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kathykathy by whiskybuffKathy pushed the hair away from her eyes as she flirted openly with the new doctor at work. Dan had been there for three months, and Kathy knew he was interested. Dan heard about her reputation from some of the other doctors and he was eager to try his luck with my flirtatious wife. After a few teasing jokes and some appraising looks, Dan figured he had at least a yellow light, so he signaled for Kathy to follow him into the storage room. Kathy quickly glanced around to make sure no one observed her slip in after him. “Well?” She asked with a “dare me” smile on her pretty face, “What did you want to talk to me about in here? “This,” Dan responded as he boldly, yet nervously, pulled her soft, willing hand over the obscenely large bulge in his uniform pants. “Seems like I’m the only guy around here not getting any of that hot pussy of yours.” Thrilled by his up-front, direct approach, Kathy grinned wickedly at him and mischievously responded, “Well, you’ve only been here a few months. These things take time…I’m not a total slut you know, I only play one at work!” With those words, she slid in closer to him and put a slender arm around his neck. Smiling up at him, she stroked his cock harder through his pants and kissed him hungrily. Dan was a bit surprised at her boldness but he quickly got over it and slid his arms around her and pulled her close.”Mmmmm,” Kathy moaned as he planted moist hot, kisses against her parted, swollen lips. “I think you like me!” “Damn, Kathy,” he hissed in reply. “Every guy here fucking adores you; you look so fucking sexy, especially in that damn blue Air force uniform. I like it better than the hospital whites you normally wear.” “In uniform? You should see me out of it,” Kathy retorted as she teasingly, tantalizingly licked at his hot lips. “Totally out of it, bent over a desk with my little tight ass way up high, weaving back and forth in the air, making little circles. With me looking back over my shoulder with a “fuck me” look on my face. That’s what you should see!””Oh, fuck yes; I want to,” Dan replied haltingly. “I want to see what some of the these other guys have been seeing.” His hands slowly slid down Kathy’s back and he squeezed her firm little ass through her short uniform skirt. Electric sparks shot through her hot body, and her pussy cream flooded her lace panties as Kathy felt Dan’s hands fondle her hard asscheeks. She panted raggedly as he kissed her with greater passion and urgency, parting her hot lips with his probing, demanding tongue. “Do they talk about me, Dan? Do the other guys talk nasty about me? Do they talk about fucking me? Do they brag about cumming all over me? In my face and on my tits? You know it’s just talk, don’t you? You don’t think I really let them fuck me in here or in cars in the parking lot, do you? You don’t really think I let me stick their big hard cocks in my tiny little pussy or ass? I’m not the naughty little wife they make me out to be; I just like to tease and flirt some is all. I’m not really a bad girl,” Kathy added as she squirmed erotically and allowed Dan to paw all over her little churning ass.”Ummmm, that’s it,” she moaned, a quiver in her soft voice. “Squeeze my ass hard baby; squeeze it! It feels so good when you do that!” u*********sly, she pressed her cunt tightly against him and began to hump her now steaming pussymound all over the huge bulge in his pants. Her overheated pussy started to leak oily fuck cream as she rubbed her bubbling pussy repeatedly against Dan’s cloth-enclosed fuckstick. “Damn, Baby! You sure act like a little fucking slut, not just a teaser. I think those guys are telling the truth,” Dan grunted. “When do I get my chance, Kathy? When do I get my chance to see what that hot little body looks like uncovered?” Dan moved his hands from her ass to Kathy’s heaving chest, and deftly unfastened the top two buttons of her tight blue uniform blouse. He moaned with approval as the swell of her heaving tits came into view over the top of her tiny, lacy light blue bra. Sighing and spinning slowly in his arms, Kathy turned until she was facing away from him, her tight little ass grinding firmly against his eager-to-fuck dick. With her back to him, Dan took the opportunity to unclasp the front of her bra and gently squeezed her moist, swelling titflesh in small circles. Cupping one titty in each hand, Dan stroked and kneaded her boobs lovingly. “Oh fuck, yes! These are great, a perfect handful; just like I imagined.” Dan’s mouth found one of Kathy’s sensitive ears and he began to suck, tug, and bite on her soft pearl-like flesh. Kathy squirmed and wiggled like a bitch in heat as his bold hands explored her suddenly too-hot titmounds, and his cock dry humped against her writhing ass. “Mmmm,” she whimpered. “Feels sooo good Dan, feels so good. Play with me, Baby. Play with me like I’m your new little fuck toy; do whatever you want to me!”Dan’s hands meandered down Kathy’s quaking body and she çukurova escort felt him tug up her short blue uniform skirt from the front. She leaned back to allow him access, and her knees almost buckled as she felt his big hand dip into her moist panties. “Ohhh, fuck,” he moaned as his hand brushed against her hairless, sopping wet cunt. “Now I know they weren’t lying, were they? Your pussy really is shaved; you really do shave that hot little pussy bald! How would the others know that unless thy have seen it?” “Mmmmm, yes I do, Baby,” Kathy whimpered excitedly. “Yes, I do shave it. Sometimes I even let guys shave it for me. It makes them so hot to prop me up on the bathroom vanity, smear shaving gel all over my little naughty pussy, and then shave it totally bald with my very own razor. I like to see their cocks get hard when they do that. Sometimes they can’t help themselves and they start to lick and suck it as soon as it’s shaved bare. I usually end up getting my freshly shaved cunt fucked right there on the vanity, my legs spread wide as they pump me full of dick. They like looking at it go in too! For some reason they like watching their big hard cocks being buried in my little shaved muffin. I let Colonel Richards shave it last week, and he ended up fucking it two times!” Dan reacted eagerly to her nasty confession, and, deftly spearing one thick finger up Kathy’s leaking pussy, he rapidly finger-fucked her tight, clenching cunthole. “Ohhh Daaaannn!” She squealed softly, “Fuck it, baby…fuck that pussy…finger fuck me! You do it sooo nice!” With one hand still mauling her tits and the other now rhythmically drilling her gooey pussy, Dan continued dry humping Katy’s squirming ass from behind. “Fuck, Kathy,” he groaned. “You are so damn hot. I want to fuck you so fucking bad. I need to slip this cock into your pussy so bad, honey.” Shaking with lust, he attempted to push Kathy over and force her to bend at the waist. Resisting his efforts to fold her in half and take her from behind, Kathy moaned, “You can baby, you can! But not here; not for our first fuck. You can come over and fuck me tonight. My husband is out of town for a few days and I need a good hard fucking. He can’t fuck me hard and fast like I need; my pussy makes him cum way too soon, he just puts it in and spurts right away. I need a cock that can go deep and hard for a long time, not one that spews as it goes in. You can come over tonight and make my naughty little pussy melt all over your hard fucking cock. You can fuck me in my own bed, Baby!” The excitement of knowing that she was going to get fucked later made Kathy anxious to learn what she could expect. With a soft moan, she suddenly announced, “Dan…please honey, I need to see what I’m going to get!” Slowly she sank to her knees and turned around. Quickly she unzipped Dan’s uniform pants and undid his belt. He tried to help, but Kathy impatiently brushed aside his inept, fumbling hands. She fished into his shorts with her soft little hand and pulled out a thick slab of cockmeat. “Ohhh yes,” she squealed in obvious delight at the sight of his big fat prick. “Mmmmm, it’s so nice and thick, just like I like them; this monster is going to fill me up sooo good! Fuck! It’s as big around as my wrist!” With a soft little mewl and a delighted smile covering her young-looking face, Kathy opened her mouth, stuck out her little pink tongue, and started to lick the head of Dan’s big cock with tantalizing slowness. Firmly grasping his huge boner with one small hand, she lashed it with her hot saucy tongue as it leaked drop after drop of pre-cum. “Mmmmm, it’s sweet Dan,” she gurgled. “Your cock goo tastes so sweet, and I love licking nice big cocks like this one! They make my pussy wet!” Still not quiet believing his good fortune, Dan quickly grew impatient with Kathy’s teasing licks and he grabbed her little blonde head firmly in his hands. Without any preamble, he pushed her pretty, married face down over his rock hard pussy-splitter. Submissively, Kathy opened her jaws wide, letting him guide her hot sucking mouth onto his throbbing cockmeat. Dan was too excited to be gentle and he crammed her head forcefully onto his fat cock. “Suck it Kathy,” he groaned hoarsely. “Ohhhh suck it deep, you sweet little angel! Suck Danny’s big cock!” Kathy uttered a soft, useless whimper of protest as his fat hard-on stretched her jaws to the limit, but Dan paid no heed as he forced her head down further and further onto his rigid, aching fuckrod. Her hands flew into the air, helplessly, as Kathy surrendered weakly and opened her throat to his thick invading tool. “Fuck, that’s it, Kathy, let me fuck that sexy face,” he demanded. Firmly interlocking both his hands behind her head, he started to stoke his big, hard prick in and out of her mouth and throat. Dan moaned in ecstatic appreciation at the sight of her beautiful pink swollen lips stretched wide to accommodate imamoğlu escort the thickness of his dick, and he delighted in Kathy’s pitiful whimpers and weak struggles. On her knees in the storage room, her tight uniform skirt pulled up over her tight, curvy ass and her firm, perky tits hanging out of her partially unbuttoned uniform blouse as her hands waved feebly in the air, Kathy’s bubbling cunt began to spasm as she thought about how slutty she must look with Dan slowly forcing his big cock down her spasming throat. Soon though, with great effort, she pulled her hot sucking mouth off Dan’s trembling cock and quickly rose her feet. Pulling her skirt down, she tucked her swollen tits back into little blue bra and buttoned up her blouse. “Dan,” she whispered to him as she kissed him softly, wantonly. “I’m no cock-tease. Follow me home from work tonight and I’ll finish what we just started. I’ll suck your cock ’till you shoot out all that hot cum. I’ll swallow it if you want, or you can squirt your cockcream all over my face and tits. Then you can fuck me any way you want…all night long. You can put it anywhere!” Kathy gave his still stiff boner one last squeeze and started to slip out of the storage room. As she reached the door, she looked over her shoulder at Dan adjusting his zipper and could not resist one last tease. “By the way, Baby. You should not have taken no for an answer in here. You should have forced me to bend over and take it up the ass! Most of the other guys do…”Walking unsteadily back to her station, Kathy glanced at the hall clock: 7 PM she noted, three more hours until her shift ended and she got to go home. As she arrived back at the station, Jill laughingly asked, “Is he as big as he looks?” “So, I guess you saw us duck into the closet, you little spy,” Kathy responded. “Yes, he’s fucking huge: about nine thick inches of gorgeous cock. I know you and the other girls will get it up you soon, if you haven’t already, but it’s my turn tonight!” The minutes passed agonizingly slowly as Kathy anticipated all the naughty, sexy things she planned on doing with, and to, Dan. With a jolt, she suddenly realized she had to warn me that she was bringing home company. I was in the family room, sitting on the easy chair reading a book, when I heard the phone ring. “Hi, Baby,” She began. “Guess what I’m gonna do?” From the tone in her voice I knew I was about to hear something naughty and my stomach tightened immediately. “I’m bringing a new guy home tonight. You can spy if you want or you can leave for the evening; your choice. I have a feeling this one is gonna want to stay until morning and I definitely don’t want him thinking you are around, especially since I already told him you were out of town for a few days.””Which do you prefer,” I asked excitedly. “You want me to hide and spy or do you want me to leave?””Why don’t you surprise me,” Kathy replied. “You know how much it turns me on to never quite know if you are spying or not. And, Baby? I’m really attracted to this guy, so, if you do stay, you need to understand that I’m gonna let him do anything he wants to me…no getting jealous, okay?” Tremendously excited, I asked when she would be getting home. “In about 45 minutes; plenty of time for you to hide or to leave for the night. Just make sure you leave no evidence of you being around; he thinks you’re out of town. Don’t fuck this up for me. If you do, I won’t let you spy anymore.” There was no way I was going to miss Kathy fucking a new guy, so I made my way upstairs to our bedroom to await their arrival. The minutes seem to creep by, but finally, after what seemed like days, I heard the garage door opener’s mechanical whine and the creaking of the heavy garage door. Peeking of the bedroom window, I saw Kathy’s car pull into the garage and I saw another car park in front of our house. After a few agonizing minutes, I heard the door open and the sound of voices. I had assumed they would not come upstairs right away and I was quickly proved correct as Kathy led Dan into the family room. Dan accepted the beer Kathy offered him and soon they were both on the couch drinking beer, talking quietly, and softly kissing. I sneaked out of the bedroom to the loft where I could watch the action without danger of being seen. Dan began to kiss Kathy more urgently and she let him unbutton her light blue uniform blouse and unclasp her front-opening bra. He helped her out of her blouse and bra, and she stood up quickly to remove her uniform skirt. Clad now in only light blue thongs and dark blue thigh highs, Kathy straddled his lap and began to kiss him passionately. Dan’s hands immediately moved to her pink-tipped tits and he caressed and stroked them softly. Kathy made a soft groaning sound deep in her throat as she felt his hot hands engulf her firm titties. “Suck them, Dan,” she ordered. “Suck my boobs for me! Come on, baby suck them good.” Like a prize student, karaisalı escort Gray did as requested, and stuffed one of Kathy’s fat tits into his hungry mouth. Kathy squirmed urgently on his lap as Dan eagerly sucked first one, then the other, plump tit. He gently bit her hard nipples and lashed them with his thick tongue as Kathy slowly dry-humped the bulge growing in his pants. “God, baby that’s it! Suck my tits; suck them like a good little boy!” Kathy whined throwing her head back rapturously. Soon, her big, heaving tits were all wet and shiny from Dan’s warm spit and Kathy was whimpering loudly for him to suck them harder as she bucked her thong-covered pussy hard all over his cock. Back and forth, back and forth, she slid along his boner as he relentlessly sucked, licked, and bit her pert, pink nipples. Dan’s cock was beating a rapid tattoo in his pants and he had to free it before Kathy’s squirming ass made him blow cockcream in his shorts. “Kathy, please Baby, slow down or you’re gonna make me shoot it. My cock has been rock hard ever since the storage room this evening, I’m not sure how much more of that rubbing I can take.” With an understanding smile, Kathy slowly slid off Dan’s lap and gently kissed him. “How about I finish that blowjob, Baby? How about I suck your cock until you feed Kathy some hot sperm?” As she was teasing, Kathy unbuckled Dan’s belt and unzipped his pants. He helpfully lifted his ass off the couch and Kathy slide his pants and shorts down to his ankles. She pushed him back on the couch and positioned herself so she was perpendicular to him with her head in his lap. Soon, I saw Kathy’s pretty head bobbing up and down on Dan’s rock hard fuckstalk as she moaned contentedly. With his dick already near bursting, Dan was happy to let her lick and suck to her heart’s desire; unlike in the storage room, he was not face fucking Kathy as before in fear of cumming too soon. Kathy clenched her right hand firmly around his cock and, just in case I was watching, made a point of demonstrating she not able to close it all the way around Dan’s thick fuckmeat. I heard her moan softly as she twirled her tongue all around Dan’s massive erection. Hot slurping sounds filled the family room and Dan’s breathing became more and more strained as Kathy feverishly stuffed her face with his fat juicy cock. My own cock started to throb uncontrollably in my pants as I watched Kathy’s left hand, diamond wedding band flashing in the lamplight, reach up and knead Dan’s huge cum-bloated balls. “Ohhh God, Kathy, that’s the way to suck a cock, baby. The guys were right; you sure do know how to suck cock. Oh God, that feels sooo fucking good!” Dan’s head thrashed from side to side as he willingly submitted to Kathy’s hot cocksucking mouth and gently squeezing fingers. She began to hum softly as she forced her face lower and lower on his throbbing dick, trying to take as much cock as possible into her wet mouth and clenching throat. Dan started to shake and shudder and tried to force Kathy’s head further down on his throbbing cock. She knew, however, he was about to explode and wanting to prolong her cocksucking fun, she eased her mouth off his cock quickly with a loud plop. His wet cock smacked hard against his flat stomach as it escaped the sucking confines of her scalding hot mouth. “Ohhh fuck,” “Dan panted. “I was just about to cum right down your throat!” All three of us watched in slow agony as his huge cock jerked and twitched threateningly. It waved slowly from side to side as Dan tried desperately not to spray his steaming hot cock cream uselessly into the air. “Don’t cum baby”, Kathy pleadingly whispered. “You can do it! Save it for my mouth. I want to swallow all your cum down so bad! I wanna feel it in my tummy!” After a few seconds that seem like hours, Dan let out a huge sigh and his cock finally came to rest on his stomach. “Wow, that was close!” Kathy giggled. “Can I start sucking again?” Dan nodded his head slowly and bit his lower lip as my wife moved forward to lick and suck his throbbing balls with her rigid tongue and hot mouth. “Mmmm, God baby,” he groaned. “You are making my balls so fucking hot! Feels like they are going to burst!” Kathy glared hotly up at him as she sucked first one ball then the other into her torrid, hot mouth. Soon, both his swollen nuts were covered with her spit and Dan was moaning and squirming non-stop. Kathy lifted up her wet face and spit one of his hot throbbing balls out of her stuffed mouth with a determined look and a hot grunt; she wanted cock cream and she wanted it now! Dan let out a muffled groan as she, once again, stuffed his twitching cock deep into her drooling mouth. Her sexy eyes flashed with desire as she looked him in his eyes and started to swallow inch after inch of steel hard cockshaft. We both watched in awe as her lips slowly crawled down Dan’s prick until she had almost two-thirds of his thick, throbbing meat buried in her tight throat. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she begin to bob her pretty face up and down repeatedly on the slab of cock in her mouth, taking in huge amounts of steaming cockmeat on each stroke. Kathy’s left hand again started softly squeezing Dan’s cum-clogged balls as she eagerly slurped on his throbbing boner.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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