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Juventas…Take A Cutie and TURN HER OUT!

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Big Tits

Juventas…Take A Cutie and TURN HER OUT!JuventasA Devout Intense Erotic Psalm About An Omnipotent Threesome:Sexually Teaching A Young Exquisite Goddess Eroticism, Romance, and Spirituality John, “Big John” GallivanWarrior Poet/Erotic PsalmistViking GladiatorandChristine Elaine HarrisSpiritual Poetess/Romantic PsalmistSpiritual Poetesswww.eroticpsalms.comI am John GallivanThe Viking Gladiator, the Warrior Poet, and the Erotic Psalmist.The Diplomat of Wisdom. The Nightclub Bouncer. The Modern Day Gladiator of 2011.The Loving Knight. The Divine Sexual Teacher. The Tantra Guide to Orgasmic Ecstasy.The Politician of Peace. The Guide to Eroticism. The Risqué Poet most indeed without question.And I am Christine Elaine Harris. I am Venus.The Spiritual Poetess. The Romantic Psalmist.The Queen of Cuties. John Gallivan’s soul mate.The Head Goddess of his heart.The Divine Ruler of his soul.The Governess of his masculine spirit,And the Author of his manly brawn.We are here to poeticize this message of risqué love to you my dear.We love to sensually pleasure feminine beauties.We erotically bring them to new sexual heights with our lessons.We take them to new places with our divine romance, And we rapture them most indeed from the past that they have endured.This is our poem.This is our psalm.This is our story.This is our song.Will you absorbingly read my intense erotic psalm with an open heart and soul?Or will you wholeheartedly decide to stay jailed in your monotonous sexual limbo?Will you zealously fascinate yourself and ardently address your inner female’s desires?Or will you make a concrete choice to ridiculously imprison yourself forever?Are you woman enough to erotically bathe in my romantic fountain of liberating sexual delight?Or will you still endlessly cascade yourself with the tyrannical waters ofAtrocious past sexual experiences, Former gruesome memories, And heinous denial of inner passions of what you really want?Where is the Juventas of our risqué lifestyle that we may sexually please forever?Where is our exquisite goddess of beauty that has no erotic inhibitions? Where is our pretty angelic little girl that wants to get really kinky all the time?For our little orgasmic princess that wishes to fulfill her divine inner fantasiesOf having a spiritually intense hot burning romantic threesome must be somewhere indeed.My beautiful Head Goddess and everlasting soul mate Venus telepathically sees you JuventasWith her girly magic, Her unequalled passion, And her feminine fervent lust for you Juventas.For she vehemently communicates to me with poetic words and romantic power:“ Let us relish this gorgeous cute princess and methodically fuck her!Let us my handsome warrior make love to this uneducated duchess and lovingly show her the way!Let us emancipate this exquisite baby doll from the chains of droning routine and boring sex!For as another woman, I see her femininity cries for true passion, as her throbbing pussy yearns in the night.As another female, she possesses not the satisfied Goddess look as I haveOf being ferociously pounded hard with a thick titanic spear like yours my gladiator.As a spiritual poetess of romantic flattery,I wish to lightly caress her and inform this tempting enchantress of her curvy hips.I wish to brush my gentle fingers through her majestic hair and recite her a romantic poem.I wish to French kiss her and massage her moist tongue with mine,For we my Viking are the catalysts of erotic salvation.She has no hope except in us.”For as we are soul mates and my beloved Venus slowly strokes,My mammoth penis and huge gonads with astounding girly talent, On our king size bed all alone amongst ourselves,I skillfully fondle her stimulated pink clit and her Labia Majora with omnipotent ardor,And we lovingly connect through our psychic eyes ever so close; Thoroughly elaborating our sensual dreams and risqué fantasies of you.I valiantly proclaim to my everlasting Venus: How much I crave to brutally propel your feminine shaved vagina, And she immediately halkalı escort adores it.I gallantly decree to my soul mate: How much I desire to French kiss your constricted pretty rectum, And she instantaneously loves it.I strongly declare to my precious wife, How much I aspire for her to lick your immaculate Mons Veneris,And she expeditiously esteems it.For as my gargantuan wide rod fanatically palpitates inThe adorned fingers of my worshipped Head Goddess,And her saturated cunt profusely drips on my rugged hand,She won’t allow me to cum.For in that heightened sense of pre orgasmic utopia,She seductively whispers to me with her soft delicate voice:”I need this beautiful Juventas!I want this splendid cutie!My soaked shaved pussy throbs at the mere thought,Of you rhythmically propelling her tight bald gash,While I speak to her as another woman,And descriptively notify her what a feminine princess she is:As I passionately suck on her tongue with grace,As I enthusiastically play with her clit,As I enter her femininity with my royal erotic talent,For we will relish this sweet empress with love forevermore!”My sacred sperm runs through the gentle fingers of Venus,As she commands me to vivaciously ejaculate in her angelic hands,And as she mesmerizes me by licking off every dropThat embosses her gorgeous hands,In that amazing moment of energetic ecstasy and incomparable correlation,I articulate to my Venus this majestic psalm: “Yes! Oh God yes!I promise with all my inner spirit to enthrall Juventas with risqué passion.I will tongue will her delectable ass hole with dynamism.Yes! There! That one!I will boldly ram her girly sweet cunt with vigor.I will double penetrate her with anal beads and my enormous cockDoggy style while she fucks you with ice and a massive dildoIn perfect erotic synchronicity,For we will take her…THERE!No! Not there….THERE!”For as my treasured Venus possesses a double headed anal vibrator,She mandates we thrust ourselves together in melodious harmony,As she witnesses me moan and poetically jack off simultaneouslyWhile that tingling apparatus is inside her pulsating anus,And that tantalizing equipment is fervently rubbing my male G spot.Yes! There! That one!For in that new galaxy of discussing our erotic prophecies about you,She wondrously states these magnificent words to me:”All you want in this mortal life, is to awesomely fuck me and hot chicks my warrior.Me too!All you desire to do is make sexy babes produce multiple orgasms.Oh God yes! Me too indeed!Your mission in life is being my soul mate, And together sexually pleasuring gorgeous soft little cuties.You have no male friends because you hate all dudes. You keenly hate all sports with a passion.You think football is gay,And hunting and fishing is a waste of life,For all you really crave is to incredibly screw delicious baby dolls with me.Yes! Yes! Oh God hell yes!”Come to me my imperial Venus and please abundantly pee in my thirsty mouth,And let me not miss a single drop whatsoever as I zealously devour it,For I most indeed generously appreciate Every square millimeter of an elegant lady inside and out.I cannot even miss one sub atomic particle of femininity.For while you poetically describe to me how much you want us toRavage that pretty cutie that we diligently seek that willObey our commandments without question,Submit to our lessons without hesitation,And wholeheartedly accept that she will get sadistically drilled like never before:Your sweet tasty urine runs down my parched esophagus,As you romantically sermonize to meHow much your girly shaved cunt needs a pretty girl’s tongueAnd my immense massive big colossal sword.For as we walk amongst neon lights and shadows With authority and popularity in the nightclub,You emphatically dance as if you’ve really had sex on the real, but we know it’s utter bullshit!We explore the digital arenas in the Internet coliseumWith the omniscience of game and sexual taksim escort fulfillment.But you send us emails that you get hot guys, but we know it’s a total lie!As we receive electronic scrolls of cellular texts,We wholeheartedly know you don’t get your sweet pussy ate for hours,Nor ever at all do you get your luscious butt hole licked.Though you try to convince yourself, the whole world, and us that you do…..You know for a fact that we know that you don’t.For no statement is more profound or true than this:You should be grateful that I would be courteous enoughTo offer my humungous dick and viciously nail you.You should be extremely thankful that I would be considerate enoughTo allow you to eat my exquisite succulent pussy.You should be very appreciative that I would be polite enoughTo bend you over doggy style for your gorgeous sphincter to receive my manly tongue.And no doubt you should be indebted that I would be gracious enoughTo license you to mount my Viking’s massive swollen scepter,While I gyrate on your face and generously squirt feminine geysers in your girly mouth.For if you’re not woman enough like me, the Goddess Venus, then just say so Juventas!Anally fist me my hot Viking with your huge masculine hand,As I confess to you that we need a little Juventas hereTo play with my voluptuous tits while I squeal and shriek like a horny tramp.Place some ice cubes deep inside me to chill my, “uh uh”Yes! That very end of my vaginal canal.While you amazingly gnaw on my gish!Oh yes! That sacred pathway from the, “B” to the, “P”Call me a bitch and slap my fat chunky buns,While I admit to you how much I cumWhen I see you insanely fuck a pretty JuventasWhile my tongue is down her throat,And my finger slams her scrumptious tight poop chute!For I’m a whore in heat, and I must have my little princess.For I’m an eloquent queen, and I require your titanic engorged spear.For I’m a jezebel minx, and I must possess this lovely Juventas:To have you fuck her might!To have me eat her snatch with fervor!To reach deep inside this little girl , and make her a goddess too,While she praises my tender pussy and your enormous fat cock,For we are the messengers of risqué deliverance.To whom else shall she go?Get on your knees right now my exquisite VenusAnd involuntarily gag on my immeasurable long cane,While I viciously fuck you in your womanly mouth,As if it is your throbbing palpitating squirting pussy,While I most indeed tell you with all my inner desires that,This is exactly how I will roughly drill our Juventas in her sweet girly mouth,Pulling your hair without mercy!Stopping for nothing whatsoever as you can barely breathe!Articulating how much I will ram our sexy Juventas in her parched throatUntil she swallows every drop of my heavy full loadWith tears running down her face in true ecstasyThat she was forced to accomplish this without failure,While you shove a tremendous dildo in her lovely anusAs you comb her delicate hair and tell her that we love herAs the eyes roll in the back of her head,And her electrifying body begs us for more!Are you courageous enough to read this erotic psalm more Juventas?Or will you still artificially pretend to be some chick that has truly engaged in hot sex?Are you brave enough to be a doer and not just a reader of this literature?Or will you keep deceiving yourself, swaying your feminine hips at the club,Synthetically imitating that your sexual diva, when you know you ain’t shit?Are you audacious enough to open your heart, mind, and soul,And honestly divulge that you’re not an experienced lover whatsoever?Or do you persist on acting fictitiously that you’re, “all that”,When you seriously know the real truth is, you’re afraid toGet fucked on the real when you read these erotic psalms?For you know that most of my rhymes (if not all), are things you’ve never done.For when I feverishly ****d you while you were in the shower,Taking you by surprise, so unexpected, You were loving every second şişli escort of it Drenching the bathtub in tasty panty nectar,As I jam packed that huge dildo in your pulsating wonderful rectum,Making you passionately yell like a terrific cheap slut,In that hot moment where that bittersweet anal pain,Made you explode those floods of orgasmic girly waterYou revealed to me these awesome philosophical words:”I want my cute pretty Juventas!I fancy that you spiritually make lover to herWith that fat cock and titty fuck her with all you have,While I lick her sinuous harlot pussy from behind,That indubitably hungers for the unbelievable technique of a hot sexy female,That will also simultaneously yet firmly pull her hair,As I then suck on her perineum,Caressing her inner sculpted thighs,While that amazing butt plug thunders my glorious goddess sphincter.Make love to her!Fuck her!Show her who’s the boss and the bull of the pen With your rock hard magnificent humungous boner.”For when I woke up as usual.I satintensely mystified by the amount of cold uneducated women,That falsely mimic that they’re about eroticism, But they’re really just fake imprudent queens and wannabe elegant tramps.She enlightens me with these wise expressions of factual perspective and common knowledge:Worry not my handsome gladiator as we dynamically quest to discover the Juventas,For one eventually will come along that may perhaps be bi curious enough.For 99% of women don’t even get their butt hole licked, if ever at all once in their lives.99% of women have never appointed themselves to participate in a explorative real threesome.The majority of them have never had their shaved pussy licked proper for hours,While their cute little butt holes are being accessed at the same time.For how many women can honestly testify that they have fucked a 6 foot 5,320 pound tattooed modern day gladiator,That is by word of mouth alone a grand master of sex?How many ladies can divulge that their cunt was licked for 3 hours or more?How many chicks can be forthcoming and come clean with reality thatThey have never been told the exact words of exquisite, angelic, immaculate, and lovely?Do they get double penetrated with anal beads and your immense dick simultaneously,While a gorgeous goddess as poetically romantic as I French kiss them at the same time?Do they get an erotic massage in hot watermelon oil with four magical hands in perfectThe****utic harmony to relax every tension, knot, inflamed muscle and pinched nerve they possess?When exactly was the last time they got to ride a spear as titanic as yours While a curvy exquisite goddess as I was brushing their delicate hair at the same time Using electric nipple clamps on their pretty swollen tits?Or would they rather watch the NFL on TV, and go fishing rather than touching them.For when I bent you over doggy style my Venus to harshly pummel your heated sweet ass hole,And brutally stuff your gushing pussy too with my thick beefy meat pistol,You were moaning sacred songs and chanting utter relief as I told you these words:Worry not my Venus, let’s just picture our Juventas is here,To put her precious pussy in your face as I ferociously stick you doggy style.Yes my goddess. Juventas is here for us to lightly caress and jiggle her fat ass!She is here baby, for us to kiss every square inch of her feminine body.Yes! She’s here to suck up and down my massive staff with youTo share my cum between you both as you both French kiss with My cum is in your mouths while you both look into each others lovely eyes.She is here my dear to have you bring out that little girl in her.She is present my amethyst angel for us to bring out the temptress in her. She is amongst us my Venus for you to fist her while I fuck her mouth raw.She is between us my soul mate for us to each suck one of her amazing titties.She is wedged between us for us to feed her strawberries whileMy fingers apply pressure on her delectable G spot and you play with her clit.She is in our bedroom dear for us as we all 3 way French kiss with passionWhile we each have one finger in her delicious butt hole.She is located here on our mattress dear for me to glide my enormousCock in very slow and make love to her while you squeeze her tits and suck her tongue.She is here for you to suck your tasty turd cutter doggy style while you hum on my massive balls

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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