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Journey’s End (One)

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It wasn’t a great surprise. In the back of my mind I had known it was possible. But I had other things to keep me busy. Life was always there giving me responsibilities and mundane chores to accomplish. Also, all the pleasures of living in an active, vibrant community. So many things to do. No time to worry about it all coming to an end. Then the verdict was in. My doctors were letting me know that it was getting nearer. Not much time to lose now. And I spent some of that time contemplating my life. What I had accomplished. What I had not. The people I loved and the ones I would leave behind. Life had been good. Really. So many places I had seen and so many things I had done. Never enough, though. But I was content. Mostly.I had been married for decades. We had loved; been in love, and made love. Now, we were apart. Not divorced, just apart. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. She would miss me. I knew that. My lady would miss me. But it had been so long since I had made love. Really made robust, sensuous, balls to the wall love. I did so miss it. I would tell my family when it was necessary. But who else did I need to let know. I mean, all those phantom people online. The ones I spent so much time with now. The ones that actually seemed to care. My family didn’t seem to be terribly upset when it all started. Now, I doubted whether it would impinge overly on their lives at all. No matter. The decision was simple. None of my friends and lovers online needed to know anything. They cared. This I believed with all my heart. But this wasn’t real life, was it. Not real life. We were faceless, voiceless, unknown entities to a great extent. Some shared more. Many shared less. It had been grand fun. Now it was approaching an end. But there was one regret.There was one special lady who had been such a good friend. In so many ways. We would spend time together when we could. There was never a misunderstanding to color the friendship with darkness. She was just always honest, agreeable, and adorable. And loving. So very loving. In any way it was possible to be in an online relationship. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, she would miss me. And she needed to be told. She had to be told. The next time we spoke I expressed a desire to play. It wasn’t something we did much any more. It had been lots of fun once upon a time. She was such a delight in the game. Now, we had passed on to fervid friendship and didn’t often have the kind of enjoyment that most online lovers spent bursa escort so much time achieving. But she would always give me pleasure if I wished it. She was a perfect lover that way. We used one of the many ways to make contact online. She sent me a message when she wanted to talk. “Hello sweets.” She liked to open that way. “Hi cupcake. How’s my little one?” “Perfect. Well, just a little upset.” We chatted about some problems she was having. Just small talk between dear friends. I knew I adored her and I thought she shared the feeling. It surely seemed so to me. I could actually say I loved her if I really examined my feelings closely and honestly. “Hey, darlin’ girl. I’m feeling a little frisky tonight. Let’s play some games. Okay?” “Really? It’s been awhile. Lol. Okay, let’s play.” It was delightful, as always. I was able to raise her passion to the point that she had an orgasm. Well, more than one if her cries of lust were honest. And I never doubted that. It might take her a while but she would always cum for me. I loved that. Nothing was more pleasing than making my flowers cum, over and over. And she was the best little blossom. I could always depend upon having a rousing cum myself. Stroking until she was happy and then releasing my pent up cream load. The simple truth is that our own hands brought each of us to completion. But it was such a resounding joy when one could find that elation and share it with the partner. We cuddled in words and then passed on to friendly chatting. After a while I had to give her the news. To say she was despondent would be an understatement. It took some time for her to gather herself. I had been working on an idea in my mind. I needed to get away on my own. To get out on the road for one last time, perhaps. Traveling across the country was such a wonderful way to pass the time. Always something new on the horizon and along the byways. I needed to soak in the landscapes and vistas that gave me such joy. And maybe I could approach her in real life. Just this one time, maybe she would make an exception. Most people online would protect their true selves. It could be disastrous to meet people you knew only from words on a screen. Pictures could be false. Life experiences could be deceptive. Intentions could be dangerous. How did one really know when it was safe. But sometimes, on rare occasions, people did come together. And, if lucky they could find the truth was what they had been seeing all along. bursa escort bayan I resolved to take some time to myself. I was going to head out. Moving where I would. Taking my time, but going towards something that would give me a final resolution. A final bow to the fates while I thumbed my nose at the inevitable. My journey would not really have a destination. I would keep my options open. Perhaps I might find some peace before I landed back home on my doorstep. My wife expressed pleasure at my decision to go away for awhile. We could stay in touch on our computers and by phone if necessary. For her it would be a stay-at-home vacation. She’d have the house to herself to watch her programs and listen to her music. And she had other activities to keep her busy. I waved goodbye and drove out of the cul de sac. I drove for the rest of the day. Only stopping for fuel and some snacks. I set the cruise control and enjoyed the passing geography. I decided to stop for the evening while it was still daylight outside. I wanted to relax. I had driven for some nine or ten hours. I got some take-out at a taqueria and went back to my motel room to eat and get on the computer. Wiping my fingers on a paper napkin, I brought up all my favorite sites. Checked emails, of course. Nothing from my wife. Nothing else important. I needed to check in with my darling girl. “Hey, cutie pie.” After about thirty minutes I got a response. I watched some television while waiting. “Hi. I was driving home. How are you sweets?” “Doing great. I’m in New Mexico now. Eating some tacos and tamales.” “Sounds good. You don’t need to cook now.” “True. Not while I’m on the road. I’m heading west.” “I know. Lol.” “I’ll be near you soon.” I was using emoji s as I was talking to her, as was she. She sent one with wide eyes. She was unsure about me approaching her. “So are you lying down on the bed?” That was a nice surprise. She was starting to play with me. “Yep. That’s me. And I’m naked too.” “I can see that, cause I’m between your legs. My tongue is moving up your right leg. I can see something coming up now.” “You know it is. You do that to me all the time. I was already up and hard when I started talking to you, sweet girl.” “Lol. I know. You’re always hard for me. I’m wet for you sweetie. I touch the tip and taste the pre-cum.” “Are you touching your pussy now? You have to do that for me. I need you to cum for me. I need that, little girl.” “Of course. Oh, he tastes escort bursa so good. I love sucking your cock sweets.” “I can feel you taking it all now. Open wide for me baby. Oh, fuck, I’m feeling your wet mouth.” “I’m squeezing it hard…I’m wet…I’m sucking you baby…cum for me…” “I’m close…so close…yeah…cum for me now…” “Jeez…cumming now…give me cum…give me cream…fuck…oh fucckkkkkkk…” “I am…I am…gotta cum…oh shit…cumming…..” It wasn’t ‘real’ but it sure as hell was nice. That was great. Such a darling little girl. She went away for a moment to ‘clean up’ and then we talked for a while longer. I needed to get to sleep. She was an hour earlier than me now. Usually we were two hours different. In the next day or two we would be in the same time zone. I slept. On the road early, I had the sun at my back. It was slowly spreading over the countryside. I never sleep well in a strange bed. I was driving down the road with hot coffee as the sun completed its rise. It took a while to get over the mountains as I glided down into, and across, the basin and range country. Crossing open ranges with lots of desert shrubs was not boring to me. I loved the ever changing landscape. Besides, there’s not a freer feeling than being on the road, seeing new visions, and revisiting old sights you’ve enjoyed before. That evening I watched as the sun was setting and stopped while it was just dusk. Getting a room and some takeout was done quickly. I relaxed in the motel room. I sent a short note to let my wife know I was still alive. Then I chatted with a couple of friends online. I left a message for my sweetie pie. She didn’t respond while I was still awake. No matter. We never had the kind of relationship that needed constant affirmation. I had my window open to enjoy the smell of the sagebrush on the drylands drifting into the room. Again, I slept. This road was not unknown to me. I had traveled it before. I had been along so many highways and byways. I was a traveler by nature. And as I moved along I would often diverge and take a new path. But my movement was always to the west on this trip. I was heading to something actually a mystery in some ways. I knew her, but I couldn’t really be sure. Not yet. I wasn’t even sure if we would meet. I had filled up with fuel the night before, so I was on my way early again. All I needed was some coffee to get me going. I was moving closer to the coast. Passing over a range, I headed down across the northern part of California. I found a stopping point and settled in for the night. There were messages on my computer. My wife had checked in. Just to say hello. She hoped I was enjoying my trip. And she told me to come home when I wanted to.

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