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Jock Tales—JR Year, PT 1

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Adriana Chechik

Jock Tales—JR Year, PT 1Jock Tales—JR Year PT 1“Dillon” ! “Dillon” ! “Yo dawg—wake the fuck up” !SPLASH “Ah fuck yo—did you just literally throw fuckin water on me “? The b o y s laughed, as Kelso replied “Well, ur wet ain’t ya”? I crawl out of the bed, buck naked, of course, sportin a boner. Making my way to the bathroom in the corner of the room, I lost enough hard to take a piss. It was pretty long, no tellin how many hours since I cut loose last. “Yo Dillon—where the fuck you been man—coach is furious”? Still pissing, I glance back towards the room—jeez, there was five dudes here. I actually momentarily blushed—they all had seen me in the showers at school, but never with a full 10” boner. “What ? What do you mean where I been”? As I walk back to them, and grab a smoke off the nite stand. I sat on the bed, and reach to the floor for my jock, and 501’s. Kelso continues “You missed three fuckin days of practice dude—where the fuck have you been”? “What ? What do you mean three days”? Kelso reaches back, then slaps the shit outta me. “Wake the fuck up dude” !! “Where you been”?As I take another drag of the cig, I just mutter ‘I need a joint’. “Naaa dawg—I don’t think you need shit. Actually—some of us think you been fuckin around too much Dillon—ur gonna fuck up ur football carreer”. I suddenly giggle to myself. Patroni now pipes up “What the fuck is funny Dillon—this is serious shit”? “Jenny McCarthy” “What”? “Jenny McCarthy. I was at her house. It was so kewl. You know like in a TV show, or a commercial—you see a dude jumpin out of a window, and running down the street”? “Ya dawg—ya–so what the fuck”? “Dudes—I got to do that shit—I mean like, for real. So I’m up there, in her room right? I’m bucked out—totally ass fuckin naked, and I’m munchin her out—right ?Dudes—that pussy is sloppy as shit, and damm it’s good. So I’m just buried in her cunt, right. I mean, I got pussy juice all over my fuckin face. I’m boned up hard—all 10”, and I’m just getting ready to stick it to her. Then BAMM—somebody’s coming up the stairs ! Oh fuck ! She starts to panic, so I grabs my jeans, and Flyer’s, and bolt for the window ! Out I go, literally shimmering down the fuckin tree—and bolt down the street—buck fuckin naked, with my kicks and jeans in tow. It was great dudes—just like a commercial”!“Dillon—what the fuck man. Where have you fuckin been”? “Jeez dawgs—that’s where I been yo—fuckin Jenny McCarthy” “Goddamm dude—when was that”? “Sat nite yo”. “Dillon—that was five fuckin days ago”!! “Where the fuck have you been”? “I DUNNO—FUCK I DUNNO”!! “Ok look—can you throw a ball—I mean today—right the fuck now, can you throw a ball ? Cause if you can’t dawg, then ur gonna be off the team”. “Ya—I think so”. “No fuckin think so dawg—now cowboy the fuck up. And you better put out hard dawg, cause if you dont—ur days are done ! And by the way—you fuckin stink”. I took a whiff of my right pit. Pulling back my head, and grinning, I just said “wooooaaahh” Pig was just not a strong enough word. The b o y s dragged me upstairs and out the door. The sun hit my face, and the afternoon heat nearly caused me to pass out. We got into Patroni’s car, and someone handed me a gatorade. Practice was rough—but the b o y s convinced coach that I had just been sick—I anadolu yakası escort would be ok in a couple more days. Coach reminded us all that opening day was just three weeks away—and if I intended to keep my spot as ¼ back, I better get my shit together.After practice, all five guys came back to my house with me. They said they weren’t leaving till I told them where I been. I insisted I had no idea. I told Dustin to call the diner, and order some burgers and fries and shit, and have them delivered. As I fished out a wad of cash from the sock drawer to give some to Dustin, Kelso grabbed my arm. “Holy fuck dude—where you get all this shit”? “I work dawg—jeez” “Na—uh -uh dude—that ain’t working. There must be two grand here ! And how you afford that inked up arm dawg—at least another grand” I yelled back at Kelso “None of ur fuckin bizz yo—I work—aight”?By this time Dustin is coming down the stairs with the burgers. He happily fishes everything out from the sacs, and passes them around. Taking a seat himself—I just kinda glare at him. “Dustin—lil dude, we’re talkin team shit—go on up to the kitchen”. “Uh-uh—ya’ll yellin too much—what’s going on”? “Dustin—ur too little, now go on while I’m still nice”. “No Matthew—you been fuckin up, and now your friends are mad at you—and I wanna know what you been doin too—your all time now leaving me here alone, and sometimes I get scared”“Wait—wait—Dustin, what you mean he’s been fuckin up”? Pipes in Kelso again. “I dunno really. But ever since he got that Jeep, he been going down to Austin every weekend” Yelling now I chime in “Dustin—you need to shut the fuck up. Im gonna tear ur ass up bro” Couple of the b o y s put their arms in front of me, holding me back. “naa Dillon”, Patroni again, “Nobody’s tearin up shit” “Go on Dustin—he ain’t gonna hurt you. Tell us everything you know” Dustin replied sheepishly, “I dunno really. But he’s going down there to see Parker” “Parker—1/4 back for the Tigers”? “Ya, that one”“Dillon—what the fuck you going to see him for”?“What dawgs—you guys the only friends I can have ? Can’t have friends outside of football”?Dustin giggles, and then offers “I think they fuckin”Everybody glares over at Dustin, and I lunge for him. Three of the dudes grab me right away, and hold me back. Kelso continues “What Dustin—what did you say”?Dustin, a bit nervous now “They fuckin—you know—butt sex” Keep in mind here that lil bro is only 12. The b o y s actually giggled themselves a bit, but then Kelso continues. “Dustin—lil dude—what do you know about butt sex”? Dustin smiles and kind of agitated now goes on “I know ya’ll think cause I’m a lil shit that I don’t know nothin. But I ain’t stupid. I got ears—and I got eyes. And I’m pretty damm smart too” (and apparantly a filthy mouth for 12)“Ok Dustin—ok—go on”. I struggle in the arms of my teammates and blare out again “Dustin—you shut ur fuckin mouth—or I”ll make ur life a living hell” Kelso tells Dustin to not worry, and don’t be scared, that I wasn’t going to hurt him. Dustin goes on “Ya’ll remember back at Pony League—when we won the championship”? “Ya—ya–sure we do—so what about it”? “Well, remember the last pitch—when Matthew called time out—then walked ataşehir escort out to Parker and whispered sompin in his ear”? “Ya—go on dude” “Well, nobody ever got told what he said—right ? So later, when me and the other mgrs were picking up trash—I was walking behind the shower house, and I heard a bunch of noise. So, I sneaked around that double wall, and I saw Matthew fuckin Parker up his butt. He was fuckin him really hard too, and Parker was crying. I think he beat him up first. And then after Matthew got the Jeep—he been going down to Austin every weekend—that’s why I say they fuckin. But then when he gets home—he’s all messed up, like he’s been getting high or drunk or sompin. He sleeps half the day. And it bothers me cause he’s driving, and he could have a wreck or something”The room goes stone cold silent. The b o y s let go of me, and I just sit on the edge of the bed, and light another smoke. After several minutes, Kelso, in a commanding voice, grabs me by my hair, and looking me right in the eyes, says “call him” I deflect Kelso’s arm from my head, and just say “fuck you dawg—I ain’t calling nobody. And Dustin’s conjuring up shit in his head”. Kelso pulls back his right arm, and totally shocking me, pops me in the side of the head—busting my eye. I jump up at him, but once again restrained by my teammates. “Call him” he yells at me. Dustin offers up again, “He got a lil book in his sock drawer” OH FUCK “Im gonna k I l l you Dustin”! Kelso draws back his arm again—but I hold mine up in defense. I struggle in the arms of the other dudes, and just say ‘let me sit down’. Dustin runs up the stairs, but quickly returns with a 6-pac from the fridge. The b o ys smile at him, and he settles back down in one of the beanbags on the floor. It was easy to see what he was doing now—currying favor with my b o y s. I got a full on conspiracy goin on in my own fuckin house. Kelso finds the ‘little black book’, and begins thumbing through the pages. “Jesus Dillon—what the fuck is this—blackmail”? Patroni grabs the book from Kelso, and looks through it as well. Dustin pipes up again, “I think it’s his yard customers” Patroni speaks next, “Yard ?? 500 bucks to mow a yard?? 300 to clean a pool ?? Look at this shit yo—700 bucks to pressure wash a drive way?? What the fuck Dillon”? Kelso snatches the book back, and just mutters “find Parkers number”Dustin bolts up the stairs again, this time returning with the cordless phone. Kelso dials. “May I speak with Cole, please”? “Hello”? “Parker” “ya” “This is Kelso—Mustangs. Ur secret is out dawg—we know all about you takin it in the ass from Dillon” “He’s in badd shape dawg. Real bad. So if you care about ur boyfriend, you need to get ur ass to Tyler, and tell us what the fuck else is going on. Cause if we can’t get his head cleared up by Monday—football will be over for him. It’s tite for now—just five of us. Nobody’s gonna hurt you—but if you ain’t here in two hours—we’re coming after ur punk ass”After another pause, Kelso hangs up the phone. “Says he’ll be here”We settle down, and get quite. Just watching TV, and munchin on pop corn mostly. Dustin goes for a glass of chocolate milk—I could tell he was scared now from what he just ümraniye escort did—which was basically outed me. The time went by like waiting for Christmas. But finally—the door bell rings. Jackson escorts Parker down to the basement. Pointing a finger at Dustin, “You done good lil dude. Now, we gotta save ur bro. Time to go upstairs. Don’t give me no shit now—just go on and trust us”. Dustin did as asked, and dissapears to the top of the stairs. Kelso takes charge, and kinda pushes Parker into the big recliner. Parker takes a quick glance at me, and gets a worried look on his face. Kelso fills him in on everything they had learned so far. “Now—spill it—everything—what’s he been doing”?Parker started yappin like a caught gangster in a 20’s movie. In fact, had it been so, he would have won an Academy Award. He went on for hours, and told them everything. How my yard customers were more so just cover’s for ‘escort service’. That the trips to Austin weren’t so much to see him, but rather to pick up, and run the dope back to Tyler. He told them about the weekend trips to the ‘spot’, where I hooked up with several at once for the big money. And that’s where and how I got most of the ink. He told them about the deal with me and Kirk—pre-paying for the whole summer to help me get the Jeep, and more sexual favor. He told them about the main man in Austin r a p I n g my ass, and loading me up on acid—but then gave me the bike. And, he verified the story from Pony League, confirming that the ‘secret’ time out was the bet between him and me—the looser got fucked. And then, there was dad. The silence was deafening. It seemed like hours. I just sat there, on the edge of the bed. I hadn’t really realized how just fucked up I had let myself get. The dissapointment from the limited game time from last year had gone completely to my head. And now—I was totally humiliated—in front of the worse possible group—-my teammates. I looked up at Kelso, and softly say “Can I please have a fuckin joint”?After what seemed like hours, Kelso finally speaks up. “Ok—so here’s what we’re going to do. Parker—first thing in the morning, you call that dude in Austin, and tell him Matthew’s out—no more running. I don’t care what you tell him, just make it happen. Dillon—no more acid dude—you can’t handle it. Don’t let nobody stick their finger in ur mouth—that’s how they doin it. And no more trips out to that spot on Rt 5—ur gonna get urself k I l l e d ! And sell that fuckin bike—need to get rid of shit that reminds you of this shit”. After another pause, a few of the guys start yawning. Kelso looks at his watch–”fuck–it’s 4:00 in the morning. Dillon’s mom will be home in a couple of hours. So—Jackson, you bunk up with Dillon, and you two (pointing) crash down here with them. Don’t let him leave—or it will be your balls. Parker, and the rest of us will crash upstairs, make sure they’re ain’t any gay butt fuckin goin on while we’re all here. We’ll have a cook-out tomorrow—that will explain why we’re all here. Oh—and one more thing—you remember that fine eloquent speech you gave back in Freshman year ?? All this shit about us having 47 new brothers—and how it was a privilege to wear that jersey”? “Ya—corse I remember”. “Well—you think about that while you falling asleep—cause you know goddamm well if this had been somebody else on this team, and you was standing up here—that fucker would NEVER put that jersey on again. And you two get his ripe stinkin ass in the shower—damm ! Good thing there’s no practice tomorrow. Now—let’s get some sleep”.To be continued……………..

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