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Lance , Honey On Vacation Ch. 03

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Chapter III: Stories

Now that we had showered and had our pajamas on we were ready to tell some sexy stories about our selves. Before we started the stories I checked out the girls pajama outfits.

Cinnamon wore a bright red see through silk harem outfit; with gold trim. It was slit at the crotch and down the outside of the baggy legs. The shear silk allowed me to see her red tipped breasts and hairless red lipped crotch. She must have put red lipstick on her nipples and pussy lips to get them so bright. The dark brown of her skin contrasted well with the red and gold of the outfit.

Honey was dressed in a black lace teddy. From the front it looked like a one piece swim suit; open to the crotch; with two little bows to keep the teddy from falling completely open. In the back it consisted of a string up the crack of her ass that divided; circling her waist to join the front part.

I wore black silk pants and top; slit at the crotch; much like Cinnamon’s harem pants. Looking at these two beautiful women in their sexy pajamas was starting to make me horny.

“Who is going to tell the first story?” I asked.

“Let me,” piped up Cinnamon.

“Sure,” Honey and I replied.

When I was young and my tits were starting to mature; my pussy always wanted to be scratched. I didn’t understand why. Whenever I got the itch; I would slip my fingers into my pussy and rub my little clitoris until I felt satisfied. Sometimes I would lick my fingers to see what the juice tasted like. It felt so good that I wanted my fingers in my honey pot all the time.

I some how knew there was something wrong about what I was doing. I would hide under my sheets at night; so my mother and younger brothers would not catch me. It felt so good that I would bring myself; to what I later found out was an orgasm; two or three times a night.

Sometimes I would spy on the older boys; when they were taking a shower outside. My eyes were always drawn to the thing hanging between there legs. I didn’t know the thing was a penis; until I was a little older. I now found myself dreaming about the boy’s things as I rubbed my love bud.

When I was eighteen I got the idea of wearing tight panties; so they would slide into my crack and rub against my clit. When I got home from school my panties would be soaked with my pussy juice. I had been in a constant state of arousal all day at school.

I wanted to talk with someone about my feelings, but there was no one to confide in. My mother was a strict Christian. I didn’t know any of the girls at school well enough to ask them about my urges. We had only recently moved into the area. All I could do was keep my secret and enjoy my pleasures in private. To my relief, no one had ever been disturbed by my nocturnal escapades.

One day I had an idea. I was helping to make a salad for supper. While slicing a cucumber for the salad a thought hit me. Maybe I could use a cucumber in my pussy instead of my fingers.

After supper; while I was doing the dishes; I took one of the cucumbers and smuggled it to my room. That night when everyone was asleep; I retrieved the cucumber. Getting back into bed; I began to slide the cucumber along my slit. When I felt myself opening up and getting wet; I pushed the cucumber a little further inside my hungry pussy. This new form of stimulation felt fantastic. I was becoming very excited; so I pushed the vegetable further inside my drooling hole.

After I had forced about seven centimeters into my hole I could feel the cucumber encounter some resistance. Was something blocking my love tunnel? I didn’t know what was wrong. I now know I had found my maidenhead, but at the time I was perplexed. I applied more force to the cucumber.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain and felt something wet running between my legs. I had to put my fist in my mouth to stifle my cry of surprise and pain. To my relief the pain went away quickly; leaving me feeling unsatisfied.

My hands returned to the cucumber. With the obstruction removed I pushed the cucumber further up my wet pussy. I started to rotate the slippery vegetable around my love hole. The pain was forgotten. The pleasure was becoming more intense. I had not felt this much pleasure any of the other times.

By now I was pumping my hips up and down; working the cucumber in and out. I had to clamp my mouth shut to keep from crying out in ecstasy. Deep inside my belly I could feel something building up.

Suddenly, my orgasm broke over me in waves. My hips were bucking on the bed; forcing three quarters of the cucumber into my love tunnel. I could hear tiny moans and grunts of pleasure escaping from my mouth; even though I had it tightly clamped shut. I thought my gasps and the squeaking bed would wake up the whole house. I continued coming for minutes. I could not believe an orgasm could last so long and be so intensely draining. I was so exhausted that I immediately fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning; seeing the blood on the sheets and remembering the pain; I started to worry. Did I injure myself last night? After I washed the sheets abidinpaşa escort and felt no pain I quickly forgot my worries. I had initiated myself into the secrets of sex and it felt great.

I became insatiable. I wanted to play with my pussy all the time. I could hardly wait for night to come, so I could pleasure myself again.

The next time I took a vegetable lover I stole a carrot. When everyone was asleep I crept from my bed and retrieved the carrot. Deciding to be a little more brave; I silently made my way outside to the veranda; stripping naked. The cool breeze on my feverish skin felt delicious. The fear of getting caught and the anticipation of the pleasures to come; put me in a high state of arousal.

I leaned my naked ass against the rough wood of the veranda railing; placing my left foot on a nearby chair. This position opened my pussy wide; exposing it to the cooling breezes. Placing the rough carrot at the entrance to my love hole; I began sliding it up and down my slit. The whole situation had me in a feverish excitement.

My hips began to thrust and rotate; as if they had a mind of there own. Slowly I inserted the carrot head into my hot quivering honey pot. My pussy seamed to suck the carrot into its self; as if by magic.

While I manipulated the carrot around inside myself; I started to fantasize about the things I had seen hanging between the boys legs. This increased my pleasure. I could feel that special feeling building in me again. This time; I wanted to make the pleasure last as long as possible.

I pulled out the carrot; set it on the chair and began to play with my breasts. I could feel my nipples become rock hard from the pinching I gave them. Cupping my tits with my hands; I lifted them to my mouth; starting to lick the nipples. Moving my head a little lower; I took one nipple into my mouth; beginning to suck it. This made me tingle from my tits to my crotch. Never before had I experienced such pleasure. With my teeth I bit and scraped my nipple, creating a mixture of pain and pleasure. I would have never have thought that pain could bring pleasure.

My other breast was lonely; so I moved my tongue to it; starting to give it some attention. While I sucked and bit the nipple; I squeezed the breast hard. Again the pain made me tingle all over.

By now I had lost all sense of time and my surroundings. I was lost in my own world of sexual pleasure. My hot, wet, quivering love tunnel was demanding some attention.

I moved a hand to my slit; beginning to circle my love bud with my fingers. With the other hand I picked up the carrot; slowly inserting it in my weeping pussy. When I had inserted the carrot; leaving only the tip I held, outside my pussy; I gave my clitoris a hard squeeze. Unable to control myself; I let out a soft moan of total ecstasy. I immediately thought of the others in the house and hoped no one had heard me.

By now I was beyond caring. The hand with the carrot began to thrust faster and faster; as if my hand had a mind of its own. With the other hand I continued rubbing my clit.

All of a sudden the dam burst; engulfing me in my pleasure. My hips were bucking and rotating wildly. I almost lost the carrot in my pussy. That would have been a terrible embarrassment.

At the time nothing mattered; except the wonderful sensations flowing through my body. I couldn’t stifle my moans and gasps completely, but I was able to keep from crying out.

When I had regained my self control; I took my faithful carrot and licked it. I wanted to see what my juices tasted like. It was kind of salty with a musky odor. I thought it tasted great. Realizing I was naked and standing outside; I quickly picked up my clothes and quietly stole back to my bed. Every night I would try to steal a vegetable to be my lover for the night. If I couldn’t find a vegetable; I would use my fingers on my self. As I approached nineteen, I became bored with my fingers and vegetables. I needed the real thing.

One day I was spying on a man my mother had hired to do some repair work to the house. He was in the toilet. Peaking through a crack in the wall; I could see him rubbing his penis. As I watched, I could see it become long, fat and hard. It looked like a cucumber.

Moving my fingers to my tight panties; I began to rub my cleft. I could feel the cotton panties becoming wet with my juices. In my excitement; I kicked a stone; making a clattering sound. He looked around in surprise; spying me.

“Don’t tell your mother,” he pleaded.

I told him that I would not tell my mother if he gave me money for a new dress. He quickly agreed and handed over the money. This gave me an idea.

“Would you like to look at me; while you rub your wood?” I inquired; in the most innocent manner I could muster.

I than pulled up my skirt revealing my white panty clad crotch. Slipping the panties over my thighs; I allowed him to see my black haired virgin pussy. He stood there staring; like a stone statue. The only thing that moved was his penis; which was growing hard.

“Do akyurt escort you like what you see?” I innocently asked. If you give me some more money; I’ll let you put your thing into me.”

A smile crossed his face; immediately he pulled money from his pocket. Taking the money from him; I put it in my skirt. My pussy was getting real wet thinking about what was to happen. I was going to get the real thing.

“You can touch me,” I shyly whispered.

Going to his knees before me; he brought his hands to my excited slit. I could feel his rough fingers stroking the lips of my wet vulva. Bending his head to my crotch; sticking out his tongue; he began to lick my slit. My love lips began to open wide. I could feel myself getting wetter.

“I think your ready,” he mumbled.

I knew I was ready for anything. He told me to face the wall; rest my hands against it; spreading my legs. Moving behind me; he quickly pulled up my skirt. I could feel his hard cucumber pressing against my back side.

“Put me inside you!” he excitedly groaned.

I moved a hand from the wall; guiding his hard pole into my soft wet hole. When he was inside me; he began to slowly move his shaft in and out of my love cave. It felt like nothing I had felt before. It was fantastic! He than slid his hands under my blouse; bringing them to my aching breasts. While his hands massaged my tits; I started thrusting my hips backwards to meet his pumping penis. The sensations coming from my pussy and breasts were driving me crazy with passion.

I could feel his hot breath on my neck. His breathing was now coming in gasps. I could sense a change in his body. He was driving his shaft faster and faster; while his hands squeezed my breasts hard.

I could feel my climax getting close. Moving a hand to my love bud; I rubbed my clit. my fingers could feel his shaft sliding in and out of me; while I fingered my clit.

All of a sudden he let out a moan. Holding me tight; he pounded me mercilessly. The tensions that had been building in me exploded; as I experienced my first orgasm with a man. All I could think about was the total pleasure I felt. As he slowed his pumping I could still feel my love tunnel squeezing and relaxing on his shaft. I didn’t want the pleasure to stop.

By now I could feel his penis becoming soft inside me; as my quivering body began to relax. When he pulled his limp cock out of me; I felt the hot juice he had emptied into me trickle down the inside of my thighs. I had just learned that when a man climaxed he would shoot his sperm into me.

He quickly moved away from me and zipped up his pants, warning me not to tell anyone. I told him my lips were sealed. I had just found out how good it felt to have a man inside me. I had also learned that I could get money for feeling pleasure. It was a great learning experience.

The next phase of my education came when I finally had a close girl friend; with whom I could share all my private thoughts and experiences. Her name was Cherry. I can tell you that when I met her she was not cherry. She knew more about what to do to a woman’s and man’s body than I could have imagined at the time.

I had asked mother if Cherry could come and stay over night for my nineteenth birthday. That night when we went to bed Cherry stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed. All she had on was a black mesh thong.

“Are you going to wear a nightie?” I inquired in amazement.

“Why?” she asked in astonishment.

I replied, “I always do.”

Cherry laughed, “I never wear a nightie. It makes me hot and only gets in my way.”

Pulling off my nightie; I revealed my body to her gaze. Looking me over she told me how much she liked my little white lace panties.

“Your body is to good looking to be hidden,: she praised.

“Thank you. Your good looking too; especially those big breasts,” I replied.

“Do you like them?” she asked. “If you want you can feel them,” she offered.

With her permission I moved my hands to her D-cup tits; starting to fondle them. My ministrations were making her large nipples stand to attention. When I worked her nipples between my thumb and fore finger; the way I liked to work mine; she let out a small gasp.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked with concern.

“O no,” Cherry replied. “It just feels so good; I can’t keep from gasping in pleasure.”

“I like it when I do the same thing to my nipples,” I giggled.

“Let me play with your breasts,” Cherry begged.

“O yes!” I excitedly replied.

Cherry began slowly massaging my breasts and squeezing my nipples. Leaning over she took one of my nipples in her mouth; beginning to suck on it. With a gasp I put my hands around Cherry’s head and pulled her into my breasts. Nobody had ever sucked my nipples before. It felt fantastic. After a few minutes Cherry moved her mouth to the other nipple; beginning to tongue it. I knew; by the expert way she worked my nipples; that she had done it before. By now my breasts were aching and my pussy was flowing like a river.

Pulling her ankara escort mouth from my nipple; Cherry asked, “Would you like to suck and lick my breasts?”

I quickly moved my lips to her nipples; starting to suck.

“Move your tongue around the nipple before you start sucking,” Cherry instructed.

Doing what I was told; I could feel Cherry’s body tense. I knew she was enjoying the licking I was giving her. When I had soaked her one breast with my saliva; I moved to her other nipple.

“That’s the way,” she encouraged. “Don’t be in a hurry. We have all night and I want to make the pleasure last.”

Cherry put her arms around me and began to hug me. She began rubbing my back; while I continued to tongue her nipple. Cherry Slowly moved her massaging hands to my ass. When Cherry encountered the elastic of my panties; she started to slide them over my waist.

Cherry then pulled her nipple from my hungry mouth; telling me to lift my butt off the bed so she could slip my panties off. Removing my panties; she gently pushed me back onto the bed; placing a pillow under my ass. Moving her hands to my thighs; Cherry spread my legs wide; bending my knees. I was completely exposed to her view. Bending close to my pussy, she commented on how wet I was down there.

“You must really be excited to get this wet!” Cherry exclaimed.

She than moved her fingers to my slit; beginning to slowly stroke my slippery love lips.

“How does that feel?” she inquired in a throaty whisper.

“I’ve never felt anything so great in my life,” I groaned.

“You look and smell good enough to eat,” Cherry purred.

Before I knew what happened; Cherry had brought her head to my weeping slit; put her tongue inside me and started licking.

“O yes! You taste delicious!” Cherry whispered.

I could feel Cherry’s tongue work its way up the inside of my pussy; until she reached my love bud. When her tongue circled my clit; I began to buck my hips uncontrollably.

“O shit!” I groaned. “That feels great!”

Encircling my bud with her lips; Cherry began to suck hard. I was going out of my mind with the pleasant sensations her lips were creating in me. I grabbed the back of Cherry’s head; forcing her face into my crotch. When she gave my clit a light bite I lost all control. The pain was pure pleasure. My legs clamped shut squeezing her head between my thighs.

I could feel my juices flow as my pussy began to franticly spasm. I almost screamed out in pleasure, but I caught myself before I had awakened the whole house. As my hips bucked I could feel Cherry’s tongue continue to play with my clit. My orgasm continued for what seamed like forever. All my thoughts revolved around the incredible sensations coming from my pussy. When I had regained some self control I released Cherry’s head from my thighs. As cherry lifted her head I could see that it was slick with my love cream.

“How did you like that?” she asked with a smile.

“O shit!” I gasped. “I have never experienced anything like that before. I don’t want it to ever end.”

Cherry asked, “Do you want to return the favor?”

“I sure do!” I exclaimed.

Cherry lay back on the bed; placing a pillow under her ass. This raised up her crotch making it more accessible.

“Slip my panties off! Cherry ordered.

Removing her black mesh thong; I found myself staring at a beautiful clean shaven pussy. Quickly I moved my mouth to her crotch; commencing to lick her pussy lips.

“Slow down! There is no hurry,” she instructed. “Take your time and make it last as long as possible. Stick out your tongue! Lick up and down the lips!”

She was teaching me how to give the greatest pleasure possible with my tongue. I could feel her getting wetter. Before my eyes; her pussy was opening up; like a flower. She then instructed me to slowly work my way to the top of her slit; find her love button and start licking. When I did as she instructed I received the full taste of her love cream. She tasted fantastic. The flavor and fragrance of her juices were making me horny again. I could feel my own juices begin to flow.

“Now that you have found my clit; circle it slowly with your tongue before you put your lips around it,” Cherry ordered.

Again I obeyed her instructions. I knew; by the way she was softly moaning and undulating her hips; that she was enjoying my ministrations.

“O yes!” she cooed. “Take that clit between your lips and gently suck it; like you did to my nipple.”

Cherry spread her legs so wide I thought they would pop; giving me better access to her quivering cunt. Letting out a moan of pleasure; Cherry brought her hands to my head. Burying her fingers in my hair she pulled me further into her love cave. I now had total access to her love tunnel. Having total access to Cherry’s pussy increased my already high state of arousal.

“I want you to gently slide your teeth along my quivering love bud,” Cherry instructed.

When I did what Cherry had instructed me to do; Cherry’s body began to spasm as if she had received a jolt of electricity. Her pussy started to pulsate; drenching my face with her juices. Wrapping her legs around my back; she started to rock back and forth grinding her crotch into my face. I knew that she was experiencing her orgasm. Knowing that I had brought this beautiful friend to a climax made me incredibly hot.

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