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Journey Onward Ch. 01

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Hello Literotica readers! I’ve been a long time reader of this site, and I figured it was about time that I do some writing of my own. This will be a multi-part story. I’m not sure how many parts it will be yet, but this is the first. I certainly hope you enjoy it, and welcome your feedback. So, without further ado, here is Journey Onward, Chapter 1.

Loving50 helped with editing my story.


Jake took one last look around the empty house before he headed outside to his car. The movers had just left within the past hour, and he had finished up the last minute cleaning that needed to be done prior to the new owners moving in within the next couple of days.

It was hard for him to believe that after several years in this house, he was moving on. He had known it was time for a while, but the urge to act upon it took a bit. He had finally decided, though, that for his own sanity, it was time to close this chapter and start writing the next. With his wife terminally ill, his son moving away, and dealing with a job that felt more irrelevant by the day, he didn’t see the point in sticking around a city and state where there were no more attachments for him.

So, soon after his wife had passed, Jake started looking around for jobs in various parts of the country that had intrigued him. In the end, he decided to move half way across the country back towards where he grew up. The job he landed was a good one with an up and coming software firm. They were known for hiring top young talent, working them hard, and paying them well with all sorts of perks. He may not have been as young as the typical new hire there, but at 44, he felt that he was still young at heart and could keep up with the challenges that went along with it.

It wasn’t an easy decision to pack up and leave. This had been Jake’s second marriage, and he was certain it was going to last forever. Despite a very rocky beginning, and some other bumps along the way, Jake and Susan had been the picture of happiness. When she was diagnosed with Cancer, it shook them both to the core. At first, the prognosis had been good, and the doctors were convinced it could be beat. Unfortunately, the disease had other ideas, and the battle had gone the other way. Susan had hung on for several months before finally succumbing. She and Jake had said their goodbyes, but that didn’t make it any easier. For Jake, the memory was too fresh, and in addition to all the other factors, he felt that a fresh start somewhere else may help.

They had been quite the pair in bed, and had experienced several adventures together. While they preferred it being just the two of them, on more than one occasion they had engaged in group fun, both with people they knew as well as the thrill of going to a local swinger’s hotel to join in the fun with strangers. They found it to be a rush to watch the intimate moments of other couples while engaging in their own. Most of the time they went, it was just as voyeurs, but they had been known to jump in and join the fun from time to time.

Jake wasn’t sure that he wanted any intimacy any time soon, but he looked back with fondness on some of those adventures. Along with the fondness, though, there was the sadness of losing his partner in crime. He could only hope that someday he would find someone who was just as adventurous and willing to experience that from time to time.

He headed out to the car, with his dog in tow to begin the two day drive back to Michigan. He had a couple of weeks before starting work, which would allow him to get settled in and learn the area. He held high expectations for this new start, but he also knew that he would have to work through the grief, and that this move would not be the cure-all for his sadness in losing Susan.

Jake and Susan had met online, and quickly discovered that they had much in common. Jake was of average height, a little on the heavy side with light brown hair, a crooked smile, and hazel eyes that seemed to change colors based on the light in the room. Susan was a bit shorter, right around 5’2″ and with padding in all the right places. She had long, curly blonde hair and ice blue eyes that could cut right through you. She had a very sharp sense of humor to match. And, as Jake quickly found out, she had the best set of lips and mouth to give the best head that he had ever experienced.

He let out a big sigh, and got into his car to start the drive. He was getting out of town later than he had hoped and knew that he couldn’t make it Omaha tonight. He wasn’t sure if he could make it all the way to his new home in Michigan the following day, either. Well, he knew he probably could, but the question was more along the lines of should he. He thought about it, and figured that it was likely a decision that could wait until he was further down the road tomorrow and would see how he felt at the time.

The other consideration was his trusty companion, Max. Max was a nine year old yellow lab who rarely acted his age. But, he had never been a great car dog, türbanlı porno so Jake needed to take that into consideration. Jake shrugged, put the key in the ignition, and got the car rolling. The longer he waited, the less he’d be able to drive without passing out. At this point, he was hoping to get four or five hours down the road, which would put him near North Platte, Nebraska for the night. It wasn’t as far as Omaha, but it was better than nothing. At this point, he just wanted to move forward towards his new life.

As he started driving down the highway to his stop for the night, Jake’s mind wandered back to the first time that he and Kate had been intimate. They had gone on a few lunch dates and walks during the afternoon as they worked within a couple of blocks of each other, but they were finally able to get together a couple of weeks after they first met for dinner.

Jake could recall the excitement he felt when he picked her up at her house and they drove together to the Italian place around the corner from her. Dinner was a bit of a blur, with lots of flirting, talking, laughter, and casual touches being exchanged throughout.

The check arrived, and Jake reached for his wallet to pay for it. Kate took one last swallow of her wine, set her glass down, put both hands on Jake’s thighs and said huskily, “Would you like to come back to my place for another drink and keep this conversation going.”

Jake quickly replied in the affirmative as the server grabbed the check to run Jake’s card. As soon as he had it back, they were headed rapidly to the car to get back to Kate’s place. Kate unlocked the door, and as soon as they were both in with the door closed, she turned around to face Jake, and pulled his face to hers while saying “I’ve been waiting all night to do this to you,” as she planted a kiss on his waiting lips.

Jake quickly felt a surge of excitement travel through his body. Her lips were soft and tasted of the wine she had just finished at dinner. When Kate broke the kiss, Jake quickly leaned in for another and savored this one as well. Kate just smiled at him as the kiss broke and said, “I think I’m going to slip into something a bit more comfortable. While I do that, would you please get us some wine? Pick what you’d like from the rack there, and the glasses are in the cabinet to the right.”

Jake could just smile a goofy grin as he watched Kate’s beautiful round backside move away from him and down the hall as she went to change. He just shook his head a bit, and proceeded to pick out a wine and grabbed a couple of glasses from the cabinet. He paused for a minute to yell down the hall, “hey, where’s the corkscrew?”

The reply was quick from Kate, “second drawer in from the fridge. Sorry I forgot to mention that!”

“No worries,” Jake said.

As he reached in to get the corkscrew, he thought back to their first meeting on a street corner in downtown Denver a couple of weeks ago. He had answered her ad online looking for a lunch buddy as she called it. The two of the quickly realized there was some chemistry between them, and it went beyond a simple lunch buddy situation. It didn’t seem possible, Jake thought, that they were so compatible despite being fairly different. He supposed the old adage of “opposites attract” held true in this case. Regardless, he knew that he had just had a wonderful time at dinner, and was back at her place pouring a couple of glasses of wine to take over to the couch. He was hoping this night would go the way he was thinking it would.

He made his way over to the couch with the wine and sat down just as Kate came back down the hall in something certainly more comfortable than what she had been wearing before. Jake chuckled as he saw her, which drew a little glare and a sarcastic remark from Kate.

“What were you expecting? Some lingerie or silk pajamas? C’mon, I said I was getting into something comfortable, and I meant it. These sweatpants and t-shirt are about as comfortable as you can get,” Kate said.

“Fair enough,” was the reply from Jake. “I can’t disagree with you there. I’m generally in sweats and a t-shirt myself when I get home from work, so I can’t fault you with this. Besides, you are kind of hot in that outfit.”

“You are such a pig,” came the retort. “All you men want is to get into our pants.”

“Guilty as charged,” said Jake. Despite the words coming from Kate, she was smiling throughout the exchange. What Jake said was true, too. She was hot in that outfit. The sweatpants did a great job of clinging to her curvy lower half, and the t-shirt was tight enough to indicate that Kate had taken her bra off.

She just shook her head and laughed as she made her way to the couch. Jake patted the cushion next to him, and as she sat down, he handed her the glass of wine. She sighed as she got settled in and took a sip of the wine. Kate turned to look Jake in the eyes, and he felt his chest jolt when those searing blue eyes met his. She told him, “I have had a wonderful time with you türk porno tonight. Everything just feels so right when I’m with you. It has been a long time since I’ve felt this way.”

Jake smiled that half smile of his and replied, “Kate, I feel the same way. All the outside noise just fades away when I’m with you.”

He set his glass down on the table, and leaned in closer to Kate. She saw him coming, and leaned in as well until their lips met softly at first. They held the kiss for several seconds, and rather than break it this time, Jake kissed her again. He could hear a soft sigh coming from her as she met his second kiss. They broke apart this time, and just looked into each other’s eyes.

They both took another sip of their wine, and this time Kate leaned in. “Your kiss is amazing,” she said. She placed her hands on either side of Jake’s face and kissed him again. He pulled her in closer so he could feel her body against his. Her body melted into his as the kissing became more passionate. Her already tight t-shirt was getting tighter as it pulled against her. He could see her nipples tightening as she began to get aroused. He felt himself getting aroused, as his cock was stirring below.

He felt her tongue slip between his lips, seeking his out. He tasted the sweet wine that she had just drank mingle with his. Her lips were so soft and sweet, he couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. He could not remember such a feeling before, and was wanting it to continue. The kisses were tender and intense all at once, and the heat of passion began to spread throughout his body. His hands began to wander over her curvaceous body, with padding in just the right places. She may not have been a model, but she was driving him crazy just the same. His hand snuck under the bottom of her shirt in the back, and he touched her soft skin and slowly began to caress it, while his other hand was playing with her blonde hair.

Kate moaned as he made that contact with her bare back, and her hands found their way to his face as she pressed her lips harder against his. Her right hand slipped away from his face, and started to trace down his body. She figured that since he was touching her bare skin, it was fair game for her to do the same. She started to tug on his tucked in shirt, and was quickly rewarded when it broke free from his pants. She reached her hand up inside, and made contact with his skin. Jake gasped as he felt her nails scrape against his side, which only heightened his passion.

Kate’s hands quickly moved to the front of Jake’s shirt, and began unbuttoning it. Once she got to that last button, Jake helped move things along by shrugging out of his shirt. Kate pulled away from his kiss and said, “let’s get that t-shirt off of you, too.” He pulled away for just long enough to take that off, and as soon as he was bare chested, resumed his assault on her lips.

Kate was rubbing her hands over his bare chest and back, and managed to find one of Jake’s nipples. She gave it a quick tweak, and inwardly smiled when she heard him gasp. This led Jake to move his hands from Kate’s back to her front, where he slowly began to make his way to her round, full breasts. He began to slowly trace his fingers around her plump nipples, feeling them stiffen under his touch.

Kate let a low moan loose as he continued to stimulate her nipples. Jake pulled away for a moment, and said, “that shirt has got to go. It’s only fair that we both are topless, is it not? Besides, if I’m to really appreciate what I’m feeling, it would be nice to see it, too!”

She let out a laugh, but couldn’t argue with the logic. She helped him get rid of her shirt, and they were sitting there face to face both without a shirt on. He gazed down to see those pink nipples with nice sized brown areolas peeking up at him, standing at attention. Kate leaned back in for a kiss, and Jake moved his hands back to her breasts to continue teasing her nipples.

The kiss was broken when Jake decided he needed to see if those nipples tasted as good as they looked. He used his lips, and traced a trail of kisses down Kate’s cheek, neck, and upper chest before landing on her beautiful breasts. He took her left one in his hand, and started teasing that nipple with his tongue. Slowly, he licked around the areola as Kate groaned softly. He smiled inwardly knowing that he must be doing something right. He finally made his way to the nipple itself, and it did indeed taste as good as it looked. He took it into his mouth, and sucked gently at first. With a sharp intake of her breath, Kate whispered, “harder.” Who was he to argue with that? Following her instruction, Jake did indeed suck on it harder. This resulted in a louder moan from Kate as her hands found their way to the back of his head and she pushed him in closer to her breast.

Jake kept sucking on her nipple for several moments when he decided to give it a little nip to see how she reacted. Kate’s reaction was electric, as it resulted in her loudest moan yet. “Fuck, I love it türkçe alt yazı porno when my nipples get bit,” she said.

He simply smiled and said, “good.”

“Shut up and keep at it,” was her response.

Not one to argue, he went back to the task at hand. After another minute or two, he thought her right nipple was feeling a bit neglected, so he shifted to the other side. He couldn’t make up his mind as to which one tasted better, so he decided to call it a draw.

As he was feasting on her nipples, Kate decided to kick things up a notch. Her hands began to work their way down to below his waist, and quickly found the bulge that had sprouted in Jake’s pants. She started to rub over his pants, which resulted in a low, guttural moan from Jake. Kate just smiled as she rubbed and teased for a few more seconds before breaking away and moving towards his belt. She was able to get it unbuckled, which was quickly followed by the unbuttoning and unzipping of his pants. Kate found Jake’s cock, and was able to get it sprung free through the hole in his boxers.

He began to intensify his attention to her nipples as he felt her hand begin to stroke his cock. He began moaning as she teased the sensitive head of his cock.

She loved to hear his reaction to her touching, and wanted to know how he would react to her mouth being wrapped around his cock. She gently pushed Jake away from her breasts, and when he began to protest, she put a finger to his lips and told him to be quiet and that she would be taking care of him momentarily.

She pushed him back on the couch, and spread his legs apart. She told him to take his shoes off, and after doing so, she pulled his pants and boxers off and tossed them aside. Kate slowly began to tease Jake’s cock with her breasts, slowly rubbing one nipple and then the other over the sensitive head. She took his cock and slid it between them letting it rub against her bare skin for a moment or two. Then, she knelt down on the floor and took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Jake felt a jolt of electricity go through his body as she began working on him. His ass raised a couple of inches off the couch with that first contact, and he quickly settled back into the couch to enjoy what she was doing to him. His hands went to the back of her head, not to force her further onto him, but just to touch her as she played with his cock.

She took a quick peek up and smiled at Jake as she resumed what she was doing. She rolled the head of Jake’s cock around her tongue while gently stroking his balls. Then she focused her tongue on the underside of his cock head, and began to lick rapidly. This felt incredible to Jake as he began to rise off the couch again. Kate took that opportunity to plunge Jake’s cock into her mouth, almost to the root.

Jake pulled gently on Kate’s hair as she did this, and let loose with a deep moan. He couldn’t believe how great this felt. He knew already that this was the best head he had ever received. Kate alternated almost deep throating Jake’s cock with going to work on the underside of the head.

Jake continued to moan, and finally uttered, “Fuck, this is amazing. I’ve never been sucked like this before. If you don’t let up soon, I’m going to cum all over.”

Kate paused for a second and looked up at Jake. “As delicious as that sounds, I’m not ready for you to cum yet,” she replied. She got off of her knees, and pulled Jake up from the couch. He stood there completely naked in front of this beauty who was half-naked herself.

Kate said, “C’mon, let’s take this down the hall to my bedroom. It’s much more comfortable in there.”

“Sounds good to me, but with one condition. You lose those sweatpants so I can see that gorgeous ass for myself.”

“Only if you catch me!” And, with that, Kate took off in a light jog down the hall towards her bedroom, her round breasts bouncing alluringly.

Jake smiled to himself, and followed quickly. He realized how ridiculous he looked with his hard cock bobbing up and down in front of him as he made his way down the hall, but he no longer cared. He was infatuated with the half-naked beauty in front of him and wanted to see the rest of her up close and personal.

He caught up with Kate just as she reached the doorway to her room, and he gently wrapped his arms around her bare waist. Kate giggled as he did so, blurting “that tickles!”

He gently turned her around and went in for a deep, searching kiss. They both were lost in that kiss almost instantly and would have stayed that way if not for Jake’s erection poking into Kate’s stomach.

She broke the kiss, grabbed Jake’s cock, and said “what do we have here??”

Jake laughed and replied, “you know, you are responsible for this. If you hadn’t given such incredible head I wouldn’t be this hard. And, we need to do something about this clothing situation. You still have too many clothes on.”

“I guess I do,” came the reply.

Jake gently moved his hands from her waist and slowly began to pull her sweats down over her ass and her legs. He was a bit surprised to see no underwear underneath, but it just fueled his desire even more. Once the pants were down below her knees, he gently directed her to lay down on the bed as he removed them from her body.

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