Nis 03

JuLLie Plays Hide , Seek

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John didn’t really know what to expect the first time he went to JuLLie’s place. She had told him about it, but all really he knew is it was a large house and up on a hill. He had driven by it several times before he realized the driveway was a driveway and not another road. But, knowing JuLLie, he knew that she would want to keep certain elements of her place a secret—at least until he could see them in person.

He used his key, as she had instructed him to do. He opened the door to near-darkness. There were several pillar candles burning, and the sweet scent of cinnamon and raspberry met his nostrils. JuLLie always loved setting the mood this way. But she didn’t seem to be here. He stood in the middle of the room, staring into the dimness taking a few steps yielded nothing. Climbing the stairs he peered into room after room until he found the one that smelled of her perfume. In the far room he could see the outline of her big bed, but it seemed to be empty. Where was JuLLie?

Then he saw the note, scrawled in her pretty script. The paper was taped to the computer and it read,



He could feel himself stiffening as he smiled at the note. She really knew how to get his attention. He sloughed off his clothes, including the dark blue bikini briefs. He gave his cock a few strokes. Just thinking about JuLLie and the games she always liked to play was enough to make him hard as a steel bar.

He peeked into the kitchen. No JuLLie there. The bathroom was empty too. He checked the bedroom and the bedroom closet. Last of all, he opened the door to what he assumed was another room. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the light. As he began to see better he realized it was a huge, old-fashioned walk-in closet just off the living room. JuLLie was cuddled on a fur rug on the floor. He could hardly make out her features, yet he knew she was brazzers porno smiling up at him.

“You found me,” she said, her words punctuated by her little-girl giggle. “Now, close the door.”

He did as she requested, and then felt his way down next to her. They had never made love in total darkness before, and this promised to be an exciting experience. He reached for her, his hand falling over one voluptuous breast. He could feel the hard nipple brush against his fingers. The darkness intensified the smell of sex. Her pussy was already hot and wet for him. He slid one hand down to her smooth, shaven little pussy. Yes, she was wet! John let his fingers probe her cunt lips, his knuckles stroking her clit. It was big and hard. Little vixen…she had probably been laying here playing with it while she waited for him to arrive, getting hot thinking about sucking his big, hard cock, then having it fuck her tight little hole.

Slowly, carefully, he inserted two fingers into her pussy and began finger-fucking her. Her hips began to move in rhythm to his thrusts. John could feel her tight cunt muscles contracting, and all at once his cock was rock-hard.

He felt her move over, making room for him. Her hands reached for him, and she took his cock and balls in her hands. “Let me suck you,” she whispered, and he straddled her big titties, guiding his cock into her mouth.

John always got excited watching JuLLie take his cock into her mouth, yet the sensation was even more powerful in the dark. He couldn’t see her, and yet he could picture every detail. Her tongue played a smooth, enticing rhythm against his cockhead. He could feel his heavy ball sac slapping her chin as he fucked her sweet mouth. John knew he could easily cum this way if she just kept it up for a while, but he wanted to fill her cunt full of cum and feel their combined juices leak out, wetting his flesh and hers.

Carefully, he slid his cock from JuLLie’s eager mouth and bent to kiss her. He could taste his precum as their tongues jousted, and that sent a stab of lust through his loins. clip4sale porno He rolled off of her and over onto his back. “Ride me, baby,” he whispered, urging her on top of him.

She slid on top of him; her back to him, and his hands cupped her heart shaped ass. He loved it when she rode him this way, since once her cunt had snared his hardon she always extended herself so that she was nearly laying flat on top of him with her head between his ankles. He was so deep inside her he could feel every single quiver as she fucked his rigid cock.

“Talk to me,” she gasped, “I want to hear that sexy voice.”

“I love being inside of you,” he answered in his huskiest, sexiest whisper, “I can feel your tight pussy milking my cock…sucking my cum from my balls. My cock feels like it is enveloped in a velvet glove.”

“Are you going to cum in me?” breathlessly she asked. “I want you to fill me up, my sweet forever lover…”

“I’m not going to cum in you yet…I want to enjoy this for a while. But I want you to cum, baby….”

“I’m so close,” she moaned. “Squeeze my ass and make me cum….”

As she leaned forward he spread her ass cheeks, his tongue searching for her little rosebud asshole. He could taste her pussy juice and he licked it up, as he felt her shivering to a violent climax.

“Oh GOD I’M CUMMING, Oh GOD OHHHH GOD CUMMMMMMMING” she moaned, and he answered back, “Cum, baby, ride it, ride the wave, ride it…”

When she had quavered through the last paroxysm of pleasure, John rolled her off of him so that she was on her back. He wanted to come inside her while he was kissing her sweet lips that tasted of him. Mounting her, he felt her legs tighten around his back and he sank his raging hardon into her wet pussy.

“I want to feel you cum all over my cock while I’m fucking you,” he whispered before his lips closed over hers. At first his strokes were slow and deliberate, and when she tried to urge him to fuck her harder his strong hands grabbed her hips. “Wait for it, wait for it sweetheart,” he told her in a quiet yet commanding colette porno voice.

He could feel her tenseness relaxing and she began to move with him in the same rhythm, the same pace. Her breathing was soft and excited and John knew that his hard cock filled and stretched her cunt to the max. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck….” She moaned, stringing the words together. She was close, and he new that when she came this time she would squirt and bath his cock and balls with her juices. “Suck my tits while I cum,” she begged him, and in the darkness he lowered his head to her breasts, letting his tongue play, first with one hard nipple, then with the other. “I’m CUMMING!” she cried out, and he felt a rush of wetness flush around his cock. He was close too, but now he wanted her in a different way.

He let her finish her wave after wave of orgasm, then slid his cock out of her. “Stand up,” he told her, and she obeyed. He urged her forward and she bent at the waist, bracing herself against the wall. John moved quickly behind her, raising her right leg a little, and rammed his hard meat into her from behind.

He could never last too long in this position, and it was awkward anyway because he had to bend deeply at the knees, but it felt as if her cunt was trying to suck the cum right out of him. “Christ,” he muttered, feeling his breath begin to catch in his chest, “I’m going to fill you so fucking full of cum…..your going to be dripping me for a week”

Over and over he rammed her, just the way she loved it, the way she always begged for it, and John knew he was close, so close. The cum was churning in his balls and in a moment, in a second he would cum inside her. “I’m cumming, oh shit I’m cummmmmmmmingggggg,…” he cried out, ramming her harder and harder as he spent himself inside her sweet, tight pussy.

Again she came, gasping, bucking back against him, and crying out his name. For a long while he stayed inside of her, bent over her back, his hands clutching her breasts, squeezing the nipples, feeling her cunt still sucking his cock, till the last bit of his cum dribbled out of her pussy.

She was silent for a while, then told him, “Just wait till you see what I’ve got planned for next time.”

He left a path of kisses up and down her spine. “You mean it will be better than this?” he laughed.

JuLLie giggled. “Yes,” she answered.

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