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Subject: jeremiah university-III-8 JEREMIAH UNIVERSITY-III-8 Olympic Gold Written by Eugene Marvin aka NPHILLYDOGG _______________________ cash app me @ $nphillydogg for your support ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ::::FLASHBACK 1:::: Covid-19 was in full bloom all over the world over the summer, with most jobs [airports, hotels, restaurants, schools, and businesses] shutting down due to the active spreading of the virus! People were dying in groves, first striking the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, then the OTHERS started to get it, once healthy men, women, and children falling victim to this dangerous unseen disaster! During the height of the storm, travel was limited, and officials were asking people to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary to go outside, making only those in `essential’ positions [healthcare workers, police, fire 20yr old Zeff Underwood (6’0″, 170lbs w/a med/slim muscular athletic `runners’ build, lite-skin complexion, w/a soft short curly-top fade) had to find time [as best they could] to sneak away from their homes in Philadelphia to meet up to spend any significant time together, using their Olympics training as an excuse to get out of the house and jog through the running trails of Fairmount Park in west philly! It was during these `runs’ that they would often meet up in the rarely traveled sections of the park to spend quality time together, keeping the ambers of their relationship hot! After meeting at a designated spot [along the Schuylkill River], they would venture into the wooded areas where no one walking along the paths could see them! It was there that they would kiss, swabbing each other’s mouths with spit and dna as they sucked and suckled each other’s tongues in heated french-kisses! The pair would smash their bodies together as one, grinding hardons [tenting through their sweats or running shorts] as Zeff wrapped his arms lovingly about Kenny’s neck and shoulders while Kenny would always inevitably grip and grab Zeff’s bubbled butt [slipping his hand into the back to feel the sweet-sweaty ass-crack]! Eventually the 2 would strategically end up behind a big tree [or a bush, or an old decrepit wall] where Zeff would often drop to his knees and suck his bf’s sweaty 8″ dick, burying his face in his moist pubes while Kenny kept lookout to make sure no one `accidentally’ walked up on them! Kenny would lean back against the tree [or wall], while Zeff sucked and swallowed his dick to the root, bathing his dick the world governments decided to continue with The Olympics, sending their very best amateur trainees to the world games to compete for the nations! 20yr old Rhawn King was slated to fight in the ring as a middle-weight boxer, his ongoing training keeping him in tip-top form as he faced boxers the world over, beating all of them except one, which had ended in a w..ing down to how many punches each boxer laid on the other! Rhawn came out ahead by a dozen more contacts, giving him the decided WIN, and the title of Olympic Champion! On Track in the basement: pretending to do laundry; the backyard: under the cover of night, hiding in the bushes, etc.]! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ::::FLASHBACK 4:::: Moving Day: Beverly Underwood wasn’t going to be able to be there the day her son moved back into Jeremiah University, but she made sure to tell him goodbye that morning before heading into work, leaving her husband (Max) at home to aid her son in any way he needed while getting ready for school! Max had wanted to drive the boy to his dorm personally, then fuck the shit out of him in his bed [while students roamed back and forth through the halls]…!…but Zeff’s boyfriend (Kenny) had opted to drive Zeff in, killing the stepdad’s plans of breeding the boy at school! Zeff waved goodbye to his mother from the doorway of their home [as she pulled out of her parking space and drove off down the street]! Zeff barely got the door closed when Max stepped up behind him and pressed him [face-first] against the front door, grinding into his body from behind while kissing him about the neck and shoulders! `I thought she’d NEVER leave!’ he complained, having waited in the wings for her to go, his dick rock-hard in his pajamas, erdemli escort as he ground his hardon against his stepson’s backside! `Max, I can’t…’ protested Zeff [weakly], pressed against the porch door! `…I have to get ready…!…Kenny’ll be here soon!’ `I’m not too crazy that your BOYFRIEND’S getting the benefit of all the ass training I’ve given you over the years…!’ scoffed Max {having fucked Zeff since; Roswell Heights 12}! `He needs to know that’s MY pussy he’s fucking! You’re only on LOAN to him!’ Zeff groaned in electric heat…!…Max’s hard body pressed against his back, his hot breath breathing on the back of his neck [like a predator scooting in on its prey]! Max worked his hands up the inside of Zeff’s shirt, feeling up his torso and tweaking his erect nipples while suckling gently on the nap of his neck! `What time is that sorry-ass boyfriend of yours coming to pick you up…?’ he asked [determined to have his way beforehand]! `Anytime now…’ said Zeff, `…I’d better go shower before he get here!’ he added, trying to breath from Max’s hold! But Max had better plans! He pulled away from Zeff just long enough to YANK his sweatpants down off his hips, dropping them directly to the floor [around his ankles]! Zeff yipped in surprise, then stifled an erotic groan when Max suddenly buried his face in his ass and started licking his asshole! Max’s plan last night was to sneak away from his sleeping wife and fuck the shit out of her son several times last night…!…but Beverly decided to cuddle with her man, sucking his dick and making him want to fuck HER instead! After busting a heavy nut Max fell asleep all night, sleeping soundly until morning [nearly missing his opportunity to breed his stepson before he left]! Max buried his face in the handsome boy’s bubbled butt and ate his asshole like pussy! He could hear Zeff trying to keep his moans low [so any neighbors on their enclosed porches couldn’t overhear him through the thin walls]! Max placed his hands on either-side of Zeff’s body [against the door frame] and pressed his face in further, LIFTING Zeff up onto his tippy-toes [supported solely by his face]! Zeff could feel the tongue slip into his hole further, reaching back with his hands to pull his cheeks apart, allowing his stepdad deeper access as his ass-cheeks rested on either side of his face! `urh…uhh…urhhg…!’ grunted the 20yr old, his feet lifting off the floor as Max buried deeper, balancing him on his face alone! Zeff stayed in place, feeling as if Max’s entire HEAD might magically shove up his ass until Max lowered him back to the floor and stood up behind him! Max pulled free his hardon from his pajama bottoms and pushed the head of his big dick between Zeff’s ass spit-wet cheeks and shoved directly into his asshole! When Zeff went to grunt out loud, Max quickly covered his hand over his mouth, making him moan in his hand as his dickhead penetrated the rectal-ring! `UMMPPHH…!!’ groaned Zeff [into the palm of the hand], feeling his asshole stretching around the burrowing dick, splitting his ass straight up the middle as 2, then 3, then 5, then 8 inches pushed into his screaming ring, making him struggle against the man behind him as he was once again forced onto his tip-toes as his asshole was being violated! `You ain’t going nowhere until I’ve buried this entire dick in you and bred your sweet young pussy with the load I meant to give you last night!’ snarled Max, his lips right next to Zeff’s ear as he held him tightly in his arms, refusing to let him go [for even a moment]! Zeff felt his asshole screaming for mercy as Max managed to bury all 10.5 inches, lifting Zeff’s feet off the floor once more while grinding upwards into him [hand over mouth]! Zeff could feel the entire dick jammed up his ill-prepared ass [no lubricant]! Max pulled back and started thrusting into him, fucking him against the front door! Zeff knew resisting wouldn’t help, as Max was a BEAST when he wanted his way! The Olympian simply gave-in, letting his anal muscles dilate around the thrusting dick, feeling it destroying his hole as it fucked through steadily, burrowing through him like a gopher! There wasn’t much Maximilian loved more than plowing cunt and ass, and Zeff’s ass [an Olympic medalist] tarsus escort was at the very top of his list…!…even beating out his wife (Beverly), as Zeff’s sudden fame shot him to 1 on his list! He gripped his left arm about Zeff’s torso, holding him in place with his right hand over his mouth, keeping the boy plastered against the door as he thrust upwards into his body, leaving him nowhere to go as his dick bore through him like a iron pole! As Zeff moaned into the palm of his hand, Max’s chest lay glued to his back, his hips thrusting up into his ass, driving his 10+ totem-pole though his stretched cunt as Zeff felt helpless to stop him! Max could feel Zeff’s body starting to give-in to prowess, his hole becoming more receptive as fucking became easier, allowing him to fuck the hole deeper! Zeff’s moans rose in his hand as the dick started battering his innards! Zeff felt his dick harden stiffly, as it always did whenever Max fucked him! He was just really starting to get into the fucking when he heard his cell phone ringing in the living room! He knew it was likely Kenny telling him he was close by…, but he doubted Max would stop fucking him long enough to answer his phone! Max continued pounding up into Zeff’s body, completely ignoring his boyfriend’s call as he continued to fuck at the same pace and fashion…telling Zeff he wasn’t going anywhere until he bred his pussy deep! Zeff groaned erotically in response, himself too far gone to try to stop the fucking at this point! He wanted Max to cum in him one last time, to feel the cum of the man he longed for longest to breed him so he could jump in the shower and wash away the evidence! Zeff was just really starting to get into the fucking when there was an unexpected KNOCK at the door in front of him [totally startling him]! Max physically pulled Zeff’s head aside [out of the way] and leaned in over his shoulder to peer through the peephole to see Kenny standing at the top step! `Its your BOYFRIEND!’ he whispered into Zeff’s ear, before pulling Zeff back in position to resume fucking [nonstop]! `umf…?’ questioned Zeff, looking through the peephole to see Kenny’s face [clear as day], panicking that he might HEAR them! `Calm down…’ whispered Max [steady fucking]-(having no intentions on stopping now)! `…he ain’t going anwhere…!…he’ll WAIT for you to answer the door, he won’t leave you!’ `umpph…!’ argued Zeff, wanting to END the fucking before Kenny got suspicious! Max could feel Zeff’s body tensing as his asshole tightened up around his thrusting dick! To emphasize that he wasn’t going anywhere until they were done, Max doubled his strength around Zeff’s body, locking him down [whether he wanted it or not], keeping him planted in place as he continued to fuck him! `Please, Max…’ whispered Zeff [his mouth suddenly uncovered as Max used both hands to hold him in place]! `…don’t DO this to me…!…I have to go!’ `You’re not going anywhere…’ insisted Max [firmly]! `…either you give me ass here and now…, OR we let your boyfriend in and I fuck you in FRONT of him!’ Zeff had no doubt that Max would do just that [just to spite their relationship]! As Kenny rang the doorbell, then called his cell-phone again, Zeff leaned against the front door as Max continued to pound him from behind! Zeff was afraid Kenny might overhear them and get pissed, but as he peeped through the hole again he could see Kenny texting him; asking where he was and why he wasn’t answering his phone…? Zeff’s dick remained HARD throughout the ordeal, as he absentmindedly reached down to stroke himself! He couldn’t believe he was getting fucked by his stepdad while his loving bf stood on the other side of the door [possibly listening]…? Zeff had been known to cheat on Kenny (with Max AND Kevin Smith), but never so brazenly, with Kenny standing right there! The excitement spiked his adrenaline, causing his dick to seize in his stroking hand as he skeeted cum all over the front door! `urrhg…!!…urrhg…!!…urrhg…urrhhhgggg…!!’ he gasped as he came [trying to keep his voice down]! Max held Zeff tighter, feeling his body tense and convulse as he came, his asshole flexing madly about his thrusting prick as he fucked the boy harder until he felt his own orgasm akdeniz escort hit moments later! `URRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG…!!!’ he yelled out loud, uncaring if Kenny heard him! Zeff panicked, flaring about in Max’s arms [as the older man unloaded in him]! Zeff peered back through the peephole to find Kenny now sitting in his car [waiting]! Max fell against Zeff’s back, pinning him to the door with a THUMP! `Just remember…’ he panted, breathlessly [his chest against Zeff’s back], `…that’s MY pussy, no one else’s…!…I just LET you lend it out while you at school…, but if I gotta come up there to reclaim it I will! `Don’t forget!’ `Yes, sir!’ moaned Zeff, flinching as Max slowly withdrew his softening monster dong [his asshole suddenly feeling empty]! The phone rang again as Zeff begged Max to answer it and tell Kenny he was in the shower and would be out soon! As Zeff ran upstairs to get cleaned up, Max invited Kenny in, telling him to go straight up to see Zeff! Zeff heard his bf coming up the stairs [calling his name], before he had a chance to jump in the shower OR shit Max’s massive load from his guts! `Hey baby…!’ he said [startled], coming out of the bathroom completely dry and only in his underwear! `Hey…’ greeted Kenny [clueless to what just happened moments ago], `…we’re gonna be LATE! How long’s it gonna take you to get dressed?’ `I’m…uh…getting dressed now!’ said Zeff, going to his bedroom to throw on his clothes! Kenny followed…!…closing the door behind them before grabbing Zeff up in his arms! Zeff resisted as Kenny’s hands automatically went straight for his ass, as he tried to kiss him! `Kenny, don’t…!’ `C’mon, baby…ONE quickie before we leave…? I haven’t seen you in DAYS!’ pleaded Kenny [wanting his dick wet]! `Weren’t YOU the one that said we were running late…?’ reminded Zeff [avoiding Kenny’s lips and hands at all costs]! `Yeah, but…’ started Kenny [trying to wrap Zeff up]! `We can always FUCK when we get to campus!’ insisted Zeff, pulling away to grab his pants [needing to cover his ass quickly]! Kenny gave up…, grabbing some of Zeff’s boxes to put in the back of the car [for their trip]! Zeff breathed a sigh of relief as he continued getting dressed [stuffing tissues between his ass cheeks to keep the cum from dripping out of his asshole]! He grabbed the rest of his stuff and headed downstairs! Max was looming in the background, insisting on a hug goodbye! Zeff sat his stuff aside and walked over to his stepdad, giving him a big HUG! But Max leaned in and kissed Zeff on the lips, slipping his tongue into his mouth as he reached down and gripped 2 hefty handfuls of the track star’s ass and kneaded them roughly [causing some of the cum to escape]! `No, Max…I’ve got to go!’ concluded Zeff, pushing the older man away before grabbing his gear and heading for the front door! Max followed, standing in the front door doorway as Zeff carried his stuff to Kenny’s car, packing everything inside! Max watched them pull off, knowing his nut was still loose in Zeff’s ass! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ `Your stepdad seems a lil’…weird!’ said Kenny [while driving]! `Why?’ asked Zeff [hoping Max didn’t say or DO anything out of pocket around Kenny while he was upstairs]…? `Nothing in particular…’ said Kenny [unable to put his finger on it], `…its just the way he lurks in the background…!…kinda like he wanna SAY something but didn’t! `Does he KNOW we’re boyfriends…?’ `Yes…he knows!’ answered Zeff [hoping Kenny doesn’t realize the truth]! `I mean…, I KNOW you told me how he kinda molested you when you were in high-school…!…maybe he still feels some type of ownership over you, or something…? I dunno! Has he TRIED anything since you’ve been home…?’ `No…’ lied Zeff, looking out the passenger’s side window [to keep from lying to Kenny’s face]! `…my MOM’s been home most of the time…! He wouldn’t DARE try anything with HER around!’ `Cool!’ smiled Kenny [happy to hear], gripping his lover’s hand as they drove down the expressway! `Maybe he’s a lil’ JEALOUS!’ assumed Kenny, as he glanced over at his overly handsome [pretty-boy] boyfriend! `I can’t wait to get you back to our dorm…’ he added, his dick starting to tent his pants! `…I haven’t been inside you in over a week! I can’t wait to make love to you in our own private bed again!’ `Neither can I!’ smiled Zeff, knowing he would have to DUMP Max’s load beforehand, [knowing there was a lot of pit-stops between Philadelphia and Maryland]…! ::::END ALL FLASHBACKS:::: O

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