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Jens lets her boyfriends mate join the fun….

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Jens lets her boyfriends mate join the fun….“Fuck off that was a penalty Shaun, they won, and they won fair and square” said Ryan, slurring over his words thanks to the free-flowing booze of the night. “well I think that ref was a blind prick but it’s getting late and if Jen finds you pissed on our couch again she’s going to fuckin kill me mate” replied Shaun. Signalling that it was time for his friend to leave before his girlfriend Jen got back from her girl’s night out. Though the slam of the taxi door and the click, click of heals walking towards the front door suggested that his command came too late. “ohhh for fuck sake!” Cried Jen as she stepped through the front door. Shaun looked at Ryan to again signal it was time for him to leave but Ryan’s eyes were all over Jen. His eyes slowly scanned up and down, taking in Jens appearance. At 23, she was a whole 10 years younger than the two men, Shaun could sense Ryan undressing his girl with his eyes, peeling off that tight red dress with the plunging neck line. It was a dress that left little to the imagination, her toned legs were on show and her ample cleavage was being held up, supported by a black lace 34c cup bra that Shaun had bought her last week because it matched her dark hair. Ryan’s eyes went wind, Shaun could tell he was imagining what was under the dress and Shaun knew, a tight shaved pussy with a set of pert tits and the arse of a swimsuit model. She pushed the two guys to the side and spied the weed and booze on the table, she sat between them, crossing her legs as the dress slid further up, revealing more of her tanned long legs. The sight of them caused a rush of blood to Ryans dick. Her hand fell on her boyfriend’s leg, Ryan looked on jealous, as she leaned in and kissed Shaun deeply, her tongue slipping in and out of his mouth. She looked round at Ryan, “I was out with Carly tonight, sounds like you owe me, she told me that you two had fun”“ohhh yeah we did” he replied. “More than that according to her” said Jen in a seductive toan, “She told me that you fucked her brains out”. Both men let out a hearty laugh, but it did not go unnoticed as Jens hand moved further up Shaun’s leg to his groin. Almost instantly she could feel her man’s cock start to twitch in response. She gave him her signature slutty grin and he immediately told Ryan it was time to go. Sooner his friend left to sooner she could maltepe escort get that mouth round his cock. “No” Jen said, she leaned into Shaun and whispered in his ear not so quietly “I want him stay just a little longer” then moved back round to Shaun’s mouth and kissed him passionately. Her hand was now massaging his cock through his jeans and her chest was rubbing against him. She moved her hand and unclipped his sole button and then unzipped his jeans, in the same instant she made her declaration “how about the three of us have some fun” and with that her free hand reached over to the budge in Ryans trousers. “hey!, am not sure about that, I better lea…..” Jen cut him off right away as she griped her hand harder over his cock and then turned and forced a kiss on him. Her thick lips covering his mouth and her tongue just teasing him ever so slightly. Then she turned to Shaun, his dick was so hard by now that it had wrestled itself free and was standing pound and erect. Her hand wrapped her hand round his dick and started slowing pumping it. All the while she was nibbling on his ear. “Carly told me his cock is enormous…. Mmmm please….” Ryan could just about over hear what she was saying.To hell with it Ryan thought, Shaun didn’t seem to be stopping any of this any time soon and he had wanted to fuck jen ever since Shaun had told him how filthy she was. So, he wriggled out of his jeans, leaving him naked from the waist down, his cock also now standing fully at attention. Jen obviously sensed what was happening because her free hand found his cock and tried to wrap her hand round it, but his member was just too thick. Jen stopped kissing Shaun and stopped stroking his cock, her attention was on Ryan instantly “FUCK!” she said, looking down at the huge 8-inch b**st between his legs, it was dwarfing his friends adequate yet much smaller dick. “Well don’t just look at it, on your knees and suck it” Ryan demanded. Jen did not need to be told twice, she popped off the couch and got to her knees. With one hand cupping his proportionally huge balls and another gripping the base of his fat cock her tongue started to dance over the end of his cock, then without warning she spat and out over it then plunged her open mouth over it taking his helmet deep in her mouth. Ryan placed his hands over the back of her head, pulling slightly on her brown hair. She was bobbing escort maltepe her head up and down occasionally sticking her wet tongue over his dick sucking on it like he had just bought her a bag of cocaine. He wanted more so he stood up, so she could take more of his dick down her slutty mouth. At that moment Shaun stood up next to and put his hand now over the back of her head then Jen took a hand away from Ryan’s balls and used to wank her boyfriend’s cock a little more. “I told you she was a fuckin slut” Whispered Shaun into Ryan’s ear, perhaps just a little too closely. In response Ryan just whimpered and tightened his grip on her hair with Shaun’s hand sitting over his.“I fucking love big cock” Said jen as she finally pulled her head away to get a breath. She continued to stroke both shafts and intermittently would lick one of them “mmmm shaun I want you and your mate to fuck me up tonight”. She let go of their cocks and reached down to her dress pulling out her tits, leaving them exposed she looked up just as Ryan smashed the slide of her face with an almighty slap as all 8 inch’s of his fuck-stick collided with the side of her face. “Suck me whore” he demanded. “Yes sir…”She sucked him for a further few minutes then could feel Shaun’s cock move towards her face, she popped out the b**st from her mouth readying to take Shaun’s dick and as she did she for a brief moment, the two cocks met, and tips touched. This made jens soaked pussy even wetter. She pulled on both cocks and rubbed them together. At that moment Ryan and Shaun’s eyes met, both unsure how to react, yet simultaneously both men grinned the slightest of grins and the message was clear as their lips moved closerJen looked up from her knees just in time to watch as Shaun and Ryans heads moved closer towards each other and their mouths locked in a deep kiss. The sight of their stubbled faces kissing caused her to instantly reach between her legs. She lost her panties earlier in the night, so her figures were on her bald pussy in instantly, watching two men enjoying each other as she flicked her clit for all she was worth. The guys were getting really into as they both sat back down on the couch Shaun had now taken over the duty of keeping the b**st hard. Jen was, for a second actually, getting a little jealous but she knew her hungry cunt was ready…Jen stood up, the two guys on the couch maltepe escort bayan kissing and wanking to themselves oblivious as she pulled of her dress and unclipped her bra, she was now completely naked, her pert tits were standing to attention and she could feel just a drop of pussy juice running down her left leg. Shaun and Ryan pulled away and took in her naked form, she took a step and was now standing over Ryan, slowly she lowered her body on to his lap, her hungry cunt taking his huge cock deeper into her body. She could feel him stretching out her pussy like never before. She started slowly but it wasn’t long before she was bouncing up and down on his massive cock as she rubbed her clit hard as her tits bounced wildly. Jen was fucking like never before, Ryan took a hand and slapped her arse hard then he leaned in towards her and took a tit in his wet mouth. Her nipples were already hard, and she squealed as he nibbled on them, just a little too hard. Looking up Shaun was standing with one leg on the couch another on the floor, his dick was inches from her face, so she did the right, she took that dick deep in her mouth. Sucking Shaun’s cock and Ryan’s stretched her cunt with his mouth now working on her other tit and her own free hand was still rubbing her clit. “Let’s get his cock we for your arse fucking” said Ryan as he led towards Shaun’s cock and now he took it in his mouth, he could feel his dick sliding down his throat and he could hear Jens moan. Shaun started to thrust his hips as he fucked Ryan’s face like it was Jens pussy. Before long Ryan was choking on it, Shaun’s dick was covered in his saliva.Jen did not protest as Shaun stepped away taking up a position just behind her. With Ryan sitting on the couch and Jen grinding on his lap with his cock now buried totally in her moistness Shaun stood behind her. Shaun took a grip, one hand on her hips the other pushing her head forward then with one long thrust he ploughed his dick deep up her arse hole. Then he started pumping her tight once virgin arse holes the same way he had fucked Ryan’s face, he could feel Ryans big balls slapping against his and he could even feel his cock movie inside her. He took his hand off her hip then is smacked down hard on her ass cheek. “This is what you’ve been needing bitch isn’t it?” he shouted in her ear. There was a sudden eruption from deep within, Jen let out an orgasm so powerful she never knew she was capable of it. At the same time, she heard both men grunt loudly as they filled both her holes with their cum….The three of them lay back on the couch, panting, but all with smiles on their face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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