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Julie Dream

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There you are on a dreary Tuesday morning, sitting in math class. Our senior year is two weeks old and already you’re sick of class. An integral equation fills the board and the teacher’s monotone drones on. You can’t focus on her; you can’t focus on anything. As you stare out the window at the rain and squirm in your too-tight jeans, you can’t think about anything but me. Me kissing you, caressing you, exploring your body with my tongue . . . me fucking you. Your hand slowly slides up your inner thigh as you daydream.

“JULIE!” the teacher startles you. She’s caught you! Quickly you move your hand to rest on your knee, praying she won’t scold you in front of the whole class. How could you ever live that down?

“You’re needed in the office, dear,” the old woman says in her sugar-sweet voice.

“Thank God” you mouth to yourself. The office aid who had come to retrieve you is standing next to her. He’s sort of cute! Not like me, but I then again I’m not around today. You wonder how soon they’ll expect you in the main office, and how well this boy could entertain you. He’s young, probably a freshman; you could rock his world! The thought makes you grin for a moment. What are you thinking? You’re too horny for your own good today!

Dismissing the thought, you follow the aide out of the classroom. You’re confused for a moment when he heads in the wrong direction. Then you turn to see me waiting for you in the hallway. Your eyes brighten; you thought I wasn’t going to be home until late tonight.

“I need to see you in my office right away, young lady.” I say with a smirk.

Excitement overcomes you and you leap into my arms, wrapping your legs around my waist and kissing me. I push you against the wall and move my hands to your ass. Though I lust for every inch of you, I especially love your ass. Big and firm, it’s the best in the school. My hands stick to their favorite spot, but my lips roam. My kisses wander along your chin to your ear, down your neck, across your backroom casting porno chest to the tops of your breasts, and back up to your lips to intertwine our tongues once again. I know all the perfect spots to touch you so well that my gentle kisses are enough to make you wet.

I hold you there against the wall for what seems like hours, massaging your ass and kissing you deeply. You’re rubbing your crotch slowly against my body, moaning softly. The scene was hot-really hot. Realizing the effect it might have on anyone who happened to pass by makes you even hotter. When I finally put you down, you’re so excited you can’t keep your hands off of me. I take your hand in mine and lead you to the deserted teacher’s lounge. I lock the door behind us and close the blinds. You’re immediately in my arms again, wrapping your arms around my back and kissing me. I push you away. For an instant you almost burst into tears.

“Now strip!” I order in a severe tone, taking charge. Your eyes light back up and a sly grin forms on your beautiful mouth.

Slowly, you start dancing in front of me. My eyes follow every slow, sexy movement of your body. I’m entranced by the writhing movements of your hips as you work your way up and down an imaginary pole. Your hands run up and down your body slowly, paying special attention to your breasts. Then, teasingly, your tank top comes over your head and is tossed to me. You’re wearing a new red lace bra I haven’t seen before, a pleasant surprise. Seeing red lace against the soft flesh of the tops of your breasts makes my pulse quicken. I can hardly wait to replace that bra with my hands, and my tongue, and neither can you. Your breasts are so sensitive and I know exactly how to touch them to make you wild.

“I’ve got an even bigger surprise for you,” you say, noticing my reaction. You’re mercilessly sexy as you begin to slide your jeans off of your undulating body. The tiny red lace G-string you’re wearing bangbros porno is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s barely big enough to cover anything, and I can see completely through what there is of it. I’m unable to control myself anymore and come after you.

Never one to let me take control for long, you slap my hands away and push me toward a chair. Intrigued, I sit. You’re immediately on top of me, arching your back against my chest in mock ecstacy and grinding your ass into my erection. You reach back and unclasp your bra, finally! My hands go immediately to your breasts, and are again slapped away. Giving up, I close my eyes to relax and enjoy the sensations, but I’m only granted a few moments.

Suddenly it all stops and you slide off of me. I pause for a second and open my eyes just in time to see you effortlessly deepthroat me. Your focus immediately turns to my head, and you put your incomparable tongue to work as you stroke my shaft. With every swirl of your tongue and every stroke you drive me a little bit wilder. We stare deep into each others’ eyes while this is happening. It’s amazing how much sexier that one detail makes the entire experience. That’s why you’re the queen of this. Moments later you push me over the edge by deepthroating me again, swallowing every drop you can coax from me. Barely a minute has passed.

You’re absolutely incredible; it takes me longer than that to catch my breath. The second I do I’m out of the chair and pulling you to your feet. I grab you by the waist to back you up against the room’s large conference table and push you onto it. You lie back on the table as I slide your G-string off and toss it away. Totally shaved, puffy pink lips: you have a beautiful pussy, and I attack it. Aroused as you are, this will be an easy one! I decide to take my time, moving my tongue slowly up and down your lips, ignoring your clit for now. You’re already moaning, massaging your own breasts, playing with your nipples.

Gently beurette tour porno I slide my tongue into your pussy. You shudder and your moans get louder. After a little exploration, I replace my tongue with a finger and lick toward your clit. As I finger-fuck you, I make circles around it, ever closer, but never touching, until you’re in a frenzy of moaning and squirming, begging me to do it. I slide another finger inside you and start flicking your clit with my tongue; you scream in an immediate orgasm. But I’m nowhere near through. My mouth closes over your little clit, applying suction as I massage it with my tongue. The fingers in your pussy have found your g-spot, and are applying pressure to it. My ministrations to your clit and the attention to your g-spot and your play with your breasts are more than you can take! You’re moaning and screaming and writhing around on the tabletop. I’m working you into a frenzy and you begin screaming for me to fuck you as you cum again.

I slide your legs off of my shoulders and roll you over on your stomach. Then I enter you gently. You’re incredibly wet, but still so tight that it takes several strokes to get all the way in. So warm and tight; I pause to enjoy the feeling. Then you start begging me to fuck you again. So I start sliding back and forth, slowly working my way in and out of your wonderful pussy. You’re breathing heavily but not moaning so much anymore. I speed up and slide my hand around to play with your clit. Then I get the reaction I’m looking for. After yet another orgasm your long, breathy moans fill the room. Meeting my thrusts, you push me to go faster and faster. You’re thrashing about on the table, screaming my name; I’m driving you crazy. You let out one final scream, one that must have been heard throughout half the building, as experience your biggest orgasm yet. The contractions and convulsions of your pussy drive me over the edge too, and there we sit, soaked in sweat, exhausted, embracing.

I slip out of you, roll you over on your back, and collapse on top of you. I rest my head on your beautiful breasts and you wrap your arms around me. We exchange ‘I love you’s. I lie there for four or five minutes catching my breath. Then I slide down to my knees and start eating your pussy again. It’s time for Round 2 . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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