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Kissing Practice Follies

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All participants are over 18


Angie’s stomach clenched at the prospect of her half-baked fantasy coming true. All the pieces were falling into place. Leigh was going to stay the night. Gorgeous, athletic, funny Leigh, her best friend, had come over to hang out, they had stayed up watching a movie, and now she was staying the night because it was pouring outside. Maybe things would work out like in her dreams. Angie hoped her flushed skin wasn’t too obvious.

“Dear, do you need help getting the futon out?”

“No thanks, mom, me and Leigh will get it.”

Angie’s heart was pounding as Phase 1 of her plan unfolded. She knew her brother’s idiot friend had slept on the futon. She had also discovered that he left a ham sandwich in the futon before rolling it up. Feigning ignorance, she led Angie into the closet and pulled the futon out. The smell was remarkably not that bad, but bad enough. She unrolled it to show the moldy remains of the sandwich staining the futon.

“DAD!” she yelled down, “Brandon’s friend left a sandwich in the futon and it’s ruined!”

Too bad Brandon wasn’t around to get yelled at. After things settled down, she turned to Leigh.

“You…um…could sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor,” she offered shyly, half afraid of even attempting her plan.

“On the floor? No way. Your bed is plenty big enough for both of us.”

Angie barely managed to suppress a smile. Phase 1 complete. The girls got ready, brushing their teeth together in the bathroom. Leigh had stayed over often enough that she had a spare toothbrush stored there just for that purpose. Angie studied her friend as they got ready for bed, admiring the brunette’s slim, toned body, hoping her ogling hadn’t been caught. Leigh was utterly perfect in her eyes. Angie didn’t know if she was a lesbian, but she did know that she was totally, completely and unmistakably head over heels in love with Leigh. Only a year ago she was mystified at reading about young lovers’ infatuation in English class, but now she fully understood. Leigh was the nicest, most beautiful girl she had ever met, and they had been friends for years. The prospect of ruining that friendship by awkwardly coming on to her was her biggest worry.

Leigh, after all, was straight. She had actually dated boys, had kissed boys, something Angie had never done. She had done more with boys. Leigh swooned over male singers. Leigh talked about boys. Above all else, Leigh was chased by boys. Angie, on the other hand…wasn’t. Which was the other big obstacle to coming on to Leigh, she was out of her league. Angie always felt she was plain looking, never mind that Leigh always praised her looks. She was also a bit soft around the middle, nothing like Leigh’s fit body. Her boobs were the only thing boys seemed to like about her, almost as big as that slut Suzie, full and round, unlike Leigh’s pert chest. Leigh was the best friend ever, though, constantly pointing out how smart and kind Angie was. Being able to intellectually understand that she had no shot at Leigh didn’t seem to help her longings at all. And now the promise of the night together filled her mind, her body already starting to overheat. Maybe I should excuse myself to quickly rub one out just to calm down, Angie thought.

Angie tentatively slipped into bed, dressed in her long tee and panties. Leigh, wearing her sleeping shorts and a midriff baring tee, slipped into the other side. Angie switched off the light and they laid shoulder to shoulder in the dark, their conversation unbroken. Angie had been envisioning this moment for months, starting after graduation practice when she realized she was in love with Leigh. It wasn’t until she discovered the futon was ruined that this plan had come together. In person, though, the right conditions seemed elusive. As if answering her silent prayer, Leigh brought up Jason, who she said was making eyes at her. Angie rolled to her side to face her and listened quietly as Leigh debated whether she would go out with him.

“What’s it like kissing a boy?” she asked timidly.

Leigh shrugged. “Nice. Gets you all giddy inside.”

“Tell me more.”

“Well, boys can be aggressive. So they like to take charge. And they’re strong, so you have to be careful. But, gosh, when you start going at it with a cute boy in the back of the priory after evening services…” Leigh giggled. “Oops, wasn’t supposed to say that.”

“No way!” Angie gasped. Leigh giggled again with a nod Angie could only feel in the dark. “Who?”

“Not telling.”

Another giggle from Leigh. Finally, Angie had to make her attempt. She summoned all her courage.

“I’ve never kissed a boy.”

“I know sweety, and I don’t know why. You know a lot of boys want you.”

“Hah. They only want my boobs.”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s not like your getting married, just getting Ankara escort squeezed a bit. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Yeah, it was awkward my first few times, but he was just learning too, so soon we got the hang of it. Then it was just fun.”

“But all the boys now have experience, they’ll think I’m a dork for not knowing what to do.”

“You are a dork.” Angie pouted in the darkness, not the response she was hoping to hear. “Dork,” Leigh repeated with a nudge.

“It’s not funny,” she protested.

“Oh, sweety, I’m just teasing. You know I think the world of you. But you have to believe in yourself! Well that and be nice to boys. Be nice to boys and they’ll be nice to you.”

Their conversation paused for a moment, and Angie ignored her inner voice and took her leap.

“Could you show me how to kiss?”

Her heart jumped into her throat as she felt Leigh look at her in the darkness. Please say yes please say yes please say yes.

“Are you a lesbian?” she finally asked.


“Neither am I.” The light in Angie’s heart went out. Finally, however, Leigh shrugged. “Well, one of us will have to be the boy.”


“One of us will have to be the boy. Since we’re not lesbians we can’t do girl-girl kissing, so one of us will have to be the boy.”

Angie’s mind reeled at the sheer stupidity of the argument. Before she could formulate a response, Leigh sat up. Angie froze as she leaned over her, but all Leigh did was reach out for the lamp and turn it on. Angie laid on her back, staring up into the beautiful blue eyes of her desire. Leigh seemed to study her for a few minutes.

“Okay,” she finally said, “You know how boys act, right?”


“Good. So, you be the boy and I’ll show you how a girl should act. What boy do you want to be?”


“What boy do you want to be? I can’t very well call you Angie if you are boy.”

“I…like…um…,” Angie’s mind spun. Did she even know any boys? “Um, how about Adam from CPASH?”

“Oh, nice, he’s a cutie. Okay, Adam, you ready?” Angie nodded, too shocked to even try and disguise her longing. Leigh rolled back over to her back. “Here, get on top of me like a boy.”

Leigh pulled her over and soon Angie was straddling her hips, now looking down on the love of her life. Leigh fluffed her hair, arranging it just so, splayed around her perfect face, framing it in light brown. She looked off to side as if bored, her hands lying limply on the bed by her shoulders, impossibly beautiful, completely defenseless. Angie swallowed, staring mesmerized at Leigh’s lips, overcome at having her fantasy finally come true. She was going to kiss Leigh. She closed her eyes and bent forward to plant her lips on Leigh’s. Her moment was shattered as Leigh’s hand came up and caught her face before she could get there.

“No, silly, boys can’t just come in and kiss you! They have to talk you into it first. If you just let a boy lean in a make out with you they’ll think you are a slut.” Leigh frowned for a moment. “Are you a slut?”


“Okay, I mean it’s cool if you are and all, but then I would need to act different. I mean, can you imagine what school would be like? Just walking down the hall and some random boy pushes you against the wall and starts kissing you. Might work for Kira, but not me. Okay, try again. Chat me up a little, get me interested. “

Angie looked down on her, Leigh’s eyes again looking off the side, a bored look on her face.

“Uh…um…can I…can I kiss you?”

Leigh wrinkled her nose. “Ew, no,” she frowned. “Gross.”

Angie stuttered silently, her mouth moving without words. What had she done wrong? Leigh finally sighed and looked at her in exasperation.

“Say something nice to me! Geez! Get me interested. Not just ‘hey babe, let’s kiss.'”

She looked away again and the bored expression returned.

“I…um…think you’re pretty.” Leigh snorted in disapproval. “You…um…have nice hair.”

Leigh sighed and rolled her eyes and then glared at her.

“Seriously? I have nice hair? You, little miss honors English can only come up with that? God, I feel insulted that’s all you can come up with,” she spat. Leigh looked away and clasped her hand together by her face. “‘But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.’ Yah, Juliet is like…pretty or something. Come on. Now you’re going to have to work for it.”

“I…I…I mean, I’m sorry,” Angie pleaded, feeling the tears starting to well up. Her fantasy all but in her grasp and she blew it. She had never felt so ugly in her whole life. “I mean I…”

Leigh snapped her hand shut in front of her face, silencing her. “Okay, let’s take a moment. Eyes closed. Calm down. Think. You can do this. Deep breaths. Ankara escort bayan In and out. Calm down.”

Angie nodded numbly and tried to get herself together. Leigh hands stroking her bare thighs weren’t helping.

“You okay?” Leigh finally asked. Angie nodded silently. “Look at me.” Angie opened her eyes to see Leigh beneath her, smiling softly up at her. “Can you think of anything nice to say to me? Anything at all?” She shifted under her and Angie barely suppressed a gasp as her most sensitive spot was stimulated for a instant. Jesus, she was turned on.

“I…Leigh, um…Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? You are more lovely and more temperate.”

“Oh, nice. Shakespeare, right?” Angie nodded. “I never got what temperate meant there. Like, wouldn’t that be a spring day? Okay, nice try! More.”

“Leigh, you are by far the…fairest girl in the entire school.”?”Nice. You know Jason used almost that exact line on me? He said hottest, but you know, boys. And no, I didn’t let him kiss me.”

Angie started to talk as she looked down on Leigh, letting her words start to flow, pouring her heart out. Her pulse started to race as she told her how the whole class lights up when she smiles, how just knowing she was near brightened her days. Leigh laid beneath her, nodding and smiling, her hands stroking Angie’s thighs. Occasionally Leigh would squirm, sending a jolt of pleasure through Angie. She hoped Leigh couldn’t feel how wet she was. Angie was a complete mess, her body aflame, her heart completely vulnerable as she poured her soul out.

“That is so nice. See, that’s how you do it. Angie, sweety, I know you have some self esteem problems, only God knows why, but don’t sell yourself short. You deserve the best. You deserve some boy who talks to you like that. Who wants you like that. You deserve that, and nothing less, okay?”

Angie nodded mutely, wondering if Leigh understood that she had meant every word she had said. She hadn’t been acting, that was real. Suddenly Leigh sat up and held her in a chaste embrace.

“You’re the best, Angie,” she whispered as she rubbed her back. “Although,” she continued after a moment as she leaned back to come face to face with her. “There is one thing you screwed up. You forgot to kiss me at the end. Some boy you make, hah! Get a girl all worked up and then forget to kiss her. You’re not a good boy,” she admonished, wagging her finger playfully in her face. “If Jason talked to me like that, not only would I let him kiss me, I’d probably be down on my knees sucking him off.”


With that, Leigh formed her hand into an ‘O’ and brought it her mouth, pantomiming sucking a cock. Leigh gave her a wicked wink and started using her tongue to make her cheek bulge in time with her hand.


“You think that’s gross, just wait until he cums in your mouth. But you know what they say, bad girls spit, good girls swallow.”

Angie clamped a hand over her mouth as Leigh continued to simulate a blowjob, seemingly lost in her own world. None of this was news to Angie, Leigh often filled her in with the details of her dates, but it still was shocking to see it reenacted.

“Mm,” Leigh moaned, “Maybe I’ll give Jason a call, it’s been too long.”

She dropped the charade and looked at Angie with bedroom eyes and a dazed grin on her face. Angie stared at her, heart still pounding. She looked so beautiful just sitting a hand span away. Angie wondered if she should just dive in and kiss her. After all that had happened, she held back, uncertain, her lips only inches away from paradise. She was just about to try for a peck when time expired.

“Where were we? Oh yeah, kissing. So, we’re not getting anywhere, so let’s try again, only this time I’ll be the boy. Okay?” Leigh unceremoniously dumped Angie off her lap. “Hm. Should I go easy on you or hard on you?”

“Um, hard?” Angie replied, hoping hard meant she wasn’t going to tease her any more.

“That’s what she said,” Leigh giggled. “You think you’re ready for hard, huh? Okay. Who should I be?” she tapped her chin a few times in thought. “Oh, I know. I’ll be your crush.”


“Philip Bordeaux. The boy you’ve been holding a torch for since 9th grade.”

“I have not been holding a torch for him!”

“Well that sounded convincing.”


“Okay, what’s his worst trait?”

“I…um…well…,” Angie’s mind went blank as she struggled to come up with a reason to dislike him.

“Yah. See, I know these things.” She hopped off the bed. “I’m Philip ‘your crush’ Bordeaux, and I’m just coming back from football practice.” She closed her eyes, put her hand in the air above her head, then pulled it down as she closed her hand into a fist. She opened her eyes with an entirely different expression on her face. Hard. Confident. She sauntered to the foot of the Escort Ankara bed and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. “Oh, so hot and sweaty. So hot.” Leigh pulled off her tee and fanned herself with it.

“Oh my God, Leigh, put your top back on!” Angie was so shocked she covered her own boobs.

Leigh ignored her comment and turned to face her. “Oh, hey girl, I know you. You’re that chick in History…Amy isn’t it?”

“Angie!” she said, trying desperately not to look at Leigh’s bare chest. She knew Leigh was an actress, but this was too much

“Yeah, Angie. Hey.” Leigh did that little blow thing with her lips that Philip did to fluff his hair and tossed her shirt aside. She gave a wicked grin and crawled onto the bed. Angie instinctively balled up as she approached. The predatory look in Leigh’s eyes was intimidating. “Don’t you dare close your legs at me,” she sneered, smacking her legs open and insinuating herself there. “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Philip fucking Bordeaux.”

Leigh loomed over her now, Angie’s eyes wide as she couldn’t help but stare at Leigh’s breasts, two perfect little mounds just above her face.

“Leigh! Oh my God!”

“Leigh? What the fuck would I want with that flat chested loser?” she growled as she looked down on her prey. “I’ve been after these all year.” And with that, Leigh reached out and grabbed Angie’s tits.

“Jesus! Leigh!” Angie protested as she gripped Leigh’s wrists.

The expression suddenly changed on Leigh’s face, from predation to awe.

“Good Lord Angie, these things are huge,” she gasped.

“I know!”

Leigh looked down on her, mouth agape. “I mean, I knew they were big, but oh my God! In my hands, they’re…huge!” She squeezed them again in amazement and gave them a jiggle with a laugh. She then lifted her hands and cupped her own breasts, frowning at the comparison. “No wonder Philip doesn’t want anything to do with me.”


Leigh’s eyes finally lifted to hers. “What?” She asked absently as she reached out again to grab Angie’s tits.

“Oh my God!”

“Your nipples always this hard?” she asked as she ran her thumbs across them. Angie twitched in response. “Boys are going to love playing with these things. Looks like you are too. My nipples also get nice and firm, but they’re much smaller, as you can see,” she continued as she started rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. Sparks flew in Angie’s mind as her nipples were fondled.

“I…uh…” Angie stuttered. What was she complaining about again?

A wicked grin crept onto Leigh’s face. “Now where were we? Oh, yeah, I’m Philip.” She closed her eyes and leaned back and repeated the hand motion. When she opened her eyes it was almost like someone else was there. Angie’s mind was still spinning when Leigh’s hand dropped back to her breast and started fondling her again. Angie clamped her hands over her Leigh’s as if to pull them off, but in reality just held them in place. “Yeah, baby girl, hold my hands right where you want them. That’s so hot. I love a girl who knows what she wants.”

“Oh my God!”

“And now I’m going to kiss you. Hard and deep.”

Leigh punctuated her words with a calculated grind of her hips against Angie’s defenseless crotch. Angie squeaked in response, her body positively on fire. This was nothing like she imagined! Leigh leaned over her and continued to fondle her nipples as she ground her belly against her pussy. Nose to nose, Angie whimpered in pleasure, staring into Leigh eyes as the space between them closed. Leigh rubbed her nose gently against Angie’s and her eyes fluttered closed as she allowed Leigh to lead.

Their lips touched and then suddenly they were kissing, actually kissing, Leigh’s tongue easily parting Angie’s lips and dancing with hers, nipples being caressed, pussy grinding, fantasy exceeded. Any semblance of reasoning left Angie as she dove into her first kiss. Their tongues wrestled, harsh breathing filling the room. Angie was now rocking her hips against Leigh’s tight tummy, grinding away in rhythm with Leigh. Leigh’s hands slipped under her shirt, groping her breasts and playing with her nipples as they kissed. The bed springs creaked. She could smell Leigh’s delicate scent. She reached out and cupped Leigh’s breast. It was too much for Angie and she started to come.

Leigh’s mouth never left hers, stifling the moans of pleasure she rode the crest. Months of pent up frustration poured out, all her erogenous zones being stimulated by the love of her life. Unlike using her own hand in dark silence of her room, this orgasm was vastly more intense than anything she’d felt before. Leigh kept at it, Angie couldn’t seem to stop humping her, and the pleasure just built and built and built. Another crest and Angie came again, overloading on pleasure. Finally she was too spent to move and collapsed, quivering, in a near faint, cocooned in Leigh’s sweet embrace. The room was silent but for their frantic breathing.

“See, I knew you had a thing for Philip,” Leigh whispered in her ear as she nuzzled her. “I know these things.”

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