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Jenny calls me back

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Jenny calls me backSome days after my first encounter with Jenny at her home, she texted me.The bitch asked when we could meet again; she was getting aroused just thinking of my hard cock. We exchanged messages during the next days; until our chance finally came in.During the week end, Jenny told me her parents would be out of town and she would stay at her home, totally alone. By my side, my sweet Ana would visit some friends and she would leave me alone those same days.Saturday night I was ready again for a good fuck session with that slutty young babe. Jenny called me early, telling me the back door would be open for me.Like the first time; I went directly to that little bitch’s bedroom.The room was smoke filled and very dimly lit.As I walked in, I could see that Jenny was just wearing a see-through dark cat suit, with matching high heels. She was not alone; on the bed I could notice there was someone else lying there.She was an attractive redhead, wearing just a sexy black thong. Her tits were very tiny, but her nipples were already hard. She was smoking and she smiled at me. Jenny introduced her as Sheila, one of her old girlfriends.My dick started to get hard; just thinking I would have two bitches available instead of just one…Jenny came closer and started rubbing my chest as I got undressed. She called her girlfriend; so Sheila got up and started rubbing her hand on my crotch. Both girls helped me to undress.Soon I was standing there in my boxers in front of the two of them with them rubbing and massaging me all over. My cock was already straining against the tiny material of the boxers. Sheila then bent over and pulled them down my legs.Jenny then fell to her knees and began to suck my hardened cock. Her girlfriend kept rubbing my body all over. She pinched my nipples and squeezed my ass cheeks. She kissed me deeply and I could taste Jenny’s cunt flavor in her lips. So those little bitches had started before my arrival…Jenny stood on her feet and she pushed Sheila to her knees, in front of my hard cock. The sexy girl just opened her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mouth and took my dick with her red lips.The difference of the sensations from Jenny’s mouth to Sheila’s was unreal. The both of them felt amazing but had different techniques. Jenny sucked my cock slowly and deliberately, while Sheila sucked it for all she was worth. She sucked my dick like it was the last cock on earth. Finally both girls went back to the bed and Jenny got on top of Sheila, making a perfect 69. I stepped forward and slid inside Jenny’s wet cunt as the other girl began to lick her from underneath. I could feel Sheila’s tongue on my balls as she licked Jenny’s clit…It felt amazing and soon Jenny screamed her orgasm was building. I picked up the pace a bit and could feel Sheila licking a little faster from underneath. My office mate’s daughter cried out as her orgasm let loose. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as she came. Then she pushed me back got down to suck her juices from my cock. She motioned her girlfriend to come over me and have a taste as well. Now I had two sweet mouths on my cock…Sheila went behind me and rubbed my chest from behind, pinching my nipples. Meanwhile, Jenny’s head was bobbing up and down on my cock.Suddenly I realized that I was feeling something hard rubbing against me. Then I reached back and felt a cock. I opened my mouth to protest when I saw that Sheila had a hard cock rubbing against my buttocks; but then Jenny laughed…I was shocked; because that guy was a perfect sexy slut and I had never could imagine she had a dick between her legs. Worst of all, that cock was huge…I had been sodomized sometimes by a cock; but none of them was too huge and thick as Sheila’s. I looked at her again, seeing she was really cute…Jenny purred like a cat as she kissed me deeply. She wanted to convinced me; she wanted her girlfriend to fuck my ass with her huge dick.Then both girls started again another 69. This time I watched Jenny sucking Sheila’s hard cock. They started to moan as they güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri licked each other.I was getting harder by the second. I watched as Jenny pulled out a bottle of lube and began to rub some on Sheila’s asshole. Then she started fingering her girlfriend’s tight rosebud, as she continued to suck her cock…I started stroking my cock by this time. Jenny had two fingers in Sheila’s ass when she motioned for me to come to her. The bitch lubed my cockhead and she spread Sheila’s ass cheeks for me. I pushed my cock in…Sheila moaned and she buried her face deeper in Jenny’s pussy which made her moan as well. I gently pushed my cock in deeper. I pulled out slowly and then pushed again in deeper with each pass. Finally I had my cock completely buried in Sheila’s tight anus.I slowly worked my cock in and out of her. She began to open up for me, trying to pull my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. Soon I picked up my pace and gave Sheila a real good ass fucking. I grabbed her cock and stroked it.Sheila responded to this with a moan and sucking harder on Jenny’s clit. I kept stroking her dick as I fucked her in the ass. Soon I could feel my own orgasm building and there was no stopping it. Then I cried I was going to cum. Sheila yelled she wanted me to cum deep in her anus…I felt my cock stiffen and my warm cum rushing to escape. I kept pounding and stroking her. As my first spurt of cum shot into Sheila’s ass, Jenny also cried out. I felt warmth hit my chest and realized that Jenny was coming too.Finally Sheila came in my hand, as I stroked her hardened dick.We all needed to take a rest. The fucking session had been wild.A while later Jenny sucked both cocks. Then she went on all fours, saying she wanted a cock in her cunt and another one in her mouth.I got in front of Jenny and slid my cock in her mouth. The little bitch moaned as her girlfriend shoved her hard dick into her pussy and began to pump her from behind. After a few minutes, Sheila and I traded places. I slid right into Jenny’s soaking wet güvenilir bahis şirketleri pussy. She greedily took Sheila’s cock and started to suck it with the same abandon as she had mine. We traded placed a few more times.Finally an intense orgasm shook Jenny, as Sheila was pumping her pussy.I licked her used cunt, tasting both Jenny’s juices and Sheila’s semen…Then I leaned over to Sheila and took her wet, hard cock into my mouth. I started to suck up and down her cock and after a few minutes I could taste something else. It was her pre cum in my mouth. She began to moan…Then Shelly came up behind me. She smacked my buttocks with her hand.I felt Jenny’s tongue licking my cock and suddenly I felt also Sheila’s tongue teasing my tight asshole. The sensations are unreal. Suddenly a little finger was also teasing my asshole; sliding inside my anus easily…I moaned out loud; I could not help but to. The first finger up my ass soon became two and finally three ones.All of a sudden I could feel Sheila rubbing her cock up and down the crack of my ass as she nibbled on my ear if I wanted to feel her dick in my ass…I just moaned, nodding my head a yes.Then Sheila told me she would be gentle, as I felt her moving closer to me.Up and down, up and down; then I could feel her hard dick sliding into me. I started to moan as that fine lady boy slowly worked her hard cock into me. I moaned a little louder and that was when I felt Jenny engulfing my cock.At same time I could feel Sheila working her cock deeper into my poor anus.It was uncomfortable at first but once she got deep inside and started to slide in and out of me, it began to feel really, really good. Jenny started to suck me harder and Sheila to sodomize me harder…I could feel her hitting my prostate and could feel my orgasm building. Now I was just moaning loudly. I heard Sheila telling me she was going to cum in my anus. Soon I felt her first warm spurt hitting the bottom of my anus.Then my own orgasm hit me and I filled Jenny’s mouth with cum. Sheila and I cried at same time as we both came. Sensing her burning semen deep in my anus almost drove me crazy…Finally we all came back down to earth. Jenny kissed me with her mouth full of cum. That late evening I came back home alone. My ass was sore; but I knew I had enjoyed a very good time fucking and being fucked in a wild way by those two young bitches…

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