Nis 03

Katie Comes Back Ch. 03

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To Katie’s relief, Bobby slept like a baby for the rest of the night. This allowed her a few hour’s of deep, restful sleep until she stirred as dawn broke. Leaving him lying on his front on his side of the bed, Katie got up and opened the door at the head of the bed. She stepped outside; it was warm enough not to need clothes. She was presented with a magnificent view of the lake stretching in front of her, dead calm and surrounded by forest. The sun was rising over the hills in the distance. There was no one disturbing the peace, just a few birds flying overhead and the gentle ripple of water against the decking. She took the wooden steps and lowered herself into the cool but comfortable water; she shivered slightly as it reached her pussy and then pushed off to swim in the cool, clear water. It felt wonderful against her breasts as they splashed up and down and specially between her legs. What a contrast to last night’s heat and passion.

She was alone for a few precious minutes, swimming and treading water until she reached a sunbathing station towards the middle of the lake. She pulled herself up, looked around to check there were no other early risers on the bank and did a few exercises to warm up again: bends, stretches, push-ups, sit-ups. As she stood and admired the shape of her shadow – the low sun made her look so slim! – she wished she had an audience. It seemed such a waste… She crossed her arms and held each bicep, pushed out and back so that her breasts shook like a pair of over-excited puppies – just the thing to keep them firm and shapely. Then she lay in the sun and looked down over her body; not bad, she thought. What was her best feature, she wondered. Breasts? Nipples? Butt? Hips? Legs? No, there it was, below the triangle of blonde hair, the special hole that gave so much pleasure. She noticed the sweat on her stomach and inner thighs and the small pool in her belly button. Exercise and the sun always made her feel horny and she was tempted to begin to play with herself.

She heard the faint sound of splashing and looked up. There was Bobby swimming towards her. “Damn,” she thought. “Just as I was vivid porno enjoying myself!”

She stood up and dived back into the water, swimming towards Bobby. Just before she reached him, he called over: “Morning, Katherine. I’ll race you back.”

“But you’re much younger than me.”

“OK, I’ll give you a minute’s start.”

Katie was a strong swimmer and it wasn’t that far – she’d easily get there first. “OK. Count to sixty, slowly.”

“Does the winner get a prize?”

“We’ll see about that. Right, go!”

Katie struck off powerfully towards the house while Bobby counted. Of course, he cheated. After he had got to twenty, he started off behind her. Even so, it was going to be close. Katie sensed him gradually getting closer.

“You bastard!” she thought, straining even harder. “You fucking little cheat.”

It was touch and go. As she slid through the water, Katie was dimly aware of shouting from the shore.

“Go, Bobby. You’ve got her!”

“Yo, Maddox! Faster!”

They touched the edge simultaneously and pulled themselves out of the water, lying exhausted on the wooden decking, to a round of applause. Katie and looked up to meet the gaze of two youngsters, one with a big grin the other grimacing; she noticed Frobisher standing there with some bags behind them. She stood up, forgetting in the excitement that she was naked, with water dripping off her.

“Hi. I’m Katherine. You must be the first guests – welcome.”

“Hello, we’re the Wilds. I’m Hugo and this is Annabelle. Hi Bobby, happy birthday.” The taller replied in an educated English accent. He looked about nineteen, his sister one or two years younger.

Bobby got up, making no attempt to cover up. “Hi there – thanks.” He turned to Katie, taking her hand. “These are the Wilds; their father Stephen has just sold his business to Dad. Stephen should be around somewhere.”

They shook hands. They seemed shy although it didn’t stop Hugo having a good look at Katie and Annabelle at Bobby. They stood proudly in front of them, Bobby’s dick beginning to harden, and Annabelle felt a pang woodman casting porno of both lust and jealousy; she had been thinking about seeing Bobby again ever since they had met briefly in London. Now it seemed he was taken; she couldn’t compete with a full-blooded woman like that! She held back her tears.

“We should change.” she muttered.

“Things will be pretty informal.” Bobby replied.

“Yes, I can see that…”

“Perhaps not too informal, Annabelle.” Hugo suggested primly.

“I’ll wear whatever I fucking well like, thanks. See you later.” Annabelle swept away angrily and strode back into the house with Frobisher following her with the bags.

“Sorry about that. She’s tired after the journey; we were in London only yesterday.” Hugo explained.

“Don’t worry. I understand. Why don’t we all go and rest.” Katie said. “The party doesn’t start until mid-day.”

“Yes, we should all meet at the pool. Frobisher is organising everything, I think.” Bobby interrupted. “See you then.” He took Katie’s hand and walked her back to their bedroom. Hugo couldn’t keep his eyes off her shapely behind and wondered what his chances were. He also noticed the red nail-marks on Bobby’s back and it was his turn to be jealous. His father had told them to be on their best behaviour; he had only received only a part of his money up-front so couldn’t afford to upset the Maddox family. Hugo knew what Annabelle wanted – Bobby! – if she got what she wanted, maybe Katie would be at a loose end… Hugo and Annabelle had discussed things on the flight; he was determined to keep an eye on his head-strong sister.

While Hugo found his room in one of the chalets alongside the lake and masturbated, Katie and Bobby were snuggled up under the duvet, getting nice and warm.

“Right, rest!”

“What about my prize?”

“It was a dead heat. Anyway, you cheated; you should be punished not rewarded!”

“But it’s my birthday, Katherine!”

“No excuses. It’s extra classes for you!”

Katie told him to lie on top of the duvet and relax. She took something türkçe alt yazılı porno from her hang-bag and knelt over him.

“Right, young man. Lesson One. Always use one of these.” She took a condom from its packet. “Watch carefully.”

She took him in her hand and caressed him until he was hard again – it only took a moment. Carefully, she eased the condom all the way on; it fitted tightly around his solid penis. To his disappointment, she then pulled it off and placed it on the bedside table. She took another and handed it to him. She leant down and kissed him fondly on the lips.

“Now, you put it on. That’s right – good. Promise me you will always carry some. I know what a horny bastard you are going to be – just like your dad.”

Bobby raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment. Now he was ready to be fucked. She stood over her, a statuesque real blonde with a superb, mature body. He looked approvingly up between her legs – firm thighs, shapely buttocks, inviting shaven pussy hole, small triangle of hair, wide curved hips, torso, large heavily nippled breasts up to her lovely sexy face looking down seriously. What a school mistress!

“Lesson Two. Self-control. See how long you can hold back. Two minutes and you’ll get that prize!”

She squatted down and took him in her right hand, checked he was hard enough and lowered herself on to him so that he could kiss and suck her upright nipples. Then she began to move up and down, her breasts pulsating over him. Bobby helped her with his hands around her hips helping her move up and down. He loved that sensation of being wrapped around by a soft, pulsating vagina, that sight of him being forced in and out and of her juices beginning to flow.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless, you cheating bastard.”

“Fuck me! Milk me!”

Pure, incandescent pleasure as Katie mounted him harder and harder until he could feel that deep sensation getting stronger and reaching that point of no return when you can no longer control it. He tried to hold back but it was hopeless. He pulled her down so he was deep into her. He came, the rippling spasms of pleasure filling his body, the erupting flow of spunk filling the condom. Then, as Katie lay on top of him with his cock softening inside her, that wonderful warm serene feeling of total relaxation and contentment that only a really good fuck with a beautiful woman can bring.

“I win!” she whispered into his ear.

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