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Last of Innocence

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Last of Innocence” Are you sure? ” he asked me quietly, and very sternly. Looking down at my body, I knew it was what he wanted but if I was not ready, he would wait to see it again. I stayed silent for the duration of his question and then leaned up to gently press my lips against his. ” I’m absolutely sure.. ” I cooed softly against his cheek, I was nervous – my whole body was shaking. I stared into his eyes for what felt like a very long time, and then my eyes started to water. I tried to hide it, but my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t think. I’m losing my virginity to this man, I thought. I watched him nod, and quickly roll on a lubricated condom. He was very skilled and very safe. I wasn’t his first, but I was definitely the one he wanted. He wanted me to be his first, and I could tell from the yearning in his eyes. ” It will only hurt at first right? ” I asked c***dishly, my cheeks red hot with a blush. ” Well, we’re not doing anal, Marzia. It will hurt for awhile, and if it hurts too much just tell me to stop okay? ” he said, with that smooth – stone cold voice of his. He looked around for a moment, and then asked; ” You brought a towel for the blood right? “” Uh.. ” shit, I thought. It hit me, I had finally realized what I forgotten and then was snapped into a reality that we were on a camping trip. I was laying in a tent, under fethiye escort undisturbed stars, waiting for my forbidden fruit to be pierced. ” N-No.. I forgot.. I only have my towel that I was going to shower with. ” ” I guess that will have to do, you can use mine in the morning if you want. ” He raised a curious brow and then began to search my black travel bag for the aforementioned towel. When he found it he asked me to start getting undressed, which I did – I was never disobedient to him. After I had finished, he asked me to lay down and lift my body so he could set the towel under me. ” Try not to let the towel move.. ” he said ” .. If you do, then everyone that walks in here will think I tried to stab you. ” he chuckled, and I had shivered. I loved the octave of his voice, it was so pleasing to the ear. ” Okay.. Okay. Can you please fuck me now? ” What, Did I just say that?! I guess my body just wanted him that bad. I could feel my entire face get hot as I sunk deep down into the pillow I was using as support. I just stared at him, and tried to act like it never happened. ” Woah.. You’re already horny for me? Hang on.. I still need to get myself ready. ” He gently patted my pussy and I couldn’t help myself, I moaned softly. No man had ever touched me down there. ” Heh.. You’re cute. Your pussy looks so good bald you know. You’re already escort fethiye wet too, you’re going to be really fun.” he glared at me, it felt like he was staring right through me. ” Oh.. Sush. I didn’t mean it like that.. I’m just.. nervous I gue–.. ” I had no time to finish my sentence before I felt him slide into me. I could feel my walls stretch and conform to the shape of his cock. My eyes watered up again, I felt pinches and pressure. He stayed still for a moment and then I whined for him to start moving, and he did.. I wasn’t exactly a virgin when it came to giving him blow jobs, he was my first in that aspect too. He was ten inches, and I some how managed to find a way to get seven inches of him into my small mouth. I looked down to see the damage after he inserted himself into me, and I realized.. I had all ten inches of his cock inside of me. I suddenly felt myself slip into deep ecstasy. ” Oh god.. It feels so good. ” I cried out, amongst my incredibly cute and lighthearted moans. ” Don’t stop! Don’t stop please. ” I begged him, and he never did stop. Before I knew it, he was on his back and I was bouncing on all ten inches like a pro. I had never felt anything like it before, and it was absolutely amazing. The best part about that night? He moaned for me, many exclamations of love and adoration, and our first orgasm together. fethiye escort bayan ” I’m going to cum.. ” he breathed out, sweat dripping down his face as he loomed over my form after a quick position change. I looked at him, and said something that made him postpone his orgasm. ” I want to know what a creampie feels like.. ” I whispered, and I was serious. It was my first time, and I was aware of the risk – but I was on birth control and there was a morning after pill in the bag my friend had given me. ” A-Are you.. ” he couldn’t finish his sentence, I pressed my index finger against his soft pink lips and pulled my body away from his. I gently slid the condom off of his erect cock and sucked on it for a moment. I could taste his sweet precum coat parts of my tongue. I smiled and then pushed him on his back, I positioned myself above him and began to bounce on him again. I don’t think I’ve seen a grown man with such a goofy smile on his face before. ” Marzia, you are so fucking sexy. Oh god.. ” he moaned out, and it only made me buck my hips faster. .. and before I knew it, we had both came together. His warm cum coated my walls, my body twitched. I pulled off and I could feel some seep out of me. I got curious and reached down and d**g two fingers along my pussy and then stuck them in my mouth. ” Everything tastes sweet. ” I cooed innocently afterwards, looking into his eyes. He stayed quiet, he was amazed. He kissed me for an eternity and wrapped me into his arms, stroking my hair. Placing a gentle kiss on the top of my head, we both drifted off into a deep slumber..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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