Nis 03

Katherine Ch. 07-08

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The following material is sexually explicit erotica.

If you are offended by hard-core pornography close this file.

Chapter 7

The Church Hall

‘It sounds as though things were starting to get serious.’ Katherine interrupted after saying nothing during all that time. ‘You certainly had an initiation that most boys would kill for. And I can fully understand why you developed the preferences you have. But I for one thank the lady for the excellent training she also gave you.’ she added, leaning across to kiss me. ‘Now tell me the rest please.

‘Well I certainly thought about the things she had said, but in all honesty I thought even more about all the things that had happened in the back of the car. I just couldn’t get the images, smells, sounds and feelings out of my mind, and for the next few days I seemed to have a permanent erection. I don’t know how many times I jerked myself off, and it was amazing that I didn’t rub my cock raw.

And if I’d known what was going to happen at our next meeting I probably would have.

Luckily there was no sign of rain on the evening we had arranged to meet, so although I had to promise my parents not to be out so long, I really had no problems getting away. As I hurried towards where she was to park I once again recalled what we’d done the last time and felt my cock stiffening in anticipation.

She had got there before me that time and was sitting in the back of the car. ‘I wondered if you’d be allowed out.’ she said as she opened the door to let me in. ‘Did you get into trouble after I left?’

‘Not really. They were worried that something might have happened to me, you know, that I might have fallen out of a tree or something. But I can’t stay out as long.’

‘Nor must I. But before I forget, did you try to think of somewhere for us to meet?’

‘You have the keys to the church hall, don’t you?’

‘Of course I do. Oh, it’s so obvious I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. And because people have to talk to me to book it I always know which nights it’s not going to be in use.’ She thought for a moment, then said. ‘It’s free tonight!’ Then, sliding her arm around me and pulling me closer she smiled and said. ‘But before we go, how about giving me a kiss.’

Her lips were soft, warm and welcoming, and as our mouths melded I suddenly realised that during all the times I’d thought about what we had done together I had never remembered her kisses. I suppose that given the flood and intensity of sensations I’d had from the other parts of her body it wasn’t surprising they had been forgotten. But at that particular moment what her lips and tongue were doing for me seemed just as stimulating as anything else she had done.

I could tell from the increased intensity of her kiss that she was getting excited too and as I put one arm around her I slid the other hand up between us, fondling and squeezing her breast. But she only let me do that for a couple of minutes before pushing me away.

‘Not here Craig” she said breathlessly. ‘Let’s see if we can give ourselves a bit more room to move.’

She drove the car around to the back of the hall before parking. ‘Just in case there are any nosey-parkers wandering around.’ she said as we got out.

We hurried inside, she locked the door behind us and took my hand. ‘We’ll use the room at the back, it doesn’t have any windows.’ She explained as she led me down the hall. ‘And there’s a heater in there so when it gets colder we won’t have to freeze.’

The room she referred to was used for a variety of things, as an office, a store, for changing, and sometimes for preparing refreshments, so a wide variety of equipment was kept there. Having turned on just one small light she went straight to one of the larger cupboards and pulled out a couple of foam mats. ‘I’m sure the aerobics ladies won’t mind us adding our perspiration to theirs.’ she said, looking up and giving me a grin as she laid them down on the floor next to one wall.

‘Now, how about another kiss.’ she said as she straightened up.

I took her eagerly into my arms, feeling her pressing herself against me as our lips and tongues made up for the time lost in driving to the hall. I slid one hand up between us to her breast and the feel of her, plus the passion in her kiss, immediately started re-arousing my cock. And when she slid both hands down my back, gripped my bum and urged me forward against her grinding pelvis, I felt the growing length quickly hardening.

That time she didn’t interrupt me and we kissed and fondled each other for a long, long time, and I could tell from her increasingly passionate responses that she was getting just as excited as I was. The combination of having her in my arms, plus the anticipation of what was to come sent the pressure inside me sky-high and I felt my cock throbbing like mad as it strained against my trousers. So in a way it was a relief to feel her break from my arms and hear her say. ‘Let’s get these things off Craig.’

I know it must sound silly but even after all the things teen porno we had done with each other I still found undressing in front of her a bit embarrassing, especially when I saw how keenly she watched my every move. But then I was watching her just as intently, feeling my level of excitement rising as she slipped the blouse off her shoulders then reached up behind her back to unclip her bra.

The sight of her breasts, their rosy tips already jutting sharply from the creamy globes, and the way they gently bounced and swayed with each of her movements sent it even higher. And as I struggled out of my clothes I found I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from them, even when she dropped her skirt to the floor and pushed her panties down after it.

It was as though I was being drawn by some irresistible force and I found myself standing in front of her and whispering huskily. ‘You are so beautiful Heather.’ Then lifting my hands to cup their silky weight, then bending to kiss those beautiful breasts.

She stood quite still, and I heard her sigh when I took the stiffening nipple between my lips and licked and then gently sucked it. Then, almost of their own accord, my fingers began squeezing the firm flesh and the sigh turned to a sharper gasping sound.

Recognising the amount of pleasure that was giving her I continued, moving my mouth back and forth from one breast to the other. And although I could feel sparks shooting up through my cock as it brushed against her thighs each time it twitched and jerked in response to my own rising arousal, I was in no hurry. The feel of her skin against my face, the lingering scent of her body, and most of all, knowing I was exciting her, were more than enough reward for the temporary sublimation of my own wants and needs.

At that moment what I was feeling didn’t matter, I just wanted to do as much as I could for her, wanted to try to give her as much pleasure as she could stand.

So several minutes later, even though she was continuing to make those hoarse, gasping sounds, I dropped to my knees, leaving a trail of kisses down across her stomach. Then, moving her legs apart and gripping her buttocks for support, I slid mine forward between them, pushing them right through until my head was between her thighs and my mouth directly below her pussy.

What I did next was completely unlike what I had done the previous times, when I had started by teasingly licking all around her pussy. That time I simply arched myself upwards, clamped my opened mouth against her pussy, and as I dug my stiffened tongue deep inside, began sucking it, sucking it hard.

I heard the loud hissing sound of her sharply indrawn breath as I began, then she pressed herself down against my mouth, moving her hips back and forth, grunting softly each time her clit rubbed against my lips.

I was surprised at how quickly she reacted, it seemed no time at all before I felt several powerful tremors surging up through her body and her muscles tightening in response to what I was doing. The speed and strength of it thrilled me and gave me the confidence to continue, thrusting my tongue as deep as I could get it and swallowing the juices that filled my mouth each time I sucked.

Even though she put enormous pressure on my arching neck and shoulders as she pressed herself harder down against my mouth, I hung on and not long after that she actually had her first orgasm in that position.

‘Now that really was an unexpected pleasure.’ she gasped, panting for breath as she knelt down beside me. ‘You have become a real expert at doing that Craig, you’re going to make a lot of women very, very happy. Now, before we try anything else, let’s see if I can do something equally nice for you.’ she added with a mischievous twinkle in her eye as her hands gently closed around my rearing cock.

Of course by then it felt as though it was just about ready to burst, and although she must have known that she also knew how much stronger my climax would be if she delayed it. So she used just feather-light strokes, her fingers feeling positively cool as they fluttered against my sizzling hot cock.

But that did little to actually reduce the pressure that had built inside me and although I’m sure she would have preferred me to hold back for much longer, I just couldn’t.

Heather had been watching me so closely that she knew I was starting to work up towards a climax and that time she did something she had never done before, something that was even more exciting because it was completely unexpected..

When she saw my body arching she slipped her hands up the shaft, loosely linking her fingers and closing them around the head. Doing that meant that as my hips began to jerk my cock was being thrust up through them, the added friction sending unbelievably strong thrills coursing through me.

The sensations were so intense that it only took a dozen or so thrusts before I heard myself grunting loudly as I felt the quickly rising surge. But then, when I was right on the brink of coming, she tightened tricky masseur porno her inter-locking fingers, gripping the head so hard she virtually blocked the channel.

Her original intention must have been to delay it, and so make my eventual climax even stronger. But by then the volume and pressure inside me had become so great that I don’t think anything could have actually prevented its release. So, even though the escape route was constricted nothing could prevent the inevitable outcome, and the semen came in a single, violently frothing mass that bubbled up between her fingers.

‘Oh! Oh I’m sorry Craig!’ she gasped, immediately relaxing her grip and starting to desperately pump my straining cock. ‘That’s not what I intended, I didn’t realise you were quite so close to coming. I’m so sorry!’ she added as she urged the last few, weakly dribbling spurts out of me.

‘There’s nothing to be sorry about. That was amazing!’ I said, reaching up to pull her lips down to mine.

‘Was it really nice?’ she asked anxiously when we broke for air. ‘You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?’

‘No of course not.’ I replied reassuringly. ‘It really was amazing, different, but still amazing. But then everything you do is.’ I added with a grin.

‘No more amazing than what you do for me Craig. You really do like going down on me. don’t you? I mean you don’t just do it because you know how much I like it?’

‘Of course not, I love doing it. I mean knowing how much pleasure it gives you makes it even better, but just doing it gets me excited Heather.’

‘Good, because that means we can try something we haven’t done before.’ she replied before bending to kiss me again.

What she had in mind was the classic sixty-nine position, which until then I had only heard vague, purely second-hand rumours about and during the following half, or three quarters of an hour we tried it every which way, her on top, me on top, side by side. And although I felt sure I made her come at least twice more, that time, perhaps helped by the fact I had already had one, she was more successful in delaying mine.

Given all the licking, nibbling, bobbing and sucking her tongue, lips and mouth gave me on top of what her caressingly stroking fingers were doing, I have no idea how she actually did that. But somehow, in spite of the electrifying sensations she sent coursing through my entire body she always seemed to be able to judge when just one more downward stroke, swoop or powerful suck would be the one to trigger it.

But finally of course the intensity of pleasure grew to a point where it started to turn into almost tormented frustration. My cock was aching from having been bloated for so long, my balls were equally painfully swollen from the accumulated volume of churning semen, and every muscle in my body seemed to have been stretched tighter than a bow string.

At that stage she was on her hands and knees above me and I was still busily licking and sucking her clit and pussy. I felt the waves of what must have been her third orgasm rippling through her, then when they had passed, while still keeping her lips wrapped firmly around my cock, she hoisted herself up and swung off to the side of me.

”I’ve kept you waiting so long I’m sure this one will be well worth watching.’ she whispered hoarsely as she lifted her head. Then I felt one hand slip down between my legs and gently cup my achingly swollen balls, and the other close more firmly around the girth of my massively swollen cock.

We both watched it. Heather staring wide-eyed, a tight smile of satisfaction on her face at what she had done and was doing for me. My eyes less focused, seeing it all through a misty haze of unimaginably intense excitement.

Unlike the first, frothily bubbling climax, when that orgasm hit me the result was more like a powerful fountain. My cock pumping a series of jets of semen each time her hand pumped it, jets that seemed to soar, then hang in the air above me for a few seconds before splattering messily down again.

My entire body was arched high off the mat, my hips thrusting my cock still higher, and I heard myself grunting gutturally at the strength of the forces wracking my body. It seemed that every drop of fluid was being drained to my groin, then super-heated before being blasted upwards.

But even through all that I could hear Heather’s voice. ‘Yeesss! Yeesss, again, again!’ she hissed through clenched teeth. ‘More Craig! Give me more!’ she added as she continued pumping me as hard as she could.

When it was finally over she got a couple of towels from one of the cupboards so we could wipe ourselves down. ‘I know you enjoyed the finale, but how about what we did before that, did you like doing it that way?’ she asked.

‘Of course I did, I love everything we do. It was good for you too, wasn’t it?’

‘Oh yes, it was very good for me Craig.’ she replied with a grin as she reached for her clothes.

I found watching her put them on was almost as türkçe alt yazı porno exciting as watching her undress had been. I especially liked seeing her in her bra, so much so that when she about to put her blouse back on I even found the nerve to ask her to wait a bit.

‘Leave it off? Why?’

‘I like looking at you like that.’ I mumbled shyly.

‘Of course you do, it was a silly question to ask.’

‘You don’t mind?’

‘Mind? Of course I don’t, I like knowing you enjoy looking at me Craig. In spite of what they may actually say, most women want to be admired. So, how about a cold drink before we go, just sit and relax for a few minutes?’ she added.

There was an old vending machine in one corner of the room and although of course I didn’t have any money I was happy to accept something refreshing. I was also more than happy to sit and watch Heather moving about, especially when she went to get change from her hand-bag. When she bent down I had a clear view straight down between her breasts, but it wasn’t just the sight that was exciting, it was the memory it brought rushing back. The memory of how it had felt when I’d had them in my hands, the feel of their weight, their silky firmness.

She glanced up and of course saw where I was looking. ‘You really like my breasts don’t you Craig.’ she said softly, moving her shoulders so they slowly swayed from side to side.

‘Very much.’ I replied in a surprisingly croaky voice as I kept my eyes firmly fixed on their sensual movement.

‘That’s something else I think you enjoyed, would you like to do it again, next time?’

I instantly recalled something of the sensations I had experienced when she’d let me thrust my cock up and down the valley between them. In spite of the incredible things she had done for me in the last hour I wished our time together was just starting, so I could do what she was suggesting right then, that minute.

‘Well, would you?’ she asked again when I had made no reply.

‘Of course I would.’ I muttered, mentally shaking myself out of the momentary fantasy that had gripped me.

‘Good, that’s something we can both look forward to.’ she said as she turned and went to get a couple of drinks from the machine.

‘I like looking at you too you know.’ she said when we had sat down together. ‘I bring back those images when I’m alone, and especially when I’m getting myself off. Is that what you do too?’

‘Yes.’ I said, even though for some reason I was still a bit embarrassed to admit to doing that.

‘And this time I’ll have a really strong image to use, of you coming so powerfully. Which one of me will you use?’

‘It’s not quite like that for me, I mean I don’t use a single image.’

‘What then? Come on, tell me, I’d really like to know what goes on in your head Craig.’ she added when at first I made no reply.

‘Well I usually start with one, one image I mean, like just now, when you were bending to get the money out of your bag. I might start with that one. But then I imagine things happening, you know, you doing something to me, or me doing something to you. And I usually get different things coming into my head as that happens.’

‘So it’s more like watching a movie, or TV?’


‘I guess that’s why porn films are so incredibly popular with men, because they match what their brains have always been doing. Have you seen any?’

‘A couple. One of my friends has an older brother who has a stack of them. We sometimes borrow one or two.’

‘Do you like them?’

‘They get me excited, but I’ve never seen one when I’m on my own, and its not much good when there’s a bunch of giggling guys around.’

‘But you remembered them later, when you were in bed.’

‘Yes of course I did.’

‘I sometimes think of you doing that. When I’m doing it to myself I sometimes think of you lying in bed, imagining you are getting yourself off while you’re thinking of me. It’s a bit like looking through two mirrors, you know, seeing your reflection being reflected.’

‘Yes, I know what you mean. Complicated, isn’t it.’

‘Most things human beings do are.’

We sat and talked for a while longer before tidying the place up, making sure we left no incriminating traces of our activities before she took me home.

Using the hall as our meeting place meant they had to be a bit more organised and as I passed the hall on the way home from school Heather came up with the idea of pinning an envelope to its door to indicate she would be there that evening. After the first couple of times I became like one of those conditioned laboratory animals, the mere sight of that small white rectangle was more than enough to get me excited. But she understood my reactions so well that she nearly always got me off one way or another almost as soon as we were together. ‘Reducing the pressure so we had more time to enjoy each other.’ Was the way she described it.

I developed a couple of cover stories for my time away from home, using a friend who was ostensibly helping me with my mathematics, my weakest subject, as one, and dreaming up a craft club that met in the church hall as another. Although having activities other than bird-watching pleased my parents it also meant I had to work at maths twice as hard at other times, but the thrill of being with Heather made any effort worth it.

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