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(f�k”sh…n) n. Abbr. fict. 1.a. An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b.JCW The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator. –fic”tion�al adj. –fic”tion�al”i�ty (-sh…-n�l”�-t�) n. –fic”tion�al�ly adv.



See above for what FICTION means.

………………………………..By: unknown


Story: Pastor Jerry Farwall ………. ……. …………………………….^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

Oh yes by the way Dave runs Nifty for all of us FREE. It would be real nice if some of you rich young men would drop him some coins. Hell he could end up rich too if enough of us did this for him.


Oh boy if some of you have read some of my other junk you might remember when Jon had a WEE war with some holy Joes and other nuts. Well I forgot about a time when a right nasty Baptist want-to-be that took to the air waves to tell the world to either think as he did or they will go to hell. Jon was told he was stepping on Jon”s toes, and stirring up people about some of his pet projects. Some off center church”s, factories, schools, virgin tours, and so on were evil. Hell he never thought about his own dirty shoes. Well Jon swore for awhile then pointed at many people as he ordered them to put a microscope on his holy asshole to see if he wiped his ass after he shit on the airwaves?

A pile of his better young boys led the way out of his home with a pile of spy gear in hand. Some of his older men were soon on the way to his church, school, the cathedral he had wasted his peoples donations to his church on. Just to get a backdrop for his tv shows.


Jon got reports daily from the look konyaaltı sınırsız escort at the mans dirty underwear. Max had some of his wee robots all over the town spying on the man. Fake pigeons on the window ledges with cameras, megaphone. Manufactured rats fitted out with all sorts of spy gear. The boys had led the way planting spy gear all over town. A boy on a bike was soon any where the man walked. A small scooter was soon following his car with a set of earphones on the boy riding on it.


Five boys are sent to the school Farwall runs to teach people to hate like he does. Young men are placed in his cathedral to see how it is ran.


Okay it is weeks later. Yes Jon has been looking over the shoulders of the whole crew. He crowed loudly as he saw all the dirt that stuck to the holy liar.


The next step was spoke of. It was decided to take down his younger children first. Yes they had been found to take after their father with a vengeance. Farwall was discovered to be a drunk in private. It was a well hidden item among some of his preacher friends. who met with him in his hidden bar in the basement of his palace of a home. Some of his hidden wealth was gained by less then honest means. Who knows where it comes from? Jon knows. He is setting up a plan to transfer every cent to one of his banks. Some of his boys had trailed his sons and other relatives to the lake they like to spend time hanging out at.


Yep first of all the group of kids stop at one of the many licker places run outside the city limits that ban drink in that state. Oh yes guess who owns everyone of them in that state? Does the name Pastor Jerry Farwall come to mind? Yes and how much do you think his relatives pay to get the drinks? Right again. They get bottles of licker free, and stiff the owners.


Oh boy are they nice acting drunks? Nope again. A protected animal like a crocodile might be though of as being safe. Sure a small one that tries to clean up some of their trash was harpooned for fun one day. konyaaltı türbanlı escort The day a truckload of Jon”s boys pulled into park beside the lake to gather up all the trash as they thought of all the young men, they interrupted a rabbit chase. The rabbit was hurt, so the boys took it along to get it well.


A fast trip was made to Texas with the crew of drunks. The school was exposed in the news as teaching fake views of the world. Being a white haven with only token people of any less then white kids. Money was paid, lots of money from any less then a WASP that might want to attend. Just try to graduate. Wow there was so many ways to get rid of them. As for the cathedral, Some of Jon”s younger boys moved into town with families, most of the families were all male, as Jon does not have that many females to use as cover. The boys were all part of the virgin tour group, so getting a place in the church singing was a given as soon as they were heard.


Well it only took a few days to start reading some of the holy really NOT holy as liking the boys too much. Well all the boys liked the same sex, but they liked to be asked first before being raped. FILM AT EIGHT! Yep they had placed quite a few cameras, and made sure every rape was in full view. An unholy cop was connected and fed the film. Yes unholy as anyone that will arrest a priest for rape with nothing but film of the crime had to be less then holy, right.


Okay Jerry Farwall, his crimes are all on paper, film, tape, and his helpers are all singing to cover their own dirty asses with both hands. His TV shows all have his lies, and his use of it to destroy people for profit listed for the many years he had been on the air. Sue, nice name for a girl, but can scare the shit out of someone in court. Guess who is scared into shiting? Some of Jon”s lawyers are doing Pro Bono=FREE. Every person he has ripped off has a free lawyer in court. Jon is head of the line with papers in hand to see if he can break the man of his bad habits.

Oh yes konyaaltı ucuz escort at one of Jon”s well hidden homes a batch of boys, and a few sisters well learn first of all naked is required of all in his fine school. The first class will be sex, and more sex. Yep, and you have to learn the lessons, or you go back to the start, and learn it over again, and again. The next class is the bible. It is taught page by page, with a cross reference to the way it was wrote the first time. Not all the personnel items placed there over the years by less then honest holy men. Jerry”s lies are pointed out to all. The poor rabbit was cared for by the male sons, cousins, and so fourth. Jon didn”t tell them about his idea that how the kids cared for the wee bunny had a lot to do with how hard their education would be. They were throw into the middle of his boys that were learning some of the school work. After the bible was memorized by all they were dumped into the main classes. Oh boy were they shocked at some of the classes they found. How to become a spy, a police man, detective. One on politicians and what they needed to know to do the job right. A class on nursing, that was more like being a doctor. A class on self-defense that was more like how to destroy someone. Cooking was taught by some famous chefs that had dropped out of sight. I wonder where they went. How to eat was another class. Not fork, and spoon. More like how to eat right how to not get fat, skinny, sick, drunk. To build a good body. Over time the classes started to teach them some good manners. How to treat people, and animals. How to live among other people. How to earn a living at any job they might be good at.

After some of the brats learned to like the bunny. They were farmed out to a vet, and taught to care for the pets. Some of the others were placed in some job they had shown an interest in.

One day after a long time he gathered them in a class room. “Ok folks have you people learned how a gentleman acts?” “Yes sir.” “Are you ready to go home, well pop, and quite a few of his friends are in jail right now so you might have to get a job.”


“The hell with that, can we stay here sir? “Well yes, you can, if you think you can fit in without any fuss.”

They did fit in, and did learn to be human in the end.|


THE END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE END

I hate it when someone forgets THE END or TBC – so I do it twice

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