Nis 03

JJ and the Party

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The new apartment offered me a freedom I had not previously had. It also offered me peace of mind as for the first time I didn’t feel like I was doing something wrong. After Dustin and I had finished having sex I felt great and my mind was clear. I was going to be exploring this a lot more.

Well a lot more didn’t happen as easily as I had planned. Well not for me at least. Dustin and I texted back and forth a few times but we hadn’t had sex again. That was fine for me because I wasn’t looking to give off the appearance that we were in some sort of a relationship. My cousin Ashley averaged two different guys a week coming home with her. I thought she was more attractive than me but not that much more. Maybe I was being picky. I looked at the guys I worked with, the guys I went to school with and even some I passed in the stores and none of them seemed the right person to me.

It had been two weeks since Dustin and I had been together and I was in my room pretending to read a chapter on Excel spreadsheets as Ashley begged God from the room next door. She was laying it on so thick I was pretty sure she was faking it. What was she doing to make men so interested in her? Was she going out in the nude? Did she have a shirt that said up for sex on the front of it? As she went through a heavy orgasm, or so it sounded like, I decided to study the competition.

Whoever Ashley had been with was long gone by the morning. Both of us went around the apartment going through our normal morning routines. She talked a little about the guy and said he had no idea what he had been doing so she had turned on her fake porn star acting as I expected. I took a moment to notice her pants were pretty snug against her body and her shirt showed a good amount of cleavage as well as just barely meeting the top of her pants. For sure giving off more of a sex appeal than my plain blue t-shirt and jeans.

That afternoon I got home before Ashley did as well and took the chance to go into her bedroom. The clean room that I had seen when we moved in had transformed. The bedding was spread all over as well as clothes. Several pairs of underwear were all around, all of them thongs. Most of the bras I could see were partial cups and daring colors and some lace. Her shirts all had diving neck lines and looked short. I sat on her bed and looked over to see her trash can with several condom wrappers and used condoms in it. I got back up and left her room.

As I went in my own room I looked in my closet to see some dressy outfits and mostly jeans. My underwear drawer had basic bras and panties and one simple thong. So one issue clearly was I was still dressing like it was a casual day at home while trying to hope for sex and fun to come my way. My mind battled between wearing the clothes that made me comfortable and going to buy the clothes that might make me sexy. My phone sounded a text message right then and I looked down to see that my friend was having a party out at her house this weekend. I guess my mind was made up.

I went to a few stores trying to balance finding sexier clothing and costs. This was a trial run so I didn’t want it to be a complete waste of money if I was one hundred percent unhappy with the results. My first stop was for some pants and shirts. I found some pants that were black that outlined my body well but at the same time felt pretty comfortable. They were low-cut so they sat low on my waist. I found three shirts that all looked similar but rip her up porno were different colors. One was blue, one red, and one black. The necks dove showing off my cleavage and they only hung an inch or so over my pants. They were comfortable but I was afraid to bend over. In the end I went for them though.

The second part was underwear. Finding two new bras that mixed sexy and comfort was tricky. The two did not mix well because with removing fabric and wanting more boost came more supports to dig into you. In the end a cotton purple one and a lace black one found their way into my shopping cart. I went and found matching thongs for both. I topped it off with some cute shoes that were really comfortable and made me look a little taller. I went home with a little less money but hopefully more sexiness.

The rest of the week seemed to take forever to finish. Classes drug on and work took forever. All that went through my head was thinking about the party and who was going to be there. Thursday night Ashley informed me that she had also been invited and part of me was happy and part of me not so much. I was trying something new and my first time playing the game was going to be on the same field as a professional. Ashley celebrated the party invite with a guy that looked familiar but I couldn’t remember his name.

Friday morning started with a small scare as I came out of the bathroom in my underwear and ran into Ashley’s friend on his way out. He flashed me a wink and I made a mental note to myself that I needed a bathrobe. Ashley came out and immediately started talking about the party. All I could think was about asking her how much sex she needed. I wasn’t sure if it was out of jealousy or concern. We agreed to go together after we both got home from school.

That night we both showered again and as I went in my room I picked out my new outfit. I decided to go with all black choosing the black underwear, black pants and black shirt. I did end up wearing a white camisole as well because with the plunging neck line of my shirt and the new bra my breast looked like they were trying to escape. When all was said and done I did look sexier as I looked at myself in the mirror and it really felt pretty comfortable. Bending over was the only issue but I was sure that showing off bare skin added to the sexy part. I took a deep breath and left my room after doing my hair and some simple makeup.

Ashley was done and waiting outside. It didn’t surprise me that she dressed quicker since she dressed like this to get something from her car. She noticed the change and my outfit and complimented me. Chances are she had a good idea of what I was trying to do.

We showed up to Mike and Jessica’s house and it looked like the party was already in full swing. We walked in and people were everywhere and I recognized only a small number of them. Soon though Jessica found us and came running over to us.

The night went very well as it was good to see Jessica and Mike again and the party was awesome. Drinks and food were passed all around and if you went without it was by choice. My outfit seemed to be working as well as several guys came up and introduced themselves to me. Between that and some extra confidence brought on by a few drinks I was being flirty and feeling good about it.

I was having a really good time until about midnight when I walked into the living room and saw Ashley standing around a bunch of guys rus porno on the couch. She was bent over slightly talking and almost her entire ass was hanging out of her jeans thong and all. One guy standing next to her actually had his hand grabbing her bare ass and she seemed not to even care. I was trying to have some sexual fun coming out of the rookie zone and being roommates with a professional porn star. I had a feeling Ashley was about one decision away from having a gang bang.

It kind of took the wind out of my sails but I was determined to have a good time. I went over and stood with a group of people that Jessica and her fiancé Mike were talking to. There I saw this guy I didn’t recognize but he was tall and handsome, kind of on the skinny side but he had my attention. Mike soon introduced him to me as Andrew and said that they work together. Andrew was funny and shook my hand and I had some butterflies because of it if I was being honest.

For the next few hours Andrew and I talked quite a bit. A group of us formed in the kitchen talking and laughing. The time went by so quick it was hard to believe that it was three in the morning the next time I saw a clock. I excused myself from the group to see if Ashley had finished her flirting or if she had just gone completely nude yet. Most of the people had begun to leave heading home. As I got to the living there was no sign of her. Most of the guys on the couch were still there but a few were absent.

Suddenly I noticed Andrew out of the corner of my eye and his eyes met mine when I turned. He motioned with a nod for me to follow him. I followed as he went down the hall and into the bathroom. I looked around and it seemed as no one was watching so I went in. One inside Andrew stepped behind me and closed the door before turning around and kissing me. I’ll admit the kiss caught me off guard completely but it wasn’t unwelcomed. For a second it reminded me of Dustin making his first move.

Andrew broke off the kiss, “sorry but I felt like we had a connection and I really wanted to kiss you.”

I thought of a few things to say but in the end actions speak louder so I reached up and grabbed the back of his head pulling him into a kiss again. This time our lips parted and our tongues entwined. I could taste the flavors of the drinks we had mixing together with our saliva.

“I want you.”

“Take me.” I said.

Andrew spun me around and I nearly lost my balance. I grabbed hold of the bathroom counter as he pushed me forward. His hands grabbed the waist of my pants and underwear pulling them down. I spread my legs and leaned forward a little more as I heard saw him undoing his pants in the mirror. He soon had them down and put one hand on my hips as he guided himself into me. I felt the pressure than gave way. He must have been thicker than Dustin because the feelings were larger as I took him in. He was longer too as it seemed he went deeper.

Once he was all the way in he put both hands on my hips and began thrusting. His movements were quick but deep and long. I felt his body slam against mine with every thrust he made. I thought without foreplay it might take longer but my orgasm began building quickly. I pushed back on the counter to put my body more into his.

The next move caught me off guard again as he took one hand off my hip and slapped my ass. Now I had heard Ashley being spanked through the wall and thought that it couldn’t feel good sert porno to be on the receiving side but the sting as his hand connected with my cheek felt amazing. It made me smile for some reason. “Spank me again.”

Andrew responded with slapping the same cheek but harder. It felt even better this time and a small sign escaped my lips. His pace increased and I found it difficult to keep quiet. Another spank and I had to bite my lip to hold back the noises I wanted to let out. I bent my head down and focused on holding onto the counter as he got even faster. My orgasm was coming on strong and quick. I could feel my muscles beginning to tighten.

Just then I felt Andrew’s hand in my hair. He grabbed a handful of it and yanked my head back as he thrust particularly hard. There was no hiding the moan that came out of my mouth and my orgasm exploded. My body tightened, warm flooded me and I could actually feel something running down my legs but he was still going. He held my hair tight and with a few deep thrust pinned himself against me. It took everything I had to push back into him against the counter.

As things began to come down I felt the familiar pulsing inside of me that I had felt with Dustin. It then clicked that I was pretty sure Andrew did not have a condom on. He was actually cuming inside of me right now. My brain once again became divided as part of it wanted to separate before anything more made its way into me and part of me wanted to feel every squirt he had to give. The second part was a little louder so I stayed until after the pulsing had finished and Andrew released my hair and we separated.

As we became two people once again I turned around to see Andrew’s bare penis glistening with various fluids all over it. I looked up to see him looking at me and smiling so I smiled back. He pulled up his pants and I took the time to do the same and turned in the mirror and tried to fix the hair that was out of place.

“I know that was super quick and not very romantic but I’d like to get together again sometime.”

I turned around to see him handing me a piece of paper with a phone number I assumed to be his on it. “That would be nice.”

We both smiled and made our way carefully out of the bathroom. As we walked out to the party again I tried to hide the smile I felt inside but I was happy again feeling that good feeling you get after sex. True I was a little worried since I did just have unprotected sex but the good outweighed the bad right now so I choose to live in that feeling.

Just as we got back to the kitchen I looked down the hall to see Ashley coming out of a bedroom with one of the guys from the couch following behind her. She was adjusting her pants so I am pretty sure she just got done us as well. I was happy that at least tonight I got to play as well though.

On the way home She told me she had gone to the room and had sex with one of the guys just for fun and it had been great. I took the moment to brag and told her I had done the same with a guy in the bathroom. We both laughed and giggled about it.

We got home and each went to our own bedrooms. I read four-thirty in the morning as I closed the door behind me. I took off my shirt and bra tossing them on the floor. Next came my shoes, socks and pants. I paused for a moment as I grabbed the side of my panties and pulled them down. As I took them off I could see semen all around the crotch area and could feel it between my legs. It might not have been the smartest move I had done but it had been a lot of fun and I felt very sexy because of it. I tossed my panties to the pile with the rest of the clothes and crawled into my bed and had one of the best nights of sleep ever.

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