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Jill step**m slave, remote control part 2

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Jill step**m slave, remote control part 2Jill step**m slave, remote control part 2See part 1 of my story remote control for past detailsJill hung up, not sure what to make of Franks last remark, he was joking..surely he would not have left his email account open for his k*ds and certainly never told them how to access the remote cams in the lounge..it was a wind up, a tease she didn’t like. Her phone was going again it was Frank and an email was in her in box, she wan’t impressed with him she would go to bed and let him stew, they where all back tomorrow , he had better buy her a good present to make up for this…A new day dawned , she awoke still unsettled by Franks role playand checked her phone and email. She laughed 5 texts and 5 missed calls, 5 emails..She left them all he could stew , when she got back this evening he would there then he could explain.Evening came , she ignored the phones constant buzzing as Frank texted her or rang. After a meal with her friends she got home around 9 pm , Frank was watching TV with Lucy and Peter . She went in and said hi, glowering at Frank and asked how the trip was..They all had had a good time which was good . Frank said he had a suprise for her and asked her to sit by him. Lucy brought her a wine glass and Peter filled it. Frank stood and went out as this went on returning with a small present wrapped in silver paper and wrapped with pink ribbon and a bow. He sat by her putting his hand on her knee and smiling. She sipped the wine, smiled and said oh you shouldn’t have. Open it now he said pleaseShe sipped some more then slide her slender finger under the bow breaking the ribbon. Lucy turned to her with a much smaller gift also in red with a ribbon, Peter also got you a present Jill.Jill felt flattered this was a nice turn of events. She put down Franks present. A present form the k**s this was a first.She opened it , it sarıyer escort was only small but it was their first sign of her acceptance. It was bottle of red and purple nail polish. I thought we could do our nails together . Jill never wore polish but if would help her bond with Lucy she would .We could do it now Jill said, great said Lucy , I choose red for your fingers Peter choose purple for your toes. Thank you both of you Jill smiled at the pair, although a little confiused about Peter choosing a colour but assuming Lucy had said that to pretend Peter had been involved in the gift.They sat and chatted as Jill painted Lucys nails then Lucy painted Jills , it felt good to be acceped in her role as s*****m. As it dried she drank more wine , Franks role play had been out of order but his felt good. She nuzzled in next to Frank, arn’t you going to open mine he said?When the polish dries she replied now slightly tipsy.Time moved on. Lucy anounced her nails were dry and proudly showed them to every one. Jil tried hers, dry too time to open her main present. Frank turned to peter ,you can out that dvd now on s*n he said, turning to Jill ,its one we got on holiday a bootleg copy , he’s been pestering me all day.Jill moved back to the parcel opening it. Inside was some pink matieral. She unfolded it another packet dropped out, again wrapped in silver . As she held the matieral up she realised it was a mciro dress, very smal very tight very stretchy, totally unlike the jeans and t shirts she normally wore.She looked at Frank , someone as sexy as you and with your wonderful figure should dress more sexily. You will look fantastic with it on! It looked cheap , it looked slutty not her usual self but if it floated his boat. Ok Frank maybe later she smiled before inspecting the other packet, which contained esenyurt escort purple hold up fishnets..Purple…Frank spoke in a different voice now, put the dress on now he commanded grabbing her wrist as she passedLater she repied thrown by his dominanceNow he repeated . There was something in his voice that scared her and excited her, he sounded so masterful.She got up taking the dress with her and moved to the door, where are you going he asked?To change she meekly repliedAgain the voice continued no..change here i want to see you change..She trembled, what was going on , but Peter and Lucy she blurted…Change now he commanded, Peter show Jill your new dvd..Dumbstruck she twisted round to watch the tv, there was no sound just a very picture of their own lounge and her dressed in the robe moving a chair in front of the tv, Jill tried to turn away.Watch M*m said Peter.. yes said LucyJil stared in horror , she saw herself stand and blow a kiss then turn and slowly strip, it was her form last night, it had been recorded! We liked this m*m Lucy said you looked so sexy, we all watched it together, me and peter liked making you do things..We want to carry on making you do things, we have copies of this should we post one to where you work or your parents Lucy said?Jil was horrified, Frank let go of her wrist they all stared, now Jill you can be the M*m to them i always wanted you to be satnd where we can all see and change.Stunned and fearful Jill staggered into the middle of the room turning away from them slowly began to lift her T shirt..No m****y said Peter turn roundObey the c******n commanded Frank Jill turned , this was out of control she faced them all behind she could see herself on tv her legs wide open her fingers buried in her own gaping wet pussy..noone must see that video! She had to obey. Press record Frank said, avrupa yakası escort Lucy did something on her laptopShould i post this on the web now said Peter..No ,frank said ,Jill’s just going to change arn’t you huney?Jill nodded then slowly trying to to keep her slef covered took her tshirt and jeans off the quickly pulle don the microdress, it barely covered her bra and panties. She stood hands covering herself, embarresed and humilated. Put your arms by your side Jill , turn around model the dress move your hands over it like you did last night..Jill turned zombie like moving her hands robotically over her body.It looks nice said Peter, i am glad we choose it..We the words went through Jills head. She carried on turning and moving her hands.It looks good said Lucy except to much VPL..m*m….Frank spoke up Lucys speaking to you Jil face her.Jill stopped and faced Lucy..VPL m*m…HUh said JillVPL visible panty line..Take them OFF commanded Frank and the bra..Again more numbness from Jill , her hands moved transfixed sliding down her plain white panties and unding her bra whilst keeping herself covered..She stood naked except for the tiny dress , hands and panties in her hand.Go over and give then to Lucy Frank saidJill obeyed standing over the sitting Lucy , behind her in slow motion she could see herself on tv thrusting the bottle into her pussy. Lucy took the lingeie looking up Jills legs ..i can see your pussy she grinned ..good m*mShe sniffed the panties ..mmm warm and smell of you now take them to Peter . Jill was glowing red wit embarressement but did as ordered , again Peter looked up her legs he could see aswell he sniffed then licked the panties. Thanks D8d he said this is a great present, can Jill dress like this always for us?Yes s*n he replied , i think she will fit in fine now..Now jill go and sit in your chair ..The armchair ws behind her , the she sat knees firmly together..No Jill thats not how you will sit in company, knees apart!Jill conformed..good girl said Frank, can we al see Yes they replied and staredTears of shame began to stream down Jills face, as she sat with her pussy on full view infront of her new family wondering how her life had changed and what would happen next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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