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Jeremy’s Journal: The Beginning

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I had been dating Candy for about a year. She was the quintessential girl next door. She was shy, cute and had an amazing set of tits. She only had one boyfriend who pretty much treated her like garbage. Her ex boyfriend had pretty much stripped her of all her confidence and trust but she really was quite beautiful and I just really wanted to be with her. I will admit it was tough at times but we always had a great time together.

Our sex life was okay she wasn’t too experienced so she made up for it with eagerness. Our sexual experiences were marathons which I love but it was just okay not wow but it was okay. The one thing I really loved about Candy was her massive tits. I am into big boobs and she really had an amazing pair so that was a plus for me. After a year of being with her I was miserable, bored and really looking for a way out. Being with her just wasn’t fun anymore. She was insecure and always felt that I would leave her for someone else and she really wasn’t very assertive in life and I really couldn’t see myself spending any more time with her because I was tired of always having to prove myself to her constantly.

After a year, I told her flat out that I wanted to break up. She wanted to stay together and promised to do anything to keep me happy and to change. Honestly, because she was such a sweet girl I was beginning to regret my decision but I knew that I couldn’t stay in the relationship anymore. It was at that point I had an idea that would change my life forever. See my previous girlfriend couldn’t win a beauty contest but sexually…she was a genius and a dynamo. There are things we did together that I have never seen done in porn. She got me used to public sex, blowjobs and handjobs while driving and we just had amazing sexual chemistry that had never been duplicated.

With tears in her eyes and begging me, I did feel sorry for her but I also knew what I had latin sex tapes porno to do. In my mind though, I thought if I asked her to make some ridiculous changes, she would say no and we would go our separate ways so I did exactly that. I told her that I was very unsatisfied with our sex life. Her blowjobs and handjobs felt like tasks and she needed to get better at it even if it meant she had to start watching porn. I told her that as long as we were driving she always needed to stroke or suck my dick and love to swallow my cum. She needed to stop wearing panties (Except if she had her period) and bras whenever we went out so I could finger, fondle and fuck her anytime I wanted, and I also gave her a year to get better sexually, if not…I would find someone who could fulfill my desires sexually without breaking up with her.

She stopped crying and looked at me in disbelief, I myself was in disbelief I had said those things but I really was looking for a way out. She stared at me to see if I was joking but I remained as serious as possible. Her facial expressions changed so much in a short space of time from shock to confusion to disbelief then to a look I have never seen before. She bit her lip and her brow frowned and she asked if I was serious. I told her I was, she thought about it in silence but I just really didn’t want to be there anymore so I got up to leave her house. As I got to the door she asked again if I was being serious. I told her again that I was. Okay then she replied.

Now it was my turn to be shocked, I couldn’t believe how close I was to getting out of this relationship and she agreed to all those things. “You’re positive?” I asked her. She said yes again. I reminded her of everything I originally said and told her to think about it again and let me know. She assured me that she did think about it and if it meant not losing me, in order lezbiyen porno to make me happy then she would happily do it. I was so conflicted at that time. I mean our sex life was about to her really interesting but would it be worth it? I wondered. Sure things would get better with us but I felt really crappy for putting her in this position. Still trying to come off as stoic I just told her we’ll see. I was about to walk out the door when she called me back.

She asked me to sit and without saying a word she stripped naked and starting rubbing my crotch. Turning around she walked to her TV, turned it on and put a DVD in the player. I loved looking at her naked walking around her house. Her butt cheeks rubbing against each other as she walked away admiring her beautiful pear shaped body. As she walked back towards me, her big heavy breasts bouncing as she walked she sat next to me and began to pull my pants off. I was really confused as to what was going on but I liked where it was going so I complied. The opening credits of the movie started and I realized she had put on a porno. As the credits introduced the performers, Candy began stroking my cock in a way she never had before.

Instead of putting my hands on her head a maybe playing with her hair or ears like I usually did, I stretched out both my arms across the back of her couch and adjusted my pelvis. Once the movie started she began to lick the tip of my cock and made those nice long heavy circles around the head. Taking her time she began to slowly lower her head down the shaft, stopping when her lips past the head and up again and she did this quite a number of times. Between watching one of my favourite performers (Jesse Jane) working on a cock on screen and having my own being attended to…I have to admit…this was turning out better than I had expected.

Grabbing my balls with her right hand and gently liseli porno massaging and playing with them as she now started going lower and lower on my shaft while dragging her tongue on the underside of my cock. I started to feel myself getting closer to cumming. I wondered if I should (as I had always done) tell her so that I could cum outside of her and clean up after or just see what happened next. I didn’t really have very long to wonder. Watching Jesse on tv getting pounded from behind and hearing the sounds she made, without even thinking I told Candy that I was going to cum. She still continued sucking me, I tried to pull her off because I like to delay my orgasms. I found that if I get myself as close to possible to the edge and back about two or three times, when I finally cum it just feels incredible and amazing and can almost put me in a sex coma. I wanted to see if she could pause for a few seconds and then go again.

As I tried to pull her off, she tightened up her whole body, her mouth turned into a high powered vacuum as she sucked on my cock. I could feel the cum exploding from my balls into my shaft and I knew this was going to be a big one. Candy made sure that she was unmovable as my hips began to thrust forward, I felt like I was losing consciousness as every bit of cum in my balls and energy in my body burst forth. I held my breath as my body now tightened up, my hips shot up with Candy holding on for life as I felt the heat of my cum enter her warm mouth. I kept thrusting my hips with my cock both going deeper into Candy’s mouth while feeling my cum being drained by Candy until I finally just collapsed back on the couch. Candy continued just that amazing sucking/pulling on my cock until I went flaccid and then I heard her swallow.

The gulp sound that she made was incredible to hear. She still never said a word to me after but she put her head down on my lap and kept her hand on my now flaccid dick. I closed my eyes and was just listening to sound of the dvd still playing, my consciousness began to leave me in a state of bliss. As I began to fall asleep right there and then, I thought to myself…well this is about to get interesting.

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