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Jocasta: Second Session

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So yes I know a second one took forever, got a little lost in the pile. If you pay attention this one is in a different category than the first, I am going to be an evil bitch about that so there. :p


I am understandably peeved when I get into work today. I didn’t get my black belt, and the only thing different from earning the prior belts is simply, I wasn’t fucked by my husband before testing. This time I did not since he had gone out with his friends the night before and had a hangover. Rather cruel to make him perform in bed with one of those.

Still upset with him, he knows I have a routine and he wrecked it so I don’t have my black belt and I should. My sensei has said I can try again in a couple weeks, and I only failed because my form was a little off. Apparently I need to have my husbands dick sliding in and out of me to stretch me out before doing the forms.

Not that I told sensei that, though he had commented that I am not glowing today. Even asked if I was feeling alright. Course when I go for my next belt my husband fucks me hard before, then I get a new belt and he will fuck me again after to celebrate. Since there was no new belt there was no sex for my husband yesterday, not the best of things though we don’t fuck daily.

Don’t always end up willing after my day and he doesn’t always have energy. On a rare occasion we are both up to a nice fucking but just cuddle instead. Really the only way to improve my husband is to get him to dance, well he could do with an exercise regimen as well. I tease him about having love handles.

He is even starting to get a gut, so I tease him some on having a spare tire. Not that it is sitting in an office all day for him. He works in a factory, management now but that is not sitting at a desk all day. How I met him, I worked in the factory for three summers, he was the station across from me, sparks flew and I fell hard, not to mention fast.

Rather a romance story there, I mean I’m going to college to be a psychiatrist and needing a job to help pay bills. He just worked there, no ulterior motives just a job he can do. Pays well at least and it started out just friends, you know go out after work and get some coffee and sit. No drinks for me, I wasn’t old enough at first, he wasn’t either until the third summer.

Course instead of getting drinks for him he stayed with me and I gave him me. Had planned on doing that anyway but well I skipped ahead to after married before we got married. Don’t laugh it was important to wait for marriage, then it became important to sample him. Perhaps I was the one sampled, though I did blow him before it came to the actual sex, and well he tastes good, fucks better.

Almost a given I married him, did as well and not because he got me pregnant. I was on birth control since I was still a student and student loans make affording things hard. Married him the week before I did intern at the very sanitarium I am parking in front of. Nominally for the criminally insane, yet not all of our patients committed a crime.

On occasion they are picked up for other reasons, vagrancy being popular. After testing they are committed here until we feel they are committed to being healthy. Takes less time than you would think sometimes. The tough cases keep coming back, not because they are repeat criminals, at least not in the classical sense.

Perpetually homeless simply find it hard to continue to take medication. So they do something that gets the attention of the police and are returned to the sanitarium. We treat them, get them clean and nourished, and usually put them right back out there. It is a vicious cycle that nobody seems to care about since our patients are not normal.

Course not all shelters have a working shower, and the feeding is questionable simply because funding for them is lacking. Our repeat patients are handy though, they tell us things they notice where they were. We tell the cops what we are told and they sometimes get arrests right then, usually they simply know of areas to keep a better eye on since nobody pays attention to a homeless guy.

Most likely they make jokes about the tips they receive from us. More likely than not they put the new cops on looking into the tip. They pair up with a seasoned veteran so there is at least a regular there. Still the grapevine, as we are called, helps them out and probably gets the rookie a little extra experience.

Called grapevine because we are next door to a vineyard. Makes a little sense and we are called grape valley. Being a correctional facility we have the barb wire fences and gates galore. That is on the outside, inside we have a slightly more relaxed feel. The truly violent individuals are in a different section than I work.

Females don’t go in that section, they are violent and prone to attacks at a moments notice. A woman would only get them trying to rape her. I can take care of myself but wandering in there would lead to a gang rape. Nobody is good enough at fighting to stop all of them. Then I am inside and heading for my office.

In sexmex porno one way it is nice to have enough room we all have a separate office to do sessions in. In other ways it is not since our doors are always locked. We have drugs inside and not all of the patients are restricted. We do have patients who come in of their own free will, they get mostly free access to the building.

While pulling my keys out I notice Joe coming then have my keys in hand. Bend over a little to get the keys in then Joe is standing there. He follows me into my office then over to my desk.

“Hey doc you look a little down.” I look over at Joe and sigh.

“Didn’t get my black belt, I don’t have a day off again for two weeks.”

“Doc you don’t come in over the weekend.”

“I know, my sensei has classes all day long on the weekend so testing is only during the week. During the day as well since he has classes in the evening.”

“Well bad news time, your new boy didn’t respond well to the drug. We took blood and testing is ongoing but the results probably won’t be good news.” I’m confused on that one.

“What do you mean?”

“He foamed at the mouth after taking the pill. He’s fine now but they pumped out his stomach and likely take a few days to get the results on the testing.” I think about that.

“If he truly foamed at the mouth that suggests a strong allergy to either the chemical or the filling agent. That is unless he mouthed an Alka Seltzer.”

“I don’t think he got one of those, also have it from on high that you are to see him again today. Rebuild the relationship I guess.” I nod at that.

“Yes I better, traumatic experience like that would make him untrusting. After lunch?” Joe nods.

“Yeah, you only got a half day of clients today. What do you want for lunch?”

“Chicken sandwich unless there is good salad there. If the salads are good I’ll have a chicken salad and bring all the dressing, two packages of each.”

Joe nods and departs while I go over my schedule for the day. Pulling out the file on my first patient I go over it until he comes in. Then I go sit at my chair and we have our session. When I mention at the end that he is doing well enough I’m going to recommend he is released he begs to know how to not get the recommendation.

So not supposed to do it but I tell him, it’s simple really, all he has to do is get violent. Manic episodes are workable but generally lead to testing and drugs beyond what he gets already. In his case he has a minor case of psychosis, he’s actually fully functional without the drug treatment. Course without drugs he hears voices and is known to talk back to them.

What got him here in the first place. Also what got him homeless, he developed the problem later in life and slipped through the cracks. So to speak, in actual terms mostly what happened was he got fired for yelling back at the voices. Led to losing his apartment, already lost the girlfriend, most likely the reason for the psychosis developing.

Visiting places for things like food stamps and unemployment worked at first, but unable to get a new job and worsening psychosis lead to him losing the unemployment. No money means no address, so no food stamps and he may have gotten worse then. At least the cops were quick to recognize his problem.

Not so much a mild case of psychosis but they new he was new to the streets and talking to himself so we ended up with him. At least it only took three weeks of homeless, his parents are deceased and he can’t get hold of any other relatives. Easier for everyone, government included to leave him here, but the laws don’t work that way.

We can only hold them here until they are no longer a danger. In this clients case he was never actually but he was diagnosed so admitted for treatment. Treatment is never all that long lasting. Writing up a suggestion that he is perhaps hired to work in the kitchen for continued treatment my next client comes in.

This one is interesting, there is nothing medically wrong with him, but he has to steal. Doesn’t matter where he is, he has to steal something. I’m making progress with him, fairly certain his growing up homeless is the cause. Once I finish with him, and collect the test item, I sit down and write up my notes.

Get a little break to do this in since in this case I have an actual patient. I’m happy to mark down his progress, he only pocketed the test item at the end of the session. Marked improvement, the first session with him he pocketed it immediately. Sadly he is not as improved as it would seem. He knows the test item is exactly that and is starting to equate it as being worthless.

It’s not worthless, a gold fountain pen definitely isn’t that. It is also long enough he won’t be able to eat it, had that problem early on. Luckily a quarter isn’t precisely dangerous for an adult to swallow. Next patient is another of the homeless. This is his fourth time being committed with us, I’d like to say I’m making progress but I can’t.

He is worse off than my first patient of stranded teens porno the day, but the drugs affect him stronger than they should and they are the only ones we are allowed to prescribe. Probably because the company making them sells them cheap to the state. Most likely there was grease applied as well because normally we get a slew of drugs for all conditions. In this particular case though we only have the one.

Have a way around it however, I tried adding a supplemental drug and he is doing better. Better being a subjective term, he’s still not happy with the way he feels on the drugs. I’d really like to offer him one of the newer drugs, but we are not cleared for it. Unless the company will agree to making him a free test subject I can’t put him on it.

At least my patient isn’t dangerous to others, he gets slightly vegetative at times watching the colors. Without better treatment methods he will probably end up completely vegetative. Not that it seems to matter, all of my attempts to get him on better drugs are denied. Probably because he isn’t a voter or helped by a large group of voters.

Sadly he’s homeless so nobody actually cares, well besides people like myself. Finally I have finished with my regular patients and I’m getting my lunch. Joe got me a salad so I’m happy. Forget trying to get fattened up, I like being a thin gal and visit the gym often. Probably should get my husband to join me, though mostly he’s just getting a beer gut.

Rather hard to get him to stop with a cool beer after work. His work is fast paced and dangerous, you have to be conscious of everything. If you slip up you might lose a part of you. Not that anyone has, the safety features are really good. The dangerous machines have the control a good five feet from the input.

Still a danger though, the line moves really fast and it’s not all contained behind barriers. I admit that sometimes I miss the simplicity of the factory. Sounds funny but even when looking at roughly one hundred boxes of chocolate it’s still simple. Granted the visual check is the first check on it. The machine catches more than the people watching, there are three checkers standing there.

Checkers are still standing there watching because they can add or remove on the fly. The machine pulls the box aside and the pieces are added or removed. Both happen more often than one would think. Course in a sense, I was a chocolatier and married one. Draws laughs when I say that to people, he said he works in a factory first.

Finally time for my extra patient to come in, I’ve only been sitting in here because I’m seeing him. Normally I’ll head home or walk the halls and make sure the patients look good. In this case not drooling on themselves and not being violent. Drooling is due to the drugs and they are over medicated.

Violence should be removed due to the medication. Not entirely, we do want them able to defend themselves. The orderlies check for us but we are supposed to do it ourselves. The orderlies are not all nurses, only one nurse per section. The rest are prison guards just in a mental facility which means less than one would think.

Pitre Mourir comes in looking good with his purple hair. It’s a nice darker purple color now. His eyes light up when he sees me and does a little twirl to show off his body. I have to admit it is a nice looking body, he is quite thin. He goes to the sofa when I point then perches on the very edge with hands to his knees.

“That was not a very nice thing you did to me.” I sigh and sit down in my chair.

“I know and I’m sorry, there has never been a reaction to the drug like that. I assigned you to the lowest form of it. Tests are being run to figure out what happened as we speak.” He leans closer to me.

“They are after me. I’m not supposed to be here.”

“Who are they?” He puts a finger to his lips.

“I can’t answer that, they have ears everywhere.” I make a note and move on, likely part of his condition but I can’t assign drugs until the results are back.

“Alright, if you are not supposed to be here, where are you supposed to be?”

“Oh that’s easy, I was supposed to move to Paris. Have you ever been to Paris?” He has a smile on his face that I return.

“I’ve always wanted to go, my husband swears we will as soon as he has the four weeks of vacation time saved up. Sometime next year hopefully.”

“Make sure you go in the fall, just before the leaves turn. If you time it right you see it in all the glory of summer then get to watch the leaves color and fall. It is a magical time and there’s nothing better.” I make a note, not on what he said but that he has been there.

“Thank you, I will remember that and try to go then. Now let’s talk about you, what is your earliest memory?”

“I remember coming into this room and the most gorgeous woman put me on my back.” I can’t help the smile then wave my hand.

“Not the first time you met me, your earliest memory. Usually it’s something odd though really remarkable at the time.” He’s silent street blowjobs porno for a bit then lies down on the sofa with his hands on his crotch.

“Only if you tell me what you did yesterday.” I sigh but what the hell, it’s not like it’s a big secret.

“I tested to get black belt.”

“Did you get the belt?”

“No, I’ll try again in a couple weeks.” He twists to look at me.

“Why didn’t you get the belt?”

“I’d rather talk about your earliest memory. Remember what I said last time, without clear progress I will not remain your psychiatrist.” His hands start moving on his crotch.

“Easier to show you really.”

I’m not following until I notice that he has opened his pants and is stroking on a hard cock. It is a lovely cock, thick and slightly above average with a slight upward bend. I can’t help thinking it would be lovely sliding in and out of me on my back. Also gets me excited because I haven’t had sex for two days and I’d like some.

Not with him, he is a patient and would get me stripped of my license. Doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the view, and how his hand is moving on him. My legs press together and start moving on their own. Creates a very enjoyable friction against my lips and clit so I’m in essence playing right along with him.

So shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t help it. He has one of those cocks you just want moving about inside. Perfect length and thickness to him and biting my tongue to not moan out my orgasm. Oh hell that was fast and I’m still going to try for a second since he still is. At least he isn’t looking at me, I’m pretty sure he knows I’m playing along with.

Rather hard to miss since I’m making noises. Not moans or anything, my legs are rubbing on the chair and each other. Then he’s groaning and I can see his fluids shooting out. I lick my lips and moan this time because I came with him. So not expecting it but I suppose my thoughts on catching it in my mouth sent me over.

My husband doesn’t let me suck him off that often and I always enjoy just blowing a man. It’s a little like being submissive, but so not because his enjoyment is at your whim. Then we are making ourselves presentable and he’s grinning like the Cheshire Cat over there. I’m smiling a little too, it was enjoyable and I didn’t break the rules.

Bent the rules to a huge margin, but really didn’t break them. I’m not to engage in sexual relations with a patient. What we did isn’t sexual relations, we reached orgasms separate from each other. Bordering on completely inappropriate but hell I need to build a trust with him. Once we get those results back we can try and get him medicated again.

Then Joe is here to take him back and I’m done with the day. I’d take a walk amongst our patients but my husband is a half day today. I’m definitely running home to get fucked hard and long after what just happened. I’d call it good enough for the day except there was no cock in me and I need that.

Call it slave to cock if you want, I need to have a hot hard cock moving in me as often as possible. Since I can’t have the patient that got me off twice simply by playing with himself, hubby is the recipient. Well in more precise terms, hubby is the guy who gets to get his dick wet deep inside of me.

Also trying for kids and well let’s just say often as we both can. Not doing the plotting yet, maybe in a year or two. Instead we just don’t use condoms or pills and he finishes inside. We will be blessed eventually and it’s so far enough just to risk it. We have fun with it as well, we play games sometimes.

One of the better ones so far is simply he’s an intruder and I’m a stay at home wife. Not that either of us wants me to do that, but it makes for good role play. So he finds me at home alone and ravishes me. Great fun and I sometimes toss in comments about how I’m unprotected and might be fertile right now.

Makes for more fun because sometimes he gets it up again. I tease him about wanting to just ride random women without a condom. Mostly when he’s being an insufferable jerk. One day that got me ridden, which was really good. We were both upset and he just pushed me down then took. Definitely not a rape because I got into it fast and I love him.

Even when he is being an insufferable jerk, which is less often than one would think. I mean he’s married to a psychiatrist and he works in a chocolate factory. He’s a manager but he started out working on the line, got his promotion before we entered marital bliss. Always brings home boxes of chocolate as well, the reject pieces that didn’t end up looking right, still tasty though.

Finally back home I find my husband sitting on the sofa watching TV beer in hand. It is his habit, get home grab a beer. Today my habit is out the fucking window, I am getting undressed right there in front of the door. My husband is watching with a smile though wants to say something I know, there is a second beer on the coffee table.

So not caring, I need my husband buried in me. Finally get everything off so slink over to my husband hips rolling hard as I can get them. He is tenting and I so want him, friend here or not I want my husband inside of me, on the sofa being watched if necessary. Then I am perched atop my husband, rubbing against that tent and lean in to kiss him hard, with tongue, until there is a snort.

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