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Karen’s First Year Ch. 07

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It is strongly recommended that the reader enjoy this series in order, as an understanding of the past chapters will substantially enhance the enjoyment of this one. This is purely a work of fiction, and is copyrighted by the author. All rights reserved. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to vote.


Karen’s eyes had already opened by the time her alarm went off the next morning. She had had a fitful night, awakening several times from hot sexual dreams populated by many naked men and women doing all kinds of things to each other. As she went to brush her away from her eyes, she smelled sex on her hands. Bringing her fingers close to her nose, she realized that she must have masturbated in her sleep to one or more of her dreams, since her hand was coated with her juices.

Forty five minutes later Karen was on her way to work. Her mind was set on one thing. She was going to fuck David today, or else be fucked by him. Either would work. She made it to her cube on time and booted up her laptop while fetching a cup of coffee. Karen answered her email, checked the morning news clips, and then reopened the web page for the inner circle. She knew what she wanted and found it quickly. “How to schedule time with a member of the inner circle?” Turned out, she realized, it didn’t matter how you approached the other person, it was okay to ask, and okay to decline. The only rule was that invitations were to be done discreetly, and not in hearing of anyone not in the inner circle. There was even an anonymous mailbox that one could send invites through if one wanted some mystery in their connection. Karen decided that that sounded like fun.

She was still writing the email sixty minutes later, having written at least twenty different emails and deleted every one. They weren’t mysterious enough or else they assumed a role. Finally she got wording she liked.


Mystery woman wants your cock. Her pussy is already wet. Room 52 at 1PM. No lights. You are to enter, and place any toys you are willing to have used on you on the table. You are then to get undressed, put on a blindfold, lay down and wait for my arrival. You will then follow my lead, and cannot remove your blindfold until after I have left the room.

She loved it. It was a whole lot wilder sex than she had ever imagined prior to her weekend, but her pussy had already moistened with the fantasy. After several more minutes of fidgeting, she finally hit the Send button. After about a minute, she gasped loudly, as she had been holding her breath since she had hit the button.

“Are you okay?” came a query from Suzy, the forty something woman in the next cube.

Catching her breath, Karen responded, “Yes, I’m fine.”

“Okay, then. Just be a little more discreet.”

Karen blushed, realizing that Suzy had apparently deduced what was going on. Instantly, images of Suzy flashed through her brain. Suzy was African-American, and would be described as very curvy. She was quick to laugh and always sported a smile. In the few weeks since Karen had been there, she had never seen Suzy in anything but nicely tailored dresses that showed off her nice sized breasts and her bubble butt without violating any reasonable professional dress code expectations. All of a sudden, Karen found herself imagining Suzy nude, and was wondering what a black woman’s pussy looked like.

The morning dragged slowly for Karen, as she waited for an answer back. Since the project had been completed the previous week, her task list had been relatively empty. She had already completed all of the company’s online training, and filled out all of the HR stuff, so she didn’t even have administrivia to work on. She had been around long enough to know that with the project orientation of their work, there would be times when there was not enough time in the day to get the work done, and other times, when she would be fiddling her fingers. This week was obviously in the latter category. All she could think about was sex. Sex with Paul. Sex with Jeannie. Sex with Melissa. Sex with David. And now, sex with Suzi, whom she had confirmed was, in fact, part of the inner circle. As her mind coveted David’s cock and Suzy’ cunt, she slid her hand under her skirt and between her thighs. The thin material of her panties did little to insulate her clit from the electric contact of her fingers, as her body reacted to the slightest contact. It was an excruciating twenty minutes before David’s response showed up in her email. It was a very simple, “Yes, ma’am.” She smiled, having expected to see a response of “k”, she realized that David easily slid into the role of boy toy. Things just kept getting better and better.

Finally, lunch time came. Karen ate her usual healthy lunch of yoghurt and fruit, all the while trying to calm her nerves for what was about to happen. She had been fixated all morning on sucking David’s cock. She couldn’t explain it. Before the previous weekend, she hadn’t been that much into cock sucking. Now, all of a sudden she was fixated on it. And excited at the prospect. She had traveled to work reality kings porno that morning with the intent to fuck David. Somehow, that desire had morphed to wanting to use it as a lollipop.

David was distracted all morning after receiving the anonymous email. He had been in the inner circle for several months; long enough to get to know most of the members of the circle intimately; or at least most of the female members. And his ego had been flattered considerably as he discovered he was sought after regularly by many of the women in the office. David loved to eat pussy. The taste of cunt juice was one of his favorite things, and he considered oral sex to be more enjoyable than fucking. And he had learned that one of the rewards for giving good oral sex was often an awesome blowjob. But, in the several months of membership, not once had he had an anonymous invite for sex. His type A personality wanted to know everything in advance. Who was it? What did they expect? He liked being in control of the sex, and most all of the women knew that, and let it happen that way. He wanted to ask Melissa if she knew who it was; after all she pretty much knew everything about everybody when it came to the inner circle. But, he also knew that getting this type of information out of her was impossible, even if he demanded it and punished her for not telling him.

The combination of his Type A personality and his analytical profession pushed him to access the inner circle website. He carefully reviewed each female member of the inner circle, convinced he could deduce who his mystery lover was. After reviewing in his mind every single one of the women with whom he had engaged in sex, he ended up with five possible candidates. Two of those were out of town on business. So, Trisha, Suzy, and Renee’ were three possibilities. And then there were the three women in the circle that he had not engaged in sex with up till then. There was Sonja, the Norwegian lady in Marketing. But she was in her early sixties, and was known to prefer young girls and older gentlemen, usually at the same time. That left Paula and Karen. Paula had been in the circle for about two months. He had tried once to connect up with her right after she joined the circle, but she had timidly declined the invitation. If she had become more aggressive and was behind this, he couldn’t complain. His cock twitched as he thought about her body. Paula stood about 5’7″ with gorgeous legs, and a pair of boobs that any porn queen would covet. She had the fresh girl next door look, and David had a strong desire to drive her crazy with his pussy licking skills. Finally, there was Karen. He doubted that it was her, simply because she had only shown up as a member of the inner circle the previous day. She was a real hottie in the looks department and he looked forward to having some fun with her, but he figured she was still trying to grasp the entire concept. Despite contemplating the options for several minutes, he had not been able to deduce who the mystery woman was.

About ten minutes before they were supposed to meet, David re-read the email, and headed to the restroom and then on to room 52. When he entered the room precisely at 1PM, it was empty as he expected. Nonetheless, he followed the instructions in the email to the letter. He opened the toy chest and contemplated what toys to lay out for his mystery woman. If the roles were reversed, he knew exactly what he would be bringing out for play; some bondage gear, a cock ring with a clitoral stimulator, and a small vibrator to stick up the lady’s ass as he fucked her. He contemplated his choice as he was undressing and making himself comfortable. He did so love the feel of the vibrations coming through the thin wall separating the woman’s pussy from her ass. His cock was already semi-hard at the thought of meeting this unknown female. Finally, he took out exactly those things, wondering if the woman would stick the vibrator up his ass. He made sure to lay out a tube of lube as well. He had done it to himself a few times when masturbating, but hadn’t yet had a woman do such a thing to him.

He finished undressing, put his blindfold on, and sat down in the lounging chair. Moments later he heard the door open. The door clicked closed, and heard a rustling noise which he could not identify.

Karen quickly shed her dress as soon as the door closed behind her. As soon as her dress had been cast aside, she stared at the nude man lounging in the chair in front of her. Her already wet pussy moistened even further as the sight of his near rigid cock seared itself on her brain. ‘This is so crazy,’ she thought to herself as the reality of her new role of Mistress started becoming a reality. Her nipples hardened at the thought. Karen realized that she had become fully engrossed in this new lifestyle that Paul had just opened up for her. She smiled wickedly, wondering what her family would say of their supposedly fresh and naive young lady. Now, she was turning into a slut, and she loved it.

Taking her eyes off of the sexmex porno buff man in the chair, she then looked over the items he had laid out on the table. The bondage gear and the cock ring didn’t surprise her too much, but the small vibrator made her wonder. At first she thought he expected her to use it on herself, but realized that didn’t make much sense, given the wide variety of dildos and vibrators that were bigger. And with the tube of lube on the table, she concluded that he must mean that it is okay for her to use it on him. She would have normally considered such an act as being depraved beyond her wildest imagination, but her whole world had changed in the past week. She looked through the variety of bondage gear and quickly realized that she needed some education on bondage as there were several items that she had no clue how to use. After consulting the instructional material conveniently provided in the toy drawer, she finally figured out that there were wrist and ankle cuffs, with straps for binding a person to hooks on the bed and lounging chair. A spreader bar was also in the pile, which she finally figured out was for keeping a person legs spread wide.

Karen picked up the wrist cuffs and moved over to the chair, and after a minute of study determined how to bind David’s wrists to the sides of the chair. As she attached the cuffs, David contemplated which of the women would go for a bondage scene, but quickly realized it didn’t help him reduce the candidate list, as he could easily imagine all of the women using the toys. Karen then took the spreader bar and ankle cuffs, and attached them to David’s ankles to keep his legs spread wide.

Karen then took the time to admire David’s body even more. He was now only a sex object; her sex object. She realized that she was feeling a tremendous desire to lick and suck his cock. As she contemplated his hard cock, her mind, obviously driven by the many pornos she had watched recently, was wondering what his cock would like as it exploded in an orgasm. It was a full 9″ long and stood up from his lower abdomen, indicating how turned on he must be. She found her arousal rising significantly with the idea of sucking and stroking him to his release. Her pussy moistened further as she fully grasped the total freedom and control that she was experiencing. She slid her hand between her legs, easily dipping them between the folds of her pussy. The lightning bolts exploding throughout her body as her fingers caressed her clit caused her to desire having that cock buried deep in her cunt. Other than binding him, she hadn’t even touched him yet, and her pussy was screaming to be fucked with his beautiful cock. Her juices were flowing, and her nipples had already hardened. Her mind was still coming to grips with the fact that this was not a one-time opportunity, but was now the reality in which she lived, but knowledge that she could suck him now and fuck him later or fuck him and suck him later, or whatever she wanted.

By now, David was wondering what was happening as it had been several minutes since his anonymous mistress had entered the room and bound him. But then she hadn’t touched him. His mind continued to race, wondering not only which woman was in the room with him, but what did she have in mind. His cock had hardened since her arrival as his mind contemplated the possibilities and probabilities.

His excitement level had increased significantly as she had applied the cuffs and spreader bar, so he actually felt some relief when he sensed that the woman had finally knelt between his legs. Karen, now kneeling between David’s legs, leaned forward and blew lightly on David’s cock, still avoiding any direct physical contact. She was pleased to see his cock twitch as her heated breath caressed it.

Karen then lightly placed her hands on his inner thighs, sending a shiver up his legs and back. She followed her hands with her lips and tongue, slowly and lightly licking her way up his left thigh. His cock was very responsive, growing to its full length and girth as she teased his inner thigh. Karen shifted her oral attention to his other thigh as her eyes ogled the cock in front of her. Her pussy got wetter and wetter, but she maintained her slow journey up his thigh. She felt so wanton, using David as a sex object. After all, that was what she was doing wasn’t it? She had been trained from her first understanding about sex, that being a sex object was bad; that treating somebody as a sex object was bad. And, now, here she was using David as a sex object. He was clearly a willing subject, just as she had been over the weekend.

Her wandering mind returned to its immediate focus as she felt David starting to writhe under the light ministrations of her teasing tongue. She had been slithering her tongue up and down his inner thigh, but this time as her tongue approached his scrotum, she didn’t reverse her direction. She proceeded to lick his balls, savoring the decadence of the moment. His arousal only increased as she toyed with him, and her libido grew with the acknowledged sindrive porno power she held.

After spending some time enjoying this new found power, she continued her slow journey up the shaft of his rock hard penis. By the time her tongue arrived at the top of his gorgeous dong, pre-cum was oozing from the head. She twirled her tongue around the eye of his cock, appreciating the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum. She parted her lips slightly, and as her tongue continued to tease the eye of his mushroom, she slid them down over the tip of his cock, just enough to consume the head. He was moaning in pleasure now, and she sensed that David had moved up a major step in his arousal level.

Had David been allowed to talk he would have said that is exactly what happened. His mind lost total control of his conscious being as his cock demanded full attention to the anonymous lips slowly and sensuously consuming it. Delirious in his arousal, David gave up on trying to figure out who this delicious pair of lips belonged to. His manhood throbbed in excitement. Already, many of the muscles of his body were twitching, trying to find release from the intense sexual desire emanating from the tip of his cock. Karen had never realized the pleasure she could derive from this kind of sexual power. Her pussy juices were already starting to ooze out of her pussy and onto her thighs.

As she slowly slid her lips down his thick shaft, she desperately wanted to tell him how hot he was, how horny she was. But, she promised herself to remain a mystery woman all the way through the session, and she knew he might figure out who she was if she spoke. And she figured that if he knew how horny she was, then he would be even harder and more desperate for release. And she also needed to calm him down a bit before she teased him even more.

Then, it hit her. She would show him how aroused she had become. With some lament, she allowed his throbbing member to slip from her hungry mouth, eliciting a groan from David. She wasn’t sure whether it was uttered in dismay or some gratification, and she didn’t really care. As she stepped back from the chair, she was planning on positioning herself so that her red hot pussy was right above his face. Then she could lower herself to his mouth, and allow him to eat out of her drenched cunt.

Melissa had told her the chair reclined into a comfortable bed, but she still had to study the chair to figure out how to make it work. Finally, she found the controls on the side of the chair near the floor. After studying the diagram next to the buttons on the chair, she pressed the one that she had determined would position the chair into a flat bed. The whir of motors kicked in and she watched as the seat back reclined and a foot rest came up from the lower front of the chair. The machinery hummed away as she kept one finger on the button, since the machinery stopped when she released her pressure. As the machine slowly translated the seat forward, she used her other hand to massage her aching nipples, driving new thunderbolts of arousal through her body directly to her cunt. Eventually, the machine quieted, and David was in a prone position with his legs and arms spread wide. His hard cock still stood tall over his belly desperate for some attention.

But, she wasn’t ready to provide him with any more pleasure yet. Instead, she climbed onto the headrest of the chair by placing one knee on each side of his head. She was now kneeling over his face as she looked down his muscled body at his tight abs, muscular legs, and centered in all of it, his throbbing man-meat. Her wet pussy, now just inches above his face begged for more than the light teasing of her nipple. With one hand she spread the lips of her pussy apart, while she slid two fingers of her other hand inside. She felt more juices ooze from her cunt and slowly drip down the insides of her thighs. Her body craved an orgasm. She had intended on depriving herself of an orgasm until after she had allowed David to cum, but realized that she could have one now, and one later. Or more later, if she wanted.

His cock throbbed as she watched it. Her fingers found her g-spot and she had to chew on her own lip to avoid moaning loudly. Her fingers played over her g-spot as the thumb of her other hand pressed on her clit, massaging it for maximum stimulation. After only a minute or so of self-arousal, her fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy. But, it screamed for more. Taking her eyes off David’s cock, she looked over at the table. The drawer was still open and her eyes landed on the purple rabbit vibrator inside the drawer.

David, already painfully aware of the fact that an unknown and fully aroused pussy was just inches from his face, waited impatiently to plunge his tongue into the twat hovering over him. He thought he knew what she was wanting, and he was more than willing to oblige. Anything to take his mind away from the frustration of having a hard dick with no ability to stroke it or have it paid any attention. He couldn’t remember having been teased like this sexually without ongoing attention and stroking of his dick and balls. He then felt her lean away from the chair, raising her left knee off the headrest. He knew immediately what she was doing, as his mind visualized the layout of the room; she was reaching over to the toy table to get something.

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