, that it is silicon based lubricant.

“I prefer the silicon variety, it lasts much longer.” I inform you conversationally.

A drop or two is all that is needed; these are deposited on my fingertips and then, with no preamble, rubbed around your puckered sphincter. A finger pushes against the resistance of your anal muscles, passing easily into the depth of your ass. Your anal cavity is clear, which is nice, I guess you went to the toilet before leaving your place. My finger is removed and the relief from you is palpable.

Reaching around your knee, I grab something from the gurney tray, it flashes past your line of vision; you recognise an inflatable but-plug. The relief you so recently felt, evaporates in heightened realisation that I intend to sodomise your ass with the rubber invader.

So you can see clearly, I use what is left on my fingers of the lubricant, rubbing it over the tapered tip of the sex toy until your breathing comes in short gasps as the tension mounts.

With one hand, I separate your cheeks, spreading your thighs and exposing your vulnerable ass. Slowly and with infinite deliberation, I push the blue coloured invader into your body, millimetre by millimetre it passes into you and with each millimetre; your breathing becomes more and more ragged. The widest part passes the outside muscles and is enveloped, lodging inside of you, trapped by the flared flange on the outside and the contours of the toy on the inside.

A single pump on the inflator increases the girth of the toy by a few millimetres, stretching your inner cavity slightly. I pause for effect; watching the response from you then, squeeze the pump again and then again. Gradually, the pressure builds in your ass. Your muscles cannot resist the pressure, and, instead of pushing the foreign object out that would be the normal auto-responsive reaction, relax and allow for the expansion.

Several pumps later, the plug has increased in diameter by several percent and has filled the expandable void. But, better yet and completely hidden from your sight, the stem of the toy has also increased and is now spreading your tight ass wider and wider, stretching the reluctant muscle group. I judge the pressure to be enough and let the ball of the pump go to dangle between your wide open thighs.

I stand back to view my handiwork and see that it is good. Your ass hole is stretched wide open and the pressure from within is pushing against the muscles that would normally eject the waste matter out of your body. It causes the area around you sphincter to bulge and looks so sexy to my thinking. I can see the end of the plug where it has expanded inside, but is trapped by the smaller ring of your ass. It almost looks like you are pushing the head of a baby out.

My digital camera is brought into employment; several thousand pixels of information are stored on the chip for later perusal. I take many shots of your ass that looks as if it is about to erupt from the incessant pressure from within, then several more of your nipples cruelly drawn into their glass prisons.

The colour has now turned into a deep purple. Oxygen rich blood has responded to the call from your teats, filling the tortured flesh. It is a spectacular effect. Photographs taken, the camera is placed back on the gurney.

Your eyes are then treated to a new implement of torture. A thin glass tube connected to a long plastic tube terminating in another ball shaped rubber pump. You don’t recognise this, which adds to your anxiety. But, its purpose soon becomes clear when the open end of the glass tube is paced over your clit. A pump of the rubber ball, if it was necessary, tells you that your clit is to receive the same treatment that your nipples are enduring.

Several pumps of the rubber ball later has your clit pulled viciously into the tube and blood pumping to the delicate nub of nerve endings. It is, I know, quite painful at first and can take a while to become used to. Pulled to many times its length by the vacuum of the pump, your clit is drawn into the tube, looking like a tiny penis in a very tight condom.

You cry and arch your back in a vain attempt to relieve the combined pressures of the four pumps. Those on your nipples are the easiest to manage, but the pressure of the but-plug and the clit pump are savage. But, I have not finished with pumps. Another glass tube passes your line of sight, with another rubber tube and pump attached.

Again, its purpose is not immediately apparent, until the cold end is placed against your urethra. This, if it is possible, is even more sensitive that your beautiful and engorged clit, never seeing the light of day and usually completely hidden. A few pumps of the hand ball draw your piss hole out and ensnared in the transparent tube.

It is too much for you all at once. Again, your bladder vents and a thin steam of piss fills the tube. Fortunately, I have managed to capture that in a pixelated image on my camera; it will eventually find its way on the net in a bdsm site as will the rest of the photographs.

With all of your sex centres occupied, only your mouth remains to be violated. That is remedied with the insertion of a funnel. Automatically, you try to spit the foreign object out, but some quick and deft movement has a piece of tape preventing your expulsion.

Slowly and seductively, I put a knee on the edge of the table you are spread-eagled on. Then, having gained purchase, get the other knee onto the table. In a fluid motion, with the support on my palm between your breasts; I stand and draw down the zipper of my jeans.

Your eyes widen in fear when you realise what I intend, but having the metal spout of the funnel firmly taped into your mouth gives you no possibility of complaint. Carefully, I manoeuvre my part flaccid cock out of its hiding place and piss into the cavernous mouth of the funnel. You manage to stop the initial flow from going down your throat, a commendable feat, but the sheer amount and steady stream of golden nectar overwhelms your reflex action. You swallow my piss, what choice have I given you. To breathe, you have to swallow the copious urine as fast as you possibly can.

How I resist following the sight with semen is commendable on my part and privately, I congratulate myself on the control I have exercised.

But, good things have to end; besides, there is only so much a bladder can produce at any one time. Also, there is a real concern that the after effects of the ketamine could induce vomiting. That would be difficult to deal with in your current position.

I remove the funnel and discard it to a lower shelf on the trolley. Then with infinite care, the glass tube is removed from your urethra and joins the other discarded implements. Leaving the suction on your clit for the moment, I release your nipples from their torment. Your nipples have swelled and retain some of the shape of the tube, elongated and purple. I love the sight and tweak the tortured nubs, but not as viciously as I possibly could have done, taking some pity on you.

Then it is the turn of the clit vacuum. Depressing the pump allows air to force out the hardened sex organ. It looks so much like a tiny penis, I bend at the waist and draw it into my warm mouth, sucking gently and flicking my tongue over the tip.

It is time for a break.

A bottle of still water sits on a small table across the room. I retrieve it and crack the lid. It would be difficult to get you to take a mouth full, prostrate as you are, so I fill my mouth, pull down your lower jaw and squirt from my mouth to yours. You swallow and lick your lips to moisten them.

Aida has come to its conclusion, a new CD loads on the multi-disk changer.

I leave you to ponder alone with your thoughts and a harsh one hundred and fifty watts lamp shining on you from the ceiling rose overhead.

And so your torture continues.

I return after twenty busy minutes. During the time away from you, I have changed clothing, discarding jeans and a sweater for a leather vest top, a leather pair of pants and a full mask with zippers at the eyes and mouth. It is for effect more than anything else and has the desired effect. Your eyes widen in terror when you see the transformation. I am really unsure why covering my head creates such an aura. I suppose it has something to do with my eyes being shielded and any intent therefore masked.

I have brought in two video cameras with me and ignore you completely while I set them up, take test shots for focus and clarity, then switch them off again.

I wheel away the gurney, taking it to a far corner and replace it with another. This has a cloth cover over it, leaving nothing visible except a large candle on a lower tray. This I pick up and light with a cheap gas lighter that sat beside it. The wick takes and sputters at first, then, as the flame takes hold, makes the red wax at the top shine with borrowed light.

“What are you going to do?”

The remotes are activated on the video cameras, the red record lights flick on.

I don’t respond, but instead, pick up a rubber bit gag and force it between your teeth and tie the loose thong straps. I like the way the thongs pull at the side of your mouth and wiggle the bit to see that it is firmly wedged.

The flame of the candle is fully alight now, a pool of molten wax slowly forming and being drawn up the wick to burn. I turn to look at it, poised on the tray of the gurney and notice your eyes travel in the same direction. I suppose you knew what I was going to do, but now the actuality dawns on you and again, your eyes transmit terror and an involuntary moan escapes around the side of the bit.

I pick up the candle; it is one of those large church type, but red instead of creamy white. Standing beside your naked and prone body, I tantalisingly tip the candle, allowing a droplet to come over the rim and drip onto your skin between your breasts. The sudden heat makes you arch in shock, it is the only movement available to you.

Your nipples are still quite purple from the suction of the breast pumps. In the condition they are presently in, I know that the normal sensitivity will have been magnified many fold. The next drip of hot wax lands precisely on target and coats your right breast in red wax that rapidly cools and hardens. The effect on you is electric, you body arches off the mattress like a patient being given shocks to bring them back to life.

“Unnnggg.” Your body settles back into repose.

The next drips also hit the same spot, completely covering your right nipple and aureole with cooling wax. I can only imagine how it feels. The imagination is enough. Coming around to the opposite side, I allow the candle wax to drip onto your left nipple and have the reward of your reaction again. It is an exquisite torture, hot enough to be painful, but not enough to actually burn.

I dribble wax between you tits, following the shallow hollow down to your belly button. The drips falling rapidly, one after another, creating splash patterns in a line. It continues until the splashes of hot wax terminate at your mons. I allow a build up of red wax to form on the raised mound just above the beginning of your slit. Your hips try to escape, raging from side to side, but the tethers holding your hands and feet prevent very much lateral movement at all.

I blow the candle flame out and admire the scene before me, of your nakedness, partially hidden by the izmit yabancı escort opaque wax.

The candle is discarded to a lower tray of the trolley.

I lift the cloth on the top tray to reveal an array of steel implements. You can only see from peripheral vision, but that is enough to make your eyes bug, your terror mounts, mostly because you really cannot see what is there.

I lift a close linked chain with small clamps at each end. Working quickly, one of the clips is pinched onto your right nipple, crinkling the hardened wax. I am not satisfied with the pressure of the clip and adjust it with the grub screw that originally was designed for comfort. I test it’s grip by pulling the chain and see a satisfactory pull of your flesh and you nipple pulled cruelly into a pinched point. Then your left nipple is pinched in the serrated teeth of the other clamp. A harsh pull of the connecting chain yanks your nipples and the surrounding tissue into an unnatural tor of flesh.

Turning back to the gurney, I pick up a few hypo-needles with coloured plastic connectors indicating their size. Trapping them between thumb and forefinger, I pull your tits into conical mounds and with the fingers of my other hand, take one of the needles and push it into the delicate flesh approximately an inch away from your tortured nipple. Working quickly and ignoring your crying, more needles are inserted, forming a circle of needles around your aureole. I take some more of the needles waiting for use on the tray and repeat the procedure to your opposite breast. Once done, I take some photographs of the needles and your tear filled eyes. The needles are fine enough that no real damage is being done. There is no blood, just the gentle wheals of steel under skin.

Now it is the turn of your labia. I have seen many pages of tortured cunts, pierced with hypo-needles and acupuncture sticks. It is an attractive sight, but one I think might be a step too far for you. Instead, I have rigged a small silver bar with two rubber toothed clamps on short chains. It flashes past your eyesight as I pick it up and, without pause, attach one clamp to your flap and then, pulling your lips wide apart, attach the other. The effect is to render your labia in the shape of a butterfly. It is beautiful to me, but needs just one thing more to bring it to life. My next operation is possibly the cruellest.

A battery operated tattoo pen is flicked into life with a small inkwell sitting on top filled with dark blue ink. The buzz sounds like a swarm of angry wasps. The first touch on your inner cunt lip makes you squirm. There is a real danger that you will spoil my artwork with your thrashing. I am forced to stop in my design for a moment while a strap your hips down to the table top with webbing designed to retain truck loads.

Once you are secured, I flick the pen on again and return to my ministrations. The tiny ink carrying needle vibrates rapidly, delivering colour under the tender skin of your labia. I am only going to tattoo two letters; one on either side, but you would never get to see them, unless you stand over a mirror and pull your lips apart. Gradually and with infinite care, I write HI. I like the effect and take a few snaps for my collection.

I judge that it is time now, for relief. I need to come, having had a raging hard-on for so long. You must need to rest to I think. The needles are removed slowly and carefully, one by one. Small red dots form where the steel leaves your flesh. Once they are placed on the gurney, I then remove the nipple clamps, first the left and then the right. Your nipples retain some of the shape and are so engorged with blood that they hardly relax at all.

I pick off the hardened wax from between your breasts and stomach. Sweat and your natural body oil have released the bond of molten wax and skin. The wax over your mons has a little more purchase, having the very slight stubble of pubic hair to cling to.

I release your lips from the cruel bit of the rubber teeth on the clamps and discard the bar with its appendages to the waiting tray. I depress the release valve of the anal plug, air escapes from the toy lodged in your ass and it slips out easily. Your own natural essences follow the plug releasing a pungent odour. Your muscles, having become used to the intrusion, are relaxed, I can see the blood red tissue deep into your arse through the gaping hole left.

All that remains to free you from your total humiliation is the bit gag and the physical ties holding you to the table. The clip of the webbing is a bit stiff, but with some perseverance and dexterity, it lets go, leaving a red weal across your stomach and lower abdomen.

The bit gag has also left marks that will come out quite quickly, but it does look like a parody of the Joker in Batman. I can’t help a giggle until the thought occurs to me that you might think me deranged.

“You bastard!” Are the fist words to escape from your mouth. “You fucking evil bastard.”

I smile in response, looking deep into your eyes. As I rip the tape off of your forehead. You cannot see the smile though, through the leather mask.

Then your bonds are removed, firstly your ankles and then your wrists. Movement is slow and difficult after being motionless for so long, it isn’t difficult to control your limbs in case you try to hit me. I place your hands under your buttocks, one either side. It will be a little while until you regain enough strength to do very much at all.

Standing to one side, I pull at the Velcro fly of the leather pants. With little invitation, my cock surges out of the animal hide prison to announce its interest in the proceedings going on.

“I’m going to fucking kill you.” The venom of your promise is futile, an empty threat at this very moment, but given opportunity, you might just achieve precisely that goal.

“But Jemma, this is what you wanted; it is exactly what you asked for.” Confusion flickers across your eyes.

Without elaborating any further, I slip my arm under your knees and lift and pull them toward me. I allow them to dangle over the side of the table; it forces your mound upwards in a delicious curve. I can’t resist the temptation and kiss the delicate folds of your cunt, flicking my tongue over your clit, the steel of the zipper latch catches slightly at your inner thigh. I might have been disappointed in your lack of response, but, given the circumstances of your predicament, am not surprised at all.

Taking your arms and pulling them out from under your butt, I pull you into a standing position. You wobble, but I hold you around your torso and support you. The need to stand is only temporary because I turn you round to face the table and push your upper body down to rest on its surface.

“What do you mean; this is what I asked for?” You scream as I re-position you.

I don’t answer at first, concentrating on getting you in the right place for the finale of the ordeal. Then, with you hands tied across the table to a cleat on the underside, I let you into the secret.

“I am the guy you wrote to. Remember you told me how hot my story ‘Torture’ made you feel. How you told me of your fantasy, how you privately wanted to be abused. Remember how you wrote the first part of the story? Well baby, this is the realisation of that wish.” I spread your butt cheeks and inspect your ass.

“I didn’t mean it.” You plead.

“Ah, but you did. Remember your own words. I quote “the thought makes me so hot and I really would love it to happen;” Well this is just that, your wish come true. It was you who came up with ketamine, I had never heard of the stuff. It was you who wrote of the abduction and the secret place; entirely your own thoughts babe, just all my pleasure.” I reach behind my head and undo the zipper of the hood and pull it off to be discarded on the concrete floor.

With that, my cock head passes your relaxed sphincter and into your ass. The warmth is good on my cock which snugly fills your back door.

In languid thrusts, I pump into you, slowly, using the whole length from root to head, burying it to the hilt. It’s careful, but relentless. You self lubricate my cock, easing the friction.

“I…am…going…to …fucking…kill…you.” You manage to gasp out in time with my thrusting.

“Whatever.” A sharp slap to your ass shuts you up. The pace increases as my hand print shows in red relief on your skin.

The need for me to come increases exponentially with every deep thrust. I will not last very much longer at this pace. I stop and pull out of your ravaged ass, leaving a perfect ‘O’

“You also said in your email, that you have always fancied giving head; remember?”

You open you mouth to reply, but I pull your head back, using you blonde hair and shove my dirty dick into your throat. You gag of course, but you will not need to suffer the indignity for long, because my release is imminent. As much as I would love to coat your oesophagus with my seminal fluids, I have other plans for my seed.

I pull out of your mouth, pre-cum connects us for a moment, like an umbilical cord between lips and cock head.

I walk around the table and step between you parted legs. I notice that your ass has returned to its normal condition, puckered and dark in colour. I pull at your hips, shifting you across the table top so that the edge cuts across your pelvic region. Your exposed pussy invites me in. At least, that is how it looks to me; who am I to refuse an invitation?

It is your first time. Your virginity was taken some time back by one of your dyke friends with a vibrator, but you have never had a cock enter you before, if what you wrote is to be believed. Knowing that it is unchartered territory adds to my pleasure.

My head passes between your outer lips easily, disappearing into your silken depths. Slowly, taking my own delicious time and prolonging the moment of my release, I push my whole length into you, savouring the feel of your heat.

Setting a slow pace, using only my hips, I fuck you. My thumbs separate your cheeks so that I can see better the way your cunt grips my cock, folding in on my forward stroke and then extending as I reverse. That sight is enough to tip the balance. Pushing into you one more time, the point is reached, with a secondary thrust that drives me deeper into you than previously managed, I come in an explosion that almost denies my legs the ability to support me. I time the after spurts with thrusts that weaken in their effectiveness as strength leaves me.

“You fucking bastard.” I guess it is the ultimate indignity for you; having a man fuck you to his completion when your predilections lay in another direction entirely is probably your worst nightmare. But you did in fact ask for it, or at least, wish it to happen. It was unlucky for you, that I had the wherewithal to enact your secret desire.

My come drips from your lips, hitting the floor and pooling on the concrete. My fingers enter your pussy, coating them liberally with the essences of your body and my semen. I wipe the sticky mess over your lips, your tongue wipes it away, but I know the taste will have registered.

“Remember how we taste.” I whisper in your ear.

The ordeal is almost over for you. As with everything else, I have planned for that too. I reach over to the gurney and plunge another syringe into your ass, filled with ketamine.

While I wait for the effects to take you, I quickly clean up the tools of your torture, placing them in a box for disposal and then untie you.

I manage to get you in the car, dragging you helpless across the floor to the garage and the waiting passenger seat. Covering your nakedness with a blanket and locking you in with the seat belt. It takes me a while to pack everything in the trunk and clean up the evidence of your demise. All that remains of the scene are a bare table and a few stains on the concrete floor that will soon dry.

The drive is short. We arrive at your apartment; the cul-de-sac is empty of people as I knew it would be, everyone still out at work. I dump you unceremoniously on the front steps, wrapped in the blanket to wait for the return of your girlfriend and for the small dose of ketamine to wear off. I estimate that will be in approximately ten minutes. I leave your bag and clothes in a heap at your feet and drive away looking at you in the rear view mirror.

Do I get away with it? Do you call the Police or tell your girlfriend and set up a search for me? Do you get retribution when you eventually find me? Or do you relive the experience privately while your girlfriend eats you and realise that you did in fact, want it?

Some time later, before I close the email address and bury it forever, I scan through the last day’s mail and see your familiar address in my in box. With some trepidation I press open.

There are only a few words; ‘You bastard! Love you, Jemma.’

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