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Kareena Kapoor’s Honeymoon Night

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Kareena Kapoor’s Honeymoon NightAs you all know, the sexy and gorgeous Chammak Challo, Kareena Kapoor married the hot and dashing Saif Ali Khan earlier this year.. They had been in a live-in relationship for many years during which he had fucked Kareena senseless many times.. He had also fucked her in the sets of Agent Vinod in her vanity van and then on the set when in a scene, while running from the villain, they fell on a bed decorated for the wedding couple.. After that, the whole cast and crew had enjoyed her creamy white body and her incredibly tight ass. This year, they got married and Saif knew that this was the time to enjoy her fully. On their honeymoon night, Kareena was dressed in a sexy saree which showed her ample cleavage, her slim and creamy waist and accentuated her ass.. Saif was dressed in a traditional sherwani.. Saif entered the bedroom, turned off the lights leaving just the bed illuminated by lights.. On seeing the beauty sitting in front of him, he just tore off his clothes and pounced on her.. He tore off her blouse and petticoat which left her in her lace bra and g-string lingerie.. Saif did not need an invitation and he tore off the remaining clothes and there she was naked in front of him with her inviting 34D boobs in front of his eyes. He immediately started sucking her melons making her moan in pleasure. After some time, he inserted two fingers inside her wet snatch while sucking her boobs making her moans get louder.. He then inserted 2 fingers more in her cunt making her scream in pain.. He left her boobs and took out his fingers.. He then curled his right hand into a fist(Kareena was unaware of this) and rammed his fist inside her cunt making her scream loudly.. He was pumping the fist in and out of her very fast. She climaxed hard and doused Saif’s hand with her cum. Saif took out his fist and inserted his 9 inch rod in her mouth. She started sucking on it like a lollipop. Due to her expert sucking, he came inside her mouth within a minute. After that, they took a 2 minute break which Kareena used to get his dick erect again.. After that, he flipped Kareena into doggy style. His eyes lit up when he saw her 36 size ass. He positioned his dick at her asshole and pushed it in with all his tuzla escort might.. She screamed out again and started moaning in pain loudly while he pumped his dick in and out of her ass.. After some time, he stopped and took out his dick.. Kareena whimpered, “Saif! Why did u take it out? Plz ram it back in.. I need it badly”.. But Saif had something else in her mind. He told her, “For that u will have to do something for me”. “What?”, Kareena asked.. “U will be having some lesbian fun!”. “What?”, Kareena was shocked at first but quickly recovered as she remembered the time when she and Karishma used to have some lesbian fun.. In fact, Kareena had lost her cherry to Karishma when she fucked her with a 10 inch black dildo.. She smiled sexily, “Who are the girls”. “My mother and sister”, Saif replied with a grin.. Now, Kareena was taken aback by this.. She would be having a lesbian triangle with her sister-in-law and mother-in-law.. But remembering their hot figures, she chuckled. “Ok! As u wish but I too have one request”. “What?”, Saif asked.. “U will pound my ass in front of them and also fuck both of them..”. Now what Kareena did not know was that Saif, Soha and Sharmila used to fuck regularly.Saif always had designs on her incredibly hot sister and mother.. Not being able to hold back, one night he had ****d Soha in his farmhouse.. Since then they had been fucking each other.. One day, Sharmila walked in to see both of them fucking in the living room and was shocked.. But seeing Saif’s huge rod, she too joined them and it became an i****tuous triangle.. Back to the present, Saif whistled softly and in came the beauties. Soha was wearing a tight strapless dress which showed her curves and creamy shoulders whereas Sharmila was wearing a saree which showed just a hint of cleavage and outlined her big ass.. Kareena was prodded forward by Saif and she went to Soha and Sharmila and said, “Bitches! U r going to cum so much tonight that u will scream for me to stop.. Saying this, she turned to Saif, “ Take these bitches to the indoor pool.. Saif took them by hand and went to the indoor pool inside the Sex Room. The Sex Room was a very special room in the house which had all facilities for a fantastic sex session. It had an indoor tuzla escort bayan pool, cabinets filled with toys, alcohol and was centrally airconditioned.. It was already ready for the action and Saif seated both of them on the sofa.. Kareena walked in fully naked with her ass swaying side to side.. She threw her dress on Saif’s face and jumped into the pool splashing water on both the ladies wetting them to the skin.. She said, “Stand up bitches!”. They stood up and the sight made Saif just topple over into the pool.. He came up with his 9 inch rod at full display. Soha’s tight dress had clung to her skin and her fabulous curves were visible.. Sharmila’s big ass was on display.. Kareena climbed out of the pool with water dripping off her hot body and immediately tore apart Soha’s dress.. Soha was taken with surprise and before she could react, her boobs were hanging out and her body was on display.. She threw her into the pool.Next was Sharmila’s turn.. Her saree, blouse and petticoat were torn off as well and she was pushed into the pool.. Now, Kareena went to the small diving board and dived off, landing very near both the sluts and drenching them again.. “The action will start now”. Saying this, Kareena grabbed Soha’s boobs and started sucking them while ramming 2 fingers in her dripping cunt.. Sharmila sought revenge and she too spanked Kareena’s ass and plunged two fingers in her cunt and 2 up her ass.. Kareena moaned loudly and kept on sucking and fucking.. Saif did not want to be left behind.. He swam behind Sharmila and without notice, rammed his rod up her ass.. Sharmila shouted out and started ramming her fingers up Bebo’s cunt and ass.. Bebo was the first to cum and she came hard.. Sharmila sucked her fingers tasting Bebo’s cunt.. Bebo took this chance and took out her fingers and replaced them with her tongue and started fucking Soha with her tongue.. This change sent Soha over the edge and she came hard on Bebo’s face.. Bebo happily drank all the sweet cum.. Meanwhile, Saif was pounding away in his mother’s ass with her moaning loudly.. Sharmila grabbed Soha and started licking her ass and pussy.. Meanwhile, Kareena surreptitiously got a 12 inch strap-on from a cabinet and got in position behind Sharmila. escort tuzla She rammed the dildo in her pussy and Sharmila shouted loudly in Soha’s pussy. These vibrations made Soha cum hard again and gave Sharmila a drink of her sweet nectar.But Saif was not finished.. He pounded his mother’s tight ass for another minute and then filled her with his hot cum.. All of them were tired. They rested for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Soha and Kareena got Saif hard again and Saif positioned his cock on Soha’s cunt and plunged it all in. Soha moaned loudly and then let out a loud scream because Kareena had started licking her ass hole.. This went on for about two minutes after which Kareena replaced her tongue with her fingers and rammed in 3 fingers.. Soha screamed loudly and before she could recover from this assault, Sharmila took one of her nipples in her mouth and started sucking her wonderful boobs.. Soha had just got used to it when Kareena quietly got the strap-on and pushed in the full 12 inches in Soha’s ass. These repeated assaults nearly made Soha pass out but she was jolted awake by her orgasm.. Her orgasm sent Saif over the edge and he filled her hot cunt with more juices.. Due to the anal sex and titsucking Soha was receiving, she got 5 more orgasms before Kareena and Sharmila let her go. She collapsed into the water and stayed there for 10 minutes. Then they all climbed out and fell off to sleep in the sofa.. After about 2 hours, Kareena woke up and she sucked Sharmila and Soha’s boobs and Saif’s dick to awaken them.. She sucked Saif’s cock to get him hard enough and then she told him, “ Now fuck my ass!”.. Saif got in position at her ass and Sharmila started sucking her 34D boobs.. Soha had to take revenge for the anal assault on her and before Saif could push his cock in her ass, Soha plunged the 12 inch strap-on in Kareena’s pussy and started fucking her wildly. Kareena was screaming loudly and the volume increased when Saif pushed his cock in her ass.. Now, both brother and sister were fucking Kareena senseless while Sharmila was quietly sucking Bebo’s boobs.. This orgy went on for 15 minutes. After that, Kareena came so hard that she literally drenched both Soha and Saif in her cum.. In those 15 minutes, she had cum about 6 times.. This final orgy drained them out and it finally got over.. Kareena could never forget this orgy and this was the first of the many orgies to come.. It had finally turned into an i****tuous family affair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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