Ara 29

JJ and Ashley Ch. 05

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Ashley was aware before she had the energy to pry her eyes open. That alone made her not want to open them and become fully awake. She was warm and cozy, snuggled in under her sheet. Her body felt both energized, yet pleasantly heavy.

Memories of the day before slowly started to flicker through her mind, bringing a lazy, lopsided smile to her face. Those memories also convinced her to open her eyes, her smile growing when she saw JJ, curled around her and sleeping.

A sense of contentment swept over the blonde followed by curiosity. Ashley glanced up at JJ’s face, relaxed and peaceful in sleep, none of the usual seriousness present. Ashely took that as encouragement and slipped a hand up to lightly touch one of JJ’s nipples, the pale brown nubs soft and relaxed. She circled the areola, fascinated with how silky soft the skin was.

Ashley ran her fingertips in lazy circles around the small but plump mass of JJ’s breast, coasting across the shallow valley to play with the other one. When she had both nipples awake and rigid Ashley swept her hand down JJ’s torso. Even in sleep the older woman’s muscles were clearly defined under her milky skin.

Ashley paused at JJ’s small, innie bellybutton and dipped a finger into the tiny indentation.

When her fingers bumped into JJ’s belt buckle Ashley peeked down, her eyes having been drawn to the steady pulse of JJ’s heartbeat, visible in the hollow of her collarbone. JJ still wore her jeans, complete with the heavy leather belt. A naughty idea lit inside Ashley’s head and she chewed her lip, glancing up at JJ’s sleeping face, then back at her pants. She knew JJ had been heavily aroused last night, but hadn’t allowed Ashley to do anything about it.

Ashley moved carefully so she wouldn’t wake JJ. The buckle of her belt clanked loudly, but JJ never stirred, her arm still draped lazily over Ashley’s hip. The zipper got stuck for a second, the fabric rumpled. It took a slight tug and it came free, allowing the curious blonde to open JJ’s jeans.

JJ wore a pair of briefs that looked like men’s underwear. Ashley pulled the denim away from JJ’s body enough to see the pocket, intended for a penis that JJ certainly didn’t have. Somehow, Ashley found the sight rather exciting, the red fabric and dark grey seams contrasting brilliantly with JJ’s pale skin. She hooked a finger into the wide elastic waistband, checking once more to make sure JJ was sleeping, then pulled the briefs away and peeked inside.

She’d been expecting to find pubic hair, dark as the hair on JJ’s head and curly like her own. Instead she found nothing but bare pale skin. Ashley stared and blinked, overwhelmed for a moment by images of bare, intimate skin. She’d heard plenty about how other girls groomed their privates, but she’d never felt the need. The idea of taking a razor to those tender bits was a little scary. What if she cut herself? Can’t exactly get a bandaid there, now can you?

“Like what you see?” JJ’s voice was quiet and low, just a bit raspy from sleep. It still startled Ashley enough that she jumped and let the elastic band snap back against JJ’s flat abdomen. She looked up into sleepy brown eyes, blushing when JJ grinned.

“Sorry.” Ashley whispered, feeling a little bit guilty about getting caught peeking.

“Look all you want, I don’t mind.” JJ rolled into Ashley and kissed her forehead before resting her own against Ashley’s. “Did you sleep okay?”

“I think I’m the one who should be asking you, since you’re in my bed.” Ashley giggled.

JJ waved that small detail away with a half-hearted gesture. “Who cares?”

“No one. I slept well. Stayed nice and warm all night long.” Ashley felt shy now that JJ was awake and talking so causally with her. She’d kind of expected this morning to feel more awkward, never having woken up in bed with someone else.

“Same. Don’t wanna get up.” JJ sighed and pulled Ashley closer, their hips coming together flush.

Ashley bit her lip and snuck a hand between them, pushing at JJ’s jeans. “Me neither.”

JJ hummed in her throat, rolling to her back and helping Ashley push her jeans down. Before she let Ashley’s hand start exploring, JJ held her wrist and looked the blonde in the eyes. “I’m not expecting you to make me cum. Just have fun, explore. Do anything you want. I’ll tell you if it’s good or not.” JJ kissed Ashley’s fingertips then let her hand go.

Ashley blushed and looked away from JJ, watching her hand reach for JJ’s bare sex. Both of them gasped quietly when she made contact, her fingertips just barely brushing the smooth skin. Ashley stroked the bare area for a while, amazed at the smoothness of JJ’s skin.

Before long she got more curious, and with a deep breath, slipped her fingers over the curve of JJ’s sex and traced the seam of her labia. More silky skin beneath her fingertips, but now Ashley could feel the heat radiating from JJ’s body.

Wanting to watch what she was doing, Ashley sat up and leaned over JJ’s knee. JJ pulled her other leg out of her pants completely to spread her thighs wider to izmit rus escort give Ashley more room. Ashley caressed JJ’s thighs, admiring the hefty muscles that lay still under her touch. JJ sighed when Ashley’s curious fingers grazed along the crease of thigh and groin.

“Is that a good spot?” Ashley whispered, stroking up and down along that same area.

“Yeah. Too much and it’s just ticklish though.” JJ folded her arms behind her head to watch Ashley.

“I’ll remember that.” Ashley shifted herself again, laying between JJ’s thighs, to get a close look at everything. She used her thumbs to peel JJ’s pussy open, the pink inside a slightly darker shade than her own. She studied the folds and creases, noting that JJ was already, or still, wet. She could see the tight entrance to JJ’s body, seeping the clear liquid that coated the lush pink of her puss.

Ashley inhaled discreetly, finding that the sweetly musky smell was rather appealing. She’d sniffed at her own fingers before after masturbating and was familiar with her own scent. JJ had more of a musky smell but Ashley rather liked that.

“You can touch if you want.” JJ encouraged, hoping she didn’t sound too desperate.

“I know. Just getting a good look first. I’ve looked at my own, but never from this angle. Obviously.” Ashley blushed, pulling JJ’s lips wider, watching how that moved everything else. She glanced up and spotted JJ’s clit, a small bud peeking out of from underneath its fleshy hood.

With a deep breath and a swipe of her tongue to wet dry lips, Ashley moved her hand, a single finger extended and tentatively touched JJ, stroking slowly down the wet crease of her smaller inner labia.

JJ’s pussy felt like her own, hot, wet, and silky smooth. Ashley pushed that same finger through the gathered moisture at JJ’s slick perineum and ventured up to the older girl’s clitoris. She rubbed the hood, not sure about the tip yet. She knew her own was too sensitive to touch sometimes, and didn’t want JJ to pull away.

Making small strokes up and down the short length, Ashley watched JJ’s clit play peek-a-boo. She could feel the small shaft under her finger becoming stiffer, the way her own did when she masturbated.

“You can rub the tip if you want.” JJ murmured, cocking her head to watch from a different angle. She wanted that intense sensation, but didn’t want to pressure Ashley. Her excitement was building quickly, left over from the night before and fed by the sight of Ashley exploring between her legs.

“Really? I can’t touch mine. It’s too much.” Ashley dragged her finger over JJ’s clit, right over the small bud. JJ’s thighs twitched, more juices seeping from her tiny hole. Ashley focused on rubbing at the little tip, wetting two fingers in JJ’s copious liquid and rubbing them directly over her clitoris.

JJ groaned, her hips twitching under Ashley’s hand. “Fuck, that’s it.”

Ashley blushed, looking up to read JJ’s expression. JJ’s brow was furrowed, her eyes half lidded. She looked from Ashley’s hand to meet her eyes, a pink flush creeping over JJ’s cheekbones, matching the flush on her chest.

The sight of JJ so clearly aroused filled Ashley with confidence. She licked her lip and brought her other hand up to play too. She tapped a fingertip in the pooled juices just under JJ’s hole. Ashley slowed her rubbing, needing to pay attention. With her wet finger she circled around the tight opening, dipping in just a little.

JJ exhaled loudly and pulled her other thigh up, both feet flat on the bed now. She hadn’t expected Ashley to be quite so adventurous or determined. She’d figured Ashley would take a peek, then they’d get up and start the day. Or maybe she’d get to play with Ashley some. This was a pleasant surprise, Ashely’s finger slowly sinking inside JJ.

Once she’d gotten her finger inside JJ Ashley wasn’t sure what to do. She’d never penetrated herself, and never another person. To keep JJ excited, she sped up how quickly she was rubbing JJ’s clit, rewetting her fingers first. Ashley was startled when her finger was squeezed tightly, actually pulling back a little. She pushed back into JJ until her finger was deeper than before, the heat and soft inner walls of JJ’s pussy completely enveloping her digit.

“Don’t stop, baby. Keep going, in and out.” JJ canted her hips up to encourage Ashley to move her finger.

Ashley bit her lip and pulled her finger back, almost all the way out. She could feel the way that JJ’s opening was pulsing, squeezing and gripping. It was very different, but actually kind of exciting. She pushed her finger back into JJ, still rubbing at her aroused clit.

“Fuck Ashie, that’s amazing.” JJ panted, her hands – no longer behind her head – stroking her flat belly. Her thighs were trembling and she was having trouble keeping her head up to watch Ashley.

“Yeah? Does it feel good to have my finger inside you? Inside your pussy?” Ashley blushed, never having said pussy aloud.

“Oh, you have no idea.” JJ dropped her head back and pinched one izmit escort of her nipples.

Ashley almost giggled, pumping her finger into JJ, working out the coordination between her hands. “I have no idea. I’ve never tried this before.”

JJ barked out a short laugh, her hips humping into the air in time with Ashley’s thrusts. “Boys generally aren’t into getting fingered.”

“Ew, no. To myself, I mean.” Ashley wrinkled her nose at the idea of sticking her finger in a boys butt.

JJ was having trouble talking, her body locking up in preparation of exploding. “That’s gonna have to change. Faster, please, Ashie.”

Ashley sped up her rubbing, ignoring the burning of tired muscles in her forearms and shoulder. She didn’t thrust into JJ faster, but added more pressure when she bottomed out.

“Fuck.” JJ moaned, low and rumbly in her chest, her body going completely rigid. Ashley gasped when she felt all of the older woman’s internal muscles clamp down on her finger, pulsing and squeezing rhythmically. She looked up along JJ’s tight body, taking in the way her nipples stood proudly from her modest breasts and the intense expression of pleasure on JJ’s face.

All at once JJ’s body relaxed, slumping back down onto the mattress, her chest rising and falling rapidly with her panting. She waved an arm weakly at Ashely, who gently removed her finger from JJ’s sex and crawled up the bed to lay next to the dark-haired girl.

JJ gathered Ashley to her, their skin sticking because of the sweat coating JJ. JJ pressed her lips to Ashley’s forehead then landed a flurry of light kisses all over her face, making the blonde giggle.

“You’re a goddamn natural.” JJ was still trying to get her breathing back to normal.

“You think?” Ashley asked, pleased beyond words that she’d given JJ pleasure the same way JJ had done for her the night before.

“Think? I still can’t breathe without sounding like a rhinoceros that ran a marathon. You, you are dangerous.” JJ grinned while she said it, so Ashley took it as a good thing.

“Well then you’d better keep on your toes.” Ashley warned, glaring playfully at JJ.

JJ had a reply but she was stopped by a gentle rap on the door. Ashley paled for a second before lunging out of the bed and tossing JJ’s shirt at her, pulling her own on hastily. She stuck her arms through the sleeves and double checked that JJ was covered, then opened the door. “Hey Mom.”

“Hey ladies. I just wanted to let you know breakfast is ready. I felt like making waffles.” Debbie didn’t give any indication that she guessed what they’d been up to. She certainly wasn’t about to mention that Ashley’s shirt was on inside out and backwards.

“I would love some waffles. What about you, Ashie?” JJ lay calmly in the bed still, her naked lower half covered by the blankets.

“Waffles sound great. Do they come with bacon?” Ashley asked, sniffing the air. Whew, it smelled like pussy in there.

“No bacon. Track is starting, you know better missy.” Debbie gave Ashley a look, which made Ashley pout. “There’s still syrup and coffee, if that makes up for it.” Debra leaned on the doorframe, having more fun than she should, dragging this out.

“Well, neither are as good as bacon, but they’ll do.” Ashley repositioned JJ’s jacket on her desk chair and was about to sit down when her mother spoke again.

“Did you two stay up all night? Aren’t those the clothes you were wearing yesterday?” Debbie looked Ashley up and down, then over at JJ. She missed the look of panic Ashley sent JJ, frozen in place.

“We fell asleep talking. Never had a chance to change.” JJ covered smoothly, also having noticed Ashley’s shirt but unsure if Debbie had caught on.

“Okay. Make sure you put clean clothes on before you leave the house. Don’t take too long getting to the kitchen. Cold waffles are not delicious.” She looked between the girls one last time, then left the room, closing the door behind herself. She returned to the kitchen, a broad grin on her face.

Ashley waited the five seconds it would take her mother to get clear of the door then flopped on the bed. “God that was nerve wracking. Do you think we fooled her?”

“Nope. Your shirt is inside out. And backwards.” JJ smirked, reaching under the sheets to pull her briefs and jeans back on.

Ashley pulled the shirt away from her chest to confirm, then groaned. She covered her eyes with an arm. “That’s embarrassing.”

“At least she didn’t chase me from the house with a shotgun. Relax, Ashie. She already knows that something is going on between us. Didn’t you see how she figured it out last night when you asked if I could sleep over?” JJ stood to buckle her pants, then ran a hand over her hair, making sure the bedhead wasn’t outrageous.

“Really?” Ashley half sat up, alarmed.

“Yeah. Calm down.” JJ sat next to Ashley’s hip. “You’re an adult, as I am. I doubt she’ll ask us to keep our physical relationship out of her house.”

“But she knows. Do you think she heard us last night?” Ashley looked genuinely upset, which kocaeli escort was another reminder to JJ how inexperienced the blonde was.

“Ashley, whether she heard us or not, she knows. It could just be because of our past history or intuition. I don’t know. There’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed.” JJ stroked Ashley’s side, patting her bottom.

“I’ve never done something like this here. I never brought a boy in here to make out, you know.” Ashley shared, rolling to lean against JJ.

“And you’d better not start now.” JJ teased, getting a laugh from Ashley.

“No, I’m quite happy with my boy-less bedroom.”

JJ smiled and leaned down to kiss Ashley’s cheek. “Me too.”


Breakfast was relaxed, despite Ashley’s embarrassment that her mom knew she and JJ had messed around. She forgot about it after a few minutes in, both JJ and Debra acting as if it didn’t matter. Ashley realized there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about and relaxed, laughing at her mom’s bad jokes.

Debra left shortly after breakfast, needing to get some shopping done. JJ helped Ashley wash up the dishes, then followed the blonde back to the bedroom.

Ashley left the door open, and stretched out on her bed with a sigh. “Well, that went better than I expected.”

“Told you it would be fine.” JJ sat at the foot of the bed and began putting her shoes back on.

“Yeah, yeah, rub it in a little more. I told you I’ve never done this before.” Ashley griped, raising her arms above her head and stretching, a full body stretch that pointed her toes and arched her back.

JJ couldn’t help watching, Ashley’s toned tummy exposed when her shirt rode up. It took some effort to look away and finish tying up her old red high tops. JJ stood and took her jacket from the desk chair.

“Where are you going?” Ashley asked, realizing that JJ was getting ready to leave.

“I’ve got to work on the house. We left all of Emily’s stuff out when we left. I need to put that away and sort out the other trunk.” JJ shook the jacket open and slid first one, then the other arm in.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Ashley asked.

JJ shrugged, adjusting the collar of her leather jacket. “I know what to expect now. That it might be something from her, or Mack. It’s okay.”

Ashley frowned, not so much worried for JJ as curious about what could be in the foot locker. She had plans for this afternoon though. “Text me when you figure out what it is, yeah?”

“You bet, little lady.” JJ gave Ashley the same half smile she’d had as a girl.

JJ came to the edge of the bed and leaned over to give Ashley a kiss. Ashley opened her lips immediately for JJ’s tongue. Even though JJ had planned to keep the kiss chaste, she couldn’t resist the invitation and slipped her tongue inside Ashley, tasting the syrup she’d had at breakfast.

Ashley pressed her advantage and slyly slipped her hands inside JJ’s tee, cupping her small breasts and tugging just a little roughly at JJ’s nipples. JJ grunted and pulled back, nipping at Ashley’s lip.

“Easy with the nips, will you?” JJ scolded, softening the words with sucking kisses along Ashley’s neck.

“S, Sorry.” Ashley gasped, tipping her head back to bare her neck.

JJ growled, sucking harder at the tender flesh of Ashley’s neck. An exposed neck was a primal sign of submission, and one that JJ relished. She shivered, knowing that she needed to get going, but reluctant to leave.

Ashley whimpered, her neck more sensitive than she’d known. Tingles were racing up and down her body, raising goosebumps. She ran her hands along JJ’s sides, feeling needy.

It was with a frustrated moan that JJ pulled away from the delicious length of Ashley’s neck. Both women were breathing heavily, but JJ exerted some self-control and straightened.

“I really do need to go, Ashie.” JJ insisted, finger-combing her hair back.

Ashley sat up, rubbing he hand over the wet spot on her neck. “Okay.”

JJ led the way back down the hall and to the front door. She let Ashley open the door, but turned to her before stepping over the threshold. “I enjoyed last night, Ashie. Probably more than you know. I will text you to work out another little date, okay?”

Ashley blushed, but smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

JJ tugged on one of the blonde’s wild curls then stepped onto the porch and walked briskly to her truck.

Ashley waved as JJ drove off, then shut the door and leaned against it, a ridiculous grin on her face and a giddy laugh bubbling up from her throat. In the space of one day, she felt like a completely new woman. Ashley felt like she had discovered some deep secret of the universe, powerful and all-knowing. She knew how to make JJ cum. Ashley knew how JJ’s lips tasted, how she kissed. She knew how JJ’s hands felt on her skin, strong and warm, just a little rough from hard work.

Pushing away from the front door, double checking she’d locked it, Ashley wandered back to her room. The house was empty and she knew exactly what she was going to do. Crawling back onto the bed Ashley laid on her belly, her face pressed to the sheet where JJ had slept. It smelled just like the dark-haired girl and Ashley moaned, slipping a hand underneath her and into her leggings, then into her panties.

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