Nis 03

Jennifer’s Peach

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I met Jennifer through some friends, and we clicked right away. She’s a kindergarten school teacher, and today I wanted to spend a few hours giving her as many orgasms as possible. We’re fuck buddies, neither of us really want to be in a relationship right now. So I whipped out my phone and decided to get her thinking about what we would do together later tonight.

>>Hope the kids are being good today! Let’s meet up tonight, I’m want to spend some quality time eating your delicious peach.<< Her quick response of agreement caused my snake to stir in anticipation. Easy boy, all good things come to those who wait. Around 8pm, my doorbell rang. I left my computer on and my latest story unfinished as I opened up and let her in. I took a second to enjoy the view of her gliding through my apartment in a snug little yellow sundress with green flowers scattered all over it. Her long, auburn tresses framed her cute little face and she spun in a circle five or six steps after the door. “I couldn’t stop thinking about the text you sent me, my panties have been soaked all day,” she blurted out, making me grin wolfishly at her. “Let’s not waste any time then.” I said as I picked up in my arms, eliciting a squeal of delight from her. As I carried her to my room, she wrapped her arms around my neck and our lips locked as the passion she mentioned earlier, quickly came to the fore. Reaching my bedroom, I playfully tossed her onto the bed, making her bounce and laugh at the same time. She’s about 5’2, so it’s super easy to flip and move her wherever I want. At this particular moment I wanted her laid out and tied up! I started undoing my belt as I put one leg, then the other on the bed to join her. “So I’m just going to have my way with you until you can’t take it anymore, do you want a gag or no?” I half-joked, as I straddled her stretched out form, and proceeded to loop the belt around her hands and my headboard. “No gag, I want you to hear me tonight. But it might be fun not to see what’s coming,” She whispered, smiling up as I finished tightening the belt. In reply I smiled down at her and started undoing my tie- to make things sexier I decided to not change out of my business clothes. I bent down and gently tied my tie around her eyes, blinding her and making her oblivious to anything visual. Now her senses could fully concentrate on the pleasure I so desperately wanted to give her. I started by massaging her head. I asked about her day, as I took my time working my hands around her scalp, feeling the tension slowly ease out of her. She started off slowly at first, but as my massage deepened her stories about catty coworkers and energetic runts transitioned to moans and sighs of contentment. I didn’t let my weight rest on her, so she had the freedom to really unwind mentally and physically. As I moved down from her head to her neck and shoulders, I injected bouts of tickles and scratches into my routine. I didn’t want her to quite know what was coming next, and I settled myself lower towards her waist, on the center of the bed as I eyed my next target; her beautiful breasts. I dived forward without warning and started a make-out session with her upper chest and collarbone. I was everywhere at once, licking, kissing, sucking, and teasing her hair with my fingers the whole time. I curled my fingers in her locks and pulled back on her hair slightly, causing her face to tilt towards the ceiling as I captured a nipple through gizli çekim porno her sundress. After a few nibbles which made Jennifer coo like the sexy minx she is, I decided I wanted to play with her, since she didn’t want a gag.

“How many licks does it take…?” I drawled, mimicking that famous owl from the Tootsie Roll commercials. Jen smirked, hair all tussled and lips glistening like two ripe strawberries. That smirk turned into a low moan when I started pinching her other nipple in sync with my teeth nibbling on her hard bud. I swirled the flat of my tongue around her areola and moved my teeth to the buttons holding her dress together in the center of her midriff. My tongue isn’t that agile though, so my hands eventually did the dirty work of unleashing the treasures I had spent the past minute sucking on.

Her wonderful round orbs were heaving up and down as they first felt the cool kiss of my air conditioner. I cupped them both in my hands, a small B size, but more than enough to keep my interest. As I tweaked her nipples and drew trails over her breasts with my hands, I lean forward and growl like an animal as I playfully nip at her neck. Her giggles tumbled out of her like a waterfall, and I gently bit her chin, then moved my mouth up to connect with hers.

After a few wonderful moments of passion passed between our tongues, I went back to business, moving south again. Although I did make a point to use my tongue and fingers to travel the curves and valleys of her body as I headed towards nirvana, I surprised her by skipping that wonderful region entirely. Instead I kept going lower, towards her fantastic legs. She loves to run, so her calves are firm and supple at the same time. I held her left leg in my hands as I kissed down the calf muscle, making sure to tickle the soft skin behind her knee periodically as well.

“Oh fuck your tongue feels so good on my body,” Jennifer gasped, arching her back into the mattress.

I gripped her hips as I moved back up her body, but this time I let my head swoop under her sundress. Once my head was hidden by the folds of her dress, I made a beeline for her belly button. A surprised shriek greeted me when she felt the rough texture of my tongue slide in a circle around her cute little belly button. Chuckling into her body, I gradually kissed my way to her thong panties. After a few long, flat licks against her center, I pushed the panties to the side and captured her outer lips between my mouth. I hummed as I started to massage her waist with my hands.

Releasing her moist lips, I kissed them both softly, then kissed to the right, then the left of her pussy. I inhaled her scent, and started to nuzzle my nose into her trimmed mound. I started sucking on each outer lip separately, teasing her slowly as I switched between them, then nudged my tongue deeper into her soft, yielding folds.

A little lick here, a little dab of my tongue there. What began as a nudge, turned into a collection of loving sweeps with the strongest muscle in my body. My tongue could not get enough of her sweet taste, at that moment she was my ice cream cone in the middle of the desert, my first drop of water after a long drought. I drank her in and returned for more, time and time again. Her orgasms and whimpers trickled faster and more frequently as she weathered the assault my mouth gave her.

Before long she started writhing on the bed, so I used my hands to spread her legs wide, glory hole secrets and began to massage the soft inner part of her thighs around her pussy, all the while keeping her dress over my head. With her thighs not acting as my ear muffs anymore, I could hear her the constant rise and fall of her lust as it kept reaching new heights.

‘Ah No, ah no,” Jennifer yelled as I began playfully moving away from her tasty cunt. Her body wiggled and bounced beneath me and I enjoyed her helplessness. Instead of totally leaving her juicy center, I put my index and forefinger together and slowly ran them up her lips, before jamming them in. As I frigged her sloppy pussy harder, she dropped her ass and dug it into the mattress, trying to capture as much of my fingers as possible. I finally lifted the dress away and raised myself up to my knees so I could use more force.

“Ah please don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she begged harder and dug her heels into the bed, lifting her cunt up every time my fingers retracted on an outward pass. I added a third finger and enjoyed seeing her face flushed, hair ravished, and titties open at the top of her dress for my pleasure.

I used my other hand to grab her thong panties, and I tugged them back over to the center until they split her shiny, wet pussy lips.

“Shit, shit, oh fuck” she repeated as her panties rubbed her lips and tiny clit. She acted like she was fighting me off but her body and utterances were telling me something totally different. As I yanked them up and down, it turned me on to a new level to see this pretty little next-door model schoolteacher spew all kinds of dirty shit out of her mouth once she was hot and horny.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck my slutty little pussy” Jennifer moaned as she brought her knees up and swung them from side to side before spreading them in a wide frog-like pose as she moaned a long soft sigh, “yesssssss”. Her legs opened and closed and they trembled as she came beneath me. She had my fingers in a vise-like grip and then softened it as her body relaxed and came down from her orgasm.

Licking her honey off my fingers, I get up to take the rest of my clothes off. As she recovers and her breathing evens out, I see her raise her head in what she assumes is my direction.

“Jesus Christ….just fuck me please” she pleaded, swaying that sexy body on my bed like a seductress. “I want to feel you filling me up with that thick cock of yours.” she moaned, lifting her pelvis and rotating those sexy hips. Her dress started to cover up her treasure with all the movement, but I quickly hopped up onto the bed and flipped the entire bottom half of the sundress up and over, covering her body and part of her neck and face. All I heard was her moan in response.

My cock was hard as steel as I dragged the swollen head along her legs. I gripped my meaty shaft with one hand and left a glistening trail of precum over her inner thigh as I prepared to take her.

“You sure you want some cock right now? I could leave and give you time to think about it.” I teased, smiling as Jen shivered when she felt the mushroom head part her delicate pussy folds.

“You dirty motherfucker, if you leave this bed without fucking me…” she immediately shot back, unable to wipe the grin off her own face. That grin changed into a gasp of pleasure as I slowly fed her my thick dick-meat, inch by inch.

“Ahh fuck!” I groaned, her moist center like the grup sex inside of a volcano. She gripped my cock with her hot furnace, the walls of her pussy feeling like a scorching, sucking cavern that wanted to pull me into oblivion.

My hips churned back and forth, building up a steady rhythm as I drove my pole deeper and deeper into her. I grasped her upper thighs, and ran my hands up to her hips as I started to ram more of my tree trunk into her clutching, vibrant pussy.

“Fuck me Decca, oh fuck me!” Jennifer groaned, as our bodies sped up and worked in concert with each other. She moaned one more time and pushed herself against me, trying to get more inside her.

I lifted her left leg up and held it up with my hands as I pounded her, leaving her right leg down on the mattress, forming an L shape. After a few minutes of this frenzied passion, I decided to switch gears again. I slowed down, and puled almost all of my cock out, just leaving the head and an inch or two inside her. As she caught her breath, I dropped her leg and bent down over her, capturing her mouth with mine.

I pressed my forehead to hers as I simultaneously pressed more cock into her, and slowly built up the tempo again. While we were kissing I had braced my hands on the bed, but I rose up and grabbed a hold of her tits through the dress covering them, as I continued to hump her frothy quim.

“Oh God!” I groaned as I worked her pussy, our flesh making loud, lewd slapping sounds. As we rutted like two animals in heat, I moved one hand from her tits and wrapped it around her throat as I fucked her. Harder, deeper. I wanted to continue this moment forever, feeling the delicious, hot, cloying heat around my shaft. Her love juices running down the underside of my cock and over my balls, the creaking of my bed frame, the frenzy of the moment. I gripped her throat tighter, and moved my other hand to the wall above her head to add extra weight to my furious thrusts.

“Take that cock you little slut!” I gasped, as I felt the familiar tingling in the bottom of my balls. The only coherent noises coming out of her mouth were moans and groans, she was too caught up in our delirious, sloshy and sweaty fucking.

For the last time, I slowed down, just to untie her arms. Then I pushed her legs back by he arms, forced her to grab her own ankles and hold them, as I held her arms by her shoulders and starts a slower, but deeper fucking. I could tell I was close to cumming as I felt her orgasm and drench my dick-meat yet again with her love cream. Throwing all pretense at holding out any longer to the wind, I grunted as I started to unload in her. I was planning on spraying her with my cum, marking my territory but I got too carried away with her fantastic pussy.

“Oh, oh yessss babbby give it to me!” Jen cried out, as she felt my cock spew my seed inside of her, whitewashing her depths with my cum. After my dick is done twitching in her womb, I collapse onto of her. As we both recover, I feel her rub her hands in gentle circles over my back. I slowly get up and take her blindfold off, as she stretches out like a Cheshire cat and gives a contented sigh.

“Mmmm that was fantastic baby, I could sleep for a week!” She said, a sleepy grin creasing her face.

“Haha the pleasure was all mine, sweet cheeks” I replied, walking towards the kitchen.”Next time you want a day off, let me know so we can start first thing that morning.” I said, as I started to scrounge for food in my fridge, buck ass naked.

“MMmm sounds like my kind of teacher’s work day” she sighed, turning on her side to face me.”If I’m going to take off though, I might want to bring a friend, she needs to experience some sex like that.”

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