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Last Hyper Standing

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*All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 years or older*

“You can’t cut back on cum drain infrastructure! You will regret this!” John Wang, semen overflow engineer for the city of San Francisco stormed out of the mayor’s office, grumbling under his breath.

The idiot mayor and all his moron lobbyist buddies thought that November was the perfect month to cut back on funding for the city’s cum drains because the mayor read on the internet that all the city’s futanari were participating in “No Nut November,” whatever that was.

Didn’t the man know anything about futanari? John had been a semen overflow manager for twenty years. He’d started off in Los Angeles, where the stars were big and the futas were bigger. Cum flowed like water and he’d been forced to come up with innovative solutions for the city’s cum flow problems.

San Francisco didn’t have as large a population, but it had more futanari per capita than any city in the US, and a greater proportion of those futas suffered from hypersexual disorders.

When a hypersexual futa held in her cum, it drove her balls crazy. The semen just built up and built up inside her system until, when the futa did finally allow herself to ejaculate, all that pent-up cum exploded out of her like a firehose.

No Nut November was the break in semen flow that a smart municipal government used to refurbish and upgrade the city cum pipes, because come december first, every futa that lasted all the way through the month was going to unleash every gallon they’d built up over No Nut November.

Cutting back on the city’s cum pipes just because the flow wasn’t as heavy was a recipe for disaster and John Wang knew it was going to blow up in their faces like a bad bukkake video.

Little did John Wang know that a perfect storm of cum was brewing…


“You’re gonna do No Nut November?” Gabby was incredulous. “You? The girl who can’t go without jerking off ten times a day?”

Madeline waved her hand dismissively as she browsed the internet on her laptop.

The pale-skinned girl’s body was lithe and toned from regular yoga and aerobics. She had broad shoulders and narrow hips. Despite her constant exercise, she had disproportionately massive tits, each as big as a watermelon, barely supported by a triple layer of industrial-strength sports bras. She sat with her long, shapely legs tucked up beneath her, her bare toes curling and uncurling as she absent-mindedly stroked the bulge of her arm-sized cock through the elastic of her yoga pants.

“I’ve been practicing,” said Madeline. “I’m down to four times a day.”

“And look at how backed up your balls are! They don’t even fit in your pants!” Gabby pointed at the backpack-sized bulge straining the fabric of Madeline’s yoga pants. The black elastic was stretched so thin it was practically transparent. The fabric of Madeline’s ball-bra peeked out through a few increasingly-wide holes in the fabric.

“Pssh!” Madeline scoffed.

“You jerked off literally two hours ago!” said Gabby. “Your balls are already overflowing! You can’t go a month like this!”

“Sure I can!” said Madeline. Her balls gurgled and she winced. There was a creaking sound as the elastic of her yoga pants stretched to accommodate yet another increase in testicle size.

“I tried to do No Nut November last year and trust me, it wasn’t worth the pain just to impress a bunch of losers on the internet,” said Gabby. “I quit after a week.”

Gabby was physically almost the inverse of Madeline. Madeline milky pale, Gabby was dark. Madeline was tall and athletic, Gabby was short and pear-shaped. She had thick, curvy legs and modest tits, but a huge, round ass.

Both girls had huge cocks, but Gabby’s blew Madeline’s out of the water. The huge, dark serpent of her cock dragged on the ground fully flaccid, and Gabby had to wear a special sling if she wanted to go out in public. Madeline joked that Gabby had prayed for a cock so big that it dragged on the ground, so God had made her legs shorter.

Gabby rarely let her cock get fully hard because it made their small apartment dangerously crowded, but her frequent half-boners generally averaged around four to five feet in length.

“I’m not doing this to impress losers on the internet!” said Madeline.

“Then why?” Gabby threw her arms out wide in exasperation.

“I’m doing it for the huge cash prize!” Madeline exclaimed.

Gabby’s head came around so fast it made a sound like a whip crack.

“What huge cash prize?”

“Didn’t you hear?” Madeline picked her laptop up off the couch cushions and held it out to Gabby.

Gabby took the laptop and skimmed the words on the screen.

“Ten million dollars to the last hyper standing?” exclaimed Gabby.

“Yup,” said Madeline. “There’s a bunch of other rules, too, I’ll have to shove a tracker up my butt to monitor my prostate so I don’t cheat.”

“And the prize is ten million dollars?” Gabby set the computer down on the breakfast table güvenilir bahis and started typing furiously.

“Yeah–what are you doing?” asked Madeline.

“I’m signing up!” exclaimed Gabby. “There’s no way your masturbation-addicted ass is gonna win!”

“But you didn’t even make it the whole month last time!” said Madeline.

“There wasn’t a ten million dollar prize last time!” Gabby slammed the enter key on the laptop. “And… send!”

The laptop chimed to indicate Gabby was successfully enrolled in the San Francisco No Cum Last Girl Standing Competition.

“Whoever wins, we split fifty-fifty,” said Madeline.

“Deal,” said Gabby.

The two futas clapped their palms together to seal the deal.


Week One:

“I’m doing fine. Are you doing fine?” asked Madeline.

Her balls, normally the size of honeydews, had bloated up to the match the size of her overgrown tits. Thick, cordlike veins stood out all over the surface. The skin of her scrotum was drum-tight, every inch of interior volume packed with angry sperm. She did not look like she was doing fine.

“Oh I’m just peachy,” said Gabby. She was snuggled up on the couch reading a magazine.

Gabby had placed the head of her anaconda in a bucket to catch the overflow of precum. Gabby’s balls weren’t nearly as elastic as Madeline’s and they’d gotten full to overflowing on the evening of the first day. She’d tried wearing a condom to catch the overflow, but after going through over a dozen in less than two days, she’d opted for the bucket instead. Six times a day she emptied the bucket into the tub. The bucket was almost due to be emptied now.

Madeline’s nails dug into the arms of the couch as she watched Gabby’s cock drip into the bucket.




Madeline’s cock had been rock hard for eighteen straight hours, it made it impossible to go outdoors or put on any pants. The arm-sized schlong throbbed painfully. She wished her excess pressure would just flow out like Gabby’s, but no, it just kept building up. Her balls just swelled larger and larger, packing the sperm in like sardines.




Gabby looked over at her roommate.

“Maddie you’ve got crazy eyes, are you sure you’re holding up?” she asked.

“Yes!” Madeline snapped.

Gabby’s cock jerked as if startled, blasting a huge gush of precum into the bucket.

“Shit.” Gabby reached down to make sure all the precum made it into the bucket and in doing so accidentally knocked it over.

“Shit!” Gabby exclaimed, leaping to her feet. Her cock was still gushing like a faucet and now a bucketful of partially-congealed precum was spreading across the floor. The musk was overwhelming.

“That’s it, I give up!” shouted Madeline. “I gotta cum!”

“No!” Gabby’s bare feet splashed through the puddle of pre as she hurried over to calm her friend.

“Where’s my onahole? I need it!” Madeline struggled in Gabby’s grip, the pair of them slipping and wobbling in the slick, milky pre coating the floor.

They’d locked up Madeline’s onahole and all their other sex toys and given the key to a friend for safekeeping. They couldn’t get them back until after the contest was over.

Of course, Madeline wasn’t in the mood to hear that, she was delirious with lust. Her cock throbbed painfully. Her balls felt like they were about to burst!

“Why would I agree to this! This is stupid!” shouted Madeline. “Lemme go!”

Gabby grabbed her hysterical friend by the shoulders and shook her.

“Ten million dollars, Maddie!” She shouted into Madeline’s face. “Ten million dollars!”

Madeline stopped struggling.

“T-ten million?” she said, coming out of her daze.

“Yeah, remember?” said Gabby, gently. “Big prize?”

“Right, right…” Madeline forced herself to slow down. She sat back down on the couch. Her feet were slick with Gabby’s precum. Her balls sloshed between her legs.

“Ten million dollars.” She looked down at her aching balls. “I’m doing this for ten million dollars.”


Week Two:

Maddie and Gabby weren’t the only hypers with their eyes on the prize. Just about every hyper of every shape and size in San Francisco had signed up for the Last Hyper Standing challenge.

To enter, contestants had to pay seventy-five dollars and shove an intrusive prostate monitor up their asses, so there was a bit of a sunk cost going in that the participants weren’t willing to give up in a hurry. Almost everyone made it through the first week. A few teenagers were out on the first day because the prostate monitors just got them too excited, but everyone else was in it to win it.

The first of the major rounds of failures came in the second week when Jasmine Dream did her No Nut November interview.

“Jasmine Dream is so hot!” cooed Gabby, bouncing excitedly on the couch cushions as she kept her eyes glued to the TV.

Bouncing was a mistake. The impact slammed right into her güvenilir bahis siteleri overfilled prostate gland and she spurted a rope of precum clear across the room with enough force to blast everything off the breakfast table.

Madeline’s eye twitched.

“Damn it, Gabby!” she snapped. She’d been just about to dig into a bite of cereal when Gabby blew her rope. Now the cereal was splattered across the floor, the milk mingling with the translucent precum. Hot slime coated her forearms and most of her huge tits.

She stood up from the table and waddled over to the TV. Her veiny nuts were almost as big as beach balls and heavier than they looked. She’d had to adapt one of her bikini tops into a ball bra to keep them from swinging around painfully when she walked–waddled–around the apartment or on her increasingly infrequent sojourns to buy groceries. The cups were pitifully undersized to contain her churning orbs.

“What’s got you so hot and bothered that you had to douse my cereal in your personal milk?” demanded Madeline, angrily.

“Jasmine Dream!” said Gabby, squealing like a teenage fangirl.

“The hyper pop star?” Madeline was aware of Jasmine Dream, what hyper wasn’t? But Madeline never bought into the hype. Sure it was impressive someone with five feet of flaccid cock and balls like yoga balls could dance like Jasmine did, but her songs were all mass-produced autotune garbage.

“You mean the hyper goddess!” said Gabby, stars shining in her eyes.

Madeline turned to the TV, where Jasmine Dream stood in front of a gaggle of reporters.

“Yes, I’m participating in the Last Hyper Standing challenge,” said Jasmine. “If I win, I’m donating the prize to Hypers Anonymous. They do so much good for the hyper community!”

The glamorous hyper futa batted her long eyelashes at the cameras. Her silk smooth skin was a rich gold-brown, accentuated to an almost glowing lustre by her shining silver gown. The gown hugged her curvaceous body like a glove, accentuating her massive, milk gushing tits (Jasmine’s breast milk sold for thousands of dollars a quart) and draping luxuriantly over the curve of her absolute freight train of a cock.

“Shit, her dick vein is bigger than your whole dick, Madeline,” snickered Gabby.

“Whatever, no it isn’t,” Madeline retorted, her voice not as certain as she’d meant it to be.

“Will you still be able to perform tonight with your balls so swollen?” asked a reporter.

The camera cut to a view of Jasmine’s mammoth whopper testicles, which dragged behind her like a pair of wrinkled boulders. She kept the huge orbs shaved completely hairless and they shined in the spotlights.

“My production team and choreographer have worked night and day to come up with a wire right that will allow me to move around the stage even more gracefully than before,” said Jasmine.

“Can we see some moves?” asked another reporter.

“Well…” Jasmine pretended to think about it for a moment. She grabbed her mammoth rod in a bear hug and slapped it up between her huge tits.

The hyper hung pop star proceeded to titfuck herself while moaning in a very convincing manner.

Very convincing.

As she titfucked herself, her already massive rod began to expand between her arms, pushing them apart, swelling larger with each throb.

“Uhhn, uuuhhn, ahhhh!” Jasmine’s eyes rolled back in her head as her moans of delight grew more intense. Her handlers rushed forward to try and pry her arms off her cock, but her feverish lust made her inhumanly strong. Her cock towered above her head, stretching toward the sky as her huge mushroom head unfurled from the confines of her foreskin. Her gold urethral piercings jangled in a cacophony of jewelry.

Behind her, Jasmine’s glamorous nutsack contracted, trying to pull itself between her legs. She fell back onto the raft-like cushion of her balls, screaming as her cock swelled in her arms.

GAGOOOSH! Jasmine blew her load right there on the red carpet. The rope of spunk glistened like liquid pearls, weightless in the spotlights before splashing down into the crowd.

The hyper pop star released her cum cannon, allowing it to fall forward, blasting the entire time. People were screaming and running. Somebody knocked over the camera. As it fell, it caught a glimpse of Jasmine’s cumstream hitting the side of her custom limousine hard enough to dent the door and flip the car on its side.

Futas in the crowd popped like champagne bottles and smaller cum geysers erupted all over, hosing down the red carpet in gallons of hot girlchowder.

Gabby almost lost it herself. She was spraying precum like a hose. She was producing spunk so fast her dick couldn’t keep up with the flow and her balls began to swell painfully.

Madeline spent the night with her hand up Gabby’s fat ass to express the poor girl’s prostate.

The sight of Jasmine losing her shit put thousands of futas over the top that night, and more than two thirds of the Last Hyper Standing competition iddaa siteleri got knocked out in a deluge of spunk that nearly overloaded the city’s cum drains.


John Wang slammed his fist on the mayor’s desk. “We lost two overflow tanks yesterday due to excess pressure!” he shouted. “Two of my guys are in the hospital and any woman sitting on a toilet between Balboa Park and Sunnydale is definitely pregnant! Now do you see how serious this month is?”

The mayor seemed unconcerned.

“I heard more than two thirds of the contestants in the Last Hyper Standing competition are out of the running. That means we’re through the worst of it,” said the mayor.

“You don’t get it!” shouted Wang. “That was just the small fry. Any hyper still standing to the end of the month will have a reservoir bigger than all the hypers that got knocked out combined!”


Week Three:

Madeline’s balls wouldn’t fit through her bedroom door anymore. Not even one at a time. She had to move permanently into the living room. Gabby set the girl up with a blanket and moved the TV so the girl could lay back on her sack like a beanbag chair and watch her shows. At night she slept curled up on top of her nuts like a dog on a pillow.

“You know, the first two weeks were really painful, but I think my balls have finally gotten stretchy enough they don’t hurt anymore,” said Madeline, eating toaster strudel off her cock as a makeshift table.

Being erect 24/7 had taken a toll on Madeline’s schlong. Her veins had swollen and stretched to the size of garden hoses, and her engorged cock had expanded to more than double its original size. It stretched audibly every so often, and if Gabby pressed her ear up against the shaft, she could just faintly hear it growing. So far she was gaining an inch every six hours, but every so often there would be a painful surge in size if Madeline got especially horny.

“My dick’s bigger than yours now,” teased Madeline. At last measurement, Madeline’s erect cock was over six feet long.

“Bigger than mine is flaccid,” Gabby corrected her. “My boner would still crush your ass.”

Madeline’s balls rumbled and expanded a few inches.

“Please don’t talk about destroying my ass,” she groaned. “My balls can hear you!”

“Sorry,” said Gabby.

Gabby’s nutsack wasn’t nearly as elastic as Madeline’s. Her balls had enlarged a little, but her biggest challenge was controlling what was now a constant garden-hose of precum blasting nonstop from her cock. These days she kept her dick pointed out the window most of the time. She pulled an XXL condom over her cock when she was going out. By the time she got back she was dragging a precum balloon the size of a kiddie pool.

“Hey, look, the Last Hyper Standing contest is on the news.” Madeline pointed at the TV.

On the TV, a tall, middle-aged Chinese-American man with long, bushy black hair like an orchestra conductor was making an impassioned plea to the viewers. The chyron identified him as John Wang, Municipal Semen Overflow Manager.

“The city’s infrastructure is dangerously overstressed,” said Wang. “I’m urging all hypers still participating in the Last Hyper Standing competition to stagger their ejaculations so that the city’s semen pipes and cum levvies can handle the load!”

The image cut abruptly to the mayor giving an interview at city hall.

“Mr. Wang is a good man, but he’s overcautious,” said the mayor. “I assure you, San Francisco’s cum infrastructure is the best in the world. I wish all the hypers participating in the contest the very best of luck.”

“They want us to quit the contest?” said Gabby.

“Not on your life, that money’s ours,” said Madeline. Her balls gurgled and expanded again, knocking over the end table.


Only a handful of hypers quit the contest after John Wang’s plea for sanity. Most of the rest were either convinced they would win, or were excited at the prospect of overflowing the city’s cum drains on purpose just to show off.

“Let’s drown this fuckin’ city!” shouted a woman with half-shaved purple hair. She was dragging a cock bigger than a grown man and had to haul her balls around behind her in a little red wagon.


Week Four:

“I’m gonna explode, I’m gonna explode, I’m gonna explode!” Madeline rocked in the fetal position on top of her balls. Every bit of furniture had been either removed from the room or crushed beneath her nutsack. The building groaned and the drywall cracked from the pressure of her burgeoning scrotum pressing against the walls.

Maddie and Gabby lived on the second floor of their apartment building, and although the building was rated for low-level hypers, Madeline now resembled anything but. Her balls took up all available floor space in the main room of the apartment and the ceiling of the apartments beneath sagged dangerously beneath their weight. Their downstairs neighbors had been evacuated and her upstairs neighbors would probably have to move as well. Madeline’s cock pressed against the ceiling, twelve feet tall and solid as steel, veined all over like a pillar covered in ivy. The plaster was cracked like a spiderweb where her mushroom head had rammed it.

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