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Just a fairy tale? or is it?

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Just a fairy tale? or is it?Goldilocks and the horny three Bears.What if the story of Goldilocks wasn’t a fairy tale at all, but instead it was a roaring foursome of hot fucking, juicy foreplay and wanton lust by everyone involved? Well here’s how I think it would go down.Goldilocks has a day planned of skipping through the woods, her blue gingham dress swishing from side to side, her frilly bloomers showing off her shapely bum, her heavy tits bouncing as she skipped, boy those puppies could stop traffic! They were almost coming out of her dress for all to see, if there were anyone, so she had to stop skipping and walk in a gentler manner. Goldilocks is a pretty girl, blonde hair, figure eight shaped body, nineteen years old, and very naive when it came to men and their sexual needs. Her Mommy and Daddy went to church every Sunday, and she was from a good and loving home.The woods Goldilocks was in, contained a wooden cabin and in that cabin, in the middle of the woods, lived the Bear family. Geoff, the Dad, Nancy, the Mom and Peter, their eighteen-year old son. Geoff is a hunter, Nancy cooks at the School house and Peter works in the garage. They are a close secluded family, and don’t have much to do with the other villagers beyond their chosen careers.This morning though, is a Saturday, sunny outside and Nancy made some porridge, three bowls. Salty for Geoff, Sweet for Nancy, not too salty nor not too sweet for Peter, who really should make his own porridge, at his age. Peter was busy tossing his long cock over his favourite porno mag, when Nancy went upstairs to call him for breakfast. Nancy didn’t knock and walked straight in, Peter was stroking his dick so powerfully that he couldn’t stop, Nancy shouted at him.“PETER, STOP PLAYING WITH YOURSELF, YOU’LL GET BLISTERS!” Nancy noticed her boy’s cock was wide and long, just like his father’s, but Peter, seeing his mom standing there, her big old boobies, almost falling out of her robe, made him squirt his cream too early, straight out onto the pages of his magazine. The blonde centerfold in the pictures had spunk all over her cunt and tits. Nancy wasn’t too pissed off though.“Right! We need to get you a girlfriend boy! And your porridge is ready, go down and wait for your father.” Peter dashed out and down as he was told to. Nancy folded his spunk stained magazine and tossed it in the trash can by the bed. A little bit got on her thumb, so she licked it off, salty, just like Geoff’s porridge, but just right, because it was Peter’s, she thought. She swallowed it down, like all good women do. Nancy went to tell Geoff about catching Peter.“Darling, I caught our son masturbating again. He has no respect for me at all.”“The bloody boy needs a lock on the door, why doesn’t he use the bathroom like other men do?”Nancy tutted, then tidied the room, Geoff wrapped his body in a bathrobe and mad his way down stairs, for breakfast. He reached the table and slapped Peter on the back of the head. I’m sure the wooden chair Peter was sitting in, cracked when he jolted.“Don’t jerk your dick whilst you Mom is in the house, she’s my wife and the only cock she should see, is mine!” He ordered.“Right Sir! I’m sorry Dad.”They sat quietly and waited for Nancy to join them. Soon after, all three were at the table and began to taste their porridge.“Oh, fuck Nancy, this is way too hot again, honey!” Said Geoff, spitting it back on his spoon.“Yes, it is on the hot side, but I can’t even taste my oatmeal, as I have jizz in my throat.” Peter spat his mouthful out too, from hearing his mother say jizz.“Right then, that does it, we’ll go for a walk, let this stuff cool off and when we get back in an hour or two, it’ll be fine.” Geoff informed them.They left the table to get dressed for their walk. Geoff wore a sweatshirt and jogging pants, no shorts underneath, just commando, letting his big heavy dick, swing loose in there. Nancy wore a flowery dress, the material stretched over her big tits, leaving little room for a bra, being that it was so sunny, little yellow, saucy knickers under that. Peter wore his jeans and t-shirt, a little more conservative, he had boxers on, the same ones he was tossing in, when Mommy caught him. They were ready to go out, and began their stroll. Forgetting to lock the front door as they left, but who would find out in the middle of the woods?Goldilocks reached a clearing, and she felt tired, she really needed to rest, her big melons were almost too much to haul around sometimes. All that skipping, she felt pooped. A cottage up ahead stopped her in her tracks, the smell of porridge drifting in the air, she suddenly felt hungry too. Goldilocks went right up to the window, peered in and saw three bowls on a huge wooden table, she licked her lips, normally she wouldn’t have trespassed, but her energy was low and she couldn’t resist. She walked to the door and to her surprise, the door was unlocked.“Foolish thing to do.” She said to herself.She checked around before going in, coast clear, and in she went straight for the big bowl, and the massive stone chair. She took a spoonful and tasted it, it was disgusting. “Too hot and too salty!” She spat, and dropped the spoon in the bowl, she sat in the chair, and it hurt her arse when she plonked down. “Ow! That’s way too hard,” she rubbed her bruised butt and got up again. She moved to the middle chair with cushions on and the smaller bowl of porridge. She took another spoonful and sat in the soft chair. “Oh dear, that’s way too sweet, and a little bit too warm, and what’s this off white stuff on the handle?” Goldilocks sniffed it, but didn’t recognize it at all, and her bum still felt sore, also the soft cushions weren’t helping ease the pain. “Way too soft, I’ll try over there.” She thumbed her bloomers from the crack of her butt, as she went over to the little chair.Goldilocks moved to the small bowl of porridge, the little wicker chair, with a small heart shaped mat on the seat. She sat down and it creaked a little, but It felt comfortable enough, her arse didn’t feel bad at all. She sc****d a spoonful of porridge from the bowl, and slurped at it. “Mmm!, Yummy, I love it, just right for me,” she ate another spoonful, and ate a little more, she lifted the hot bowl to finish the rest, but the chair back broke and Goldilocks fell backwards, arse over tit, the porridge landed all over her, her huge boobs had come right out of her dress and oatmeal was splattered all over them, she scooped a bit off the left tit with her thumb, licked it off, she was in a real mess. Her round, bruised arse felt more sore now. She stood up to examine the damage she’d made, the chair was smashed to bits, and porridge flung all over the carpet. “I must clean all this up, but first I have to take a shower.” Again, talking to herself.She made her way upstairs to the bathroom, no shower, just a bathtub. Never mind, there’s a sink. Unfastening the clasps, she stripped off her blue dress, lowered her frilly knickers down to the floor, slipped off her bobby socks and slippers, to wash them in the sink. Her bare body began to scrub the clothes under the taps, she cleans everything off and hangs them on the side of the bath to dry, she wrapped an extra big white towel around that beautiful, young body, it went around her twice, then brushed her hair, because there’s porridge in it. All this misadventure began to take it’s toll on Goldilocks and she felt tired. “If I take a quick nap now, my clothes will be dry and I can finish up cleaning the mess after.” Goldilocks set about finding a bed to lie in. First she found Geoff and Nancy’s room, the big bed in the middle, she went over to the left hand side, she sat down on the bed, but like the stone chair down stairs, it felt hard, she güvenilir bahis swiped the duvet over and patted the sheet underneath, it was a wooden board. “Can’t lie there, that’s way too hard and too uncomfortable,” her bum hurt again, she moved the sheets back and moved over to the other side, this had a lot of cushions, and satin pillows. Goldilocks sat on the bed again and sank down very far“That’s too soft, I could never sleep in this bed,” She moaned, her hand slid under the pillow and met a strange object there, she pulled it out and it was a twelve inch vibrator. “Oh my, it’s shaped like a man’s thingy,” she declared. She blushed a little as she hadn’t seen a real one, only in books.The vibrator is lovely, pink and veins all over, just like a monster cock would look like. Goldilocks sniffed the dildo and she could smell salmon coming from it, then she twisted the ball on the end and it buzzed loudly, she pressed it to her cheek at first then dropped it on the bed as it tickled her, it slid between her thighs, still buzzing and shaking by the hole of her fanny. She felt in a good mood, so pressed it to her clitoris for a bit, she’d never felt anything like that before, after a few minutes slicing up and down her slit, she noticed her wet goo going on to the sheets, her moaning got louder, and she had to turn the buzzing down slower. Her moist, hot snatch, dribbled out more juice. She resisted pushing the big toy into herself though. Her excitement died down and she straightened the towel back in place, leaving the glistening dildo on the bed, her juice stains under it. Goldilocks decided to leave this room and find another bed, boy she was tired now. “There’s at least three people who live here, so must be another room.” She reasoned and walked past the bathroom, towards the room at the end. The door was slightly open, she arched her head around the door. “Ew, it’s a boys room.” She said, disappointedly. There is a wide bed over by the window, which is slid up, slightly open to allow the air in, it did smell a little bit musty. Goldilocks went to the bed and saw the magazine poking out of the trash, she lifted it out. A photo of a Penthouse Pet on the front cover, she was brunette, about the same age as her, her lacy red underwear barely covering her body. She flicked through the pages briefly and found the come-stained centerfold. “Yuk!, boys are disgusting!” She noticed it was smeared in drops between the pages, like a butterfly painting.She put the magazine back where she found it and went to try out the bed. She grabbed the quilt and her hand touched something wet , she looked to see a familiar white substance, like on the spoon handle downstairs. She wiped her hand on the towel, and climbed into bed. “At last, a bed that feels right for sleeping in.”Her hot session with the dildo, made her very sleepy, very quickly and all too soon, Goldilocks fell asleep.The Bear family returned home from their walk. They noticed nothing untoward, until they went inside the cabin.“What the fuck, Geoff, you didn’t lock the door!” Nancy huffed, her shoulders shrugged, the dress barely containing her jugs.“Never mind that, Honey! Somebody’s been in here and eaten our breakfast, and look there’s a sweaty butt mark on my seat.” Geoff pointed at the sweat. “And they’ve gobbed the porridge back in the bowl, I can’t eat that now!”“Yeah, and my chair’s been sat in too, and I just wonder, who’s been eating my porridge as well.”“Get this though, my chairs smashed to fuck and my oatmeal is totally all over the place!” Added Peter. “Yep, it’s a mess alright!” Geoff ruffed Peter’s hair, who kicked at the bits of chair on the floor.“We’d better look around, see what else they might have done.” Suggested Nancy.They went upstairs to look for more evidence. Nancy peered into the bathroom.“Whose are these clothes?” Nancy went inside and grabbed the white bloomers, Peter took them from his Mom and sniffed them. Nancy snatched them back off her son. “Perv!”“Right, then she’s still in here, let’s check our rooms, I hope they haven’t stolen anything!” Geoff pushed Nancy and Peter towards the bedrooms, as they got to the parent’s room Nancy pushed the door opened wide, no one in here, but her precious toy on display for Peter to see.“Fuckin’ ‘ell Mom!” “Well, your father is a big man, I need comfort for when he’s hunting.”“Trust me son, it’s comforting!” Joked Geoff, knowing that it is his penis shape, custom made for Nancy.“Oh leave it, somebody’s used it, and look at the bed, it’s a total mess, like downstairs!” Nancy and Geoff recognized the wet stain on the sheets, from their own fun and games. “I’m gonna collect some things. The only place she could be, is in Peter’s room.”“Fucking disrespectful.” Geoff agreed. “Right she ain’t in here, so let’s try your room then hey?”Geoff led the way to Peter’s room, he pushed the door open gently to find Goldilocks fast asleep, in Peter’s bed.“Peter Bear, you lucky Bastard!” Geoff clouted Peter with his elbow, and he blinked in astonishment at the hot blonde between his bed sheets. Peter’s hand headed for his crotch. “It’s Goldilocks Fairway, she’s normally a good girl.” Nancy said, who loved to play with women, as much as men. She had returned holding Peter’s porridge spoon, her strap-on dildo, again Twelve inches long, some vaginal lubrication gel and closed the bedroom door.“Well I reckon we should all make a woman of her!” Geoff suggested. Peter was eager for that to happen. Nancy moved to the side of Peter’s bed and sat by Goldilocks’ head, Geoff sat the other side, his lap next to her nose, his lazy, wide cock two inches away in his joggers and Peter stood at the end of the bed, zipping down his jeans, to start fiddling with his own cock again.“Hey, sleepy, what you doing?” Nancy whispered.Goldilocks woke with a start, her nose bashed into Geoff’s dick as she sat up to leave the bed, but Geoff was blocking the way. His white towel wrapped tightly around her sexy body.“Hey, relax, just sit there a second okay? You’re not in any trouble, but we would like you to help us out with the mess downstairs.” Geoff held Goldilocks’s arms strongly, so she couldn’t move. Nancy stroked her gorgeous long hair, Peter had his hand inside his jeans, tugging at himself, Goldilocks noticed he was getting bigger and stiffer. She was a little nervous of the three people looking at her.“I couldn’t help myself Mr Bear, please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want.”“Oh my! Goldie, haven’t you grown into a fine young woman, look at these.” Nancy pressed both hands on Goldilocks’s tits, gave them a real good squeeze. Goldilocks smiled at her compliment, enjoying the attention.“You’ve already helped yourself my dear, and here’s your reward.” Said Geoff, rubbing her shoulders.“We’re not going to hurt you, young lady, but we are going to take it turns or perhaps together, maybe get to fuck your brains out and I promise, you’ re going to enjoy every minute of it, trust us, it will be wonderful. Seeing as you liked our porridge oats, I’d like to add my own oats to the mix.” Geoff implied. Peter’s eyebrows raised at the sound of that. Geoff grabbed the knotted towel and pulled it, it slithered slowly round and unwound from Goldilocks’s body. The whole towel came away showing everyone in the room her heaving tits, her blonde-haired, velvety pussy, that had begun to pout, from Geoff’s suggestions, Nancy stroked her arms, and Peter slid his cock out of his shorts, Goldilocks and Nancy saw his huge cock grow in Peter’s hand, it was nearly as long as that toy there in the other room. His fist began to pump it for Goldilocks, the head got purple and bulbous. The girl seemed impressed with what she saw.“But I’m not very good at sex, really I ain’t.” Only türkçe bahis one man ever touched down there and he was a Doctor, her hymen broke whilst pony riding. She had only one boyfriend, Jack Horner. He was all thumbs with her, and got nowhere.“Don’t worry my dear, at the end of this, you’re gonna ache all over and crave for more,” “If you think he’s big, wait until you get a load of me, and I know how to please a woman,” Geoff winked at Nancy, who rubbed at her own pussy, in her yellow panties. Geoff pulled the duvet off the bed and pulled Goldilocks down on her back, by her legs, he knelt on the quilt, Nancy began to undress from her clothes, while Geoff fondled Goldilocks’s huge orbs, he sucked her tits. The girl moaned while he feasted on them. His experience allowed him to chew and pull her nipples to full erectness. “See?” Goldilocks really loved that. The smile on her face told all. Now they’re more intimate, the family began to call her Goldie.Peter was stripping off too. He sat on the bed by Goldie’s feet, he massaged her thighs with his strong, manly hands, she began to feel warm and comfortable, his thumbs found her love hole, and for a few seconds, he lingered and then slides his hands back down her shapely legs, teasing her, this felt fantastic too. Her labia moistened, anticipating another touch.Nancy sat beside Goldie too, turned her head to face her, her sensual mouth sucked on the young girl’s lips, here tongue darting in and out, enjoying her passionately and her hands rubbing over her belly. Peter rubbed back up Goldie’s legs and found her cunt hole too irresistible this time, his fingers pulling at her pussy lips and locating her little clitoris, well he leaned in to lick, and savor. Nancy replaced Geoff’s groping , so he could undress. Geoff was getting very aroused. By this time Goldie just lay there getting very horny, and soaking wet. She’d never felt this way before.Geoff stood and Nancy allowed Goldie a view of her husband stripping off. Peter concentrated on her pussy some more. Geoff lifted his sweater over his head, his muscular chest impressed the young girl. Geoff threw the top on to the floor, them down came the bottoms, Goldie studied him as his massive, twelve inch horse dick showed itself. Her mouth dropped to a gape, and knew the toy next door was his own model. Geoff knelt next to Goldie who let the tip of his dick tap her forehead. It sounded like clapping. Her hands reached for the half swollen tool, seeking Nancy’s approval first, who nodded.“Wanna give it taste, little lady?”“Don’t know if I can fit that all in.” She conceded. It was going to happen anyway.“Why don’t you try?” With that, Geoff held Goldie’s chin, opened her mouth as much as he could and shoved his cock head in, her mouth felt tight, her cheeks puffing out as he pushed more in but he began to move her head back and forth, then it became easier, with more even strokes. The slurping sounds coming from the girl, excited Nancy and Peter. Her mouth was foaming up as Geoff fucked her throat, Nancy massaged her own tits and pulled on her pussy lips, fingers darting up and down the slit, Peter noshed on Goldilocks pussy, as her ecstasy welled up, Geoff was right she was enjoying it all. Geoff enjoyed the hot blow-job, from such a nice girl, he was fully erect now and enormous. I was the most astonishing thing, Goldie had ever seen. And her mouth did all that.“Impressive! Right boy, away from there, let me show the woman the right way to eat her out?” He shoved Peter away from Goldie’s thighs and they swapped places. Geoff moved into place at the foot of the bed, pulled the horny girl right to the end. Geoff lifted her legs up and pushed them against her belly, spread her thighs open wide, showing Peter her exposed gash, all pink and perfect. He framed the pussy with both hands and spread her pussy lips wider. “Now you can see all off her.” He lowered his tongue down in place at her butt hole, he darted the tip in and out, then broadened his licking between her butt cheeks, then slowly he slid up to her clit. Goldie sighed and Geoff slid back down one side of her pussy and up again the other side. The whole experience made Goldie glow with warmth and wetness. Geoff pointed at the girl’s chest and Peter climbed up to straddle her, put his long pole between her tits, held them together and began to slide up and down her cleavage. He was long and thin, not long, wide and round like Geoff. Still impressive enough anyway. Peter spat a few times to get some purchase. Goldie liked him sawing between her boobies, his cock-head tapping her chin. Nancy climbed into her strap-on and fastened it. She got up over Goldie’s head, tilted her face back and pushed the strap-on into the girl’s mouth. The plastic tasted all fishy, but her saliva cleaned it up nice and Nancy fucked her face.Now the nineteen year old had Nancy in her mouth, Peter between her huge tits, and Geoff munching down on her eager accepting cunt. She knew she was in for a treat. Geoff lifted his head to see Peter’s butt crack near his face, that’s too close for a son to be. Geoff moved Peter off Goldie and crawled up her body, his big, wide chest inches from hers, she breathed intensely as Geoff continued up her body and sat on her boobies, he lifted Nancy out of Goldie’s mouth and spun her around. Nancy’s cunt was inches from Goldie’s nose. Peter waited for his father’s next move. “Hey, Goldie watch what I do and tell me if you would like Peter to do the same thing okay?” Geoff’s big strong hands gripped her butt, and on her hands and knees, the view from Goldie’s point of view looks great. Geoff poked two fingers into Nancy’s hole and lathered her up, Goldie watched interestingly, then Geoff’s big long, thick hard dick moved past Goldie’s face and entered Nancy’s experienced cunt, Goldie’s saw the round, fat head go in and spread Nancy open like splitting a mandarin. The shaft disappeared up next, right to the hilt, the lube made easy work of the stallion, as Geoff began to plug Nancy from behind, Goldie loved it all. He pulsed in and out of Nancy faster and faster, her juices dripping onto Goldie’s cheeks. “Do you love this?”“Yes Mr Bear, I really love it!”“So would you like Peter to go into you like this?”“Ooh! I really think I would,” She purred, and gobbled at Nancy’s strap-on.“What are you waiting for Peter? Please the lady!”Peter stiffened his dick ready to fuck Goldie, he held her thighs up and wide, he slid the length of his cock on the outside of her first, it felt completely different to the dildo, she’d tried earlier, her pussy practically dribbled at the feel of it. The head of his dick separated her pussy lips, he held his position, thumb rubbed her clit and her arousal accepted him, halfway at first, then Peter pulled back out, then with one move, shoved the long thin cock right up to his balls. He felt so deep inside Goldie, he had started to move evenly in and out of Goldie. She was still watching Nancy and Geoff going at it.“Ooh! That’s so good, do it more, do it to me, Baby!” Cried Nancy, wailing with joy. She gushed out an orgasm that sprayed Geoff and Goldie in their chest and balls, causing Goldie to moan and writhe with an orgasm of her own.“Oh, that’s very good, oh yes, that’s really good” Pronounced Goldie, loving every stroke of Peter’s knob between her legs. Peter was beginning to tire and Geoff knew that the whole session needed to keep going.“Right honey! Time for me to bring the down the heavens for you!” he slapped Peter on the shoulder, and he came out of Goldie, she felt empty for a moment, but that wouldn’t last. Nancy took off the strap-on and sat by Peter on the bed, she reached for her son’s knob, and sucked him with her mouth, but surprisingly nobody güvenilir bahis siteleri seemed to care. She continued to suck away, licking and jerking that young tool. His mother was very good at blow-jobs.Geoff lifted Goldie from the bed, by her armpits, turned her to face the window, he pushed her forward so she was halfway out, her tits dangled out the window, the warm air made them feel incredibly sensitive, Geoff m*****ed her boulders, and again she was soon sighing with passion. With Goldie bent over out the window, slightly, Geoff lifted her right leg up on to the crate, giving him access to her pussy once more, he stooped down, pointed his maroon helmet at the entrance and slipped easily into her cunt. He felt better than Peter, really filling her up. He leaned Goldie lower and then went at her fast and long, Peter watched his Dad fuck her masterfully. Gliding back and forth like a piston.“Ooh, yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah!” Came her cries as Geoff went harder and faster, then he slowed down again, pulled out of Goldie, and span her back in from the window and down on the bed again.“How was that?“Incredible!” She moaned, her hair was soaked, her tits all sweaty, cheeks red and her pussy pulsing, from yet another orgasm. She was eager for the next thing to happen.“Right Nancy, your turn to give her one, then we all will.” She stopped sucking Peter to put on the strap-on, Geoff sat on the bed for a breather, Peter stood by the window and Goldie waited for Nancy to get ready, who got on her back, slid up the bed, she guided Goldie over her face and lowered her arse down to her tongue. Nancy’s tongue pushed up into Goldie’s butt-hole. Liking around in there, it felt a little weird at first, but when her finger went in, now that was different. Nancy worked Goldie open, she needed space to slide that Strap-on into. Geoff lubed up Goldie’s butt-hole, then Nancy moved Goldie around so she was facing Geoff, and then lowered her down. The tip of the strap-on pushed into Goldie’s asshole, no longer tight, it went halfway in, it felt like having a shit backwards. Goldie’s instincts made her bob up and down on that long plastic cock. It felt excruciating at first, her wails sounding like she was in pain, until Goldie fucked more freely, whilst Geoff watched, getting very excited. He couldn’t wait for his turn up in there. The men watched Nancy and Goldie, their pussies moving up and down faster and faster.“Ah! Oh my god! Ah! Ooh! My god!” Goldie went. The monkey noises she made cheered the boys up. She had never been fucked by a woman before, or two men at once but now it is going to get even better. They’d been going for five minutes, hard and solid, the ladies worked up quite a sweat together.They gave Goldie a rest to get her breath back, the men passed round the lube and smeared some on their genitals, the two men jerking themselves hard, made Nancy and Goldie swirl their pussies in unison.“Right then Missy, we’re gonna finish you off like a bowling ball, know what that means?” Explained Geoff.“Not really.”“Young lady a bowling ball, has three holes, and there’s three off us and you’ve got three holes.” Said Nancy.“Yeah, our cocks are going in all three of them at the same time. You’ll love it.” Peter insisted.“Okay!” Now she got it. By this stage Goldie was eager to try it. Geoff planned it out, Peter in her mouth, Nancy in her pussy and Geoff in her arse.“Okay Goldie, stand up?” Geoff politely asked and she obeyed. Geoff laid on the bed, his big dick standing straight up. “Come back here Goldie?” He guided her over his lap, her asshole was lubed heavily for this one, Nancy poked around her pussy hole with more lube. Geoff eased Goldie down slowly, he didn’t want to damage her, he poked the rim of her asshole, the tip going in first, then the fat wide shaft, until she was all the way down, Nancy then was able to slide the strap-on into Goldie’s pussy, and Peter tilted her head to one side and fed his cock to her mouth. “Ready for this then?”“Yes, I want this!” That was all the invitation they needed, as all three Bears begin to simultaneously, saw in and out of Goldie’s filled up holes. “Fuck, this is great, give me more?” She sighed, breaking from her blow-job, Nancy slowed and Geoff pounded that ass, he counted to twenty then stopped so Nancy can fuck her, she counted to twenty. Goldie’s wet sucking was causing Peter to groan.“Oh, that’s good head, yeah, that’s such good head.” Goldie now a pro at blow-jobs in just one day. She licked his bell end and tip like she saw Nancy try. Peter, then without much warning went, began the process of his climax, he held Goldie’s head and slammed his cock backwards and forwards, between her cheeks, she foamed up again, the sensation made Peter come.“Here I go Honey!” His warm spunk splashed onto her mouth, chin, neck and tits, a little on her nose and eyelids, her tongue tasted it, salty like Geoff’s porridge. Peter got off Goldie and started to clean himself up. Geoff and Nancy were still seeing to Goldie’s other holes. Her wails of ecstasy started slowly, and then building up more, inside her was this electric feeling as if somebody else had climbed inside of her and began to scoop her out. Nancy Pulled out of Goldie’s pussy and she was still grinding away on Geoff, his massive dick swinging in and out for what seemed like ages, her bum hole tightened up again meaning Geoff got constricted, he was ready to come in moments.“Oh, incredible, yes that’s terrific, oh, yeah here we go!” He yelled and slammed up her ass one more time, his hot spunk flew up her asshole. And she came too. Gushing out of her like a waterfall over Geoff’s balls. The four of them lay for a moment on the bed panting and heaving, their bodies hot and flushed from it all. Goldie was laying on her stomach, Nancy sc****d the boys come on Peter’s porridge spoon.“Okay my lovely young lady, time to swallow your medicine, open wide!” Nancy opened her mouth and pushed the spoon in. The thick goo slid down her throat, more salty than ever before, but this all felt right, by now. Goldie grabbed the spoon off of Nancy and licked it all clean. “You looked like you had fun there Goldie, you can go and get dressed now.” Geoff looked pleased with himself.“I’ve never done anything like that before in my life and I loved it!” Said Goldie, who was toweling down from all the bodily liquid, flying about. Giving Peter another show of her magnificent body. Nancy brought Goldie’s clothes in from the bathroom so she could dress.She slipped her socks on, one leg at a time, displaying her swollen gash each time, then she stood up, her dress, she slipped over her shoulders, down over her massive bosoms which looked bigger now they’re going away, but she didn’t put on her bloomers though, instead she wiped her cunt and ass on them, then stretched them over Peter’s head, kissed him on the cheek and whispered to him.“You can keep them, something to wank over, until I visit for them again.” She slapped his bum and turned to Geoff and Nancy.“I’ve had such a wonderful day, can I date your son please,? He’s handsome and you’ve opened my eyes to the world.”“If he wants to date you, that’s fine with us, but you’ll have to come over and visit, maybe bring your cousins over, Hansel and Gretel, we hear they gave it up to the sweet old lady at the gingerbread house, across the field in the other wood.”“I can’t let them know what I did here, they’re tattlers, but I’m sure I can persuade them.” By now they were all downstairs. Goldilocks kissed Peter goodbye, and Geoff shoved her out the door and slammed it behind her. A knicker-less Goldilocks began to skip cheerily back through the woods and home, dribbling semen as she went, and not a care in the world , about her massive tits flopping out and about. Her whole body felt explored and fulfilled, she smiled and carried on skipping.Geoff and Nancy just looked at each other and both said.“That was fucking fantastic!”And they all lived Hornily ever after.

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