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John and Frankie and Me Ch. 02

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John slid up on the bed and rolled me onto my side facing Dad, so I could keep sucking while he ran his hands over my ass… He pressed against my back, his hard-on sliding between my cheeks; he sucked on my earlobe and stroked my hard-on with his hand as I kept sucking on Dad’s wildly exciting cock with my whole mouth… After a minute, though, Dad pulled out without coming, kissing me quickly as John got up and stood on the floor.

“Slide that ass over here, Emily,” John said to me, patting the edge of the mattress. “Now it’s my turn to get into the sweetest little ass I’ve ever seen– since your dad’s, that is…”

I obeyed and slid over, watching John lube his long cock; he held my knees apart and easily slid it right into my already well-lubed, open hole, holding onto my upraised thighs and looking in my eyes as the head went slowly deeper, deeper…

Mouth open in ecstasy, I reached down, grabbing his ass and pulling him further in, rolling my hips upward to meet his thrusts…

“Ohhhhh… fuck me, Uncle John,” I mumbled softly. “Fuck meee… I need you to fuck meeeee…”

He was longer than Dad… Ohhhhyeahhhhh… When the head finally reached its maximum depth, I was squirming in previously unimagined ecstasy, gasping and groaning, still staring at his face in open-mouthed amazement. When he flexed his cock, I felt my eyes rolling back in my head as an excess of sensation shorted them out. He kept it there, flexing it and pulling me back tight on it as the head rose and sank deep inside.

“Ohhhhhunghhhhhhh…” Uncontrollable groans swelled up from the depths of my body as the shaft slid through my inner Whore’s Ring again and again, moving just enough to keep reminding me how far up inside me that long cock really was… So deep… So fucking deeeeeep… “Ohhhhhunghhhhh… Uncle Johnnn… Fuck meeeee…”

Dad slid down to lie beside me, turning my head to the side and putting his cock against my lips. With a whimper, I grabbed it and sucked it in; then he held my head, running his fingers through my hair while I lost myself in cock-lust again, moaning, sucking and licking… all the while John’s long cock was stroking slowly, deep in my ass, making my body squirm, both ends awash in rushing waves of pleasure.

Sometime later, my dad pulled out of my mouth and stood next to John, an arm around each of us, pressing against us as John slowly drove his long snake in and out of me.

“Fuck him, John,” I heard him say softly in his ear. “Fuck my boy, you pervert… Fuck his brains out…”

Looking in my eyes, John pulled me tight against him and flexed his cock again, making it slide up even further inside me. My eyes rolled back once more as rushes of nasty, almost unbearable ecstasy spread out from his deep-thrusting phallus.

“Ohhhhunghhhhhh… fuck me, Uncle John, fuck me… ohhhhunghhhhh…” I mumbled, looking into his eyes, too, when mine could focus. “You fuck your slut-boy so goood, Uncle John… He luhhhhhves it… Your slut-kid luhhhhhves it… Use me, Uncle John… Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…”

Dad leaned over and kissed me until John’s thrusts became more insistent, jarring our mouths apart, ramping up to a climax that really exploded, slamming into me, pulling my ass back onto his shooting cock. I tried to squeeze the base of it with my anal muscle, milking it as best I could as he held my hips tight against him, his face a mask of orgasmic bliss…

Dad kissed me again, warm lips closing on my open mouth, and our tongues began slowly writhing together… He fucked my mouth with his tongue while John’s cock pumped come-juice ‘way up inside me.

We stayed connected like that, moving slowly for several minutes afterward until John pulled out. Then we all got up and showered together, hugging and kissing as we washed each other…

John got dressed and left shortly after that– there was some kind of business thing he had to do. Only Dad and I remained.

We lay on our backs on the bed, still naked. One of his arms was under my head, holding me close; his other hand was stroking my hard-on as my hips moved slowly in response. I reached over and stroked him, too, as our eyes met.

“So what do you think of all this?” he said.

“I’ll tell you if you spark up that joint again,” I said, smiling. He did, and we passed it back and forth a few times…

“Sooooo… what do I think?” I said, after he’d let it go out… I think I want you to fuck your little girl some more…”

“Oh, I will, I will,” Dad said with a smile, “but it’s your turn to do me now. I need you to fuck me, Emil.”

I stopped mid-breath and my cock throbbed at the unexpected invitation– I’d never dared to even imagine such a scene, but I realized right then that I’d actually spent some effort marsbahis güvenilirmi trying not to… And now… Oh, my god… His eyes burned into mine as he reached out, taking my wrist and putting my hand behind him on his smooth, firm ass-cheek. I kneaded it gently, half-squeeze and half-caress.

“Would you like to do that?” he said. “Would you like to fuck the old man?” The questions were spoken in a soft, uncertain tone; I responded by kissing him, a long, tongue-searching expression of lust and need that I barely understood but felt so strongly it brought tears to my eyes…

“H– how do you want…?” I began uncertainly; I had no clue what to do…

“I’ll stretch myself out first,” he said. “You can watch me do it, Emil… Then you… you just do whatever in hell you want to me… anything at all…”

Everything he said was with a tremor in his voice, but the last few words were spoken with an added hoarseness, filled with a lust I could feel… My cock throbbed in anticipation of him squirming on it as I watched him turn away and slide to the edge of the bed.

He stood up and opened the same drawer that the collar had been in, getting out what looked like a long, double-headed cock and a fat syringe with a rounded tip.

“It’s called a dong,” he said, holding up the rubber cock. “I like it a lot. It helps me open up… And this we call a lube tube– it gets the lube inside where it needs to be…”

After filling the tube, he climbed back onto the bed and rolled on his side. Pulling his cheek up, he slid it into his hole, pushed the plunger in all the way, and then removed it and laid it beside the dong.

He lubed the dong, put it against his hole and began working the head in, pushing then releasing… pushing then releasing… After half a minute, he gasped, and I saw the head disappear into his tightly stretched anal ring, followed a few seconds later by the slow inward slide of the shiny pink shaft…

“Oh,” he said, in between soft moans, “and by the way… call me Frankie, Emil… That old ‘Dad’ shit’ll have to go, you know…” We both laughed, although a little self-consciously. “You enjoying the show?” I nodded energetically. He went on… “You are enjoying it, aren’t you? You like watching me fuck myself… watching this rubber cock go into my ass… You like watching your dad fuck himself with a long toy cock, huh? Why would something like this turn you on, you twisted young man?”

“I–I don’t know,” I answered as honestly as I could. “M– maybe it’s ’cause I think about how it would feel inside me, but maybe it’s ’cause I’m thinkin’ bout fuckin’ you like that… yeah– both of those things… Sooo… go on and fuck yourself with that thing, now, Da– uh, Frankie… Fuck yourself like you just fucked me… Daddy. I like watchin’ you act like a whore… Say– how ’bout if I call you whore-daddy instead of Frankie? I think that fits– don’t you?” I smiled at him.

He laughed out loud. “You are somethin’ else, Emil… You can call me anything you want… ohhhhhhh…”

“You know, I think I like watchin’ you act like a whore– ’cause that’s what I know I am inside… and I’d like it if we could be whores together…”

He didn’t answer, but he looked in my eyes and licked his lips lasciviously. He pushed the dong in several more times, each time stopping to rest and retreat a little before pushing ahead, driving further in every time. By the time it was halfway in, he was moaning out loud, and he rolled over onto his back, lifting his hips up off the bed as he drove the dong deeper and deeper. His cock lay floppy and flaccid on his stomach; his moans changed to low groans…

“There’s no… ohhhhhunghhhhhh… better feelin’, Emil”, he said. “Here– put your hand where mine is… and fuck your daddy…”

“I’ll fuck my whore-daddy with it,” I said, “I’ll fuck Frankie the Slut…”

I reached under his thigh until I felt the smooth, slick rubber head at the end of the dong, and I began to gently push and pull on the shaft, sometimes turning it a little, too. His hand immediately fell away, and he began to writhe on the cock as I moved it. I slid my other arm under his head, moving up against his side and pressing my throbbing cock against his hip. His moans kept increasing, and the more they did, the more I increased my actions, imagining what he’d be feeling with each movement… until he took my chin and made me look in his eyes.

“Now, Emil… Ohhhunghhhh… Come on… Come on– fuck me now. Stand on the floor right here and put your cock in me… Come on and fuck your bitch… She needs a cock in her ass…”

He slid on his back to the edge of the bed, keeping the dong inside him with one hand. I was already standing there by then, putting lube on marsbahis yeni giriş my cock when he took my other hand and put it back on the exposed head of the dong…

“You take it out,” he said.

It was my show now. From here on in, he was my cock-slut. I put my fingers on the protruding rubber head and began to fuck him with it a little more, listening to him gasp and moan, watching him squirm, then slowly working it backwards and out, inch by inch, surprising him sometimes with a slight forward shove… until, finally, I pulled the last several inches out in one move.

I immediately replaced it with my throbbing-hard cock, driving it all the way to the hilt in his hot, slick ass, holding onto his hipbones and pulling him onto me as I stared into his wide open eyes… He squeezed the base of my cock with his anal muscle as his cheeks flattened against me, his thighs lying warm against my chest.

“Squirm on it, whore-daddy… squirm on it, bitch,” I said, surprising myself with my boldness. “You’re my man-cunt, now, aren’tcha, whore-daddy? You’re my cock-lovin’ whore… So, squirm on my cock– slut…”

I flexed my hard shaft inside him. His eyes opened wider, then rolled back in his head…

He groaned, moaned and squirmed, finally looking up at me, saying, “I’ll be anything you want if you’ll just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ right now… ohhhhh… I am a slut, Emil– an ass-fuckin’ slut… And right now I need you to fuck this slut’s ass… I need it really, really bad… It’s blowin’ my mind that it’s you and me doin’ this, Emil, but it’s also fuckin’ ecstatic… ohhhhhunghhhhhh… You’re ‘way deep in me… ohhhhhhunghhhhhh… and I’m your bitch, Emil– I’d do anything… ohhhhh… anything… for what you’re doin’ to me right now… ohhhhunghhhhh… fuck meeee… fuck your daddy… fuck meeeeeeee…”

I didn’t give a rat’s ass about coming by that time– just feeling his anal muscles around my cock as they slid up and down, the smooth silk-slippery sleeve inside, his body moving around against mine was all the ecstasy I needed. I moved slowly, pulling his thighs tight against me before releasing them and letting my cock get pulled out a little… Then I’d drive it back in and flex it, holding onto his hips and rotating them slowly left and right, reveling in the feeling of his man-pussy sliding around on it… and then I’d just pulll it back and fuck him…

He was moaning incoherently, head turning from side to side.

“Sooo… Tell me how much you love my cock, whore-daddy,” I said quietly. “I want to hear you say, “Thank you for fucking me, Emil… Thank you for fucking this slut’s ass-cunt with your wonderful cock…””

He raised his head slightly and looked at me. “Thank you for fucking your bitch with your wonderful cock, Emil… Thank you for fucking your whore-daddy’s ass so deeeep…”

I released his thighs and bent forward, grabbing his head with both hands as I put my mouth over his and drove my tongue into his throat. He rolled his hips up to meet my cock’s simultaneous thrusting, and his tongue slithered around mine until I raised my head and looked in his eyes.

“I love my whore-daddy,” I said. “And I love to fuck his hot, squirming ass… I love you, cunt-daddy..”

I bent down and kissed him again as we writhed together… Soon I could feel my orgasm building… as it approached eruption, I stopped moving inside him, then slowly withdrew… I grabbed a nearby towel and dried my cock off quickly.

“Get up on your knees,” I said. “Right here on the bed, facing me.”

He obeyed at once.

“That’s a good boy, Frankie,” I said.

I grabbed his head with both hands and held it still as I put my cockhead against his lips.

“Suck,” I said, and released his head.

Making a low groan, he grabbed the base of my hard-on with one hand and my ass-cheek with the other, pulling my cock to the back of his throat, sucking and milking it.

“Look at me while I come in your mouth, slut,” I said, starting to fuck his face as I held his head.

He looked up, sitting on his heels, eyes wide, lips and tongue working as he moaned.

“Here it comes, slut-daddy… I want you to swallow it now… Swallow it all, bitch… Here it is… Nowwwww…”

He went nuts on it, whimpering, pumping and sucking, finally taking it all the way into his throat and pushing his forehead into my stomach as his tongue lashed against the bottom side… I held onto his head, pulling back so I shot the last few spurts in his mouth. He gurgled and sucked, swallowing it…

He was gasping for breath when I pulled out, still half-hard. I took him by the shoulders and pushed him onto his back on the bed, falling on top of him and kissing him again, shoving my tongue into marsbahis giriş the come that was still inside his mouth before releasing him.

“You’re a pretty good fuck for an old man,” I said. “I guess you’ll do…”

Then I started laughing. After a moment’s hesitation, he started laughing, too. Soon we were rolling on the bed together, laughing ’til there were tears in our eyes.

“I love you, Frankie,” I said. “you’ve got a sweet ass-pussy.”

“I love you, too, Emil.”

“Fuck me again, Daddy… I really need it now… this little girl needs her brains fucked out…” I reached down and grabbed his cock. It was already hard, and it stiffened even more as I stroked it.

“You’re probably relaxed enough without it,” he said, “but I want to watch you use the dong. Put some lube on it… and then show me how much Emily wants to be fucked…”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. “Right away, Sir.”

Soon I was working the rubber cock inside me, my hole opening with only a little stinging after just a few seconds of pressure from the head. I rolled onto my back and lifted my hips, like I’d just seem him do, and then all of the long shaft slid easily ‘way up inside me…

He removed my hand, taking control of the dong as he turned around so his hard cock was in front of my face. I sucked it in gratefully, whimpering and moaning around his magical shaft as he began to slowly fuck that big-headed toy deep inside me. An arm went around my waist and he held me tight against his body, fucking my mouth with his cock and driving the shaft in my ass with his hand.

Almost immediately, my own half-hard cock was in his hot mouth, and we started writhing, skin sliding against skin, while he dong-fucked me slow and deep as we sucked each other.

In an instant, I was in the zone again, the two cocks sliding in and out of me as I held onto his firm, round cheeks… sucking his live cock while he drove the slick, rubber shaft in and out of my squirming ass… while he sucked me…

I almost got completely lost, but more than anything I wanted to feel his real cock fucking me while I looked in his eyes… before dropping my gaze to watch his big, long cock go deep inside my sloppy-slick boy-cunt…

A little reluctantly, I let it go, then spoke in a high little voice, “Help me scoot to the edge of the bed…”

Letting me go, he held the dong in place for me as I got into position; then he got up and stood between my thighs on the floor. I looked up at him.

“Take it out and fuck me, Daddy,” I said.

He began to pull the rubber cock out of me, watching my face the whole time, a few times sliding the shaft back in a bit before continuing the slow withdrawal…

“Fuck me, Daddy….. fuck me, Daddy….. fuck me, Daddy,” I said, breathlessly.

The fake cock slipped out, and I got up on my elbows to watch as he laid it on a towel and then pointed his very real one at my open hole… He put the shiny head just inside, then lifted and spread my knees, sliding half his length slowly into me before stopping and looking up at me.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I said one last time. “Fuck my little pussy…”

He thrust the rest of the way in, dropping his hands down to the tops of my thighs and pulling my ass tight against him as he flexed his cock. It rose up inside, my slippery channel sliding down over it, the nerves going berserk with ecstasy. He moved his hands to my hipbones and pulled me down even tighter…

A primal groan escaped from deep in my body…

“Ohhhhunghhhhhh… Fuck me, Daddy… Fuck me, you pervert! Fuck my ass, Daddy… Fuck meeeee… Fuck meeeee… Ohhhhhhunghhhhhhhh…”

“You’re such a slut, Emily,” he said. “You just like cock, don’cha? You love how it feels up there in your ass, huh? There’s nothin’ like it… Such nasty ecstasy… You want it so much, you’ll even let your daddy fuck you…

“So, talk to me, slut-boy… Tell me how your daddy’s nasty cock makes you feel…”

I squirmed on it, I staring up into the intensity of his eyes, my mouth mumbling out everything that was happening in my body and my mind.

“My perved-out daddy is fuckin’ his little boy’s ass… yes, he is… Ohhhhhhhh… and his kid is goin’ crazy on it… And it’s so sick and so twisted… Ohhhh… I love it that you’re fuckin’ me, Daddy… I love it… Your little boy is your bitch… he’s a cock-lovin’ slut who fuckin’ loves your cock ‘way up deep in his ass… Ohhhhhunghhhhhh…

I kept looking up into his eyes as the words came… “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me, Daddy…” I spoke with every movement of his hips.

“‘Cause, I’m your whore, Daddy… your personal, little-boy whore… I love your cock in me… I’ll always want you to fuck my ass and fuck my mouth… ’cause I neeed to be fucked… I need my big, mean, very dirty daddy to fuck this twisted little boy’s brains out…”

We both moved slowly, eyes locked as his cockhead slid through my insides… deeper… I pulled his head down and kissed him, our tongues thrusting into each other’s throats.

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